Alvvays - Next Of Kin Lyrics

We walked along the rocks for nearly an hour
I caught the way you looked at me in the sunlight
You took something before you went in the shower
You have suppressed the things that make you feel uptight

If I'd known you couldn't swim
We would never have gone in

I left my love in the river
The only one who sees
I lost his hand in the current
It was the life I wanted and I'd hoped for
And now I am left sifting through the leaves

His arms so hard, I saw his skin through his t-shirt
The grass so tall, we knew we wouldn't be found
We climbed into the stream so no one would be heard
And in no time at all, there wasn't a sound

If I'd known you couldn't swim
We would never have gone in

I left my love in the river
The only one who sees
I lost his hand in the current
It was the life I wanted and I'd hoped for
And now I am left sifting through the leaves

No color to his skin
Inform the next of kin
No color to his skin

I left my love in the river
The only one I see
I left his hand in the current
And now I am left blowing through the trees


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Alvvays Next Of Kin Comments
  1. The Baby

    They performed this song at the Winnipeg folk festival earlier this year and I’m still sad that I missed it :c I literally live two hours away from Winnipeg too, it’s sad af. Pls come to Winnipeg again soon 😭💜💙

  2. Azkane Kozz White

    I just discovered it, and I like it, sub.


    The happiest darkest song I've ever heard

  4. Chris Morrison

    I am sorry for being negative but the power and talent of this band just makes my tolerance for all the other garbage diminish. This band is so good....her songs are so good.....and the rest of them just sound like immature tweenies who have soiled their panties. So bored with stupid lyrics. FINALLY, there is a beauty who can write. And write with prolific precision and passion. If you don't get it...GOOD.....Great art and music don't mix with idiots.

  5. Chayanin na

    You alvvays in my heart

  6. MadMan731

    My favorite song on the album. Perfect.

  7. GhengisJohn

    It's beautiful. It makes me think of what you'd get if you crossed Best Coast with Camera Obscura.

  8. Chris Morrison

    its been so long since I believed in music......I do again......

  9. Dave

    I put this song on a loop at work and got in trouble lol

  10. Esoteric Introvert

    2:44-2:48 best part of the video

  11. woolhat1

    Where is the band?

  12. Ahmad Syahir Roslan

    The video is such a masterpiece

  13. Michael Lane

    Beautifully done video! Love this band!

  14. Suryo Ardi

    Pertama kali denger dulu di radio. Sy kira mereka ini band indonesia. Habis suaranya mirip suara indo bgt, taunya band kanada. Lagunya enak. Bikin hati gw berbunga bunga meskipun gw jomblo ngenes 😕

  15. Marco Garcia

    Damn this song brings back memories of drinking at backyard shows lol

  16. Susilo Prayoga

    I'm from Indonesia. I really like some of your songs :D

  17. StephenAndrew777

    That's not bad.

  18. i'm not cyborg


  19. Tetea

    This songs reminds me of a girl who suggested me to listen to it .

  20. B R

    Starting to feel like they literally can't make a bad song

  21. Lee Moore

    Sounds a lot like The Aislers Set. Not a bad thing.

  22. Radiculous

    what a terrible band name

  23. frigginshewt

    i lost my wallet in the river

  24. joedrew84

    Similar to Blouse but poppier.. I love it. Fans of this would probably enjoy Melody's Echo Chamber too.

  25. Aldair Urquizo Angulo

    Brilliant song! The meaning about the song by me is likely a coward love when the romantic part it's no for both. She looks to give all her love but he don't and that's why she touches on ''And if I had known you couldn't swim
    We'd never have gone in'', then ''I left my love in the river, The only one who sees, I lost his hand in the current, It was the life I wanted and I'd hoped for''.However, this has never been stated in interviews and Molly herself contends in NME that the lyrics stem from her isolated Nova Scotian upbringing.

  26. Salad

    Gives me flashbacks I’ve never had

  27. i a


  28. Wav Flv

    This song will Forever remind me of my youth..

  29. Grundle Munch

    i like this song

  30. lethiettam04

    It was the life I wanted and I hoped for... <3

  31. Dean Saputra

    2014 vibes 😍

  32. Jack Goldsberry

    Imagine Alvvays + Beach House

    kenny bob

    My 2 favorite bands.

  33. a n g e l x c x

    This makes me miss California

  34. mansi tendulkar

    This song is everything Indie has to be

  35. Reagan Rodriguez

    This album sounds like a sociopolitical centrist New England young person disillusioned with government/society and unsure what to do with the fortune of being alive in this era while simultaneously aware of the many small joys life offers.

    kenny bob

    4 members in the band were born and lived most of their lives in Eastern Canada, the new drummer is from Seattle.

  36. S P

    I bought this CD on a road trip. :)

  37. alexis wolfe

    If I’d known you couldn’t swim we would have never gone in

  38. Yatterman300

    Where can I find more stuff of this genre, or this sound??? I love how summer-y it feels while also being light it’s perfect!

    kenny bob

    Hazel English, Fazerdaze, Beach Bunny , Varsity.

