alt-J - Last Year (Terrace Martin Version) Lyrics

[Marika Hackman:]
If it's depths to your rivers, I've picked one for you

December, I ran back into your arms like I never left
I think I'll love you 'til my death
I never really thought about the women that I left
But it's for my best they never reached into my chest
My heart is too protected, I've been chilling out the West
And ain't no better feeling when she leave you feelin' dressed [?]
That mean you're blessed
At 10 I knew I'd die at 25
Be the greatest poet from DC and never die
Because we never die
When you a legend man, you never die
She thinkin' sex, I'm thinking inner thigh
When it's time, when it's time, you'll be mine
We can rap when I die
Never lie, always right
Let's just die, you and I

[Marika Hackman:]
Mississippi, come back to me
Oh, Mississippi, your coal-black sleep

[Joe Newman:]
January came and took my heart away
March, my hugs became hold ons
April, I huffed like porridge on the boil
Morning May, I'm downwind from your shampoo
Ichi, ni, san, go, roku, nana, hachi, kyuu, jyuu
June, I learned to count to ten in Japanese

[Marika Hackman:]
If it's depths to your rivers, I've picked one for you
Oh, greedy with Ss but equalled by Is
If it's stones for your pockets, I've collected a few

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alt-J Last Year (Terrace Martin Version) Comments
  1. Mad Alic

    Beautiful visuals <3 Fantastically animated and accompanied by powerful music, I'm in love. ^_^

  2. Mary Swanson

    Gold link fucking ruined this song with his shit vocals

  3. Kagiso Maleka

    this version>>>

  4. Myles duno

    Bro my friend loved so much he's danceing on ground

  5. marta

    Dude why you aren’t that famous duh, this music is too much

  6. 18AnniCheppalle

    Alt J first true love ❤

  7. Josh Burton

    How do I make visualizer like this?? Anyone please! 🙏🏻

  8. Lara Krause

    to be honest and without hate to this cover/remix but it destroys all my never come true dreams to this video

  9. Colette acw

    Omgosh 🤯

  10. Adam Zulkifli


  11. DJ_Dell

    이번 조합들 다 뭐야뭐야 ㅠㅠ

  12. Mehdi Skhiri

    January came and took my heart away
    February felt the same
    March, my hugs became hold ons
    April, I huffed like porridge on the boil
    Morning May, I'm downwind from your shampoo
    Ichi, ni, san, go, roku, nana, hachi, kyuu, jyuu
    June, I learned to count to ten in Japanese
    Dry July, like wiping skin from my skull
    Instead, I visited family
    They told me I'm special
    Augustus came and stabilised me with my father's pain
    Relieving drug, diazepam
    Life floats away
    October, I swam back for my birthday
    Firework display in a cafeteria of my old school
    Happier in my cold, black sleep in my cold, deep bed
    December, you sang at my funeral
    If it's depths to your rivers, I've picked one for you
    Oh, greedy with Ss but equalled by Is
    If it's stones for your pockets, I've collected a few
    To hold you down
    To hold you down
    Mississippi, come back to me
    Oh, Mississippi, your cold, black sleep
    Oh, Mississippi
    Mississippi, come back to me
    Oh, Mississippi from your cold black sleep
    Oh, Mississippi

  13. Shaun Lamminga

    Much Dope, Gahdammit

  14. Odunlami

    how did you guys upload porn on youtube

  15. ECONIO

    THANK YOU FOR MAKING THIS TUUUUUNE. You have lots of fans in Ukraine and they can't wait to welcome you on one of the concerts

  16. ECONIO


  17. gabzqwerty

    Who only came here cos of Goldlink

  18. gabzqwerty

    I dunno why this hasn't got more views

  19. Diego vila nova

    Não existe melhor banda, sério! Como não viajar junto com os caras, em?

