Alter Bridge - Find The Real Lyrics

Stuck in the middle
I burrow inside
Back to the cradle
Away from the burdens
Of all my crimes
Before it's fatal

The past has found me
The truth come out
Always remember
With no place to fall
But straight down
I must surrender

Well it seems I've finally
Thought of everything
I want to love
I want to feel
Find peace
Find the real

There's a face I put on
All my life
The face of an angel
I look in the mirror
Only to find
The face of a stranger

And all that I've taken
I hunger for more
Cause I'm selfish
And all I'm left with
Is a crown of thorns
And I'm helpless

Well it seems I've finally
Thought of everything
I want to love
I want to feel
Find peace
Find the real

I'll trade these lies for something right
I will kill what hurts with something pure
I will be redeemed so I can breathe again

Well it seems I've finally
Thought of everything
I want to love
I want to feel
Find peace
Find the real

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Alter Bridge Find The Real Comments
  1. Ryan Phillips

    17 December 2019, who's still listening to this?

  2. willdakill71

    He sounds a bit like Chris Cornel (RIP)but still he's a badass vocalist 🍻

  3. Scotty Jones

    Myles & Tremonti are gr8...their supporting cast is truly amazing as well...fantastic....very solid band...also very inspiring to me...

  4. Joey G

    One Day Remains isn’t just one of my favorite Alter Bridge albums, it’s one of my favorite rock albums EVER. Along with Stadium Arcadium by Red Hot Chili Peppers.

  5. Matt


  6. Joey G

    This song reminds me of my troubled days of High School. I was a huge Alter Bridge, Limp Bizkit, and Red Hot Chilli Peppers fan.

  7. Fizi Montgomery

    Dylan Bostic brought me here

  8. Clark Gabel

    I've realized after all these years this album had shaped me as a person

  9. Zion

    This song is fucking awesome.

  10. Rob Allen

    One of the most underrated singers and one of the best.

  11. R5150i

    10,9,8,7,6,5,4,3,2,1 (eeeerrrrrrhhhh)
    Number 6 entrant: Maven

  12. Christina Scott

    I wurk at a shirt job, this song gives me strength to carry on, THANK U ALTER BRIDGE😁😁😁😁😁

  13. Effie Mavros

    My God, does anyone else hear Chris Cornell in this vocal? I have shivers right now. He's an incredible singer in his own right, amazing range. But I've recently connected the dots as to why he appeals to my ears as much as he does. He's so much like Cornell in certain songs, it's ridiculous. I love this song, I play it over and over and can't get enough. What a great band! Tremonti is OTT good. 2:18 or thereabouts, Cornell type magic. RIdiculous talent. xx

  14. Canadian Citizen #273

    Goddamn! The nostalgia. It hurts. Royal Rumble 2005. Fun PPV.

  15. J P

    Free replay button for AB's greatest tune ever.

    This song is 4 minutes and 44 seconds of pure eargasmic fucking bliss.

    Since the dawn of time
    T'was written in stone that one day, a band would come
    And now, they're here to cum again in your ear pussies.

    Ladies and genitals:


  16. Techstorm2065

    First song of theirs I ever heard, in 05. Serious radio played it like 10 times a day on Octane.

  17. JJ C

    One of my workout jams right here

  18. Sam Black

    Such a phenomenal voice. Crazy range, hes just playing with it, then at 3:55

  19. Ndow Roccus

    Oh crap, forgot about this ROCK gem!!
    Kids! Get into the garages and start some rock bands!!!!! Save yourself, live the life of a musician in a hard rock band - start with zeppelin and work back and forth from there!

  20. Linda Van Galder

    I am going through C-PTSD treatment and this song evoked some memories. What is C-PTSD? Here is a short video that describes it perfectly, but luckily, there is a way to heal from it. The narc will never heal or apologize for the cruelty they displayed and did to you nor claim they even did it. Here is the video for anyone interested in this.

  21. Amukugo Kornelius

    April 2019

    who"s with me? #ABtoInfinity

    Cm J

    Heck ya brah #andbeyond

  22. Chris Beatmaker


  23. Garrett Baker

    Baritone guitar? Crunchy!

    J P

    Nope. Mark's standard signature model tuned to Drop D, and then everything a half step down from there.

    I don't think Mark knows what standard tuning is anymore. Which is actually a shame cause he's amazing in standard

  24. Rob Allen

    Myles Kennedy has an unbelievable range. Catch the very end of this tune.

    Alexandre Hudon

    Rob Allen range... and breath!

    Scotty Jones

    He's one of the greatest Rock vocalists of all time...soooooo underrated

  25. Nick Johnson

    Normally I'd rip apart a band that so blatantly cops Soundgarden like AB does here... but holy smokes, what a song. They do Chris and Kim proud


    😂 right on man

    J P

    Fuck Soundgarden

  26. ohepi

    God I love this song so much.

  27. Nicholas Walker

    Awesome thanks for putting this up.....

