Aly & AJ - Blush Lyrics

You openly admit
The things you like more are from me
Somehow I find it attractive
That you won't censor anything

With you there is no filter
To sugar coat what is said
Even though I like your honesty
It won't lead me to your bed so instead

Go ahead and say it
Even though you know it makes me uncomfortable
Go ahead and say it
If you must make me blush

You are so transparent
The farthest thing from perfect
Once again I am left out of breath
On the edge of losing it so instead

Go ahead and say it
Even though you know it makes me uncomfortable
Go ahead and say it
If you must make me blush

Please take me under with you
But I will only let you go so far
it can be our secret
You know what our boundaries are

Go ahead and say it
Even though you know it makes me uncomfortable
Go ahead and say anything
If you must
Make me blush

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Aly & AJ Blush Comments
  1. Grace Bediako

    Aly sang this song by herself no Aj lol

  2. GirlYouDon'tKnow 2295

    Are they singing about sex?? Gee, no wonder this song was nowhere to be found on my copy of *Insomniatic* in 2007. Still a beautiful song, though.

  3. kelly &jess&jacks.

    Always love this song.

  4. Nick Alexander

    Why does Apple Music not have this one :( It's one of my favorite songs by them.

  5. Nichele Reads

    shit I'm here in 2017

  6. Xiasy Mae

    why Aly and Aj some Christmass video Unavailable??? I new discover Aly and Aj this year. They are Great. love it

  7. Cade Classic


  8. Iry Wallenholm

    Such a great video! :) Keep up the good work ;) Hugs from Sweden

  9. corky b. roll

    I just got the CD and IT HAS BLUSH ON IT!!!! Yaaaay! Super happy because they don't have it on iTunes or Spotify. It's such a beautiful song :) I wish Aly and AJ (or 78violet now I guess) were more popular. I remember jamming to Potential Breakup Song and Like Whoa back in 2007! XD

  10. Joy M

    7 years later and this is still one of my favorite songs. Love it! 

  11. Kmarshay

    I love how they take care of each other

  12. Emauela Pava

    still listening 2014 ^-^

  13. M A S H U P G A W D // Harper


  14. M A S H U P G A W D // Harper

    Only the instumental part is mysterious. not the lyrics

    Otniel Romeo

    Agree. The music is beautifully and magically haunting. I love it so much.

  15. M A S H U P G A W D // Harper

    I STILL love this song it's so beautiful

  16. Femke Weijman

    2011 when i posted it actually :)

  17. pleasesendcash

    How is this still the top comment in 2013?

  18. Bryan Rozema

    Nee hoor!!!

  19. Sketchy Niche

    awesome! :D I'll be sure to keep an eye out for it!

  20. LizzyThePanda

    You have an excellent point there, dude! (; Disney Channel nowadays sucks balls! I'm gonna do a video about the top ten worst disney channel shows of today.

  21. LizzyThePanda

    This was uploaded on my birthday in 2007!

  22. FashionAndCoffee

    It's a song about sex.

  23. icyblupop

    I wish I could like it more than once.... :)

  24. Jude Goodman

    wtf Hannah Montana?

  25. Ajay Patel

    Play nahi ho raha hai, please aisa karo ki play ho

  26. Halal Eritrean

    im hearing this in 2012

  27. Sinèad

    This is absolutely stunning.

  28. 1VideosFavorite

    This song was only on the first editions of the album.
    By first editions, I mean only like the first 2 weeks of release.
    I bought the copy album 2 months after the release, and this song wasn't on my copy, If you do however have a version with the song on it, KEEP IT! It's rare!

  29. StarPrinceDanny

    Pure awesomeness. 'nough said.

  30. Sarah Carlton

    I wish I could buy this for removing it.

  31. m gennelle

    @GoodbyeOswald It was removed from a bunch of editions because it was deemed a bit inappropriate.

  32. Keri Rodriguez

    OK, thumbs up if you're listening to this in 2012 and will forever listen to it because it's such a good song!

  33. redfire809

    this is the first time i ever heared this song and it's BEAUTIFUL! it is

  34. Femke Weijman


  35. Jai

    @femkeweijmanede i would but im listening in 2012!

  36. Nicole Bond

    what album is this song on? i like this song.

  37. Zaelle

    I'll make you blush, baby. Just come over here...

  38. unknownlove19

    @misslekkerpuh lol i never noticed that about this're totally right!

  39. InsomnaticGossipGirl

    aly's voice is amazing. so beautiful. :')

  40. Tinkerbell4ever18

    This Song Is So Different Thats Yy I Love It !

  41. alyandajnum1fan

    @GoodbyeOswald It was an exclusive track to Target or something...I remember that different stores got the album stocked with certain songs specific to that store. For instance, my copy is from Wal-Mart and "If I Could Have You Back" is supposed to be specially included to Wal-Mart's stock. I could be completely wrong, haha I vaguely remember all of this...

  42. izziescasey

    Play this song twice, almost at the same time. It sounds awesome!! Especially the piano.

  43. izziescasey

    I love the end twist: Please, make me blush. Just like with Catch Me by Demi Lovato she says please don't catch me but at the end she says: I'm giving up so just catch me. Love both songs!!

  44. ElegantExcalibur

    @virgo1999181 I'm a Selena Gomez fan, but I'm also a fan of Aly and A.J.
    They're my top three favorite singers [or two, if you count Aly and AJ together]. o3o

  45. Alyson Bate

    Thinking about someone right now...

  46. izzi Pierce

    @virgo1999181 well just because yr a selena gomez fan dosent mean u hav ear problems some of her fans also like alyy& aj

  47. Brad N

    Wtf 360p? Might as well not even listen to it.

