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Indochina, Capa jumps Jeep, two feet creep up the road
To photo, to record meat lumps and war
They advance as does his chance, very yellow white flash
A violent wrench grips mass, rips light, tears limbs like rags

Burst so high finally Capa lands
Mine is a watery pit
Painless with immense distance
From medic from colleague, friend, enemy, foe
Him five yards from his leg, from you, Taro

Do not spray into eyes, I have sprayed you into my eyes

3:10 PM, Capa pends death, quivers, last rattles, last chokes
All colors and cares glaze to gray, shriveled and stricken to dots
The left hand grasps what the body grasps not,
Le photographe est mort

Three, point, one, four, one, five, alive no longer my amour,
Faded for home May of '54
Doors open like arms my love,
Painless with a great closeness
To Capa, to Capa, Capa dark after nothing, re-united with his leg and with you, Taro

Do not spray into eyes, I have sprayed you into my eyes
Hey Taro

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  1. Jyoti Shrestha

    When you realize the lyrics is actually sad. And real....

  2. Graviti Eddings

    *I'm so glad to have discovered this tonight.*

    Cristian 250

    Me three! :) hope that any1 that reads this feels better if ur having a hard time atm, and if ur good well good for you and keep doing whatever ur doing to feel good.

    Chris Bartek

    We're with you comrade

  3. Luis Rodriguez

    when you see a video like this.. you think ...this is really art . impressive ..amazing guys . thank you...

  4. Onur Çevik

    hüzünlü bir geçmişi olan mutlu bir şarkı gibi...

    dipsel bunu okursan senin mk

  5. martha without happiness

    I come here every time I lost...
    Somehow the song calms me and I find the meaning of my life - just be happy as the people from this video

  6. Stan Schulz

    ...auch wenn es draußen regnet und in [ Stadt deiner Wahl ] regnet's oft ...Ich liebe diese geniale Stelle.
    Wir sehen uns nach dem Lux, im Feb. 2020 im Capitol wieder. Guten Rutsch und das übliche Zipp Zapp

  7. Lynne Leblanc

    Love love love this song!!!

  8. sAM Mush

    Imma slap the fuk outa you once I find out where u live
    Bitch ass littering

  9. AWhileHanlin

    Love to all

  10. Jorge Gutiérrez-Lucena

    After many years of knowing this song, I keep coming back to it from time to time. Each of its frames could make it to the best photo of the year. Happy to be alive in a time in which this song (and this video) exist.

  11. aman dhiman

    In love with the indian music in this song❤️❤️

  12. Rachel Boyce

    La photographie est contraire, mon frere

  13. John Dualé

    It's stories like these that make me want to believe in heaven

  14. MR_TOFIE

    This will forever be the best song ever made for me. The beautiful lyrics and track combined with the beautiful memories and nostalgia I have for it. It shan’t be replaced. Thank you ALT-J, my artist of the decade.

  15. Helena Fernandes

    the video gets even better with the sound <3 fucking audiovisual

  16. Carrot Carrotson



    We really need to simplify this planet we waste time with these pointless rituals and trivials. It's gone beyond me what this world co exists for

  18. Ashley Alford

    My Al sent me here cause she knows im stressed. I love my synth. She was rignt.

  19. Phil Kariuki

    This is beautiful .

  20. Влад Кутузов


  21. vanina casco

    esas miradas...

  22. Mohamed Hannachi

    Gerda Taro was a war photojournalist in the 1930 – 40s. She died in her line of work when a tank collided into the side of a car she was riding on.

    The subject of this song is Gerda’s romantic interest and colleague, Robert Capa. During the First Indochina War, Capa left the relative safety of his Jeep and advanced on foot in a hostile war zone to take pictures. Minutes later, he stepped on a landmine, which blew apart his left leg. He died minutes later with his camera in his hand.

  23. Alix

    wtFock season 3 episode 5

  24. BlazingBunny

    Anyone else's replika reccomend this?

  25. DontWorryIDoIt 87

    It's extremely rare to find a song that makes your emotion jump like this... Soo much love... Every listen gives me goosebumps and I feel tears building.... Tears of happiness.... Thank you Alt-J <3

  26. José Miguel Araya

    Acá falta Chile 2019

  27. Esel moestuin

    they only telling lies!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! adolf..

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  30. July RBelongs

    This song is the sound of my life. Really. Cant describe these feelings

    Julio Cesar Costa De Almeida

    July RBelongs me too. I can't describe but this song inspire me every I listening to. 🇧🇷

  31. Gay Demon Juice

    I cant help but cry when i hear this song. It makes me realize how beautiful the world truly is.

