Aly & AJ - Black Horse And The Cherry Tree Lyrics

[Verse 1:]
2, 3, 4
[Both:] Woo-hoo, Woo-hoo, Woo-hoo, Woo-hoo.
[AJ:] Well my heart knows me better
Than I know myself so I'm gonna let it do all the talkin.
[Both:] Woo hoo. Woo hoo.
[AJ:] I came across a place in the
Middle of nowhere with a big black horse and a cherry tree.
[Both:] Woo hoo. Woo hoo.
[Aly:] I fell in fear upon my back
I said don't look back just keep on walkin.
[Both:] Woo hoo. Woo hoo.
[Aly:] When the big black horse said
Look this way. Said Hey lady, Will you marry me?
[Both:] Woo hoo. Woo hoo.

[AJ:] But I said
[Both:] No, no, no, no no no.
[AJ:] I said no, no, your not the one for me. I said
[Both:] No, no, no, no no no.
[AJ:] Your not the one
[Aly:] For me.

[Verse 2:]
[AJ:] And my heart had a problem in the
Early hours, so stopped it dead for a beat or two.
[Both:] Woo hoo. Woo hoo.
[AJ:] But I cut some cord and I
Shouldn't have done that and now
It won't forgive me after all these years!
[Both:] Woo hoo. Woo hoo.
[Aly:] So I sent her to a place in the
Middle of nowhere with a big black horse and a cherry tree.
[Both:] Woo hoo. Woo hoo.
[Aly:] Now it won't come back cause it's
Oh so happy and now I've got a hole for the world to see!
[Both:] Woo hoo. Woo hoo.

[AJ:] But I said
[Both:] No, no, no, no no no.
[AJ:] I said no, no, your not the one for me. I said
[Both:] No, no, no, no no no.
[AJ:] Your not the one
[Aly:] For me.

[Aly:] It said no, no, no, no, no, no no no.
It said no no no.
Your not the one for me.
[AJ:] No, no, no, no, no, no no no
Your not the one for me.
Your not the one, your not the one.
[AJ:] Well there was a big black horse.
And a cherry tree.
Can't quite get there cause my heart has forsaken me.
[Aly:] Big black horse and a cherry tree.
[AJ:] Ha!

[Repeat till end]

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Aly & AJ Black Horse And The Cherry Tree Comments
  1. Cheyanne Stark

    Wish this was on spotify

  2. FerretsCantGame

    I dont see why people are so particular how they said they have always pronounced it that way in any song. It's just how they sing, it's their style

    Julia Jetson

    Because people are children.

  3. cherisse neverson

    Aly absolutely killed this. But Aj sounded a little nasally and has a weird pronunciation at times. But Aly can saaaang.

  4. Emily A

    they totally smashed this cover!

  5. Kara Camille Delonas

    What's up guys can you give my songs a listen


    Kara Camille Delonas no.

  6. samory8280

    they do the BEST harmony in every song!

  7. Brittany

    I used to love Aly & AJ when I was younger

  8. Holliday Jones

    Aly sounded a bit like shakira at the end.

  9. finn harrison

    Omg AJ, no. That's all.

  10. missydb3

    Their harmonies sound nice on the "No no" part.

  11. Amy Musser

    i love this cover :)

  12. metalman895

    Unnecessary cover.

    Ted Jones

    metalman895 not if they enjoy singing it

  13. slowdownsticksnstone

    @HANSTER202 The one to the left :)

  14. slowdownsticksnstone

    @Tinytiny211 Just curious but how?

  15. Sacha McAndrew

    honestly, megan and liz love these girls so much and these girls are their idols, and yes, they are so good, but megan and liz are better. i mean, i like aly & aj, but megan and liz are better. yet, megan and liz look up to aly& aj.

  16. Emily Kay

    I love these two.
    Who cares if they sang it different than the original? That's just it - they're not the original. All ya'll just calm your shits.

  17. LiovaElise

    ONE little thing..

    It's 'me', not 'meeeeeeeeeeeyehh' :(

  18. swtmaria1997

    Megan and Liz sent me here !