  48. Sketchy Niche

    Y'know what REALLY sets the disney chanel stars of the 90's apart from the ones of today? ... They looked REAL. They weren't all carbon copies of fashion models. They were cute, certainly, but at the same time they looked ordinary, like people you could bump into at the store or see at a soccer game. It made kids feel less insecure about the way they looked BECAUSE they didn't look perfect! Oh, Disney, when you figure that out again??

  49. MsAnimallover01

    @Love89571 I know what you mean :).Thinking of his voice makes my heart start racing :).

  50. carlaygirl

    Wowwww what a beautiful song? Nice work alyy! God from seein that pic just shows what beautiful women they've grown into :) -3

  51. Musical Writer

    Thinking of a certain someone makes me blush. :)

  52. Eva Wallis

    @HavenRoyalty yeah but check out im here, you can hear aj so much, and they said they like to blend their voices x

  53. Alyssa Botelho

    @evaandnickybff no just take a look at potential break up song

  54. Eva Wallis

    @HavenRoyalty thats not in all, just this one mainly, cause i think this is more personal to aly x

  55. Alyssa Botelho

    y does it seem tht aly is the singer and aj is the back-up singer?

  56. Sarahlovaable

    @ronnie98988 so true i can sing and i'm sure that their music lead me to love singing

  57. hylleblomst

    @FRANKMANNACO700 Hahahah, oh, god...

  58. Ellie Folkard

    i murdered the replay button :p

  59. danielle tibulski

    @FRANKMANNACO700 seriously youre sick

  60. Cabiani1000

    @GoodbyeOswald lol

  61. Grace Karuga

    love this song <3

  62. Femke Weijman

    this is such an good song, i realy think they should make an come back, thumbs up if your listening this in 2011!

  63. 555lizzie

    love this. it is so good. :)

  64. morel dei

    @justbet502 make them 37 now :D

  65. Liza Dixon Music

    I thought it was about a guy she cant have but she secretly wants, he is telling her how much he wants her etc but she is resisting his charm and he is making her "blush" by being honest about his feelings for her and maybe even some of the physical stuff he wants with her.

  66. aitannaa

    They sing about what they know...not how its ''supposed'' to be in that industry. I will always respect them for that <3

  67. Dalia E. Camacho J.

    sorry, it wasn´t me, thers my cousin that... well sorry for all the ploblem,any way my cousin didnt meant to,

  68. Marina M

    why did they change to 78Violet?

  69. alyandajnum1fan

    @PinktoesInUK Yeah, they're recording a new album right now. I've been waiting for AGESSSS xP

  70. Aly&AJFans

    This song totally Rock!! THIS GIRLS HAVE SOMETHING...CALLED TALENT!!!!

  71. happybunnysmiles

    @idnas13111994 They are sisters and they're both girls you are sikc.

  72. Rage Knight

    the girl in straight hair is hotter compared with the curly haired

  73. Jul2233

    @justbet502 have you ever thought that people just dont have the same taste as you? ^-^

  74. Dalia E. Camacho J.

    well i dont wanna ofenf someone but i think they could make a goog cuple ^^

  75. Ifeoma Nicole

    @PinktoesInUK yeah they are but they r now called 78violet

  76. InsomnaticGossipGirl

    Im in love with Aly Michalka. She's my idol. >:D

  77. Missomethinqelsee

    lovee Aly and AJ and this song so much thee 28dislikes had sex at 12.

  78. ellooellooo

    Wow~ I've always been fans of them, but I have a newfound respect for Aly and AJ.

  79. Michalla Draper

    @lubert199 omg... you are one of the first guys i've heard say that. Most guys only like us girls if we want to have sex or not and if we don't they dump us. I'm a 16 year old girl and i haven't given myself up yet and some people make fun of me for it but i don't care because like you said about boundaries, I have them and a high moral value to follow.

  80. Kayla

    This is one of my favorite Aly and Aj songs...ever. Love these girls <3

  81. WrongTurn

    @crazy4anime1 Yes it Does.

  82. WrongTurn

    @oluja111 LoL it Sound's Like it is.

  83. WrongTurn

    @igrocker90 What Doe's Twilight Have To Do With The Song? i'm Not Being Rude i Just Wanted To Know.

  84. Naja Louise Petersen

    simply lovely :D

  85. Justin Shepherd

    o my gosh! i am SO sorry for the 26 mentally retarded kids out there!! ill pray for you tonight!!!

    gettin serious now tho. what kind of idiot would hit the stupid disslike button for a song like this? some people...
    thumbs up if u agree that these guys r the best disneys found yet

  86. igrocker90

    @oluja111 this was way before twilight

  87. Mr. Relentless

    Beautiful song but then again I don't expect anything less from them.

  88. Justin Shepherd

    man... in times like this i would give nearly everything to go back to the old days when disney didnt have all this "miley" "jonas brothers" " demi" "silena" crap everywhere. THIS is music. 2 bad none of the new stuff is.
    and this song just relaxes me... : )....sigh...

  89. Av Ff

    like them :)

  90. Kimberly Ann

    angels fly when this is played. Thats what i see

  91. artsymjackson

    this song is so pretty! its so peacfuly beautiful lol! i like became in love with this song when i heard the sample version lol!

  92. Julie Mertens

    @XJONASTASTIC it's just Aly. :)

  93. shaddow1771

    this it totally my song

  94. nicole

    love this song soo much <3

  95. SLØR


    I don't know but at the end she sings a double part

    Good question tough! I was wodering that that two!

  96. simona dimitrova

    I love Aly and Aj