alt-J - Pleader Lyrics

How green, how green was my valley?
To be told of such hills
To be held in such spots
To behold such warmth
Call to arms these harmonies!
And in happy agony we sing
How green, how green was my valley?

How green, how green was my valley?

Oh, your deeps and your shades
Where the wild roses pray
Such heat from pride
Glorious, the voice of man!
Like the nightingales, we sing

How green, how green was my valley?

Clear softness in our hymn
Soft, like coming rain
Soft, like Bronwen
Victoria! Victoria!
Voices our queen might envy

How green, how green was my valley?
How green, how green was my valley?

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alt-J Pleader Comments
  1. Sergey Andrievskyi

    Прям корокометражка

  2. Michele Spaliviero

    "How green was my valley" is a film by John Ford for who might be interested ;)

  3. Azzahra Syifa

    please let this song play in a dystopian film. please.

  4. Amina Wijntje

    are you sick yet...?

  5. Inshallah Takbir

    Did this nigga just get cucked like his SO got fucked by another nigga.... Aww hell na bruh.

  6. julioavelino

    S03E03 of The Crown bring me here

  7. Candy Corn

    He’s a orphan cause a meteorite killed his parents?

  8. Cupcake Intake

    Stupid alt-j.... stupid hormones....
    Stop punching me in the feels!!! 💕

  9. Tyna Darco

    This was beautiful. Tears tears tears.

  10. William Garcia

    Here its the Director's Cut versión.

  11. unspeakable is lallie laloo

    unbelieveable. I had never watched this. Weeping.

  12. toc Poc

    beautiful video, love is beautiful

  13. toc Poc

    the ice age is coming

  14. BekN

    this isn't a music video, its a short film with an amazing soundtrack

  15. bran

    it feels like i watched a whole movie

  16. Isabel Bernal

    is this based on the book how green was my valley?

  17. ma ri

    Can i cry

  18. Qwertz uiop

    this is a fucking masterpiece

  19. Vintage Vulture

    Sry but does anyone else think the crying kid has a punchable face? I guess that's why the kids were punching him.

  20. Michael DeBlasis

    Best piece of all around artwork I’ve ever experienced. Music, visual, story, emotion, this is the new all encapsulating art.

  21. Jom Photography

    this is full-on amazing! There is a plot, if you pay attention ONLY to this! it is so beautiful

  22. BenTentacionVEVO

    Nice welsh names

  23. Nancy González

    Beautiful, this is art

  24. David Jolley

    So.. having a kid in the town is suppose to keep the the town from being shut down? But a v2 hit the mine? I'm confused.

  25. gianluca bucceri

    Simply amazing..

  26. Guru Van

    Great work

  27. a n d r s o f

    jesus the videoclip gave me the freaking chills, its amazing

  28. Jeppe Juul

    Holy fuck, watching this high, is the fucking best thing ever. Wow!

  29. ThatOneName

    Song starts at 2:55

  30. aaronpowered

    Vimeo version is much better

    aaronpowered thank me later

  31. Andrés Villalobos

    what does the TV man says?

  32. Cerith Halfpenny

    Majority of this was filmed in St Fagans near Cardiff I just realised!

  33. Michael Kenning

    I thought of Aberfan…

  34. Cloudy Chances

    Rice cakes

  35. Anthony Costine

    Tarkovsky meets Von Trier. That's not a criticism. It's a compliment.

  36. Steven Patrick Stubbs

    This song and video is reason enough for humans to always strive for peace and love

  37. Etienne coupard

    Amazing !!! Thank you ! :)

  38. KatorZ Channel

    Mário song at [01:10] ?

  39. Etienne coupard

    C'est juste Magnifique !!!!!!!!

  40. Polarwhisper6

    I feel like I watched a movie, but it just happened to be 6 minutes long. Strange lol

  41. Yannis Gutmann

    So my take as a simple guy is : Woman was telekinetic and was going xmen all over the place, freaked out her people who thought that her becoming a mother would sort things out. Her man wasn't fit for the job so his brother did ( didn't seem to bother him at all) . The child was born but instead of making things easier he turned out to be some sort of supevillain who wreaks havoc for fun. They send the kid to the nuns, the End. By far the best video clip in years.

  42. Bonafide Homicide

    Jesus. Way to make to cry like a baby Alt J! All these people in my Drs office are looking at me like I'm crazy..

  43. morgan minecraft legion

    I'm having trouble placing this in a time and place. At first, I thought it was going to be about the IRA and the trouble they've caused (way too lightly putting it, but you never know the age group of those reading YouTube comments, so I've not much choice)

  44. Alfred Futch


  45. Cláudio Cellos

    A banda é magnífica. Os clips são os mais bem produzidos. Quase todos tristes, mas muito tocantes.

