alt-J - In Cold Blood Lyrics

Zero one one one zero zero one one
Crying zeros and I'm hearing one one ones
Cut my somersault, sign my backflip
Pool, summer, summer, pool, pool summer

Kiss me

Hair the way the sun really wants it to be
Whiskey soda please, your G&T's empty
Jeff's inflatables have sunk to the bottom
Pool, summer, summer, pool, pool summer

Kiss me

Cali let's dive, dive down
To the pool's bottom where we belong
Cali you're sinking like a bleeding stone
All above crowd around, so fucking loud

Mr. Caspian's killer told me so (La-la la-la la la)
Heard it down on the radio (La-la la-la la-la la)
My pool, summer, summer, pool, summer vibes killed
In cold blood

Zero one one one zero zero one one
Crying zeros and I'm hearing one one ones
Lifeless back slaps the surface of the pool
Pool killer, killer pool, pool killer

Kiss me

Mr. Caspian's killer told me so (La-la la-la la la)
Heard it down on the radio (La-la la-la la-la la)
Pool, summer, summer, pool, pool, summer vibes killed
In cold blood

La-la la-la la la (In cold blood, in cold blood)
La-la la-la la la
La-la la-la la la (In cold blood)
La-la la-la la la

(Caspian's killer told me so)
La-la la-la la la
La-la la-la la la

(Caspian's killer told me so)
La-la la-la la la
La-la la-la la la

La-la la-la la-la la
In cold blood

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alt-J In Cold Blood Comments
  1. KingDiegoX __

    Like si vienea por daybreak xd

  2. Angx. laa

    For those coming from Daybreak, I would suggest also listening to the bass boosted version of this song as well 👍

  3. RUWeird2OrIsItJustMe


  4. Евгений Тимченко

    Ставь лайк, если после Дурнева)

  5. fakeabbo 1

    206 148

  6. Jonathan Gustavo Da Silva Gonçalves

    ⅜ Daybreak ¾

  7. Jelo

    the remix changed the whole music

  8. グッドバイ


  9. James Fehr

    Does anybody know the reasoning behind the name?

  10. Ean Vatcher

    That took a fucking turn

  11. Panferno 392

    Okay whats about Daybreak and all the Alt-J Songs

  12. Skull 9

    Who else here came from watching ingress

  13. Derek Seiling

    I love this song !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I Love You guys!

  14. ItsLiam

    What i dont understand is how can 2 people kill like 8 people maybe some of those gang members had bad aim but still i mean come on its actually sad how a whole group are incapable to kill 2 people

  15. Matthew Weston

    I'm more pissed about my comment from when this song came out disappearing than the people coming here from Daybreak.

  16. Freddy Mercury's Mother

    This gave me nightmares
    *I thought the mouse was gonna die*

  17. 11000 subscribers with no videos challenge

    Who's here from daybreak

  18. Evan Maloney

    Daybreak brought me here

  19. Osmar Torres Duran

    Sam Dean bitch XD

  20. Młody G

    fuck sam dean

  21. Binge Eight

    this song tells you a lot about Sam Dean


    The apocalypse wasn't the best thing to happen to you Josh it was for me,

    Josh- Nani

    Wild Croissant

    Just finished it:)))
    You are fucking amazing:))))


    @Wild Croissant sorry for the spoiler bud

  23. SpiraLiquid Stéfou

    Daybreak :)

  24. Taquito

    How much was that mouse payed ?

  25. Mohamad Syukri Abdul Aziz

    Dammit Sam!


    Who’s here after Daybreak?

  27. westwood4ever

    Who was listening to this before day break last episode ending scene... By the way damn you Sam dean lol


    Sam Dean will be the Dinner of Josh jsjsjs

    Fractured Frame

    RIP eli he didnt deserve to die
    Sorry for spoiling it for those who didnt watch it


    so true

    jérémi d'aguanno

    @Fractured Frame 2 h before now , and i would have been spoiled , you bastard aha

    Berserkir Claws

    He should have see it coming after the way he pushed her away but hell that was a epic scene.

  28. Simularbre

    I know people came here because of Daybreak

    Weronika Kieca

    Nope I came here because of the mouse

  29. Harsh Champ


  30. Infixez

    Anyone here from Daybreaker?

  31. A Gamer Called Abdullah

    Came from Daybreak

  32. João pedro F. De Lima


  33. Tymur Kladko

    Daybreak (Netflix series) shown me that great band

  34. Nasir Ali

    For people looking for the song at the end of daybreak, this is it.

    Marta Garcia

    @Samuel Tavares that end was the best and epic!!

    Samuel Tavares

    @Marta Garcia I didn't like it, I thought Sam was a good girl kkkkkkk, not a leader of a mad max kid version group

    Richard Lopez

    There's nothing New about neutered.

    : )

    Fractured Frame


    Eve Death4


  35. Nihal Khan

    Whos here after watching the daybreak ??

  36. Futures

    ive got a wood mouse nightclub they love it

  37. Nitsuj Otsuj

    Here after Sam Dean's powermove

  38. Red Crystal

    Here because of Daybreak... Anyone else?


    Red Crystal me

  39. Sunderland Staffing

    Daybreak anyone?

  40. Weronika Kieca

    And the oscar for the best actor role in 2020 goes to..................the Humble Woodmouse xD

  41. Michael Margiotta

    I can relate

  42. Cg Brasseux

    Thank you. I miss you my friend. Love, Caroline.