  20. Stefan Stöger


  21. Lucan2605

    the rap is so shit jesus christ. Be the greatest poet from DC and never die, Because we never die,
    When you a legend man, you never die, We can rap when I die. LOL die rhymes with die it seems, what a genius

  22. Mare Andrei

    This video is like the one of Shine on you Crazy Diamond 🤩🤩

  23. Dan Hill

    This is a terrible remix and it should just be an original song, but I really love the video

  24. 18AnniCheppalle

    Everytime i listen this song i NEED to say something....But I never have the words.

  25. FaRoss Wright

    Thank God for Alt-J and their aggressive versatility on this new album. Jesus lol

  26. 18AnniCheppalle

    So deeply sad. But i LOVE IT

  27. Niklas Stark

    The cartoon is trying to tell us, that we first of all have to get happy with ourselves in order to love another person. In the end the devil is in good state of enlightenment, to free himself from all his inner demons and join his enlightened partner for infinity 🙏

    (Sorry for my bad English I'm Greek)

  28. Michelle

    wow, this works so well together, beautiful

  29. Javito AN

    Chill / Study Beats Lo-Fi Hip-hop Radio 24/7

  30. Turkey's vids

    put it in my butt

  31. Sofi Hithelights

    Now that's what I call a Tuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuune

  32. Gemima Barreto

    Woooooou ❤❤❤❤

  33. colio succ

    A version i can listen to without crying like a bitch

  34. Jane G

    i love the to pimp a butterfly horns

  35. Kim Lee Lifestyle

    Vibes af 💕💕💕🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶

  36. Shad Young

    You losers who cannot write your own music need to stop bastardizing great music by people with talent.

  37. BOT MEXICAN patriot

    Okay this is epic

  38. RVAsideways

    Just had 3 seizures thanks fam

  39. Tunku Ariff

    A collab i never knew i needed

  40. john1120

    Goldlink verse is amazing.

  41. Nathaniel Zamora

    people are really disrespecting Goldlink AND Terrace Martin in these comments, that’s wild.

  42. Steve Siebold

    This is exquisite

  43. New Alternative 40 Chart

    "Last Year" debuted at #25 on the New Alternative 40 Chart this week!

  44. Jorge Cruz

    Wow. I am just in awe of what they did to this song. That solo in the middle had me smiling the whole time. Gonna have this on repeat for a while

  45. zülal

    that was beautiful

  46. Jeremy Cornwell

    I will not recant my #tweeter troll, it is true, alcohol is poison.

  47. Caffeinated Awoo

    This is beautiful both for aesthetic and audio

  48. One 1

    I can see why Marika didn't want her name attached to this lol. What a shit show.

  49. inma naranjo

    Me encanta 😃👍

  50. 我你

    Why is the rapper so off tempo? Halp

  51. ejmrulz

    I didn’t like this remix at all at first, but this video has given me a much-needed and newfound appreciation for it.

  52. AQGOAT24

    The people commenting are cringe as fuck. I respect y'all for really going for these new sounds and experimenting. People just expect alt j to do the same old shit. If you like their old shit listen to their old albums.

  53. KiN CAMELL

    Heaven Yeah

  54. Emilio Vargas

    fuck, this is too good

  55. Chloe Iacovou

    Thank you for the seizure warning 🌻

  56. My name is Awakhe

    Bon Iver vibes... this is dope though

  57. Laura Williams

    what is this o.O

  58. Bibek Gautam

    your old songs were perfect

  59. El Rincon RandoNiko

    emm ok seguimos

  60. Argarsan

    1:28 to skip the shitty part


    Argarsan tfw goldlink being the only reason I’d ever sacrifice my valuable time to have to listen to an alt j song

  61. watch0ut imon2u

    As soon as I heard the rap! I knew this shit was crap!.....and so i didn't bother.........see ya...

  62. Gastón Frasca

    This is the first track that i like from Reduxer, the first, but is fucking amazing!!!