  28. leavemealone

    ugh, cant get enough of this song, myles is the baddest MFKR along with josh todd!!!! tremonti's a badass too

  29. ohepi

    Oh my god I forgot about this song. Still love it.

  30. Jayce Rodgers

    Crazy. I used to blast this on my headphones while cruising with the SWCC team around the Horn of Africa in 2007. Picture yourself strapped to the bow of a speeding diesel powered RHIB behind a fully automatic M240B machine gun while listening to this. Pure adrenaline.

    itsme. amberrose

    Doing anything listening to AlterBridge automatically makes you feel more bad ass

  31. Skullivan Franklin

    Myles MotherFucking Kennedy
    Kids .... Scott who ??

  32. steve lucas

    So Great!!

  33. Wordsmith 430

    Lyric correction:”all is remembered”

  34. Jacques Malan

    I first heard this band in 2005 and fell in love. Thirteen years later, this song just keeps getting better. That scream at the end omfg

  35. JamesOhGoodie

    Creed + A good singer = EPIC!!!


    They are nothing like Creed. This band is so creative and genre bending and theatric musically. Words that could never be found in the same sentence as....creed.

  36. Rich G

    Anyone here realize this is creed plus the amazing talent of Myles Kennedy?? Amazing shit loved these guys since edge brought them out with the help of the wwe. If you haven't heard slash featuring Myles Kennedy and the conspirators look em up

  37. MirkoS1995

    this song is just too good for humanity

  38. Kevin M

    If you were brought here from the 2005 Royal Rumble.... get a fucking life!

  39. Tee Beanz

    This is my shiiiiit. Man, that guitar solo.

  40. Татьяна Иванова

    WWE Royal Rumble 2005

  41. Word Life

    WWE brought me here

  42. PTGKChrisHD

    2005 WWE is basically the Peak of Ruthless Aggression since both guys from 2002 became the Top 2 guys, John Cena from June 2002 and Batista from May 2002



  44. segundo carrera

    2:45- 3:26 omfg! Majestic

  45. Brandon B

    Jesus Christ is the bridge that reconciles this world back to holiness... Holiness of God... Everything we know on the earth, of this world, is fake and holds no true value other than what we think it does.. The whole world lies in wickedness... Jesus Christ is the bridge to REAL truth. The only purity who ever walked a world of such impurity... Find love, find peace, find the real... God is waiting for you out of your own free will to find the conviction in your heart for a change... He makes things clear...

  46. Just a Boy

    If someone make mashups on the comments, please do a mashup with this song and "The Judge" by Sasquatch, it's the same tone and very similar.

  47. Lisa Prince

    The way it sounds on my Toyota Corolla 2017 Bluetooth is incredible

    Michael Douglass

    Lisa Prince you had me at "Toyota corolla" HAHAHAHA

  48. Lisa Prince

    Myles Kennedy has an incredible voice

  49. drewballz420

    I hated on this band so much when they first came out because of their creed association. The harmonic squeal at the beginning of the song intrigued me though when I'd hear it on the radio and I ended up really liking this song as the years have gone by.

  50. Fernando Amaro

    The best

  51. Fernando Amaro

    2005 was the best

  52. fernando amaro

    royal rumble 2005 was the best

  53. Anthony Anselmi

    4:14 - 4:25 ..... Chris Cornell...first thing I thought of when I first heard this song over 10 years ago...RIP

    Zachary Rizzo

    Anthony Anselmi huge Soundgarden influence

    Neil Philp

    It's the most Chris Cornell thing ever done by someone who isn't Chris Cornell

    Jacques Malan

    Chris Cornell and Myles Kennedy are each other's Spirit Animals

    Nick Johnson

    @Neil Philp ... No truer words have ever been said. Goosebumps

    Björn Fältet

    @Anthony Anselmi
    I was about to say it mate, the sound of soundgarden is true through this, specially the song "black rain". This is such a good piece.

  54. Adam Petten

    Whoah best male singer living today

    Christina Scott

    Fuckin s rite

    Francisco Javier

    Love Myles, but Russell Allenof SX destroy him...

  55. BLK_ Excalibur


  56. SdedLool

    The first song!!!

  57. Brother luqman

    WWE Royal Rumble 2005 bring me here.Hihi.Well this song is so good.#royalrumble2005.#alterbridge.#findtherealalterbridge.

  58. Guy Incognito

    I can't listen to this without hearing Gorilla Monsoon happily yelling "WELCOME TO THE ROYAL RUMBLE" at the beginning.

  59. Robert Butler

    Royal Rumble 2005 the year of the animal Batista

  60. Phantom Pharrel

    JBL vs Kurt Angle vs Big Show

  61. Cindy L

    whatever happened to them?

  62. Vegeta Solo

    Alter Bridge performed an acoustic version of this song on an episode of WWE Raw during a backstage segment with Edge until they were interrupted by Todd Grisham who was about to interview Edge.

    Robin MXZ

    Goddamn Grisham. Ruining everything. ''It's Christian!''

  63. Carlos Huamani

    yes royal rumble 2005 edge vs hbk

  64. Zedrik Allen

    When Alter Bridge was with Edge in WWE's backstage...

