Alvvays - Plimsoll Punks Lyrics

When I chip through your candy coating
You're stuffed with insulation
Just strawberry ice cream floating
With a sprinkle indignation
Cherry under knot of shoestring
Conflate and agitate

You're a plimsoll punk
You're a plimsoll punk
And you're getting me down, getting me down, you're getting me down
Getting me down, down, down, you're getting me down
Getting me down, getting me down, getting me down
Plimsoll punk

Your posture's blocking out any possible light
I can hardly see
This conversation spirals into a fight
I can barely breathe

Who ran from roman candles
Underneath a willow weeping
Do the tealights on your mantel
Illuminate that summer feeling
You're the seashell in my sandal
That's slicing up my heel

You're a plimsoll punk
You're a plimsoll punk
And you're getting me down, getting me down, you're getting me down
Getting me down, down, down, you're getting me down
Wrecking my brain, trying to escape, getting me down
Plimsoll punk
Plimsoll punk

Your posture's blocking out any possible light
I can no longer see
This conversation spirals into a fight
I can barely breathe

Getting me down, getting me down, you're getting me down
Getting me down, down, down, you're getting me down
Getting me down, getting me down, you're getting me down
Plimsoll punk
Plimsoll punk

Plimsoll punks

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Alvvays Plimsoll Punks Comments
  1. cretaceo strapulazza

    A mixture between Cure, Ramones and Abba? XD

  2. cha fronteras

    when i listen to this, i always feel like im in a 90s teen flick : (

  3. Marshall Lancaster

    Maybe it’s the power pop angle. I just love it. It’s like I’m a kid and I’ve just discovered Blondie.

  4. sandy septiandhy

    I was hoping they are working on a new album. I do really love their music.

  5. Chris Morrison

    The finest pop music being made......Alvvays are just muuulah!

  6. Lau Balles

    Ok Cerati (Soda Stereo) got inspirtion in all this rythms and I love it, he mixed with rocker guitars and was a succesfull idea

  7. Chubs

    I stared at the dots for a good 5 minutes thinking I was trippin seeing them move

  8. Dave

    When I listen to this I want to discuss gentrification.

  9. Miguel Amadio

    Their first album is so perfect, I just cant skip a single track

  10. i'm not cyborg


  11. Doug Fishback

    Everything about this track is great, but one of the most notable elements is the post-chorus ("Your posture's blocking out any possible light"). In terms of song structure alone, it's uncommon to have this element; usually a song would jump back into the verse at this point. But more than this, the post-chorus adds essential perspective to the song, and in fact it's the most concrete explanation of the relationship between the singer and the addressee ("This conversation spirals into a fight"). All of this is to say the song is very well conceived and realized; there's a natural musical talent here with a lot of good things ahead.

  12. DJ Serious

    In an era where many pop songs no longer have a chorus, it’s so refreshing that this song basically has 2 choruses!

  13. ABI M

    LIKE A BAND Karla DeVito - We Are Not Alone

  14. Escaping Reality

    Every song I hear from this band is good!!!! I clicked on “Archie Marry me” and my recommendation’s led me down an Alvvays wormhole! One of my favorite bands now.

  15. NĂÐ ォ RĦNÊΜ

    One of the best and most important songs in my life, I swear!

  16. ĒVÃŃ .MP3

    Merci Laink

  17. drybois77

    Don't know what a plimsoll punk is, but this song sure is the litness.

    kenny bob

    Sneakers, originated in 1870

  18. FerVerde

    Muy punk la canción, jjajaj (me gusta esta banda <3)

  19. Aaron Wilson

    Literally have had this on repeat for the last 90 minutes.

  20. Ian Phillips

    Flawless arrangement! Dreampop continues, thankfully.


    Dreampop? Sounds 100% shoegaze for me.

  21. Bootes Void

    Great song.

  22. Taina Covington

    alvvays are coming to utah!! with the national!!

  23. Dan Fox

    Let me write and direct the music video to this song! I have a great idea!

  24. Nawal

    I don’t think i’ve ever loved a sophomore album more than a debut but they’ve improved so much i love them!

  25. Sw00zies

    need a music video

  26. Odus Car

    Quintessential Indie Pop!!

