Aly & AJ - Bullseye Lyrics

Everybody's trying to get to me
Every guy is all for the kill
I'm the type of girl worth pursuing
But I won't be caught standing still,I won't
You're blowing all of your attention on me
Take your best shot I bet you'll miss
You got me interested enough to stand closer
Maybe try a little, kiss

You hit the bullseye, baby
(You hit the bullseye, baby)
Now I'm into you crazy
(You know ya hit the mark)
Don't know how you got me started
(I'm not an easy target, HIT IT!)
(You hit the bullseye)
You hit my heart

I'm surprised the way you affect me
Like an arrow penetrating my heart
Naturally you seem to just get me
So obviously you're pretty smart
I like the way you're all dressed up, messed up
I like the way you don't care
I wasn't certain that you'd ring my bell but
Then you whispered in my ear

You hit the bullseye, baby
(You hit the bullseye, baby)
Now I'm into you crazy
(You know you hit the mark)
Don't know how you got me started
(I'm not an easy target, HIT IT!)
(You hit the bullseye)
You hit my heart

You hit my heart (heart, heart)
You didn't ask me for my number?
Wait, you didn't ask me for my number?
Hmm I like the fact that you didn't ask that
Cause you already got my number, huh

You hit the bullseye, baby
(You hit the bullseye, baby)
Now I'm into you crazy
(You know you hit the mark)
Don't know how you got me started
(I'm not an easy target, HIT IT!)
(You hit the bullseye)
(You hit the bullseye)
(You hit the bullseye)
You hit my heart

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Aly & AJ Bullseye Comments
  1. dngrs 16

    2019 anyone?

  2. Zuleyha Menekse

    2019 LMAO

  3. v a l e n t i n a

    omg has this part 0:53 been taken for Hothouse? 😲


    Both serves

  4. Delaney Nielsen

    2019 bitches. who else is still here.

  5. Jillian Kivi

    2018, BITCHES!!! XD

  6. とーとー

    Love Love Love💘

  7. Freeman On

    I love this song. Aly and AJ are both really beautiful!!!! Your song's are so good.

  8. Kongeriket !

    2018 anyone?

  9. Cornett Jorya

    Who’s listening in 2018?

  10. Eleonora

    2018 and still not tired

  11. Jordan Wight

    I loved this album so much when it came out, especially this song. I'd play this album every time I got home from junior high haha

  12. ShewolfxVix

    This song is so badass. ;) Love it. I still have this album in my old collection of cds. lol Loved it, and this was my favorite song off of it. It's still awesome. :D

  13. Rita C

    i love this song still :) throwbacks!

  14. Nia Morgan

    Feeling like a badass listening to this song. Gotta love the 00s.

  15. Елизавета Фомина

    Очень красиво.

  16. Jess Fair

    I listened to this CD every single day when the album came out. This was my favorite song.

  17. Liv Stamm

    love this song so much

  18. Angelyn Yadao

    The Disney of the Veronica sisters 😻

  19. Sandra Mrkaljevic

    i love this song and my favorite year is 2007 :)

  20. sydnii

    who's listening to this in 2016 XD


    +03civic_princess Tb to my childhood


    Who else is excited that they finally released another new song! Hopefully they don't disappear this time like they did after Hothouse.

  21. Abbi May

    This song makes me feel so powerful! XD

  22. Charlotte Blackwell


    Ama badass

  23. Tiara B

    This song is still so damn good.

  24. Starla Grove

    Aly's bridge of her nose is a bit thinner than aj's

  25. Ale Marie

    2014 Wow c:

  26. PokeGirl

    Great song!

  27. Emery Minor

    Should include lyrics.

  28. M A S H U P G A W D // Harper

    I love this song so much!!

  29. Kellie Bordelon

    STILL listening to their music. That's how good they are.

  30. makaila sorrells

    love it

  31. cherryblossom1289

    my bday!! ;)

  32. cherryblossom1289

    doesnt look like them...!

  33. Musical Writer

    Is that Sebastian? He is my favorite character in Black Butler. He's so epic. :)

  34. Musical Writer

    Why do they do that? Moles are beauty marks. :)

  35. raccoonxeyesxx

    Forgot how amazing their music truly was. <3

  36. Allison Willner

    they want them to look as alike as possible.

  37. Olivia Rogers

    This song is so dirty

  38. Kady Sanchez

    Am I the only one who noticed in pictures they always try to get rid of her mole :( I think it's cute

  39. Kady Sanchez

    Forgot all about them!!! Omg I was addicted to them I even tried to imitate their style when I was little

  40. Musical Writer

    What the heck are you talking about? :)

  41. Brooklyn K

    Like if you're listening in 2013 :)

  42. Angie White

    Luv the song

  43. Amanda S.

    Hit the bullseye

  44. bronxmadden

    2013, babe! :D

  45. It's Just Rain

    You mean Boogie Superstar?

