Always Never - With It Lyrics

I told her she could ride it out
I'm not tryna love I'm tryna find my way out
I didn't mean to do it but I broke a couple hearts on my way down
They wanted some more but I couldn't let that shit play out
Let it play out
Let it

She with it, she with it, she with it
But tells her friends something different
She with it, she with it, she with it
A little sad won't admit it
She with it, she with it, she with it
Anything for a minute
She with it, she with it, she with it
Until she ain't fucking with it

You get honest when you smoke some (honest when you smoke some)
You smoked some
A little vicious babe you on one
Yeah you on one
I don't wanna be the reason
So maybe you should go
I don't wanna talk about this no more
I don't wanna lose myself for you

She with it, she with it, she with it
But tells her friends something different
She with it, she with it, she with it
A little sad won't admit it
She with it, she with it, she with it
Anything for a minute
She with it, she with it, she with it
Until she ain't fucking with it

Still dealing with my own shit
I've been in love for so long but now I'm fucking over it
I tried to make sense of what went wrong before this
She was a thot
Who woulda thought
I was just too invested
Too invested

She with it, she with it, she with it
But tells her friends something different
She with it, she with it, she with it
A little sad won't admit it
She with it, she with it, she with it
Anything for a minute
She with it, she with it, she with it
Until she ain't fucking with it

I don't wear my heart on my sleeve
Like I, used to
But now I'm that guy
I'm confused too

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Always Never With It Comments
  1. E S

    God damn Patrick has so much charisma. Definitely see you guys being big one day. Calling it now,

  2. Darrell Chapman

    This track is so dope! Got a 90's R&B vibe for me. Keep it up!

  3. XeniuM

    My all time favorite band is Chase Atlantic. But god damn y’all are steady climbing. This song is a masterpiece. The lyrics the visuals. I love it. What’s crazy is I just heard about y’all. Known of Always Never for less than twenty four hours, and I’m like thoroughly addicted to it. Space Between is my fave right now but With It and Hopeless are closing in the more I play it.

  4. Fati Tima

    Я тебя люблю

  5. Kinthia

    Jemand hier wegen wavvy boi?

  6. Cynane

    Holyyyyy that voice is something else

  7. Valerya Palomino

    I love this song!
    <3 <3
    I love! They are the maximum
    I always never <3 love him <3 <3 <3
    You make the music more beautiful and amazing, with the most incredible lyrics.
    You make this song the best
    I love this and Canadian Dubai <3
    Cheers <3

  8. GMentertainment

    What kind of jacket is that? Looks awesome.

  9. John. Fort

    Need a music video for Dangerous. That song is the most badass track from the album!

  10. Simon Slowkiss

    love you 💖

  11. Rinzler 激


  12. Noah Martin

    Better than 99% of artists and songs out there, but only gets 18.5k views. WTF world cmon. This underground shit is where it's at!

  13. Isaac Rodriguez


  14. YoungSinatra

    COME TO DENVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  15. CreeperTNT Y_T

    I Love U Always Never 👑💞🍁🌹

  16. Ryss HaTe

    It look like you rent a body to sing this

  17. idk I'd wife me

    A colab with Chase Atlantic is what we all need😻🎶

  18. Bart Allen

    Ya'll produce the best vibes, I just wish your marketing was better. You dudes should be a lot bigger. Can't wait till you're everywhere!!

  19. Tiffany Harrell

    😍 the vibes!

  20. Josh Hall

    As usual, the vibe and sound just electrifies my headphones. I need more songs! They’re pure gold!

  21. Dwayne Robinson

    When does the album drop?