  43. Linda Parker

    I remember when this first came out, still listening 2019.

  44. Alex Wolf

    I wonder if this music video all stemmed from the mouse cleaning itself to the trumpets.

    Weronika Kieca

    And it was so synchronised lol

  45. araya patil



  46. Aleksandr Karasyov

    Куджи подкаст, есть такие?)

  47. x A. Y. A. S x

    Lalalala-la-la <3

  48. dazpatreg

    The mouse is cool, but can I put it in my butt?

  49. jphelps

    The Intro is everything 🙌🏻

  50. Wahjergah

    No one:

    Nature documentaries:

  51. Mika Makhatadze

    not the best clip in my mind

  52. dimitri no youtube

    "your life is your life..."

  53. fngrprnts.

    man, i really want that mouse. it's so cold blooded.

    Weronika Kieca

    The mouse is the biggest badass of them all

  54. Tereza Radová

    Modest Mouse is that you?

  55. Felipe Mathues Valverde


  56. Димос и Федос

    Русские (Russian) ставят лайк пол комент

    Димос и Федос


  57. Your dear artist, Spring

    1:51 I really got worried for a mouse

  58. xTobiTime

    Kontra K!

  59. Issa Mohamed

    Ingress got me here

  60. thorv piter oliver

    Música tema de ingress the animation

  61. Hartmut Noack

    Brilliant. Congratulations.

  62. Kiriot22

    Ingress, anyone?

  63. Garret Jacobs

    a section of this song is in an anime called "ingress: the animation"
    It's really cool knowing a song and an artist and seeing it pop up in unexpected places

    super geeky

    It's how I found it. I was so damn obsessed with it my hubby found the original for me.

    Garret Jacobs

    @super geeky same anime uses Tesselate in the intro.

    Daniel Bailey

    Garret Jacobs I’ve known this song for a long while, and was excited when I heard it in Ingress

    Garret Jacobs

    @Daniel Bailey same, l heard it in the anime and thought, "wait a minute, l know that song!"

  64. thebosszak

    Anyone else come here from ingress ?

  65. Terry Mayle

    I was waiting for the Gruffalo to appear at the beginning.

  66. TheHumbleElder

    I only looked this song up because of the ingress anime end credits.

  67. wulfrvm

    the narration at the start of the video introduces us to the subject of this video, the mouse, then the song starts - ‘01110011’, the ascii code for a triangle; alt j introduces themselves.

  68. Adolf Hitler

    ×2 speed for autism

  69. Lemon Cake

    I asked for a song not a nature documentary

  70. Fabiola Pérez

    Lalalaa in my mind all day >:'o

  71. FlashakaViolet

    I love NatGeo

  72. ItzNero


  73. Simon Aries

    this is Fucking insane Directing!! Absolute amazing lighting and staging.. im so jelly.
    it feels so surreal it almost seems like animation and rendered scenes

  74. Jhania Smith

    that mouse still hasn't gotten its oscar...

  75. Meawrion


  76. Jameson Barber

    mice are intelligent critters

  77. Elizabeth Ramirez

    Start at 00:31 seconds to have it start

  78. MilkCoco CocoaFPS

    Ingress Who did you join

  79. DeineOma

    Listening to alt-j is like listening to a band that has yet to find its sound, but everything they try is really really awesome

  80. Ellie C

    Masterpiece ✨🥰✨

  81. TransistorSnack

    This video definitely takes place during the 90s, near the end where theres the dead ppl theres all 90s era vehicles, but the food (french fries, and the eaten apple) look to be about a day old

  82. CMDR John Crichton

    Anyone else coming here from Ingress: The Animation?

  83. Serenity

    YouTube recommended me this.... Not disappointed

  84. CryptoGuy

    Am I watching a documentary?

  85. andy the shark

    just turn off the sound and look at the little cute muse

  86. Brother Nobody

    Video is tight but the band can eat a d*ck tho. Who writes this s*it yo? I'm left standing, scratching my head cause cause I can remember a time when we didn't have go pro, you know, back in days when folks got paid because they had skills and it kills me to be assaulted with what they call music though it needs some flavor. Maybe this is just salt in the wounds but I can't hold my tongue any longer cause shi* like this makes my bung hole pucker every time I listen to the radio.


  87. Romiks

    обожаю эту группу и их творчество.Просто что-то невообразимо крутое

  88. Eis Lakkon

    Now ,I now how
    decadence smells like

  89. Tatøt Töt

    Sc=silent chuckle
    Pool + cry it out on the radio
    *He's laughing about being a murderer and drowning soneone???*

  90. Greg Horton

    I heard this song a long time ago and I finally found it!!! Today was a good day.

  91. Leonid Timofeev

    Dead bodies are pretty realistic actually.

  92. Logan P

    These dudes just keeps getting cooler

  93. Tiramisu Dragon

    Came because of the Ingress anime. Stayed because this video is pretty cool.

  94. Tyler Powder

    Good to see Stewart little back in the acting game

  95. TheMa5e

    011010101010010101 cut myself summer backflip osama o osama kiss me *drumroll*

  96. Honestc04

    Maybe I should stop watching videos for now...

  97. Jameson Barber

    the wood mouse is primarily a seed eater. particularly seeds of trees such as OAK,BEECH,and,ASH

  98. Orange 00033

    Best outro ever