  27. jamsee1

    Indie pop Perfection! This song is a work of art :)

  28. Beaztown

    Alvvays is a road trip band :)

  29. Alicia

    I N T R O❤😍😍😍😍

  30. Cardino

    top 5 songs of all time tbh

  31. Sasori m.mb

    We want a new album please! :( All this band make my life batter <3

  32. Culturati Santa

    My favorite song at the moment.

  33. Myriam Audet élève

    One of my all time favorites (:

    Edit: wow! 2 likes, that's the most likes I've ever gotten! thanks for the love guys

    edit: 3 LIKES!!!! WoAh, I'm so popular

    edit: sLoW DowN GuYs,
    4 likes! I'm now celebrity

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    I'm too popular, I can't show my face in public now without someone asking for an autograph

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    edit: 8 likes
    I'm sorry I have no self control

    J. C.

    Liked just so you can edit

  34. 347

    damn kml

  35. Greg Doore

    Love this band!

  36. crazyfeline

    Jesus fucking Christ
    Heart stopping

  37. Brian Ray

    Yo - where's the love for Chrissie Hynde, here? This definitely reminds me of The Pretenders' first two records.

  38. dangerchick

    Love this album, even more than the last.

  39. argiletonne

    could never get why people would want to sing about shoe strings or use that.

  40. Todd Brown

    Brand new fan here,,

  41. crazyfeline

    Wtf - who are these people?
    So melt in your mouth good.

  42. Jerimya Edwards

    This is absolutely wonderful!

  43. kindpotato

    fucking impossible to find.

  44. Gusti Erlangga

    Thanks god, i found this side of youtube...

  45. victor alfonso

    doblenueve!!! rock en lima..

  46. Cristian Hernández

    Molly's voice is so sweet !!!

  47. Dom's Sketch Cast

    They left out the ending

  48. Carlos Chafin

    This is one of those ultra infectious pop songs that refuses to leave you alone. I love it. Alvvays a fan.

  49. paul zegarra

    oh my god this band is really cool , i fall in love since i ve heard them in kexp radio.

  50. raedwulf61


  51. scott smith

    I love Plimsoll Pu nk!!! Sadly missed Alvvays here in Oakland, California. Hope the show was totally rewarding. Looks like a hard road schedule.... we love you Alvvays!! Scott Smith Nederland, Colorado

  52. Musical Channel

    Puedes acercarte a mi si es que buscando la letra en español estas! :D

  53. rebjiii

    Alvvays should have a real video for this excellent song....their management team must be inept

  54. Vincent Quiroz

    Great band

  55. devo536

    This band has such a strong vibe omg. Every song I listen to by them is something new yet makes me feel so nostalgic at the same time. So good

  56. gatogreensleeves

    The sparkling guitars and cosmic effects in the verses (1:10; 2:24) are as stunning and legendary as anything out there--the word 'shimmering' in sound. The production effects and tonal fidelity rival Radiohead and old Verve. So much love for this.

  57. Mark Jaye

    SONG IS AVVSOME!!! (Yeah, I know the double vv is cheesy - oh well.) What a way to be introduced to a band! I heard this track while in San Francisco to see Japanese Breakfast and Jay Som concert at the Pop Noise Festival this week... We played Plimsoull Punks while driving to the Golden Gate bridge day after the show. EVERYONE IN THE CAR ASKED, "who is this band?" I've since had it on replay for three days straight... To me it's that good. Reminiscent of Smiths/Modern English 80's and everything we love about the best bands from that era, infused with the right pop, rock and fuzz from the 90's Jesus and Mary Chain, Teenage Fanclub era. The guitars, beat and organ are just outstanding... and the vocals... The vocals are some of the best in any alt-rock pop tune in the last 30 years! Thank you Alvvays! We'll be seeing you live in San Diego in April - instant fans of all-things-alvvays!

  58. Rob Lawton


  59. Shawn Yerxa

    This track is now my most favourite Alvvays song. Really great for so many reasons. Love that the band has kept their sound but also evolved. Most bands fail at that. For me personally, I feel a little nostalgic as it has some Johnny Marr/Smiths  type riffs/chord progressions but still uniquely Alvvays.