  22. Constantine Melyaev

    Hey guys, you just in time. Playing this track on repeat through my trip to Paris. Too much shit dropped out last week cause of separation with the girl, but you inspire me to move on. Thank you for your music, now I am about to make a documentary about Toronto urban life, will be in the 6ix at 11th of December. I would like to tell Russian public (BTW I am from Moscow) about Canadian dark R&B phenomena. My pleasure if you join it. OVO's Plaza will be a part of this footage too. Blessings to you guys, your music such a peace of art and your lyrics are so sweet, last two years it was a soundtrack of my life. Want you to know that you are popular not only in Toronto, y'all doing a great thing, keep going, guys :)

  23. Jivko Karamiteff

    I made a mix with some of your songs:Listen to [email protected]_2019 by Breathing sounds ™ by Jivko Karamiteff on #SoundCloud

  24. Daniel Son

    Thought dude was black

  25. Jivko Karamiteff

    so underrated

  26. Joana Darck Tavares de Lima

    I love the voice this man💗

  27. David Galaviz

    Never imagined thot making it into always never lyrics ...

  28. Ela Ela

    Beautiful track 💎! Śliczne video 💚 🦋! KC 💖!

  29. FIN

    And here we go 🤟💙🔥🕺💃🐺auhhhhhh

  30. NUGNESS123

    Bro I love your music. Criminally underrated. You’ll make it man. 🤙

  31. Steven Nguyen

    49K subs and counting

  32. Orlando murillo

    That pacing bro! You got your own vibe! Thanks for hitting me up on snap!


    What's their snap?

    Orlando murillo

    @BLKiLLs alwayskirsh


    @Orlando murillo fucking boss bro thank you!

  33. Lauren D

    You guys never fail to amaze me with each and every song 🦋🥰

  34. ttotino

    shes a baddie lol

  35. Nando eg6

    I need more good job 🔥

  36. Nina Kožo

    Yeeeeeesssss 🦋

  37. The WhiteBoy

    Awesome song bro bro! Hope you’ll be dropping out that album out soon!

  38. Man_eee

    S m o o t h ! !

  39. Jewelysyyy 100

    I really love song, It calms me down and the visuals are everything. BTW I love every single one of your songs ❤️

  40. Michelle Costa

    amazing work 🔥🔥🔥

  41. Worst Generation

    the chills

  42. Open Road Music

    Yeah fellas! AN season is here!

  43. Sarlex Chanda

    They got that Weeknd House of Balloons typa vibe but they still remain original.... they so underrated godamn it!!

  44. Mason Cole

    This is so good 🤤🤤🤤

  45. Alourf

    I love this really♡

  46. Nicholas Bryan


  47. Jota C

    Awesome vibe, as always, can clearly see the videos are getting better and better each time. Keep it up.

  48. Hanan Syiem

    Being a so called Weeknd wanna be by some.But to most you are just another awesome band that we'll revolutionize the whole genre of R&B.

  49. naveen kumar

    Is I’m the only one who never disappointed with @always never

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    this mv so aesthetic 💌😍🌾☀🐥🌊

  52. Anya Lenskaya

    my fav moments






    1:57 - 2:01



    2:34 his moves (and 1:02)

    2:44 and 2:50 his smile

    3:11 who hurt u bby 💔

    The Dark Passenger

    So the whole video

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    The Weeknd + Always never. Collab would be so 🔥


    Zzzunknown 💯

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    Canadia Dubie next?))

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    Always Never on repeat ❤

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    Absolutely love your guys music! 😍😍

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    Going through a painful limbo moment, this song comforts me. Praying you guys can come to Gold Coast one day. Keep up the amazing work you both do!

  63. Thaynara Siqueira

    Best track ever! I WANT MORE!!! Brazil here!

  64. YT QuickShot


  65. sαn lσvєr

    you guys never disappoint 🥺💕 your music has helped me find peace i can never find in other songs... your vibe is so unique!!

  66. Jammy Dodger

    Great song and music video!! Any chance you guys can come to London??!

  67. Phayou Thanoulith

    ~vibin~ to this dope ass track! ALWAYS bringing that 🔥💥🔥

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    Such a dreamy, nostalgic vibe. Brings back memories

  69. Hidden_Tigress Official

    Feeling these "With It" vibes...💜🎶

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    I'm so drunk, i thought the two in the Thumbnail were Shane & Andrew... Turns out it's Always Never??

    _I binge watched the entire makeup series, yesterday_

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    Great song Great Visuals. Well done 🤘🏼

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    Love your music, guys! Can't wait for the new project! Much love from Ukraine ❤🎶

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  99. Always Never

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