alt-J - Deadcrush (Alchemist x Trooko Version) Lyrics

Swim low
In the back dry in the night
Put it there, get the money
In the back of a Volvo car
Hold over
Pay up, sign up LA

Man Ray went cray cray over you
Capturing but never captured
You're my DC oh Lee, oh

Swim low
In the back dry in the night
Put it there, get the money
Keepa, keepa, keepa, keep me damn down
Let it low
Let me know where you go
Papa, papa, papa
Get me down
Deep, deep down
Pablo, let me know

[Danny Brown:]
One man's waste is another man's soap
Nice way of saying you're washed up
And I'm getting fed up like Oprah and her jet
Same mental state as a Vietnam vet
It's a war outside, ain't no one safe
Wave my Rollie like I'm Puffy and Mase
Still trying to escape, getting caught up in the web
Snakes in the grass and they snapping at your legs
You can burn down the village if you overcook the bread
A little game, maybe something you can borrow

Put it there, get the money
In the back of a Volvo car
Hold over
Pay up, sign up LA

If you don't have the ace of hearts
My dear, you're a lost man
Falcon for you, Anna, from the left arm of the falconer
Anna, Anna, Anna, Anna L'Arlésienne

[Danny Brown:]
A little game, maybe something you can borrow
You get it then you get it, I just lead the horse to water
But I can't make them drink it
This weed got me faking hot
We ain't low tide but the ship still sinking
Don't wanna be alone when your skin start wrinkling
Uh, you gotta plan for the future
Live a little different than the average nigga used to
Everyday for me first a month for a dope fiend
Difference is I ain't runnin' 'round stealing flat screens
(Flat screens, flat screens, flat screens, flat screens)

[alt-J & Danny Brown:]
Swim low
In the back dry in the night
Put it there, get the money
In the back of a Volvo car
Hold over
Pay up, sign up LA
Swim low
In the back dry in the night
Put it there, get the money
One man's waste is another man's soap
In the back of a Volvo car
Hold over
Pay up, sign up LA
One man's waste is another man's soap
One man's waste is another man's soap

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    Am I the only one that hears Herbet The Pervert?

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    Someone finally remixed this! Waited so long

  13. Han Solo

    ''Burn down the bridge, overcook the bread'' im sure its got a deeper meaning i just cant find the meaning

    Ibrahim Ali

    Do something against what the society thinks as ordinary and sane maybe idk.

  14. Simon James

    Straight FIRE!

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    Can you please do american boy? ;)

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    spooky I like it

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    "notes in a key? What are those" -person who made this

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    There's angel cum made out of gold running trough my ears

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    Wouu Awesome Music.
    Great Channel.

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    I'm doing great how are you? :)


    CloudKid kinda good kinda bad u kno, those daily ups and downs it takes loads of hardwork and grindin to get ur channel to grow feel me?

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    Simon James

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    MOuSAkASs203 No problem 😁😊.


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    @Simon James *Aw.. I'm sorry hear that.*
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    *It really means a lot*
    (especially now that some people don't have to do anything and just want me to stop commenting!)

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    I got a huge promotion at the farm yesterday...

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    Doopy Doody

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