Alvvays - Dives Lyrics

All the documents you keep
And the friends that never phone
Spend the winter in a Jeep
And your summer months at home

No love
To share
So what?
Who cares?

Bleeding light into your room
Makes you cower beneath the sheets
Waste away
All your days

No love
To share
So what?
Who cares?

I've been waiting on our lives together
I've been patient for a long time
We've been hanging out in dives forever
We never get it on the first try
We never get it on the first try
We never get it on the first try
The first try

So what?
Who cares?

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Alvvays Dives Comments
  1. Wagner M

    Cocteu Twins feelings

  2. Mountains & Sea

    I drove 7 hours to see them in Durham NC and besides 311 it was the best show I’ve ever seen. This band is going to be absolutely huge. Immense talent and incredible sound and original songwriting. I love them.

  3. Tmi Icon

    Whoever the sound stage people are at KEXP deserve celebrity status.

  4. Neb Uluos

    I love kexp format of short sets and micro-interviews.brilliant..they're short and gorgeously lit so I'm comfortable trying out new acts I never heard of and long enough for me to enjoy the acts I already love over and over again as I tend to do..the interviews allow me to possibly relate to the humanity of these beautiful talented souls and perhaps get closer to understanding what inspires their works.. in case I never meet them in person.

  5. Neb Uluos

    wow am I freaking out? is it just because I'm not making m7suc myself that I'm so blown away by this and so much other underrated creativity and raw talent in music?! WTF is wrong with me, why can't I just be happy with autotune mumble pop?! Kexp you are a feast for days.bless be you all.

    Neb Uluos

    The intro synth reminds me of original Blade Runner soundtrack.

  6. Edson Yachi Ancco

    0.5 vel wtf?

  7. The ExtraKrumbs

    KEXP has the best audio mix of any LIVE performance

  8. Kirti Reddy

    no dislike!

  9. Francisco Palomino

    The girl on the keyboard looks like Chloe from we bare bears c:

  10. 771

    They sound like the Cranberries on this track

    Neb Uluos

    Epic Yellow Friend 😕I don't hear it..but the Cranberries are most outstanding.


    I actually have ANTISOCIALITES and The Cranberries, STARS, Every body else, and Smell the Coffee

  11. hello3210fy

    Me gusta

  12. jamsee1

    Adore this as it's Indie Pop of it's finest best... so beautiful. Fantastic debut album by Alvvays

  13. Nathan Clarke

    Oh man, I love this band so much.. not to mention having the biggest crush on Molly, did a rad drawing of her.. 1:57 "I'll be waiting" - when she says waiting, sounds sooo good! and Party Police, wow! this whole album is sensational.

    Kirti Reddy

    i agree

  14. Ekain Perez

    Muy bueno!! I really like this song! And this sound!!

  15. Alberto Herrera

    Wow, i actually really like this. God, it is really pretty to hear, hahaha, i can't find another word but pretty. It is fitting

    Neb Uluos

    Alberto Herrera I find it compelling. That's the b St word I can use for it right now I feel compelled to have it playing as I do my lifes work of daydreaming(creative visualization of an upcoming project)

  16. Johnny Cat

    Love this live version. One of my favorites form the set!