  63. teren858

    Good clip, but BAD music. Original more great

  64. Seu Agenor

    Brasil ❤

  65. Temwani Chirwa

    Both aurally and visually stimulating

  66. Sacerdo The

    Que le agarro a Alt J q ahora colabora con mis cantantes favoritos... primero era danny brow ahora gol.... despues quien joey bass

  67. John Wiggins

    This song has the same problem as the deadcrush one. the vocals are so off and just bad. Also why would we want this when we have the original?

    Nathaniel Zamora

    John Wiggins Smh calling Terrace Martin’s production lazy shows you have NO idea what you’re talking about.

    Something Seems Off

    John Wiggins - Why do you complain about something that does not hurt or affect you negatively in any way, and brings others joy and positive feelings?

    Just ignore this song. It's that simple really.

    cranky lettuce


    John Wiggins

    no I don't

  68. Juan Campo

    Ame todo los remixes :3

  69. Juan Campo

    Hermoso :D

  70. Srabaey

    Bitey of Brackenwood?

  71. nishtha kalra

    Funny song lol

  72. Ream Saleh

    Ah this gives me summer vibe :( fuck pathology and git course i wanna chill to this and play ffxiv :( at 2am

  73. Alina Mer

    это прекрасно!

    Topsy Kreets

    волшебно даже

  74. Jay Of The Dead

    This sounds like something I would hear in a “Chill Music For Studying and Homework” video

  75. Cas Aguilar

    so sick

  76. Ronny P

    Gets better each play and in the words of Homer Simpson " Great Saxamaphone"

  77. kiki- drawer26

    Not really my thing but I suport it full circle.

  78. Manal Ibrahim Naeem

    You could probably make a religion out of this

  79. Pedro Santos grupinho para compartilhar umas músicas e tudo mais, é isso.

  80. AgentMcQueen


  81. Nelly González

    Wha' is dis.

  82. Andrew Cleary

    Beautiful and Bizarre. A perfect journey of self-discovery and reflection. Nicee.

  83. Nick

    your recent uploads don't really feel like the alt-j i signed up for :(


    This isn't horrible at all. They are just trying out different stuff. I respect artists that experiment. It's more that y'all have narrow taste and don't have the palette to appreciate artists trying new sounds

    John Wiggins

    Dude just cus someone does something new doesn't mean it is good. alt-j does so many different stuff and guess what I like those stuff. cus guess what??? it is actually good music unlike this. btw just so you know this is not at all made by alt j it is 100% by goldlink

    Ben Anon

    Yeah, but I like the new sounds, I can totally see why others wouldn't, but hey they'll always make their old stuff, this is just some experimental thing that was made to branch out to a wider audience. Definitely not for everyone, but you don't have to like every single thing an artist puts out

    Something Seems Off

    John Wiggins - "Dude just cus someone does something new doesn't mean it is good."

    more like, "Dude just cus someone doesn't like something new doesn't mean it is bad."

    John Wiggins

    regardless I am still allowed to state my opinion right? he was trying to make a point his point was that "hey it is experimentally so you should like it". plus I what I am trying to point out is not that I don't like it(even tho I don't like it), what I was saying is I think this song is bad. and tbh it really is whether you like the song or not, but hey you are allowed to like bad stuff that is your right.

  84. Topsy Kreets

    glowing greetings from icy Russia

  85. Dawn

    But, like, where the lyrics at?

  86. Dawn

    Under appreciated

  87. Odunlami

    like if you’re here before 10k views

  88. Dawn

    New video? New music? New stuff?

    IM HERE!

  89. Odunlami

    this is amazing. i love alt-j

  90. simon demayo

    fucking hell i love this new vibe. alt-j on it again !!!

  91. Martons

    Ciao Alessia sono Francesco chissà se leggi


    Martons Ciao Francesco anche io sono Francesco però non sono Alessia

  92. Marc

    2:46 Ride the snake

  93. Gwenyth Ice

    You what now?? New album????