alt-J - House Of The Rising Sun Lyrics

There is a house in New Orleans
They call the Rising Sun
And it's been the ruin of many poor souls
And lord, my father is the one

My mother, she's a tailor
She sews those blue blue jeans
Keep my gambling father drunk
Deep down in New Orleans

It's a happy, happy, happy, happy, fun day, day

Like a bird flying over forest fire
My father feels the heat beneath his wings
And in debt he yields for another tower
Where he gambles and drunk he still drinks

My mother hides from pleasure
Sees the father on her knees
Left it in the arms of God
Away from New Orleans

Happy, happy, happy, happy, fun day, day
Happy, happy, happy, happy, fun day, day

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alt-J House Of The Rising Sun Comments
  1. a Tree

    That cover reminds me of a game on the ps3 that was full of a guy's weird dreams

  2. Derpin Bird

    Dos sky roads

  3. yh knz

    there is... Bm, G, D, F#, G.
    my mother... F#, E, G,
    keep my gambling... Bm, G, D, F#, G
    it's a happy... Bm, F#, D, G

    the rest is self explaining. you're welcome!
    ps. I achieve the muffled sound via using only my thumb (with skin not nail)

  4. Nguyen Jarod

    They kept the vox organ, and goddamn, I like how it's quite well interpreted

  5. Chimney

    LSD Dream Emulator album cover? :o

  6. A E


  7. Comeupinns

    This isn't a cover of anyone really. House of the Rising Sun is a folk song. That's be like saying someone did a cover I've been working on the railroad or happy birthday

  8. Sean D

    At 3:55 to 4:03 it sound so familiar but what is it from

  9. Sunita Singhal

    This version sucks :(

    Pete Owen


  10. Robert Murrell

    The best part about this is that it only borrows from the Animals' original classic and doesn't just rework it.

  11. scot makay

    i'm so much more like a philosopher when i hear them

  12. delicious failure

    Breaks my heart every time.

  13. Norbi Dragomir

    it's so beautiful in this simple way..without singing high and loud. it's more pure. more meaningful. thank you:)

  14. HR Productions

    It’s been to long we all need more music

  15. Zenssei

    The intro reminds me of a startup screen of a retrogame and that cover makes it even better

  16. Zenssei

    I love how eerie this sounds
    Dont care that people kind of hate this song

  17. Geeky Matt138

    Completely lush and completely different than what I was expecting. Two wins for one song.

  18. Hannah T

    I’ve been trying to find this version for days

  19. Raquel Ourives

    I haven't heard this in months but man....... this is incredible. The entire album relaxer is, but this and 3WW are just..... special

  20. Héphaïstos

    Une chanson, l'addition vous êtes géniaux, je ne savais pas qu'alt-j l'avait reprise , <3

  21. Nick Scott

    This was fucking dreadful

    Pete Owen

    On the contrary, it is very subtle and very beautiful.

  22. FK8 TV

    my way to this video: watching a video about LSD Dream Emulator -> searched on ebay for LSD Dream Emulator -> seen a product called "Alt-J - Relaxer, 1 Audio-CD" with a screenshot of LSD DREAM Simulator on the cover -> searched for "Alt-J - Relaxer, 1 Audio-CD" on youtube -> clicked on the video.... any1 got the same way?

    bedo o

    If u search "alt j album" u will find all of the unlisted relaxer videos in some dude's playlist

  23. Christopher Seegars

    The closer to my stories soundtrack

  24. Aarya Louise

    I'm in the confusing state of mind where I'm not sure whether I am happy or highly emotional

  25. tefo

    like si estas estudiando y escuchando alt-J

  26. Solid Boss

    donde puedo dejar constancia de que no solo me gusta, me encanta

  27. Andrew Caudill

    Finals for 2018 and we still rather listen to this ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 🔥 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 🔥 ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 🔥

  28. Conny Pallor

    Do you know the feeling when you're listening to music, get excited and accidentally start crying?

  29. Bianca

    This feels like the kind of music you listen to while taking a life-changing decision. There's something cathartic about it.

  30. Odunlami

    so the mother is cheating and she wants her husband to keep staying out and drinking

  31. Yoshimi

    One of my favorite albums. Also LSD is one of my favorite games ever this is such an awesome album cover.

  32. Anton Quintana

    Many a poor what?

