alt-J - Choice Kingdom Lyrics

Your choice kingdom
Their voice hear them
Our choice kingdom

Your choice kingdom
Our voice crowns men
Our choice kingdom

Rule Britannia
Bright ideas hide in caves
Rule Britannia
Break a stock into a slave
Rule Britannia
Leave us planked before the graves
Rule Britannia
Ruler of the waves

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alt-J Choice Kingdom Comments
  1. Imperial Lupus

    The sound of birds and children at the beginning, reminds me of being sat in the beauty of our English countryside or ones garden. Eden. Such noise is then over powered by the winds of change... That how I like to hear it anyways.

  2. Konumbra

    i’m playing this at night to calm me down after exam stress

  3. lucia cuba

    Why ??? Is Garden of England prohibited in Argentina...

  4. MyMommyDays

    Anyone else here from The Sea of Trees?!

  5. MjklSimpson

    damn they like to experiment

  6. Leon Scheepers

    when im tripping this is my band im listening to

  7. José Mahecha

    I only have to close my eyes to go to another place.

  8. Niji Sakura

    2:55 just makes me cry everytime, just probably have some bottled up emotion hiding somewhere that this songs touches..

  9. GhostCharacter

    This is one of my favorite alt-j songs, because it expresses the whole complicated mess of feelings a moral person should have toward their country. If you're a citizen of a modern developed nation-state, you're part of a system that has exploited countless people and probably deliberately destabilized other sovereign states for the purpose of maintaining power or extracting resources. And you're also part of something that has created greater opportunities for peace and stability, for more people, than has ever been seen at any other period in history; something that has enabled rapid progress of scientific discovery, unprecedented availability of education, and tremendous development of art and culture. In me, that knowledge inspires a weird, shimmering mix of feelings--furious disgust and tremendous hope, burning shame and great pride. They don't cancel each other out--you can't fix murder with greatness--so I have to feel them both. And it's hard to hold all of that feeling and knowledge together in one statement. The statement would be at war with itself. And yet this song says all of it--and seems at peace. A horrified, proud, beautiful, peaceful, crestfallen song.


    GhostCharacter I’m guessing you are from the UK and votes Remain?


    @SoldierTom You can probably tell from my spellings that I'm an American, but I lived in Britain very happily for a few years. But I think my sentiments are broadly applicable.


    this is so true. This song makes me feel a mess of positive and negative thoughts about my country. It makes me feel uneasy but I still love listening to it.

  10. Maggie Carolin

    2:55 Is amazing

  11. Dan Thompson

    Tip of the canoe.
    Try not to be holey.
    Sunken are the totem pole.

  12. Noor Aldayeh

    this will forever be one of my favorite songs by alt-j
    it just... SO good, I'll never get over it honestly

  13. Nightlizard 666

    Bongos tho

  14. Veronique SOLLEAU


  15. Paula Porras

    I have said this before and I have to say it again... alt-j makes me feel connected to the universe, there is no other way for me to put it.... I remember feeling like this watching avatar the last airbender when i was a child... random i know but... hahaha

  16. Claudio Orlandi

    Favolosa !

  17. A very very long long long youtube channel name

    1st 20 seconds scare me ?

  18. tayayay

    Your choice kingdom
    Their voice hear them
    Our choice kingdom

    Your choice kingdom
    Our voice crowns men
    Our choice kingdom

    Rule Britannia
    Bright ideas hide in caves
    Rule Britannia
    Break a stock into a slave
    Rule Britannia
    Leave us planked before the graves
    Rule Britannia
    Ruler of the waves

  19. hippiecheezburger

    Does anyone envision rituals and monks when they listen to alt J?

  20. Chilly Games

    hombre nada mal

  21. Bartholomew Danger

    "That's just life, like everything in life is choices."

    -Coffee Bitch

  22. On_coming_storm11

    very relaxing

  23. OkMoonShapedLimb


  24. fractal infinito

    essa banda é simplesmente...

  25. Ariel Isabela

    this one made me feel like I was listening to a Gem Club song cover by Alt J

  26. CamBen

    *"Choice Kingdom"*

    Your choice kingdom
    Their voice hear them
    Our choice kingdom

    Your choice kingdom
    Our voice crowns men
    Our choice kingdom

    Rule Britannia
    Bright ideas hide in caves
    Rule Britannia
    Break a stock into a slave
    Rule Britannia
    Leave us planked before the graves
    Rule Britannia
    Ruler of the waves

    Calm Winter

    Also here? Damn I see you in all Syd Matters songs

  27. Vivienne Gucwa

    This is everything.

