alt-J - Deadcrush (Lea Porcelain Remix) Lyrics

Extraordinarily pretty teeth
Beauty lingers out of reach
You're my DC oh Lee, oh
Man Ray went cray cray over you
Capturing but never captured
You're my DC oh Lee, oh

Swim low
In the back dry in the night
Put it there, get the money
In the back of a Volvo car
Hold over
Pay up sign up LA

Anna Bolina, maid of honour
Not your sister, fearful temper, oh
You're my DC oh Anna, oh
Unknown artist took your likeness
Henry Tudor left you lifeless
You're my DC oh Anna, oh

Keepa, keepa, keepa, keep me damn down
Let it low
Let me know where you go
Papa, papa, papa
Get me down
Deep, deep down
Pablo, let me know

If you don't have the ace of hearts
My dear, you're a lost man
Falcon for you, Anna, from the left arm of the falconer
Anna, Anna, Anna, Anna L'Arlésienne

Swim low
In the back dry in the night
Put it there, get the money
In the back of a Volvo car
Hold over
Pay up, sign up LA

Swim low
In the back dry in the night
Put it there, get the money
In the back of a Volvo car
Hold over
Pay up, sign up LA

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alt-J Deadcrush (Lea Porcelain Remix) Comments
  1. FowardJob

    Obscure and nostalgic 2:00 Amazing

  2. Nick Frost

    This is so haunting. I want to cry. Beautiful.

  3. EL GATO :V

    I love this song!!

  4. James Rowley

    LOVE this version, anyone heard more like this? turn it up in the car and feel the windows shake. Listened to more of Lea Porcelain but its not as good

  5. TAREQ Official Tube

    this remix is the best. makes me wanna cry. I don't know why.

  6. Nawaf

    FIFA 18 😂👊🏼👊🏼

  7. К.З.л кзл

    ★FIFA 18★

  8. Dan Thompson

    "Monty Python sucks dick.",dan'

  9. Dan Thompson

    "Any soul embodying a human that killed or hunted witches as sentenced to old timey hell off of Earth.",dan'

  10. Eric Osterlund

    " put it in my butt, put it in my butt butt, right naaaooo"

  11. Victim of Bass

    The Glitch Mob vs Alt J. Is anybody else feeling me? I think the combinations of both the gritty sounds of the mob, combined with the ethereal sound of Alt would be epic! #TheAwsomeGlitch

  12. Craigggg

    Ugh, I hate this remix. I really do. It's just a beat that doesn't go well with the music at all, and the reverb overpowers everything else. This is just terrible. 1/10


    The Ben de Vries and Salute remixes were dope tho

  13. Sultan saru

    deserves millions of views

  14. Veronique SOLLEAU

    Aujourd'hui un proviseur de lycée me dit ( j étais avec le casque ) il dit : " je vous laisse écouter " votre " musique , elle est BELLE " ......

  15. Laura B

    aaah i love alt-j and lea porcelain!!!

  16. e.b.

    Love this one! Epic. Really enjoying these remixes as well as your original music. Cool stuff, all of it.

  17. Irving Ramirez

    Make one for Adeline

  18. Nicholas Lettiere

    Can we get a remix/mix that's NOT of Deadcrush?

  19. Erin Alexander

    Why does everyone want a music video for Adeline? Am I the only one that thinks Hit Me Like That Snare is the best song they've ever made? That song deserves a music video. Adeline does too, but come on.


    I personally find that to be my least favorite song alt-J has ever released idk but it just does not click with me at all.

  20. Diego Ewin

    Sounds like a truck horn

  21. lukmor

    Please make a new album with more than 8 songs,i dont care for this remixes.Deadcrush original > Deadcrush mix,remix,lea porcelain,dubstep,despacito...

    Alejandro Galindo

    Lucas Moreira gtfo

  22. Jody Clarke

    who gives a big fat flying fuck on if its a remix or not ....they are all fucking awesome ....

    myriad d

    Preach, brother! I completely agree :)

  23. Shuvankar Chakraborty

    Floyd vibes.


    Shuvankar Chakraborty Joy Division/ 'movement' New Order.

  24. nDeAh DoU

    Que te paso alt-J antes molabas...

  25. naiario •

    I love this remix almost as much as the original!! so relaxing

  26. Nandan Kulkarni

    Love it! Also, I'm getting so many "Alice Isn't Dead" vibes from this

  27. Patrick Walz

    Love the remixes and the original. Dopeness

  28. Denire Holanda Fonseca

    I love the way Joe Newman switches voice tones

  29. Denire Holanda Fonseca

    Eu amo a forma como Joe Newman alterna os timbres de voz

  30. Denire Holanda Fonseca

    Love This!

  31. Wuketuke

    Can you upload a version without lyrics as it would sound so much nicer

  32. ipsxm

    This is like alt-J meeting Joy Division, I love it !

