Alvvays - Dreams Tonite Lyrics

Rode here on the bus
Now you're one of us
It was magic hour
Counting motorbikes
on the turnpike
One of Eisenhower's

Live your life on a merry-go-round
Who starts a fire just to let it go out?

If I saw you on the street, would I have you in my dreams tonight?
If I saw you on the street, would I have you in my dreams tonight, tonight?

On the lead guitar
Said you'd go to work
In the waking hour
In fluorescent light
Antisocialites watch a wilting flower

Live your life on a merry-go-round
Who builds a wall just to let it fall down?

If I saw you on the street, would I have you in my dreams tonight?
If I saw you on the street, would I have you in my dreams tonight, tonight?
If I saw you on the street, would I have you in my dreams tonight, tonight?
If I saw you on the street, would I have you in my dreams tonight, tonight?

Don't sit by the phone for me
Wait at home for me, all alone for me
Your face was supposed to be hanging over me like a rosary
So morose for me; seeing ghosts of me; writing oaths to me
Is it so naive to wonder...

If I saw you on the street, would I have you in my dreams tonight, tonight?
If I saw you on the street, would I have you in my dreams tonight, tonight?
If I saw you on the street, would I have you in my dreams tonight, tonight?
If I saw you on the street, would I have you in my dreams tonight, tonight?

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Alvvays Dreams Tonite Comments
  1. yokartik

    it's like a lullaby. i'll definately sing this to my children in the future.

  2. Alexander3487

    This video is amazing, the way they edited the old footage from the Expo 67 is masterfully, it looks seamless. For those who are not from Montreal, the huge sphere that appears in the video was the US pavilion during the Expo and the city kept it, but only the exterior metal structure. Right now we have an environmental museum called la Biosphère. Great song and great images!

  3. Sam Pickles

    Im here,
    because my parents, met here, at Expo '67 in Montreal.
    Thanks moms and pops.

  4. Aleinikov65


  5. Xx_ LauraGacha _xX

    I think of my best friends when I listen to this. (I think I'm the only young teenager listening to this song.)

    Kemosabe k

    You're not alone 💜

    Xx_ LauraGacha _xX

    @Kemosabe k Yay uwu. XD


    Obviamente no lo es

  6. Darth Saya

    PURE uncorrupted art!
    Music for the few, not the many...

  7. hippiecheezburger

    I am on antidepressants now and I feel so much better, Life feels so beautiful again. It's an amazing feeling to regain, its too short to be miserable, angry and sad all the time.

  8. Amiel John G.

    not gonna lie, a sfm pmv brought me here...

  9. Himayamata

    I hate it that I discovered this song from SFM in PH

  10. boofnostealia

    Came from pornhub yikes

  11. Dinesh Siwakoti

    Band of the decade. Absolutely love their sound

  12. jh72826 Harris

    I went to Montreal this summer to get away from some problems I was having and to relax.This song is exactly how it felt walking through Montreal euphoric. If I had to describe the vibe of Montreal I would show someone this song great city and can't wait to move there someday.

  13. just me

    haha i love this video

  14. Pandora Pan

    0:43 my face when I see the crush 😎


    lana del rey + kane + the cardigans

  16. Cinema Lights

    Molly Rankin is one of the best frontwomen in 21st century music. Hands down.

  17. Angie House

    I just remembered this song and oh my god I missed this song so much.

  18. je t'aime

    there's cool people in the comments with good music taste

  19. D'Andre Lewis

    So similar to (Men I trust)

  20. Chris Morrison

    The greatest band on Earth right now. Wanna fight about it?

  21. I Gusti Putu Putra

    Youtube recommendation is beyond expectation!

  22. Nelviana Kenny

    I am here not because of Selena but my subliminal

  23. William Goree

    This is the best music video of the decade

  24. bryan pedrosa


  25. A D

    Very soviet Cold War looking.

  26. literauniversum

    1:41 vintage IT guy, a dream

  27. Gus Orange

    wish i had someone to listen to this song with

    Charles Serrano

    you have... us.

  28. Toru uwu

    Ésta era nuestra canción che... :") 💓

  29. culture

    This reminds me of that one thing that never happened.

  30. Spencer Yancey

    White Nationalism. Learn Dr. David Duke. Whites have to take their countries back. End Zionism.

  31. Spencer Yancey

    Instantly loved this.

  32. L Blueful

    If I ever get the chance to see them in my home country I can die in peace

  33. Nick Bryant

    Watched for 10 seconds and *I just cant*

  34. Chris Morrison

    I tell people that the Universal loves us and we are all tripping over the signs everyday. THIS is another sign. What a dream this band made......I'm jumping can too!

  35. Julio Palacios

    jajaajaj what a slap in the head 0:49

  36. maria ellis

    se passaram anos e eu ainda fico surpresa em o quanto a molly é linda. Por Deus.

  37. derken gol oldu

    boyle guzel bi' grubu dinleyen bir Türk yok mu ya?

  38. Bryete Valiant

    This magic song evokes to me “Dawson's creek" story love! <3

  39. Beautiful Wanderess

    spotify brought me here. 💕 i love Marry Me, Archie and I was happy when i stuck with the bridge part see its Alvvays ❤️

  40. R3N3G4D3

    To see the original footages they used, search "Impressions of Expo 67
    " (8 min) and "Expo 67 Raw Footage" (29 min) here on youtube :)
    Also, I love this video

  41. 我你

    Alvvays are time travellers.