  60. Kakarot K enobi 1

    Your awesome. I'm totally a p punk.wicked track.I love dreams tonite,marry me also.makes growing old and obscure love worth while (:

  61. Kakarot K enobi 1

    All your stuff is good.I love a Lotta tracks.brings back good memories.your album is released on my b day. September 8.75.I'm a dad now,grew up to erics trip,Julie dorion,the cardigans new order and nofx and ben weasal and dinosaur jr,hayden,cit and col etc.most of them wicked awesome canadian musicians like u..wickedI'm from the toronto. Now in ottowa. Horrid music scene.I'm really into the old school transgressive style you have.alvva is way rad.and no vacation.I hope I can see u play in all your future endeavors. I'll b listening and supporting u (:

  62. Dennis Jacobs

    This group is so tight. Molly and Carey are it.

  63. Elad Hershko


  64. myempathy

    Nice to share strong musical ventures.

  65. Robert Hamel

    Perfect pop. Bravo.

  66. Marisa Sobeski

    Love it

  67. agreensubstance

    Killin it!!

  68. Kniteknite23A

    You. Are Always Welcome. ~ Much Thanks ~ You DickHeads~ = ) Here..have this ~ Always~

  69. Gaurav Haloi


  70. Jerome Pullen Jr.

    "Your pasta's blocking out any possible light"

  71. eurosoe

    I’m so hooked on this song... Love Alvvays.

  72. Jorge Henry Bautista Sánchez

    Una más de Doble Nueve.Y ya estamos acabando un año más.De éxitos y nuevas caras,proyectos también.Mil gracias.

  73. Molten_

    this song is amazing and everything but the guitar part at the end makes me want an entire song like that.

  74. José Ludeña


  75. John Trauscht

    Love their throw-back sound. This song in particular owes a lot to the 1988 song Crash by The Primitives.

  76. victor alfonso

    la escuche en doblenueve . lima,Perú.

  77. not4uu

    heard this on Sirux XM channel 35, love the sound of it. reminds me a bit of "Lush"

  78. Wednesday Green

    Post modern yes!!

  79. scott smith

    I totally love this song!!! Heard it here in Berkeley California on KALX and am sharing around the globe via facebook. THIS IS THE GREATEST SONG I'VE HEARD THIS YEAR!!! Vocals, hell yes, melody yes, shifts yes, GREATNESS HELL YES!!!!!! Thanks you!!! smithoman 2017

  80. Ryan

    sooooooo gooooooood

  81. A. P.

    Heard this song while I was at the mall with my girlfriend.

  82. James LoPresti

    I actually think Fantano is hilarious, but that's only because I realize music is subjective and his tastes are on a different pallet than mine.  He trashed Katy Perry and Miley Cyrus so the guy can't be that bad lol.

    kenny bob

    Who melon :)

  83. crypto

    good god this is much more intriguing than older alvvays imo

  84. Jeff

    Oh no, the beautiful outro from the LP version isn’t on here :(

  85. Ping Echelon

    Most excellent.

  86. Sarah Nazura

    5 from 10 video antisocial album is blocked in my country. wtf is going on?

    kenny bob

    Pretty good that you can view 5 of the videos in North Korea.

  87. Ociffer Otis Carter

    Can't believe their December 12 show at Mod Club Toronto is already sold out! :/

    kenny bob

    Could't get tickets for any of the Toronto shows ?

    Ociffer Otis Carter

    ya all sold out

  88. Derek Nonnenmacher

    I'm keeping my shitty car because it has a tape deck and I can play the Alvvays tapes, no other reason.

  89. Josh Done

  90. Gordon Fremen

    like something out of magical mystery tour...or rubber soul

  91. apeirrron

    I thought I started playing Undertale at the end!

  92. Bonham House

    My new favorite group.

  93. chromodrop

    Now you really got me in your music! Love it

  94. Jekyll

    This is a good album but I like the first one better. Screw the anti-reverb, anti-lofi snobs, some of us actually like the fuzzy, dreamy sound.


    More shoegazeyyyyyy.... (universe) xD

    Zippy Lucke

    lol people dont even know what reverb is!

  95. Radhinka Bagaskara

    The bass lines sounds like the Katamari Damacy theme song

  96. Dominique Avalos

    Come to Ecuador!
    I love you !!!!! ❤

  97. Iain McLaren

    ... don't slow down your gonna crash...

  98. ruben howe

    you ain't reached for the sky yet