  19. Hotlips4000isback


    And since when was i talking to you, Weirdo?!
    Don't but into other peoples conversations if you don't no the full facts, that makes you look like a moron! :)

    I'm a qualified Dental Surgeon BTW, and Female, in case you assumed i was Male!

  20. ridiculous06

    Can't stand single minded, deaf people! So what if the original version was by KT Tunstall? They still did an amazing job! Stop comparing, just listen.

  21. Meeea

    should stick to potential break up song

  22. Hotlips4000isback

    Part Two:

    This could be down to prolonged bottle feeding/dummies(pacifiers) when she was younger, as they can change the shape of you're teeth when you loose you're milk teeth.
    A Mouth Brace would her straighted them out, even though she's a little older as most kids get them young.

    Source: I have been a Qualified Dentist for 20 years. ;)

  23. Hotlips4000isback

    Part One:
    I think it's you that needs to look at the video link you have posted, cause i haven't even bothered to look at it! ;)
    If you look at AJ's mouth very closely when she sings, the roof of her mouth, you can see the shape of her teeth protrude forward quite a bit so they do look quite wonky, or more like a rabbit, they stick out!

  24. ck000111

    @Hotlips4000isback You're so wrong about their teeth, that it's laughable. They have practically perfect teeth. It must be the reflections of the lights and shadows you're seeing. Go to this video and see for your self.

    youtube (dot) com/watch?v=7gLW6D54s5s&feature=channel )

  25. Hotlips4000isback


    Yeah they are, if you look close enough.
    The sis with the straight hair has very wonky teeth, i think a brace would help her allot.

  26. Jamie Perry

    @Hotlips4000isback Their teeth aren't bad? :S

  27. Hotlips4000isback

    Actually talented girls!...

    There teeth are bad, and i though Yanks were known for there straight white teeth!

  28. Hanna Nicole

    @littlecoconutinc They do have accents. All across America there are accents. They were born in California, but raised in Washington, & there is an accent that comes from Washington. Obviously, they have it.

  29. Helen H

    this version is pretty good too. its a cover guys. stop freaking out.

  30. littlecoconutinc

    @graemecow01 accents? their american accents?

  31. Sinèad

    I actually love this and how they changed it up!

  32. Zoe Kim-Maskell

    I like the original better, but nice. X3

  33. Regan Skye

    @2weird4fearz duh!!! lol

  34. honoshikun

    Interesting cover, I love Aly & Aj, but I prefer the original.
    This reminds me of when I used to listen to Aly and Aj's first album in Grade 6 and this song was also on the charts at the same time.

  35. bazzingaification

    @ChaosIsSerene ahahah

  36. Lily Jones

    @emeraldXsky lol, i know right!

  37. Elise Woods

    iJustine and AJ look so much alike..

  38. Kazia Scott

    Aly and AJ are great but their version just doesn't compare to the original.

  39. Jessica Kenny

    ): no...

  40. Esther Ruol

    Who needs a drum? Just use a guitar!

  41. 2weird4fearz

    woah!! I didn't know that they could sing this well :D

  42. aleenas closet

    they did EXCELENT=)

  43. Lindsey K


    Sorry but I'm going to puke at the stupidness of this cover...

  44. Kameron Burroughs

    there chemistry is sick! like i really like how they flowed and changed the song...

  45. zomgitskaaathryn

    i love these two. they're beautiful singers x)

  46. alyandajrox08

    ive played the original version on bandhero..its a lot of fun to play on both guitar and drums ..i like the original but i have to say i like this one a little better

  47. Graeme Cowie

    The harmonies are solid. I can't stand the accents that they used. I also don't get why she is drumming on the back of a guitar when she could hit a drum instead... However, they still did a good job.

  48. Lucy Ford

    I don't know why everyone's complaining. They did a really good job.

  49. Lucy Ford

    exactly, wtf is with these people

  50. Quantum Sky

    thats very true its like when chris daughtry re-did poker face he made it his own song but just so happen too do it better. but these girls did actually quite good for a duo on 1 person made song.

  51. Quantum Sky

    o they didnt do that bad.. especially not for a duo..

