alt-J - Matilda Lyrics

This is from, this is from
This is from Matilda

Just like Johnny Flynn said
The breath I've taken and the one I must to go on
Put the grenade pin in your hand, so you understand who's boss
My defeat sleeps top to toe with her success

Oh, this is from, this is from, this is from Matilda
And she needs you, this is from Matilda
And she needs you, this is from Matilda

Just like Johnny Flynn said
The breath I've taken and the one I must to go on
Put the grenade pin in your hand, so you understand who's boss
My defeat sleeps top to toe with her success

Oh, this is from, this is from, this is from Matilda
And she needs you, this is from Matilda
And she needs you, this is from Matilda
And she needs you, this is from Matilda

Elle a besoin de toi,
Cela vient de Matilda

And she needs you, this is from Matilda
And she needs you, this is from Matilda
And she needs you, this is from Matilda
And she needs you, this is from Matilda

This is from Matilda
This is from Matilda
Matilda, Matilda, Matilda

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alt-J Matilda Comments
  1. Shabaz Khan

    This songs makes me feel hopeful. No matter whatever's going on in the background.

  2. emerson oliveira

    Juliana cachorra

  3. Alexis Putavecchio

    This is from my dildo

  4. a Tree

    This is for a still dough

  5. P. C

    Pqp... Agora vai encher de gente que veio por causa da novela. TNC, globo.

    Ramon Pereira

    Qual o problema de mais pessoas conhecerem a banda

  6. renzo

    vai vim 9184928492 de brasileiros comentando "vim por causa da novela ♥️"

  7. bakatchup

    Vai chover comentário Br agora que vai tocar em novela da globo kkk


    pensei o mesmoKKKK


    esse estagiário da globo tá d+ ksksksak

    Eridan Santos

    Ja deixo claro que escuto há muito tempo kkkkkk


    @Eridan Santos ninguém liga bro ;-;

    emerson oliveira

    @bakatchup kkkkkk

  8. jferguson

    Now that I know this song is from leon the professional I love it more😍

  9. Fapoti Cerrote

    damn, i doens't watched the film, but i've heard that song for so long time, and know ? FUCK THIS FEELS MEN

  10. Kevin Stubbersfield

    What are the Lyrics to this????

  11. Silvio

    Very nice song; my daughter's name is Matilda. Didn't hear this one before. Now cant stop listening 2 it 😚

  12. Thalia Barbosa

    Mds esse clipe da agonia mas adoro a música

  13. Gabriele Ayres

    Now that I watched the movie this song makes sense... "This is from Mathilda"...

  14. Federico Zanichelli

    Chi qui dopo la storia dei ptn?

  15. ma_ thilda

    I‘m so happy that there’s a song with my name and it’s even good

  16. Hope & Peach

    My name is Mathilda, i'm so blessed <3
    Thx mom for this beautiful name who mean so much <3

  17. Peter Griffin

    I don't know what it is about that film but I find it eery as fuck and this song just adds to that eeryness 👀

  18. Nicachu

    here because of Leon the Professional ♡

  19. Obscure Mars

    Half these people here talking about Leon,probably were born after the film was made. We watched it in the 90s because it was just another one of those good films you watched (e.g. killing Zoe, Reservoir of Dogs, True Romance, etc.).

  20. Samuel Lim

    I’ve been listening to that song almost everyday since it came out in 2012. Somehow it helped to go through my hard times during highschool and even to this day. That song means a lot to me, I’m definitly gonna name my daughter "Matilda"

  21. Bandaid Girl

    After hearing this song I wish my name was Matilda

  22. Jennifer Yah Robich

    Still here in 2019

  23. Rosie Adams

    *head morphs* _ThisIsForMatildaaa_

  24. Matilda

    Quien mas se llama matilda

  25. nils deboeck

    Johnny flynn the artist??

  26. kristina randall

    I’m so confused


    If you haven't seen already, watch 'Leon the Professional' mate. It'll help!

  27. Mr. Prodigy

    this song makes me reminisce of the life I lost

  28. Datakamu

    que du bonheur ce son

  29. Adudewithachannel Lifeisgood

    Awesome, awesome song. 🙏

  30. Guilherme Alves

    Só quem editou jogador no PES sabe como é difícil..

  31. Shreyank Patel

    I watched Leon just to get a perspective for this song. And it was as good as this song.

  32. the red jellybean

    I want to see somebody recreate the ending of the professional in pavlov

  33. Sebastian Ramirez

    just like johnny flyn said,
    "the breath i've taken
    and the one i must, to go on"

  34. ethan hillbrick

    very nice...

  35. Chris Nurse

    Does anyone know how to stop listening to this song? It’s been 7 years now...

    Marc Poulin

    Chris Nurse I'm sorry I don't think it's possible

  36. hayyopeople

    "You won't lose me. You've given me a taste of life. I wanna be happy, sleep in a bed, have roots. You'll never be alone again Mathilda. Please, go, now baby, go. Calm down. I'll see you at Tony's in an hour. I love you Mathilda."

  37. kidd1egoo

    Mala la wea

  38. Soos Del Rey

    I’m obsessed with this song.. it’s so pretty ✨

  39. Samu Hatakka

    Just another fucked up soul trying to make it would appreciate if you go to my channel and listen to Far From Harmony.

  40. Diga Adam

    Paramore's version os better.