  46. Ontan Dededededestruction

    This is too painful to watch.

  47. tigerboy1966

    HGWMV was the requiem for a blip. Deep mining for coal in the valleys began in about 1820 and lasted around 170 years.

  48. David Leveque

    Une musique, un son, des images qui t'emportent dans une autre époque. L'association est magique... Bravo...

  49. MobyBrickFlicks

    Can someone explain to me why homie had to let his girl bang his bro?

  50. vampireQueen

    I came for sophie cookson, i left with an aesthetic music experience

  51. fucksake893

    Anybody know any other harmonious songs like this one?

  52. LastRonin47

    Passchendaele. Hats off to those brave lads of the Commonwealth!

  53. Phillip Johnson

    {{{ }}} I'm using your video to demonstrate usefully shared Spiritual Technology. Welcome to ZENOPHILE Magazine. May your exemplary work find unknown audiences worldwide. Brilliant. Thanks again. Bye.

  54. Neela Hutton

    Hold on, was this something to do with Miss. Peregrine's home for peculiar children? It said Bronwyn and was set in the right sort of era.

  55. Kübra Aksel

    It is like watching a movie. They always do this. Best band ever ♥️

  56. David Coelho

    Superb music and video. What a band. Btw, anyone one of you knows where's that valley landscape from? Seems a really nice place to visit...

  57. DenaInWyo

    It's an understatement to say that Alt J are under appreciated/rated for the art they create. Consistently blown away.

  58. artery

    does anyone knows where this valley was shot at? really appreciate it.

  59. M W

    What's he saying about Al Green? Al Green was his valet? Doesn't even make sense.

  60. Jared Herrmann

    I seriously just think about my 3 yr old boy and what would become of him if his mother and i were not there 4 him work hard do right by your last name and be kind

  61. Carefully Dying

    That wasn't a music video, that was a fucking epic, LOL

  62. Daniela Pinto

    I started to read my first book in English because of this music. yes I bought the "How green was my valley book" and so far it's amazing, I recommend.

  63. lika bandzeladze

    Sophie Cookson from Gypsy😍

  64. Hero Chumiti

    Where is the version with the credits? I want that my work is noticed 😥 (i had the extremely important job of moving the text from left to right)

  65. Guillermo Esponda

    3:05 wtf?

  66. Conor McKee

    Starting to rival Breezeblocks and Deadcrush for my favourite of their songs.  Just class!!

  67. Andreea Radut

    Did I just watch a movie in 6 minutes and 34 seconds?

  68. 1980Raffael

    alt-j i love you.

  69. JD Sarmiento

    Very Tarkovsky's Stalker if the story focused on the child.

  70. Lucie Červínková

    Happy first birthday!

  71. Pearlian

    The place they live is plagued be meteors and the lady and her husband were told that they needed to have a baby in order to make it stop but I guess she needed to have a child with that man so she had sex with the man and had the child and it looks like everything was fine for awhile and then they died in a massive meteor strike that wiped out the entire town, the kid ended up in an orphanage and then eventually he went back.

  72. Soufiane harouri

  73. Double J

    wow, just wow

  74. Lucy Waldorf

    that little boy is so cute !

  75. Christine Vasta

    It's like I need to be in a certain mood. Sometimes I just don't feel it, but then it's - ooooh, I can't believe how much their music understands mee! 😭

  76. Syaza Athirah

    Gotta pour some love for Sophie Cookson here 💞

  77. Ben Nicholls

    Reminds me a lot of Pink Floyd's The Wall... wonderful stuff though :)

  78. 18AnniCheppalle

    MY GOD..this video, so sad :'(

  79. 18AnniCheppalle

    You are perfect.

  80. Claire Amaya

    I'm coming back from the Reduxer version of Pleader. I don't get it. Why would they do such thing to such a beautiful song