  33. Lizeth Aguilar Arellano

    Amo su música😘😘😘

  34. Dora Szegedi

    I came back here because the new alt j album gave me stroke

  35. Jay Wetton

    lovely textures

  36. OperaTion NoRthwooDs

    This is the fischer price version of the animals house of the rising sun

  37. Brooks McAllister

    My photography teacher always has this playing in class and this is the first time ive listened to it solo. So deep and amazing. Thanks Ms. W...

  38. Andre Adams

    Ohh this has so much presence when your on painkillers

  39. Asbjørg

    i hve a strange feeling; i'm missing a time that i never really had

  40. CRSwift

    This is terrible compared to original

    Pete Owen

    CRSwift What original? It’s a tradition song. I love this.

  41. Knial Piper

    This album influenced me in the writing of my new book. The Demonic Virtue... Mainly your new album and Bleezeblocks, but I listened to nothing but Alt-J and one song by Led Zeppellin (Ten Years Gone) while writing this 400 page book a …

  42. Amouyal Jade

    In love with your songs, all your songs... It's so clear, pleasant, smart and creative. I never ever get bored, amazing guys!

  43. William Wallace

    Total Crap

  44. Vitória Andrade

    como amo vcsssss aaaaaa

  45. Alcide Nathanaël

    This song broke my heart.

  46. Gabe Morehouse

    I expected more. I've listened to his other stuff,production and originality are pretty good but this sounds rushed. it doesn't sound like a complete idea, more like a studio demo.

  47. Luka Vuckovic

    the musical theme reminds me of Sting's Ghost Story theme.

  48. twicebitten thasme

    Sorry but I don't care for this as much as any of the other offerings...

  49. LockpickingParamedic

    Thanks to Jako from "Fewjar" for the Review at "Sorgenschall" here at YouTube

  50. rainesages

    Oh my god this is such a dull album. The ad that played before this song was more captivating than this limp half assed cover

    Pete Owen

    rainesages Well there you have it. Many others would disagree entirely.

  51. Denis MacEoin

    I am old enough to remember when the animals' version appeared and was a huge hit. Eric Burdon's voice owned the song. I have only recently discovered al;-j, and this cover is so packed with novelty it has confirmed my impression that they are the most original band I have heard in a long time. The new melody, close to but not identical to the older ones, and trhe very clever largely new lyrics make this a very distinctive song in its own right. It is not a cover really, but an update that stands alone. It should have been released as a single.

  52. Anna Farrington

    When you have a chemistry final tomorrow, but you spend the whole night listening to alt-j instead.....

  53. ncogkneetoe x

    You guys. You even wrote the dreamcatcher? In cold blood. I say we do have a blood drive. Macaroni.🎼☺🐫come on thunder.

  54. Ciara Lynn

    This is the greatest song to ever bless my ears. I want to bathe in it and die.

  55. ncogkneetoe x

    I just fell in deeper love with you all ∆

  56. Olivia

    Completely changed the vibe of this song, in the best way possible.

  57. Blue Soul

    Vivo por esto.

  58. Mansur estes

    Alt j never fails to surprise me

  59. Ms Happy

    Relaxer released in spring or summer 2017, but I started listening to it arround christmas time, because I wanted to take my time for it and think over the lyrics etc. Now, everytime when I hear this song, I have to think of dark nights, lights and snow and I feel the inner rest of winter, even though I am still listening to it spring 2018. It is magical!

  60. Coconut Head

    While this is certainly amazing, could it really even be considered a cover? The only kept the lyrics, but changed literally everything else.

    mrepictaco vargas

    Coconut Head yes

    Pete Owen

    It’s not a cover. It’s based on a traditional song.

  61. Jonathan Rodriguez

    Garbage don’t do that to a beautiful song

  62. Potato Person

    I’m dealing with a breakup... I obviously turned to music to cope, this is the first band I turned to. This music is great for whatever mood you are in, Alt-J, you are a savior.

  63. Laureano Brisuela Blume

    arruinaron un temazo, culiados

  64. Phyllis James

    best music I've heard in a long time...stopped listening to radio years ago

  65. Freya Fox

    Boys you are fucking amazing! Well done lads this is everythinggggg

  66. Klawdia C

    So beautifull cover of the original song

  67. braysniper

    Back to the Zelda days aahha

  68. Philip Lane

    This is the only version of this song I have ever liked. All the rest make me cringe.

  69. Kylie

    1:34 is when the song actually starts btw ;))

  70. [email protected]


  71. Julie Anderson

    Thanks for this gift Armie Hammer.