  32. Pyêtra Dapper

    É tao forte esse clipe! Essa música! Incrível

  33. Gilang Putra Dangga

    now i got this music after all the struggle. the music is goooood

  34. Yaël Galîcîa

    My ears are blessed❤

  35. Andriy Smoliak

    Елджей топ

  36. 二ㄡBOOR艾

    I'm crying. This song is perfect.

  37. Nightmare Potato

    In the memory of Robert Capa

  38. Lux Meow

    "The song was written about the life and death of the two lovers – Robert Capa and Gerda Taro.

    Taro was born in 1910 into a Jewish family in Germany. In 1933 she was arrested due to political activities against the Nazi regime. After Taro was released, she fled to Paris, where she met Robert Capa. Capa, Hungarian born Jew (who was born named Andrew Friedman), fled to Germany and then to Paris in 1933 as well, where he continued his career as a photographer of war. Over time, the young couple fell in love, and with this love, Taro Love has emerged to Capa’s profession of war photography. Within a few years she mastered the profession and became one of the first women in the field of war photography, and sadly at the age of 27 she was the first woman that was killed while fulfilling her job (in the Barnett 1937 as part of the Spanish Civil War).
    Kappa paid this heavy psychological cost – not only lost the the love of his life, he also blamed himself for her death – since he was not there with her. Despite the loss and pain, Capa went on to document the Spanish Civil War till the end of the war.

    Capa photographed many more wars, including World War II.
    Capa was killed in the line of duty as a photographer War Indochina War in 1954, at age 40, when he ran over a mine.

    Capa managed to stay true to his principals – in his eyes, it was crucial to document the war from the perspective of an average soldier and accordingly, he would say:
    “If your photographs are not good enough, you’re not close enough”.

    The band Alt-J decided to release a song dedicated to this couple who loved one another and was also devoted to their work, Ultimately they paid this remarkable devotion with their life."

  39. maryyyeuuuuh

    why am I addicted to this song omg! (spoiler cause she is so powerfull omg)

  40. Ac Cc

    Who do you buy views from? I'd like to contact them.


    Es, de lejos, uno de los videos más hermosos que he visto en toda mi vida, genera todo tipo de emociones, tristeza, alegría, nostalgia, nudos de garganta...

  42. Подоляк Олександр


  43. Suhasini Manu Pande

    Amazing song!! WTFock anyone?

  44. Marcos Felix

    2019, anyone around here?

    Julio Cesar Costa De Almeida

    MALs 1KezTii felix 2019. 2020 and forever. 🇧🇷

    Sam Valentine

    Where else would we be <3


    2021 anyone!?!?!??!?!?!?!


    2021, anyone from the future??

    Paul Precour

    @ticoesrico I...I am from the future is a dark place here, full of...uncertainty. BZZZZHMMMM...People now have finally deciphered Alt J lyrics now. They give a...glimmer...of hope. PZZZZBLLLKKKKZZZ...(transmission lost)

  45. randall hernandez

    2:52 Caballitos de Totora 😍😮😎

  46. The Stamford

    In the decade list! 2010 - 2020

  47. getplaning

    Beautifully done

  48. Melissa Santillana

    Amazing song!

  49. Melissa Santillana

    Tash Sultana sent me here

  50. you are a trash

    someone on omegle recommended this to me so yeahh

  51. Laurn Roskov

    I study to be approved on medical school and every time I'm unmotivated I come here to watch this. While others motivated themselves thinking in money or prestige, I come here to listen the lyrics and cry, saying to myself: this is why you're here, because of people. It always was and always will be until you're get there.

    Natalia Hajduga

    I’ve been listening to this song 3 years ago before and after my final exams from chemistry and biology with hope to score enough to get into medical school. And i made it!
    Keeping my fingers crossed for you - if you can dream it, you can do it :)

    Jeanne L

    You must have a beautiful soul and mind

    HAT literally sitted here with my pharma book open

    Mukhammed Seidaly

    I know that feel, been doing exactly the same dreaming about becoming a doctor without borders...Good luck;)

    Thiago Castilho

    Isso ai mantenha o foco!! Muito bonito saber que ainda existem pessoas como você com um coração que tem esse lado tão bonito e raro de se ver nos dias de hoje.

  52. Sergekow

    Just Brilliant compilation of all...

  53. Joliene Ivory

    I know the lyrics are about something awful but the video makes me feel what we are missing as a human family. Togetherness.