  52. Syaza Nadhirah

    they kinda ruined the song...
    but I'm still a fan of them!
    love their music xD

  53. NatTheHat

    the fake accent they use kinda bugs me

  54. coffee696969

    eww! not at all

  55. RLundhH

    Better than the originl;)

  56. Quantum Sky

    wow i cant help but 2 vote awesome every time i watch this video Lol.

  57. Quantum Sky

    probably better than u are.. unless u can sing dont say anything.

  58. Quantum Sky

    i totally agree

  59. Courtney Stull

    they both have different sounding voices and are uniquely talented in different ways.

    -aj can hit higher notes, has a jazzy-er voice, and has a more raw tone.

    -aly can hit lower notes, has a purer voice, and has a more studio sounding tone.

    but they BOTH do amazing harmonies that chances are you most people couldn't do and BOTH have AMAZING voices and are BOTH incredible writers so it's not fair to compare them. not to mention they're two different people.

    go aly and aj!!

  60. Desert Moon

    THANK YOU!!!!! God! "I fell in love with the pizza girl/" What the ***K? I never knew Aly could sing this way and it's amazing. AJ's sounded better but she still rocks. Also I love their new name. Haha. I'm actually looking forward to the new album. "Hey lady will you marry me..." (I think that was it) amazes me eveerytime. Considering these two "sang" Potential Breakup I like how they sing, write their lyrics (I seriously hope it's them) play gu- they just kick ass. =)

  61. Desert Moon

    And this is from someone who totally DESPISES Disney. >xD

  62. Ana Mango

    the awsomes song!

  63. Desert Moon

    These two are really good singers....I am SO happy they don't lipsynch anything ever....considering they're a Disney group that's...amazing. I heard they're gonna try a rock album...anyone think they could pull it off?

  64. tl_loren

    I enoy their music so much.

  65. May Erkens

    that's mean. i don't think you're better than her.

  66. May Erkens

    this is sooooo good!

  67. Cheyenne Branson

    i do NOT understand how anyone could not love this. it's amazing:D

  68. SmallMoney

    they have great voices! great cover.

  69. one1way1street

    it was absolutely awful.
    no one can beat KT anyway.

  70. tinybeka

    aly sounds better. aj sounds good but i've heard better from her.

  71. everidaygirl


    my bad.

  72. everidaygirl

    i think AJ is a better singer...but i gotta agree with SongsYouWant....she sounds really word!

  73. RamitaArora

    I did, I know. I just meant I don't hear where AJ sounds off key.

  74. Jesse Chao

    dey sound so good n dis song. dey should do more covers of other ppls songs to really show how good dey r

  75. Cricket

    I personally think that this song suits AJ's voice better than Aly's but they both seound excellant ^^ I love both versions of this song.

  76. RamitaArora

    I dunno... she's doing harmony... where?

  77. laura coltrane

    this is SO much better than KT's!!!

    a n a pride!

  78. breeezy

    aly's better then aj. aly is amazing

  79. slowdownsticksnstone

    Aly and AJ rock!

  80. SuperWoman357

    Wow! They Killed it! <3 Awesome ^_^

  81. Clara Buchanan

    this is amazingg.they're sooo gooood!!

  82. iAyo SB

    I think this is amazing for a live performance with no sound editing. They did KT proud.

  83. Leah Faye

    i love their harmonizing

  84. Amanda Kate

    i think they both sound amazing i DOO have to say I think its sooo good when ALy changes her voice like goes from high to low and raises it etc. LOL

  85. tinkabellastar

    i love aj's raspy voice I think she really makes it unique

  86. Brooke Blakeslee

    aly sings so good!! aj... not so much

  87. homegirl5000

    i think theres is the best cover i have heard

  88. Casper van Leeuwen

    they suck... NAAAAU NAU NAAAAU NAU NUA NAU totally wrong its noooo noo nooo no no no...

  89. wint222

    2:52- 2:55 sounds great!

  90. tinkabellastar

    aj's voice is so unique and perfect for this song.

  91. Kristen Ann

    that was an ah mazing song!

  92. greenscarfmegan

    this is waay better than KT!