Alvvays - Adult Diversion Lyrics

How do I get close to you?
Even if you don't notice as I admire you on the subway
When it's dark outside your house
You won't let anybody out
And keep a padlock on the door, well

One more cocktail
And I'm on your trail

If I should fall
Act as though it never happened
I will retreat
And sit inside so very quietly

How do I grow old with you?
Even if you don't notice as I pass by you on the sidewalk
When it's dark outside your house
You won't let anybody out
You're keeping a dead girl in the closet

One more cocktail
Is it a good time?
Or is it highly inappropriate?

If I should fall
Act as though it never happened
I will retreat
And then go back to university
If I should fall
Act as though it never happened
I will retreat
And sit inside so very quietly

Why won't we stop?
Why won't we stop?
Why won't we stop?

If I should fall
Act as though it never happened
I will retreat
And sit inside so very quietly
If I should fall
Act as though it never happened
I will retreat
And then go back to university

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Alvvays Adult Diversion Comments
  1. DiscoDashco

    Either Princess Chelsea or Stereolab brought me here - one of the two because I was listening to a lot of them lately. But I couldn’t be more glad to be here. What a great song!

  2. Lu Cattsur

    Below the line Dream pop bed rock indie post punk bands like this. Surf rock is dead. Craft spells, and lots more really SAVED this postmodernist music era.

  3. An Illusion

    If you like this song, you’ll probably like Dreams Tonite and Party Police, hope you like what you hear!

  4. ArmandoRocksMX

    suena como Las ligas menores D:

  5. superdeluxesmell

    Just like time travel!

  6. OSanoBR

    These guys are a great dane away from become the new Mystery Machine crew

  7. Nick Bryant

    have to watch it on mute or else i might get sad again

  8. Bass Boosted For Juanツ

    I want a friend from Canada +57 322 370 1135 write me :) i want to practice my english

  9. Stevie

    I've had this song on my ipod for 6 years and this is the first time seeing this video.

  10. robert wells

    I feel like I just went on tour with a Christian youth group

  11. Pokker Honklers

    Sitting alone in your bedroom at 3 am watching a video of people having fun and imagining how it'd be like if you had friends

    123 76

    LOL😂, I had the same experience. I am just a nerd who is playing 24/7 computer games. That music is dominating. Power from Germany✊

  12. Travis Marx

    I love her voice so much it's so naturally indie

  13. Liam Stewart

    nice <3

  14. Maxwell Lord

    who wants make friendship with me. im 16 yo

  15. Alan Chihuaha

    Cliche hipster crap, even down to the music video.

  16. SkinnyGenes

    Watch in 144p for the full experience 💯

  17. Nicolas Santana

    this is so indie that it hurts.

  18. Arman TRB

    I am telling you Alvvays is a great band ...

  19. Martin Wirth

    I like to listen to them when I get drunk!

  20. Владимир Кожин

    Ребят, го в Россию!

  21. Carlos Chancasana

    Come to Peru 🇵🇪🇵🇪

  22. Cernunnos Wild

    I can't stop looking at her and listening to this...

  23. Luis Motta

    This is the most I know about Canada, and I love it

  24. Luis Motta

    lol, I remember when this had less than 500k views

  25. José Agüero

    Desearía haberlos escuchado ese 2013 :(

  26. Allucard

    Looks like "brvnks"

  27. Adam Rafieariq

    2019, anyone?

  28. jacob slade

    Why the fuck was this in my feed this is trash

  29. Roniel Alves

    2013 was the last good year. Fuck liquid modernity...

  30. citizen five

    dick in vagina

  31. Axis Nemesis

    those are good kids. wow they make me feel so old i'm almost boomer in comparison. go kids!

  32. Meh Meh


  33. D1x0d3on

    пиздец, типичное звучание. скука.

  34. Иван Кожедуб


  35. hardfolk

    Reminds me of Best Coast

    Pr Genki

    Same thoughts here 👍


    Hell yeah! 70's

  37. Steven

    She is mad sexy.

  38. Benjabola

    I bought your album years ago and it's great to see this video.

  39. professorJorgeZermeno11

    The music sounds good ! I thought it said " always" 😀 that's different. I need glasses.

  40. Natural Selection

    This is fucking amazing I dont where you guys are from but please come to georgia

  41. Andrius Juodis

    My best missclick yet

  42. slingshot87

    i saw the thumbnail and i thought its lady gaga

  43. matheus alves

    Hey hey merry me Molly Rankin <3

  44. Gabriel Paulo

    Que música boa Man

  45. Алеша Величко

    Похожа на Avril Lavigne

  46. Darth Sateus

    Why does this make me feel nostalgia even though I’ve never heard this song before?