  72. Aryann Gourcuff

    Armie Hammer brought me here.

  73. Pouya Toosi

    You guys are literally wonderful. How come you have two concerts in Northern California bay area but none in LA and southern California?!

  74. Gabby Camilleri

    Armie Hammer brought me here

  75. Ella Hamlyn

    shoutout armie

  76. Edie -

    From Armie hammer’s tweet lol

  77. Charly Morel

    Finally an original cover of "The House of the Rising Sun", and not just another one copy with adding 2/3 things, here we've got all the song that's been appropriated by alt-J, and which is even more wonderful than the original

  78. hip hop police state

    This song should never be covered but here it is covered by fuckin one of the most pretentious artists out and five finger death punch

    Pete Owen

    hip hop police state You’re talking a song based on a centuries old folk song. Who are you comparing this to? They’re all ‘covers’.

  79. Miah Blaze Gobat

    This is what pink floyd would've sounded like had syd stayed. Amazing, but with a good grounding from gilmour.

    Take Beer

    Not even close. Are you serious? This comment made me go listen to Interstellar Overdrive and No Good Trying just to reinforce how wrong you were. Sorry for being negative, but, goddamn, no. Colours Running Out by Toy might be what you're looking for.

  80. Marysia Jabłkowska

    There is a house in New Orleans
    They call the Rising Sun
    And it's been the ruin of many poor souls
    And lord, my father is the one

    My mother, she's a tailor
    She sews those blue blue jeans
    Keep my gambling father drunk
    Deep down in New Orleans

    It's a happy, happy, happy, happy, fun day, day

    Like a bird flying over forest fire
    My father feels the heat beneath his wings
    And in debt he yields for another tower
    Where he gambles and drunk he still drinks

    My mother hides from pleasure
    Sees the father on her knees
    Left it in the arms of God
    Away from New Orleans

    Happy, happy, happy, happy, fun day, day
    Happy, happy, happy, happy, fun day, day

  81. tanish23

    This is pure love!

  82. Julia Darcy

    im sorry but this is pure unadulearated shit

    Pete Owen

    Jules Darcy Go somewhere else then. I adore it. So do many others.

  83. Alice Schroeder

    No. Just. No

  84. Richard Aldrich

    I feel as if this song musically captures the dread that the original song created but didn’t show.

    It’s different because is focuses on the lyrics of the original and musically generates the pain in the original


    Read our full review on

  86. l84dnr20

    Trying really hard to understand why so many are digging this. Seriously, was open minded enough to listen a couple times, thinking I'm missing something. Final's a travesty, 2nd rate piece of crap. Taking an iconic song and turning into something different works in some cases (ie, Johnny Cash took Reznor's song to a new level). But this? This is an utter piece of crap.

  87. santiago antolinez romero

    holy shit , his music is magic

  88. Marah Rose

    Some of his adlibs make him sound like Lana del Rey! which sounds awesome

  89. Lemon Mandatory

    Just one of the best songs on what I believe is the best album I've heard in 2017.

  90. Thomas Wise

    The original is by far way better then this piece of crap. This is exactly what vanilla ice got alot of crap from everybody. So screw you all. Yuck yuck yuck ugh. Crap!!

    Pete Owen

    thomas Wise Were you around in the 17th century then? You must be pretty old.

    Thomas Wise

    You must of been born slow. Do you even know who Vanilla Ice is. Old enough to know ny first tablet was an etch a sketch. All these guys are doing is copying another person's song. Tells me that they play there own songs. All i hear is maybe just maybe a replaced verse here and there. Im young so lets just copy song and maybe our followers will have never heard the original. Duh...

  91. Biscuit Boy

    I want people to play this at my funeral

  92. Alba Melian

    I don't know why but the start and some parts remind me of "Space Oddity" by Bowie

  93. cristian garcia aguilar

    Alguien que hable español ?

  94. Mikaela Pederson

    I love Alt-J, but I'm not too thrilled with this cover. Sorry, but Five Finger Death Punch did it so much better. Can't get over Ghost's voice in their cover...

    Pete Owen

    Mikaela Pederson Well that’s a completely different genre of music. Of course this isn’t a cover as such. The song is traditional. The Animals bought it to the public’s attention more than any other . I adore alt-Js version. So soothing.

  95. Ney Rincón

    naweboná marico esto es una obra maestra

  96. rory manning

    Love alt-j, loved the cover.

  97. Piesycho