  39. YTDW2000

    I hear a little bit of 'The Cure' influence in this song. One of their greatest. Love it.

  40. Aquiles Pelida

    Tiene algo de Black Tambourine.

  41. low

    shout out to the editor of this vid, who used photographs of Luigi Ghirri
    great taste my bloke

  42. Fandi Orange

    Nice pic nice vid, recommended for you who have terrible life

  43. Steb AvaBlog


  44. jewelry academy hanwool


  45. grey perry

    I thought my left earphone didnt work at first

  46. Uriel

    te amo demais?

  47. James Byron Dean

    Alvvays sublime musical perfection :)

  48. ray reiji

    some good indie song here:

  49. Dimas Arya Gutama

    i've heard this song for almost 5 years and still getting high about it

  50. Elexea Star

    Our story started from here ♥

  51. 777Eliyahu

    Usually not into indie rock but this group is top notch

  52. Noisynoise TV

    Reminds me of django django - default

  53. ismael barcenas

    camera obscura

  54. Kelvy Souza

    2019 someone.?

  55. Mohammad Elga

    Kerekkekek clip cover

  56. Stainfxce

    I'm glad I discovered this band 🖤🖤🖤


    AQUA SQUADRON NATION khaleel mills was in the band at one point for a week

  58. Oreki Houtarou

    I love the song but what it is about?
    Her boyfriend died and she actually liked it or it's a metaphor to something abstract
    Don't know but I still love the song

    Charley White

    Right?! It's one of the most depressing songs, yet so happy-sounding and catchy! Why in the world did this have to be the theme of the song if it's gonna be so happy? :P Oh well, I love it too, not gonna lie


    I might be completely wrong but i interpreted it as he overdosed and she just watched and let him die because it freed her from that life.
    Probably wrong, but that's what it seems like to me.


    I think it's about a boy she liked and who liked her but he wasn't mature enough to handle the relationship so she had to leave him. Alternatively the lyrics could be a nod to her celtic folk upbringings. Young lovers drowning is a common theme in celtic folk music.

  59. Art Of Life and Books


  60. Craig Difrancescantonio

    This band reminds me a lot of Camera Obscura...

  61. Max R

    La adoro 💜

  62. Abigail Herrera

    I love you! Please come to Mexico <3

  63. wouldbegood

    If you like this check out Camera Obscura.

  64. 200,557,866

    Índie surf Rock yeah 2018

  65. kenny bob

    I like her with blond hair, she's opening for Alvvays in Toronto in December. Five nights in a row. Looking forward to seeing her.

    kenny bob

    Oops, sometimes the comment section on my computer is from a previous video, the comment was for a Snail Mail video.

  66. Autores Materiales

    oh ! I really do love her ! and the rest of the band too !!!

  67. Seftyan Adhi Putra

    The old-school vibes made me feel younger :3

  68. survivor geek

    haha tigers jaw i saw water anyone??

  69. DeadButterfly

    This song helped me a lot after sort of a break-up; more like unrequited love. Thanks to this song, instead of crying I started to dance

  70. Charles Desmonda

    One of the greatest music videos of all time, this is among the ranks of greats like "Take On Me" by Aha and Michael Jackson's "Billie Jean"

  71. PicuPiee

    i fall in love with this band, couldn't resist myself to keep coming back.


    boi ded

  73. Ryan Everett

    My dream babe

  74. 전mara

    너무 좋다...

  75. Charley White

    For a song so lovely in sound, the lyrics are quite dark :( She doesn't care that her love just drowned in a river...

  76. Nirvana Blues

    Ugh I’m so late but I love alvvays💖

  77. Tomas Ferreira

    I need to live like this again

  78. paul elliott

    Love this song
    Great guitar sound on this - and Molly of course

  79. PantatBuduk

    not all canadian like terrence and philips,this one is legit.

  80. Ralfi Santiago Espinola Gonzalez

    I love this song😍😍

  81. Robyn Locksley

    Why do the lyrics make me think of the movie Spirited Away...

  82. Myo Htet Naing

    molly <3

  83. nc_mlj

    This song is so good wtf !

  84. survivor geek

    the vibes, the beats, the voice, dafug this is just beautiful

  85. Luther Antwoord

    Molly has blue eyes. Come on

  86. Michele Sharon

    Really really nice music video

  87. Jaymee Hudson

    Song is Sweeeeeeeeet! Yeah Canada!!!

  88. wenzhiquan

    Reminds me of Camera Obscura

    kenny bob

    Camera Obscura are fans of Alvvays, Tracy Anne Campbell told me that

  89. Voice of Apollo Recordings

    Molly is tops!

  90. Stewie Griffin

    What is this song about?

  91. aldi fajar rachman

    good shoegaze

  92. miked4309

    the opening sounds like best coast.

  93. Victor Ulhôa

    I love this band so much <3

  94. Stuart McNulty

    this song makes me sad and appreciate my life at the same time