  81. Sam Hitchen

    I feel like what is going on in this video is as follows:
    It begins in a mining settlement (possibly northeast Wales in the UK?)
    As you can hear in the radio announcement, the world seems to be going through some form of disaster, I think this because you hear the male voice say "the government departments have already started the machinery for putting Canada in a war basis" you also hear talk of "bombardment of unfortified cities".
    Secondly, at 1:22 you hear the noise of what may be some sort of military jet fighter aircraft fly over.
    So far, we have been introduced to the main male in the story, let’s call him Bill. and the main Female in the story, let’s call her Mary.
    I am going to assume that Bill and Mary are in a relationship, seeing as they are staying in the same home and are seen embracing each other. 2
    the scene then changes to what looks like some sort of community meeting. you hear a man say "a baby will prevent it". He could have been saying this maybe because the man referred to as Huw, has been put forward to be conscribed to go fight this upcoming war which we heard about on the radio. commonly, in the first and second world wars, men would often have children purely to avoid being sent to fight. this could be what’s going on here. it seems as if members of the community don’t want Huw to go off to war, this could be because he is a community elder or if he is important to the local mine (like the one seen in the start of the video). so, to stop Huw from being drafted to war to fight, the community chooses to have Huw and Mary (officially known now as Bronwyn) have a child which Huw can say is his own so he can stay in the community. Mary proceeds to agree with her responsibility of raising the child as has sex with Huw and later gives birth to his baby boy.
    then the music begins. from this point on imagery becomes brighter and happier. we can see Bill embracing and holding Mary and Huws' baby as if it’s his own. I assume at this point Huw is no longer in danger of going to fight the war, so he lets Bill have his child and raise it as his own. We hear Mary tell Bill that she loves him, this solidifies their love and shows us viewers that they are not fractured after what happened with Huw.
    But shortly after the music begins, we see a large shape in the sky followed by a trail of smoke. this is most likely a nuclear weapon like an ICBM. We then see Mary turning and running and she seems to meet with Bill at their cottage. They run inside to seek shelter. Now we see their son stood on a nearby hill. The angle changes and we see the cottage with Bill and Mary inside get destroyed by the avalanche caused by the missile.
    It then cuts to show the child in a truck being driven to an orphanage. He seems to be bullied by other children and is shown to get in fights. We now see the child growing up as he is led in then flickers back to imagery of the child’s early days, showing the community from the start of the film singing the song. It shows that Huw was still present during the child’s early days.
    It then shows the boy singing the song he heard in his youth into a microphone, which is being recorded. Then it shows a choir of children singing his song, singing the song of his mother and surrogate father, and his biological father. The video then shows him singing and crying. It shows imagery of the miners, and the green valley. The video ends with him looking across the green valley.

  82. Иван Соколов


  83. Lorenzo Marri

    WTF?? this is stunning!!!!! Please make a feature film

  84. John Gómez

    For the millenials who didn't understand a thing, go watch STALKER by Andréi Tarkovski

  85. Helios

    i understand the video. its showing humans can create someyhing so beautiful like a child. how green how greeen is my valley represents the earth. and everything can be destroyed by humanity . its a vague intrepatation lol

  86. Diana galarza acosta

    I love it

  87. James McGarry

    I love the Welsh Male Choir Voice connotations in the song and the video.

    Edit: It's based on the book How Green was my valley.

    I think I understand it, the father avoided war due to being a coal miner. They weren't sent to war as their skills were needed in the mines. So he avoids what almost certainly would have been death in war.

    He lives his life at home with his wife, raises a son in a close knit family, something a lot of men at that time didn't get to do. But then life has it's way and he is killed by a natural disaster, something unforeseen in those days, in a beautiful part of the world.

    But the life he lived in happiness, not in pain and suffering as he missed the war was transferred onto his son who had to live in pain and grief.

  88. James R

    One of the best music videos ever made. Shame it’s out of sync.

  89. Евгений Чернюк

    Its make me cry...

  90. Alex King

    Absolutely excellent music.But, ... apparently, they are completely satanic...... Lucifer was the top angel musician for the Lord so not surprising. Pisses me off though,..Alt J is awesome, sucks that is because they are in league with the devil. Their music is wonderful, it is a buzzkill to realize it is really satanic, which it is....I'll concede that maybe I'm wrong but from the messages in their songs I'm guessing it's so. The drummer weariing a hat with an upside down cross in their NPR video makes it ultra clear. That is a pretty clear statement to wear an upside down cross.

  91. D G

    Ok so the woman had some other guys child for what reason? Did i mis something important? PLEASE HELP ME OUT!!! Damn song got me emotional though.... I like Alt J 😅😅😅😅😅😅😄😄😄😄😄😄😂😂😂😂😂😂

  92. Axta

    isthis NTR refrence

  93. Knial Piper

    influenced me in the writing of my new book. The Demonic Virtue... Mainly your new album and Bleezeblocks, but I listened to nothing but Alt-J and one song by Led Zeppellin (Ten Years Gone) while writing this 400 page book a …

  94. BMJS

    Only 2 million views for this absolute work of art

  95. Jose Bellamy

    Cancion perfecta para el señor de los anillos,GOT or vikings

  96. FishGuts92

    They could have just moved.

  97. Camilo Santa

    Is the future if you have children they will be bombimg with nuclear missiles, yeah the meteorite is a ICBM really