  54. Keidart Groupe


  55. Red Velvet Oliver

    An A.I. sent me this

  56. Shodashi Kushal


  57. Reg Wells

    a perfect song

  58. G. Lopez

    Powerful....I love it!!! Wow

  59. Nicolas Mbolamena

    Is that english? I can't get the accent right..

  60. Majd 963

    Al most 2020?

  61. pubes in your chocomilk

    The touching story of Kappa and PogChamp

  62. asarod

    They dont speak english

  63. Lasha Janashia

    Any song is shit after this!
    Thank you Alt J 🖤

  64. Nastea Burilova

    Sorry,can somebody explain me the sense of this video?

  65. mandarin moon

    this song and this video are beautiful

  66. Bergwerk

    How many had the plessure to enjoy them live? Thums up

  67. Noah

    this song make me in a realy sad and nostalgic mood

    King Aragorn II

    🌟 *It really does. It makes you miss those dear lost memories of the good old days...*

    Mine, is of my first girl.

  68. ab Mo

    1:26 those children, I don't know what emotions I am experiencing. the joy and gleeful look on his face. that smile. they are content.

  69. Flavio Freitas

    kd os Brazucas !!!! Muito TOP !!! PR/BR

  70. Juliana Lins

    Que música maravilhosa, meu deus! Trying to sing it... Harder than rap Hahaha

  71. Cupcake Intake

    If I could turn the peaceful tone of this song into a bed... I’m fairly sure that I would never have insomnia again.

  72. 123我愛妳

    芋頭 ?...

  73. Tarotus

    the moment I realize my name was Taro

  74. fernando juan

    Tu crees q maltida frezzeblocks tesselatte Hunger of the pines left hand free son la polla hasta q te fijas en TARO

  75. ulyssia phoenix


  76. Matt Wolfe

    How did 9.7 thousand people watch this and think, that's so bad I feel compelled to downvote it? Who are these people and what is wrong with them?

  77. Marco Henares Arjona

    Life from other side

  78. Jacek Wilczopolski

    1:16 / 2:39 / 3:02 - do someone knows songs / music_genre simillar to this? (will be grateful for links / names)


    (commenting to see future replies)

    fr.ank. a

    (also commenting for future replies)

  79. StayHigh LSD art

    hey Taro....333 love legendary song and fantastic edit....

  80. StayHigh LSD art

    Indochina, Capa jumps Jeep, two feet creep up the road
    To photo, to record meat lumps and war,
    They advance as does his chance -- very yellow white flash.
    A violent wrench grips mass, rips light, tears limbs like rags,
    Burst so high finally Capa lands,
    Mine is a watery pit. Painless with immense distance
    From medic from colleague, friend, enemy,
    foe, him five yards from his leg, From you Taro.
    Do not spray into eyes -- I have sprayed you into my eyes.
    3:10 pm, Capa pends death, quivers, last rattles, last chokes
    All colours and cares glaze to grey, shrivelled and stricken to dots,
    Left hand grasps what the body grasps not -- le photographe est mort.
    3.1415, alive no longer my amour, faded for home May of '54
    Doors open like arms my love, Painless with a great closeness
    To Capa, to Capa Capa dark after nothing,
    re-united with his leg and with you, Taro.
    Do not spray into eyes -- I have sprayed you into my eyes.
    Hey Taro!
    comment like and subscribe

  81. HYDRA

    That video make you just feel all the happy feeling ever

  82. jo ma

    wait this isnt the official video??

  83. Michelle Melendez

    What in the actual heck... Dean... Great job. I thought this was the official video for so long..........

  84. Martin K

    Could someone explain me the meaning of "Taro" I only know it as some kind of game


    The song is about hungarian photographer Rober Capa and Taro is his wife's last name - Gerda Taro.

  85. Rubby Lieut

    My son of 26 years old discover this song n sent it to me, n said ,"mum amazing music n lyrics" n I replied "already knew my son".
    I was rely happy that he heard this beautiful historic.
    Sorry for my English writing

  86. Sumit Garg

    People are happy with so little yet we fight over little issues and losing lives...!!

  87. Sprinting Dogy

    i didn't feel anything at first, but some words and melody just keep singing in my head for days and keep me come back here

  88. Den Guerrero

    love this song!

  89. sergio gaitan

    3:33 incredible bold kiss between 2 man in a religious conservative country

  90. BigBear

    Damn, what a powerful song, means so much more when you understand the meaning behind it

  91. GOE - Bomber Friends Oficial

    B R A S I L 🇧🇷

  92. Lou Bou

    3:31 Two guys kissing in an arabic country ? =O Fantastic!

  93. Lou Bou

    Best part of the clip 1:15 ! Wonderful song and video <3