  46. Kevin CLASS

    Like if you're listening in 2013 :)

  47. Victoria Erskine

    why did you have to stop D: (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

  48. Nikita Delfin

    People... Songs have no freaking expiry date -_- Period.

  49. Michele Campbell

    I have a Wii game that has the the same song

  50. Daisy Lou

    i love this song:)

  51. Cute Monster

    Stop with "listening in 2017243", it's really annoying

  52. Hayley Stevenson

    actually 2012 only started about nine months ago. i don't know why someone would've posted that years ago, that would've been terribly inaccurate.

  53. angrycomputer1994

    Everything is pointless, so there is your answer.

  54. angrycomputer1994

    You haven't read many responses than.

  55. kirstenisdutch

    You go dude/girl .

  56. deltamike33

    Sorry but i'm listening this in 2015 with Martin mcFly and doc. Emmett because i have the Delorean

  57. Kevin Hasawaki

    i love this song!!

  58. Cindy Nicole

    please shut up

  59. Deus Tecum

    the best songs are about love and weapons

  60. Josie Lauren

    I'm actually listening to this in 32 BC

  61. BB9

    My fav. Song

  62. deltamike33

    Like if you're listening this in 1984 because you have the Delorean

  63. Hanna99

    RLy???! Wow! I had no clue, I thought they were teenagers.. they look sooooo much younger than they are!

  64. fukuda lola

    They are just sisters not twins cuz aly is 19 and aj is 17

  65. fukuda lola

    uuurrrmmm they're not twins... :P

  66. kristy

    funny song

  67. TheGothicFudgebunny

    take your best shot i bet youll miss ;)

  68. Tiana Markman

    This song is so catchy!! ~listening in 2012

  69. Nathan Milliron

    This may sound bizarre, but I havethis recurring dream that I play bass/keyboards in Ytse McGuire, a hybrid Dream Theater/Hilary Duff tribute band.

    This song is part of the "McGuire" medley (after HD's "Weird" and segueing to Rush's "La Villa Strangiato"), but with an extended vamp on the "my number" bit.

  70. Adriana Marie

    i used to listen to this when i was in like elementary was just the start of me getting into rock music haha.

  71. Natalie Guzman

    @NataliexLeah lOlzz im listening to this IN 2012 :D :D

  72. Mari

    Like if u still listenin to the song in 2012!

  73. Gina Hrachy

    I used to be OBSESSED with this song, and I haven't heard it in years. ILOVEALYUANDAJ! Total flash from the past!

  74. Kimberly Overcash

    And kids don't know what "bullseye" they are referring to ;D

  75. Ashley Elizabeth

    Like if you're listening in 2012 :)

  76. Bryce Radcliffe

    I have to admit, this is a pretty badass song ;)

  77. Taytay Andrejko

    I may not listen to this type of music and i still maybe old for disney channel *yes i still watch it time to time but mostly my music is my life* but i love this song lol xD my number one fave of all time 'cept my #1 of all is potential break-up (:

  78. juani artaza

    les juro que amo su musica me deja muchos signifCADOS

  79. Anda Warda

    i love aj she's soo pretty <3

  80. kris1601

    I should be asleep cause my best friend and her little sister is coming over tomorrow at 8 am but i was listing to Taylor Swift then i don't know how i got here but i remember them

  81. Alyson Bate

    Thumbs up if you're thinking about someone to go along with this song right now

  82. mzai tlova

    i love this song itsss sooo good cuz it sounds like a song thats not disnifyedddd DXXD

  83. Shannon Garvey

    Love the song!

  84. Art McIntire

    Hey I like these babes. Bulls Eye is Great.

  85. kirstenisdutch

    It starts of slow n then BAM!
    Like if you agree

  86. chelsea j

    @FanofEverythingz I'm a Junior this year, haha. :)

  87. FanofEverythingz

    @chelseaajoyy Same here :O This was one my fav songs!! i'm a junior though xD so yeah.

  88. 101Heygirl101

    "You did not ask me for my number wait you did not ask me for my number hmm I like the fact that you did not ask that cuz you all ready got my number huh"
    : / LOL

  89. FemaleAfroPrincess

    @angrycomputer1994 oh okay. Its no problem :-)

  90. angrycomputer1994

    @musicproducer16 Yeah, I already know the last part from Peedywish. I actually hadn't known a lot about them when I posted my first comment on here. Thanks for taking your time replying.

  91. FemaleAfroPrincess

    @angrycomputer1994 Also....Alison was in a Disney Channel Show called "Phil of The Future"

  92. FemaleAfroPrincess

    @angrycomputer1994 They did lots of Disney songs for Disney movies.You may remember a song called "no one" which they actually did for the Disney movie "Ice Princess".They both were also in a Disney movie called "Cow bells" back in 2006.And if memory serves me correctly I do believe A.J did a song for the Disney movie "Secretariat" in 2010.They were signed to Hollywood Records,& a little while back they both left the company and changed their name to 78violet.I believe they are both with Disney.