  28. Bogna

    ja tylko z Polski?

    just me

    Ciurak 2003 nie

  29. Tati Salvaterra

    Meu Deus! Que lindo!

  30. Edson Liar


    Mars Amet

    Edson Liar Lmfao

  31. Siobhan

    Sounds like Minecraft in the backround :o

  32. Тихон Ильич


  33. Athen G

    This song needs some art video like Fitzpleasure. No chills enough.

  34. celestial kitty

    so sad we've left the EU :, (

    Harvey Da Beast

    celestial kitty why

  35. Tiago Marques

    The fact that this band consistently releases absolute masterpieces is beyond me

  36. Giampiero Clay Galifi

    this sounds like a Radiohead song.

  37. Felix Priestly


  38. Mara

    Definitely one of my favourite bands

  39. missmaroon44

    The only one who is this real life is to make it a lot of people who don't know what you think about it. You can be found in this world that you can know . Please follow. Your true true of knowledge

  40. Prince P3ach Preserves


  41. ანი

    love this song .. think its the best by them (:

  42. David C Cruz

    I use this as motivation when I take shits in the morning.

    Jennifer Grove

    It is rather relaxing

  43. kirsty joyner

    my favourite

  44. shem k

    this song ends to damn soon!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Cole444Train

    getting some crazy ASMR tingles from this.

  46. Amanda Mc

    alt j makes the type of music that you have on full blast while all the windows in your house are open and the curtains are blowing around from the wind. it makes me content

    Seth Miller

    You just painted the most majestic picture in my head, Thank you <3

    Amanda Mc

    @Seth Miller my pleasure

    Diogo Cordeiro Ferreira

    Me too. Had the day off, gamed a bit, cleaned around the house, now I'm going out for groceries and then cook a nice dinner for my wife. All the while listening to great music.

    Solar Plexus

    excactly my situation here:-)

  47. milly baiton

    loving this...


  48. ran york

    from 2:55 is eargasmic, its the alt-j alternative to a dubstep drop, they have these in most of their songs lol


    ran york it's like in the final guitar part and after it in Taro and the "And of all the things I love" in Bloodflood II (just the first two that popped into my head lol)

  49. RYAN TROWER - Student

    am i the only one who thinks that this sounds like it should be on the Interstellar soundtrack?


    +RYAN TROWER - Student Yes you are. This sounds /nothing/ like Hans Zimmer's Interstellar score.

    RYAN TROWER - Student

    +datRed I never said it was, just reminded me of the film and was wondering if anyone else thought the same?

    Nathaniel R Martin

    I agree with you

  50. M. 1

    Yes!!! I've just woken up somewhere in a fucking desert with a snapped in half cigarette , no lighter , and ten pence stirling to my name. I'm in serious trouble. That's what it made me feel like. Hahaha....

  51. Stelios Krasopoulos

    Im so high, how did I get here

  52. Renado Durley

    I had a apocalyptic dream last year. In the beginning me and my gf were at store down the street. As we were leaving after checking out this black lady came up to me and gave me a pamphlet about a funeral. She told me I needed to save my soul through Jesus because death can strike at any moment. Throughout this I can't hear what she's saying but I can understand it. So we leave and walk up the street then all of a sudden we notice these incredibly low dark clouds with lightning charging though them. So we ran to my apartment and faced the north and then a huge flash goes off! (Of course, it was a bomb of some sort.) At that point I knew her and I were fucked so I said "I love you" to my gf then we both died then I woke up crying. I've read similar dreams, before they died they called out to Jesus and were shot into the sky by a beam of light. We didn't call out to him so we both died. And when the bomb was going off this song was playing ( more so the last part of the song )


    This could be subliminal messaging or your subconscious

  53. Federica Grazioso De Pascale

    bella regaaaaa

  54. ecstasyfather

    Your choice kingdom
    Their voice hear them
    Our choice kingdom

    Your choice kingdom
    Our voice crowns men
    Our choice kingdom

    Rule Britannia
    Bright ideas hide in caves
    Rule Britannia
    Break a stock into a slave
    Rule Britannia
    Leave us planked before the graves
    Rule Britannia
    Ruler of the waves

    Jennie Grangel

    +BB01011000 ...thank you.

    John Titor

    Those aren't even the correct lyrics.


    Oh I'm sorry, maybe you can add your corrections :)

    Clarice-a- van Vreden Asisistry


    Autumn S

    Miss van Vreden You alright there babe?