    Pr Genki

    The chord progression my Friend 👍

  47. Ernie Dlt

    I like this side of YouTube

  48. Роман Кущ

    why shes so beautiful ,,, ... ,,,,

  49. Михаил Малышев

    too many ugly faces in one video

  50. novy25

    Most beautiful music

  51. TinTaBraSS777

    неплохо )

  52. mr. gnome

    Why am I Just seeing this . 7yrs too late wtf Youtube

  53. Chris Morrison

    There are many as pretty BUT there are few who can deliver the groceries. Molly does.

  54. Septian Azhar

    Firstly, i don't know about indie music. And then alvvays changed my knowledge about indie

  55. Gabriel Hernandez

    Nice voice

  56. Sy Ku

    Can't wait to hear how Dan Ryckert butchers the pronunciation of the band's name.

  57. TesticuliDomini

    the blond is cute

  58. Black Blue

    I feel this track aesthetic...

  59. TheKingKookie

    stop doing heroin and start making some actually good music ya shites

  60. Hayden H

    *Alvvays Fun Facts*
    -Molly & Kerri were neighbors growing up as children & still are to this day.
    -The band toured extensively w/ indie rockers *Peter Bjorn & John* before a studio album.
    -This record was produced by fellow Canadian artist *Chad VanGaalen* seen @ 2:54
    -Upon the completion of this album, it was released & limited to 150 cassette tapes.

    VanGaalen's Notable Music/Illustrations: *Pine & Clover* -  *Peace On The Rise* - *Molten Light*

  61. Garage Sessions

    stellar band to see live

  62. Edwin Calero

    Aparece firulais.
    Que bueno ✊✊✊✊✊

  63. Audrey Morrison

    honestly, all their music is so awesome. their debut album and antisocialites is incredible

  64. Thet Hmue Zin

    Chit tal <3

  65. Primadonna Trash

    Played this song on repeat during my first year of college

  66. Toxic Hobbit

    man i want a camera from the 90s now to create nice nostalgic videos

  67. Piccolo54

    1:23 me walking into class

  68. Auto Naught

    Such impeccable use of vocal chords

  69. Ron Weasley

    Youtube recommendation brought me here. Am not dissapointed

  70. neva marie

    god i love this song.

  71. Kick Me

    0:53 it's just AMAZING GOD gift

  72. seto

    I swear, every song that I've listened from this band gives me a melancholic 90's feeling.

  73. Booji Boy

    Booji likes how the men are feminized also... "future is feminized men"

  74. Chris Morrison

    I must play this over and over and over agisn.....i'm drunk


    Perfect vibe

  76. Chris Morrison

    my favorite band....I can't stop listening to them....I dream about them.....I'm a 53 year old musician who has worshipped the JAM my whole life. Molly has woken me up. This girl has more talent in her pinky than all who appear to be real. This band is a gift....a good toke....a friend's pat......Alvvvays has reminded me that rock n' roll can never die.

  77. Amblez z

    Molly Rankin is beautiful, i love this band

  78. Emily Mašková

    I seriously love everything about this song. The lyrics, clip, how it makes me feel... Awesome.

  79. Texocracy

    Omg. Molly with her hair up @1:07. *Swoon

  80. Chris Morrison

    Fucking great! They mean it and if you can't tell they are sincere then that's your fault.

  81. Michael Craig

    Where is this band from, anyone know?

    kenny bob

    Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia, the new drummer is from Seattle, Kerry and Molly are from Nova Scotia

  82. dethsnake42O

    Thank you alvvays

  83. kenny bob

    Try being 60 years old and your favorite band is ALVVAYS

  84. gakbrenti

    enak juga

  85. Karis

    Grasias <3

  86. Леночка Гурикова

    Amazing voice
    Thanks again

  87. Periodt Boo

    bro these songs by alvvays make me sade bc my brother always used to play them and i shamed him for it. now hes not here anymore :(

  88. TheFancifulFish

    criminally underrated band

  89. Alfred Conqueror

    The constant distorted noise in the background is really necessary?

  90. green Scorpion

    Anyone wanna talk about life?

  91. Syafiq Aziz

    Brings back Someday-by-the-Strokes kind of vibe <3

  92. aeshir

    grew up listening to the rankings but never saw them live. saw these dudes live in Calgary in 2018 with my mom and they kicked ass. one of my fav bands!!

  93. MadVillian

    Meh....Why is youtube recommending me this, I like indie and shit but this is so generic...Nice filter to give that "Nostalgic" feel...pft

    Christopher Carnes

    They should just record themselves playing video games to get that “super depressing” feel

  94. transformersloverjon

    hey, guys; look! It's Dee from Always Sunny!