  42. kenny bob

    It was cool when i walked down the street and there was Molly, chatted for a few minutes, that was about 2 hours before the concert

  43. Ghanez Athoriq

    what place is that?

  44. dphcMMD

    expo 67, montréal qc

  45. Speed Racer

    The best genre...ever

  46. fhamideas

    0:50 freaking hate her dad, push your duaghter head mf

  47. Carmen Hutchins

    Any one else here cause of Wallows?
    Guess it’s just me 😂

    Kemosabe k

    Who's that?

  48. youssef boudaya

    thank you again youtube recommandations !!!

  49. Yotam Bloch

    If the movie Drive(Ryan Gosling) would have come up today this song would've definitely taken part in it.

  50. maziar tab

    that chorus is catchy as hell

  51. Ela Singh

    This is magical

  52. pworldthug 69

    wtf this video is crazy

  53. john voodoo

    Playback at .75 for the lana del rey version

  54. Red Chili

    I swear technology can read my mind how does it know what i want to play next wtf.

    Red Chili


  55. Butt Stephens

    Not enough diversity in this music video, fascists.

    kenny bob

    It's from 1967 in 1961 Canada was 96.8 % white
    Quit whining.

  56. sifat shams

    The way she sings the line 'all alone for me' around 2:05 sounds so beautiful it just breaks my heart.

  57. James Casarella

    I was at this Expo as a 5 year-old! :)

  58. T f r

    I'm a fan of technicolor videos, and it really fits in a Dreampop video.

  59. Leon Ngumba

    60s or 70s? My guess is 60s..

    Marc Jason Ruiz

    1967, Montreal World Exhibition or Expo 67

  60. Ömercan Akın

    This track is like the first hapiness after a depression

  61. L. F.99

    I had never dreamed with my crush before, but I fell a sleep with this song AND I I SWEAR I DREAMED WITH HER, like wtf???!!! The weirdest thing It has ever happened to me 🤯

  62. Ростислав Русский

    New Canadian wave.

  63. Chris Morrison

    I bet God loves this song.....

  64. John-Robert Rimel

    This is spectacular!! Beautiful!!!

  65. Dave

    I have the sudden desire to get some glasses.

  66. Dichi Pakki

    3 songs and im already in love with this band, just wanna smoke to the MV alone , feels like im living in an alternative universe

  67. Rainbow Darien


    Basic girls:
    Im hErE FOr SeLENa gOmEZ

    Wait, wut?

    The irony is that you posted a normie structured comment.

    Rainbow Darien

    @Wait, wut? yeah non-normie

    -Luna Lovegood-

    Lol, it's true

  68. Alexander Nay

    Don't hit your children, Fuck-Face. 0:49

  69. Helios

    how was this filmed? im confused, the expo was in the 60s but looks like u were there



    Kemosabe k

    They were digitally placed


    as Kemosabe k said, they were digitally placed, to see the original footage they used search "Impressions of Expo 67
    " here on youtube

  70. 1bonbonbon

    intemporel génial

  71. Starless Nights Like This

    Happiest sad song ever.


    Whoever likes this will make their wishes come true

  73. Nydeco 123

    The first time I heard this I told my daughter for some reason they remind me of the Smiths, and she told me that's interesting because Alvvays listed the Smiths as one of their biggest influences. Heard it 2 weeks later and I made the same comment not remembering I had said it before. If you're a long time Smiths fan like me, you'll pick up on it. They also remind me of the Cardigans, as someone else already posted.

  74. Anshuman Das

    Dreamy song

  75. German Hell

    Beautifoul viking

  76. Floral Cheries

    um hello comment section why u empty

  77. G&MM

    Proud they’re Canadian 🇨🇦


    gara gara si pandu nanya si ingga jadi kesini

  79. AMV WibuSan

    Yg kesini gara" nonton cenelnya pandu mana

  80. Be'You

    Pleasing to listen. ♡

  81. Pray Bogard

    Bagus juga selera musiknya anggi adenya raditya dika.

  82. Rizky rah

    Terimakasih anggi

  83. Prince Valeska

    Fbe2 brought me here

  84. Marta

    I loved this song from the first second

  85. Benny Rodriguez

    I’m pretty late.
    Better late than never though

  86. kool kid jocelyn

    after a year of listening to this song i’ve finally brought myself to see the music video LMAOAOA

    -Luna Lovegood-

    Lol it used to happend me often

  87. S Dexter-Boone

    forget selena gomez, whos here from sjukt oklar?
    no one? ok ;-;

    Kemosabe k

    What is that?

  88. Bpocket17

    It’s always magic hour

  89. Dorin

    Sofia ♡

  90. SomBod1

    Anyone here because of cult??

  91. blizzy

    This has those ferris buellers day off museum scene vibes

  92. bsfreitas

    nice one

  93. soapyshoe

    Europe being white is just a dream in 2019 LOL

  94. AstoundingJB

    The '90s were avvesome in Canada... I miss those times


    it's not the 60s?

    Connor RK505

    That's expo '67....

  95. Anamta Zahid

    This is it, the song I've been listening on repeat for three months, my summer song

  96. p0lteRg3isT

    Wow... Did they really shoot this music video or did they use archive footage? But the quality is very nice, I think too good for original video. But the feeling and the design seems so original. I reallly don't know what to think 🤣

  97. bryan pedrosa

    This song makes me feel young.

  98. Periodt Boo