  33. Karla Barbosa

    Stop these "less remixes, more new songs" I know you guys want new songs, me too, but just enjoy the fucking remixes that Alt-J are releasing. Because THEY want to release and I'm fine with that

  34. isabelle

    Go back to bed, alt-J

  35. Virando Gringa

    where is that kevin parker remix?

  36. arda çokak

    Very different

  37. Lourival Lima

    Pisa menos Alt J

  38. Kilroy washere

    I feel shell shocked, i m not myself.....and where's the bloody air force?

    Egg Yolk

    i can practically see it from here

  39. AM K

    I love this!!

  40. TotallySuperCoolAwsm

    Loving these remixes!!! Remix more songs please !!! I'll take it since the newest album was so short.


    TotallySuperCoolAwsm no

  41. Carlos Cabezas

    really powerfull atmospheric sound. love it

  42. milene g

    Falta um remix do Kevin Parker

    Alejandro Galindo

    Milene G Or alt-j remixing a tame song

    Freezing Moon94

    Milene G fuck yeah

  43. X L

    Can everyone just fuck off with the less remixes more new music/Adeline video shit please, these remixes have been sick especially the Baauer one


    Also remixes are amazing :)
    I love alt-j because they make not only music, they make expirience and emotions.
    I love how with remixes they can make it even better/bigger. just awesome


    Tallahasis even if they werent that good... Its nice to have content at all. Remixes are like outsourced content and they naturally won't please everybody who subscribed to Alt J

    Nick Thomas

    I swear Prometheus stole the Ben de Vries Remix from the heavens


    Sorry for late response, yea it is indeed good to have content at all ;) I kinda like remixes anyway. I just imagine songs of alt-j made someone so emotional and inspired to try creating something more personal. I love the energy they are giving in their songs :)

  44. Irina Stone


  45. Ghost EmeZan

    I not borred the song <3

  46. Emily G

    I love it!! i think it really compliments the original 💖

    Billy Chambers

    Emily Gettins pretty trippy, right?

    Kristyna Hustakova

    haha i must agree billy. pretty mucho.:)
    and em. i can not choose actually what is better. this is like trippy, relaxing, switching between this and floyds/led zeppelin. and then the origo - absolutely different, but SO GOOD. idk.

    Billy Chambers

    Kristyna Hustakova confusingly relaxing? that's what I think about it lmao

    Kristyna Hustakova

    YES, thats it!!!

  47. Alejandro Galindo

    Less remixes, better upload an epic video for Adeline.


    sush these are great

    Berthe Trépat



    Los remixes están excelentes, pero el video de Adeline no vendría para nada mal

    De todas maneras, ¿Y qué si ya lo están planeando, o hasta grabando? No lo sabremos hasta que no esté lanzado

    Walter White

    También espero que canten Adeline

    Alejandro Galindo

    not yet

  48. Renee Vaughter

    Meh. I just don't think this song CAN be remixed well. Nothing is going sound better than the original!

    Julie Harden

    Agreed! This remix isn't bad, but the original can't be beat.

    Rafael Garcia

    Renee Vaughter this sounds really 80's for me. So I love it. The original is amazing, but this does give me a different feel, not one I thought could be made out of that song

    Brandon Murphy

    This remix absolutely shits on the original haha.

    Potato Person

    I loved the bass in the original

    Monika Kozioł

    i was driving at night with a full alt-j playlist and the original was there too of course, but for some reason i actually got hooked on this remix, dont know, it's some sort of deeper and more melancholic than the original and i guess this is what i like better about the remix

  49. Gioa

    thank you

  50. José Augusto dos Santos


  51. Elinia Tollea

    How many more of these remixes of deadcrush will you guys release until you (hopefully) release a video for Adeline?

  52. Alejandro Galindo

    Tyrion gonna kill cersei

    Likhith Chandragiri

    Alejandro Galindo no Jaime gonna kill cersei

    Alejandro Galindo

    likhith chandragiri why do u say that

  53. Alejandro Galindo

    Sorry, i can't just ignore that spicy notifications of alt-j

  54. Alejandro Galindo

    Aka Remixcrush

  55. Alejandro Galindo

    Less remix, more new songs, p l e a s e

  56. David Gracia

    Cool 7u7

  57. DP Seven

    Brace yourself, notification squad is coming



  59. Claire DesRoches

    I still can't figure out what the picture is


    a car parked in the parking lot

    Alejandro Galindo

    Claire DesRoches its a lot parking under the car

  60. sage bathmat

    Love this 💕👏

  61. Eléonore Gil

    You were both great in Fourviere this summer !

  62. shubhankar chawla

    I am never getting tired of these remixes of Deadcrush!
    Edit: And this might be my favorite one of them all!🕺

  63. emma mierzejewski

    I love all of these Deadcrush remixes! Everyone is so talented


    notification squadddd

  65. Teo Cherici

    Weirdest one yet

  66. aniehehe

    i love it