Aly & AJ - Closure Lyrics

Yesterday I spotted you
Hanging out with someone new
Come on dude, I can't believe who
Did it hurt? Oh yes it hurt
But not as much as I thought it would
Guess it's time for me to move on

I'm getting closer (closer, close)
Closer to closure (closer to closure)
Everyday's closer (closer, close)
Closer to closure (closer to closure)

I finally took your pictures down
And all that other stuff I found
Hidden somewhere in my closet
I used to wear your shirt to bed
But now it's in the trash instead
I don't want to be reminded. No, no.

I'm getting closer (closer, close)
Closer to closure (closer to closure)
Everyday's closer (closer, close)
Closer to closure (closer to closure)

I saw you today taking my breath away
But then you opened your mouth without thinking
And then I recalled why I ended it all
And it makes me feel good about leaving (leaving)

Everyday everyday everyday
Everyday everyday everyday everyday
I'm getting closer

I'm getting closer (closer, close)
Closer to closure (closer to closure)
Everyday's closer (closer, close)
Closer to closure (closer to closure)

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Aly & AJ Closure Comments
  1. andrew millare

    Erich kim

  2. H. L

    This song is my favourite of theirs. Though, at the end, I can't help but sing along to what I think it sounds like they are saying "how'd you like that, asswipe?" 2:34 (I know they aren't really :P)

  3. Zelda Adu

    i love this song!! ALY AND AJ forever!!! :) <3

  4. Julia

    I love this song!

  5. jeremiahstar1

    open ur mouth without tinkin, who knows if the guy's mouth stinks,or he talks a lot.guys who talk a lot deserve this.go aly go aj

  6. DaviHSM

    at the end, they say 'ahh the closer.... closure..."

    it's reversed. xoxo

  7. catonoix

    It sound like

    How's you life been?
    Hows Life or guess what
    Heres Your Life Back

  8. NewGEN-entertainment

    yeah this is a cool song 5*

  9. Christina Neighbors

    love song =]

  10. Angelina Pranger


  11. Gabriella Ramirez

    i like the song. Yeah it is catchy. I really like the way they sing. They can sing anything if they wanted to and still make sound amazing

  12. Ty McClelland

    wtf is with the fucked ending?

  13. Karen Li

    catchy song :]

  14. Samantha Klotz

    what are they saying? lol

  15. Daisy Argueta

    yup it is

  16. kala12345678910

    ok like not every song is about fucking joe jonas. god!

  17. ApRiL3706

    wat does dis have 2 do with joe idk if dey have sumthin 2gether with ALy or AJ

  18. amsvid

    Isn't this about Joe Jonas?

  19. Chione Dyrken

    u noe..i heard of a different story but wif da same "clown killer" but he was holding a bloody knife n in de end every1 in da story died..

  20. Kelly Nguyen

    love this song so much lol
    dude lol i love how they use that word lol

  21. lozis15

    The Lyrics are a bit poo lol [I'm 16.. still say poo :P]

  22. E. Bowling

    look up the video from SOMEDIA-its the best

  23. E. Bowling

    no aj sings most of it though. aly does backup and the "everyday everyday" part

  24. E. Bowling

    at the end-its not backwords-if you look up a live version they sing "how's your life been?'s your life"

  25. Alaysha Thompson

    this is Nathan M. song so sad

  26. tonisaparasite

    It sounds Backwards....

  27. ThreeEscapeas

    one of my fav. songs. :D

  28. Kelly Moore

    yall r great!!!

  29. Peyton13

    what r they saying at the end?

  30. sabrinaluck9

    I love this song!!!!!!!!!!!! (-;

  31. Maura44

    Ha! I was just thinking that the way u said that it made it seem like he was dating both of them! That would be pretty awkward!

  32. Lizzie C

    <3 this song

  33. Yosshi Caro

    ilovetheem. <3

  34. nothingtothinkof

    i love this song!

  35. Alexandra Macfarlane

    does anyone know wat they say at the very end?

  36. broken-butterfliesx

    Which cd is this song on
    let me know please please

    Sofia Deliz


  37. Kerri Sweeney

    this is an amazing song. i love aly and aj

  38. chasethemouse34

    look her up shes a singer

  39. Abigail LaBrant

    i love this song!!
    aly and aj rock!