Alvvays - Hey Lyrics

Have you lost your sense of place?
Hold a brush to your white toothpaste
Does the mirror look a little strange?

Satisfied with making do
(Don't think so, yeah)
Should we pull the parachute?
(Don't think so)
I will land on my feet but I probably won't leave the house for awhile and it feels like forever since you held me like I was a human being
And I am a human being

Blind drunk in an alleyway
Assuring you I'm fine
Blind in an alleyway
Positive I'm fine

Molly Mayhem
On your doorstep
At three AM
Fight and you run and you run
And it's likely over now

Fight and you run and you run
And you want it over now
Over now
Over now

This is the nineteenth round
And you know it
This is not the right crowd
And you know it

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Alvvays Hey Comments
  1. indie guy

    Make sure to check out my Spotify playlist 'New Indie Favorites' and follow if you like it!

  2. I'm the Danger Bird

    1:19 really similar to "she bangs the drums"

  3. HMS Hood

    Why havent i heard this yet??!!!