  65. Paul

    the first song from AB from their first album. once i heard this ive been hooked ever since.


    Seriously, after Creed this was throwing down a gauntlet here.


    sorry, but the songtext is a fail

  67. Tim Poundstone

    Tim Ferriss...Thanks, but NO THANKS.

  68. Renne Lucifer

    18th Annual WWE Royal Rumble | January 30, 2005 | Save Mart Center at Fresno State | Fresno, California
    Edge vs. Shawn Michaels
    The Undertaker vs. Jon Heidenreich - Casket match
    John 'Bradshaw' Layfield vs. Big Show vs. Kurt Angle for the WWE Championship
    Triple H vs. Randy Orton for the World Heavyweight Championship
    30-man Royal Rumble match - Winner moves on to recieve a title shot at WrestleMania 21

  69. Jared Hawk

    5-Bullet Friday, get some!!! @tferriss #timferriss

  70. Sergey Dovhan

    Thanks, Tim Ferriss!


    You too? Well, let's go for two: Thanks, Tim Ferriss!


    Tim Ferris all the way!

  71. jose Luis Arredondo

    WWE Royal Rumble 2005

  72. jack blaze

    same here I remember watching royal rumble 2005 what awesome wwe shit then look now yuck I wonder did I ever die for wwe this much woe to these people

  73. Jose Luis Arredondo Ramos

    WWE Royal Rumble 2005

  74. Cm Kapps

    Wow now I am remembering Royal Rumble 2005

    Suphian Rawahneh

    +The Coldest Boner alter bridge Rock on the range 2017

    Thomas Kyte

    Cm Kapps

    TheHIGHLIGT Society

    Cm Kapps
    I know right. that was over 11 to 12 yaers ago. that's crazy. time does fly.

    Nicholas Ehrhart

    Dave bautista winning the rumble


    I saw that a house of blues location it was awesome, went to rock on the range it's last year (2018) but it was the year after they played :(

  75. Joshua Baughman

    One Day Remains and Blackbird are the best and will never be beaten.

  76. Carlo M. Ayala

    2011 recuerdos! que nostalgia


    Si no es demasiado personal.. Recuerdos de que? Solo recuerdo escuchando esta cancion solo en mi cuarto.. porque la rock no es popular como antes aca en EEUU. Pero se bien que es uno de los generos mas populares en otros paises.

  77. Carlo M. Ayala

    Myles is back!!


    Carlo M. Ayala 2005 dude, 1st Album with AB, but I’m hearin ya mate!

  78. Hero303

    i love this song

  79. JoseLuis Arredondo

    WWE Royal Rumble 2005

    Suphian Rawahneh

    royal rumble 05 triple h vs orton hbk vs edge jbl vs big show vs angle and Batista won the rumble match

  80. Ham Myster

    royal rumble 2005
    good times in wwe

  81. Dr Phot

    Who remembers this was the theme song from WWE Summerslam tho! Then Edge had his best entrance from hearing them

    Tu Rincón Anime TV

    lol XD true

    KingNashTV (FKA TheLNashProject)

    Royal Rumble 05


    rumble 2005

  82. James Offie

    Killer Tune!!!

  83. Angus Kerr


  84. Jose Luis Arredondo Ramos

    WWE Royal Rumble 2005

  85. Sofia Marquez Silva

    Myles rules! he's such a great singer! love him!!!!

    Conan Potts

    Myles Daske

  86. Ornulfr LoL



    +Ornulfr LoL gay



    deb999 Montgomery

    Ornulfr LoL LMFAO guys

  87. Jose Luis Arredondo Ramos

    WWE Royal Rumble 2005

  88. Jakob Orona

    love this song royal rumble 2005 spells out awesome

  89. Partha Sreenivas

    awesome riff structure


    that's mark tremonti for you :)

    J P

    Well fucking said!

  90. Ivan Juarez

    WWE Royal Rumble 2005

  91. sumanth parakala

    i thought WWE used the track. Nooooooooooo...its the other way round. this is realllll!!!

  92. Nick Yelovich

    The chorus is beautiful. Mark's backing vocals complete it.

  93. Bill Tompson

    The "more" at 1:33 is the greatest I've ever heard more pronounced......

    Ilian Petit


    Rafael Belokurows

    Gives me the goosebumps, every time!

  94. meep sterplex

    The intro reminds me of black sabbath O.o

  95. Tyler Turner/LoneRebelisSummer 96

    This Was The Promo Theme For The WWE Royal Rumble 2006 When It Showed The Past Royal Rumble Matches.

  96. Ben Sapherson

    cant believe all this time iv been listening to shitty chart tunes alter birdge has defo turned me onto rock they are awsome !! iv defo been living in the wrong world!

    Iron Moon Productions

    @Ben Sapherson Try checkin out Avenged Sevenfold

    Tarun Gopalakrishnan

    Ben Sapherson Try some Metallica, Megadeth, Slayer, Necrophagist.

  97. roberto zontar

    heavy metal

  98. roberto zontar