  41. Neo

    Watching this while being high ist the best feeling ever

  42. Amélie Bois

    A quand un Léon 2 !!

  43. Mikey

    Life is Strange

    Soda Rehberi

    And she needs him

  44. vinicius ear

    alguem chora ouvindo ou so eu

  45. Mark Cassidy

    A truly abysmal video for a great tune.

  46. Dr Dildo

    movie is good
    this song is shit

  47. chloe jones

    Omg this song has such a unique sound to it

  48. Andrea Laperni

    No Women, No kids

  49. Noble Richy - GB

    Heard the song a long time ago, just watched the movie for the first time today and now I'm in tears :')

  50. Ellie C

    Think the beauty of this song is You could be really happy or down and appreciate it all the same love this song ✨🥰✨

  51. Antonio Chiachia

    Esta é a canção de amor mais linda que eu já ouvi.

  52. insert name here

    Aldenmark niklasson - anna lee ? the melody is exactly the same

  53. Gosvami cuccu

    Questa canzone mi manda tipo emozioni...e mi fa sognare!

  54. Kevin O'Reilly

    There are moments when he looks like Tom Hardy.

  55. jet

    oh mathilda :(

  56. Misty Graham b

    To be honest when this comes on late at night when I'm just laying there with my eyes closed, it feels like someone is waking me up. It has a bitter sweet feeling as I open my eyes slowly and I imagine that person is laying infront of me, just staring back at me and smiling slightly. Then I blink and they disappear into thin air, and I sit up putting my hand where they were. This is either a flashback to some other time in a different place, or a glimpse of the future. Either way it leaves me feeling at peace with whatever it was, not sure if any of you people can relate but I just wanted to share my thought of the song.

  57. Kalle Nuppunen

    Of course when I first heard this I wondered where is the Matilda. Now, after more years, there is still no Matilda. You fooled me.

  58. naf is

    or just me

  59. Cosmo K

    If you press your nipple, the face changes in the video

  60. Irene Adler

    I was walking and whispering "and she needs youuuu this is for matilda " all the time and my bf yelled so ridiculously me where is the other part of the fucking song LOLLL

  61. John Kalama

    And she needs you. This is from my dildo.

  62. itz libz

    My fav part french is my favourite language

  63. Lucas Souza

    quando eu escuto as músicas desses caras eu me sinto tão bem! parece que me revigora. Na verdade eu acho que estou com depressão e não sei para onde correr, essa é a verdade.

  64. Belial

    Andd she needdss youu

  65. Mike N Mike

    One of the best outros and endings to a song I’ve ever heard. Man I miss their original guitar player

  66. CopperWhopper67

    Holy shit this is good.


    This is for Matilda!!🎧🎙🎙🎙🎙🎙🎙

  68. Målīfīceñt Łumīė

    People named matilda are lucky...

  69. alvarezc74

    Gave my son the middle name Lèon because of that movie The Professional..
    My lil Tommy Lèon

  70. Jasmína Kmínková

    my ragdoll loves this.

  71. Mathilda Sorbello

    My parents named me after mathilda in Leon the Professional and I'm just now finding this??

  72. Holden Roszelle

    i sang this son thru some of the puckerst parts of RE2
    it got me thru alot haha

  73. Nikolas

    M A R C O M E R R I N O

  74. Aglaë Molinier

    I hope Mathilda enjoy it

  75. ana banana

    ok i love this song now, no discussion (hehe). it's the cool one.
    am i the only who doesn't see any sence in this face changing? i mean when i was searching the official video of the song i expected smth idk more meaning and with a kind of a message you know.
    so i'm a bit disapointed and rueful.
    i'm glad there are some good and even great leon amvs with mathilda song because it would be a total disaster if it doesn't.

  76. Igor Sudnyk


  77. Leonardo Lima

    i dont like this movie. Faces repeated. Bullshit. i am sad. i am going to cut my ankles, not my wrists because i am very sad. Demi lovato makes me laugh

  78. pablo vieira

    nesse carnaval chuvoso aqui no meu quarto so toca matilda

  79. Mel Zga

    Leon the professionell

  80. Solution Simple

    Ctrl + W > Alt + J

  81. Camille K

    Just realized at 2:27 they sing the verse in french! I wonder if it's a wink to Jean Reno...?

  82. MirrorGlazeTM

    Welcome to the weird part of youtube

  83. AgustinBre


  84. Sara Cabral

    Leon 💛

  85. auagu lo

    Ok.. at first I didn't like this song but now I can't stop replaying it

  86. tom moir

    Western music

  87. Nicholas Larsen

    RE2 Got me singing this

  88. Maso

    My defeat sleeps top to toe with her success...

  89. Leanna Richards

    I love this video. It's brilliant. Sheesh.

  90. Tate Hamilton

    Listen to Alt-J when my grandma who I lived was dying 5 years ago. I haven't been able to listen much of them since then. But that's okay

    Don Birnam

    Ah sorry for your lose. Losing grandparents is always tough they are such loving people. Very powerful music. Take care my friend

  91. Brett Hackett

    I'd like to dedicate this song to Leon Kennedy's 9mm pea shooter in the RE2 remake. 10-11 headshots per zombie, Matildaaa 😫

  92. Samuel Bridges

    anybody still listening in 2019? :)

    Don Birnam

    Yaaa this is from matildaaaa