  55. Hitch McDitch

    C'mon, you know this is good.

  56. Pedro Garcia Flores

    wooow que canción... quien vio el conejo en la imagen?.... (who saw the rabbit in the image?)

    zöe r

    I did, haha !

    Ale Castillo

    ese conejo me da miedo

    Pedro Garcia Flores

    +Ale Castillo es lo mas profundo de la imagen y la hermosa melodia

  57. The Auracle

    I'm melting...


    اروحلك ثلجه يا شيخه

  58. Len Verlaten

    I will never be able to thank enough the existence of Alt J. Never.

  59. TheRealDeal412

    Enya is that you?

  60. McNIMs

    Does anyone else feel a very intense sensation of dread during the first 20 seconds?

    Saleha Seedat

    +McNIMs The first 20 seconds make me feel like I am about to be attacked by a swarm of wasps.


    +McNIMs the longer the note, the more dread

    ThermoNuclear GR

    It's the drugs,I kinda feel you.


    There's a certain frequency and pitch which just makes people feel creeped out and a sense of dread. It's not just humans either, animals react to it too. It's the explanation for ghost 'sightings' too, look up the wiki for it.


    I grown to love that feeling

  61. Julie McL

    They make you experience so many feelings in just one song.

  62. Kunal Sarma

    This is so so different, and so awesome!!

  63. jlkasde

    Looking forward to seeing them perform live this Sunday.

  64. Poorplant Band

    Beautiful <3

  65. RoomWithAView

    This is a "where am I?" kind of song.

    Mr. Man

    This is an awesome kind of song :D


    +Vivi33 choice kingdom, thats where lol

    Alejandro Rodriguez

    Like... In life or geographically?

  66. Saulo Morais

    Strange and good

  67. Kira Nozor

    1,25 speed ! not bad :)

  68. Black Mirror

    Incredible song. Very inspiring for our music.

  69. Jérémie Gabriel

    2:55 Minecraft

  70. Cuba Pete Thomas


  71. Mirka Hernandez

    this song... wow

  72. Kenneth Nelson

    Just discovered this band and they are amazing...

  73. Francisca Silva

    2:00 just out of this world... Thanks Alt-J

    Antoine Prodhomme

    Absolutely, wow

  74. Nedyalko Nedyalkov


  75. Jman2454

    I listened to this song at the beginning of the school year a lot, and haven't really listened to it again until now, and it brings me back and gives me a weird wave of nostalgia. This song is just so beautiful

  76. vincevince06

    Je ne sais

  77. Graeme Pryce

    first time I've really aid attention to this band but they're on at Glastonbury this year and my mate wants to watch them so I'm trying to have a listen.

    Any one got any recommendations for which would be the best tunes to listen to first?

    Graeme Pryce

    @Lo Cheers man, noted. :-)

  78. Brian M

    Very difficult to just 'like'- little beyond that. Holy Good Stuff

  79. Muliermic

    more i listen it and more i like it

  80. leamilic

    best random click ever..i'm in love with the track!

  81. remoss98

    i think of MS from An Awesome Wave during this song when the background music sorta fades and the vocals are the main instrument. love it

  82. eggsmash

    this song is so beautiful i think i listened to it 8 times in a row... love you alt -j

  83. shrtywnaryde

    i wish this song was longer

  84. Catie Howitt

    This sounds like a lullaby

  85. Jordan Beck

    Did the drummer leave? It seems like an awesome waves percussion was considerably stronger than this albums

    The Oblivious

    The drummer is still the same, but the bassist/guitarist left!

    Jordan Beck

    Ah, I guess it's just the writing than. I personally prefer An Awesome Wave. Still this is good as well

    The Oblivious


  86. Wawawawa Wawaw

    The "Rule Britania" part is best part of the album !

  87. antitsa

    In wine tasting you clear your palette between the different wines with a little piece of bread. That's what this recorder piece strikes me as, clearing the ears before the next songs.


    +antitsa I had flash backs to 3rd grade music class and just couldn't make it through, instant headache



    houses in motion

    I'm pretty sure you're on the wrong song.

  88. iced lake

    fuckin magical

  89. Cs Mdn

    One of my favourites Alt-J's songs ever...
    Three years listening their awesome music... omg, so fcking amazing, i'm crying.
    Argentina is waiting for them! 

  90. john jones

    God loves us all

  91. Christine Washington

    Pure work of art.
    There is a choice kingdom...what will we choose?




    That's consumerism for you - so many choices.

    Christine Washington



    @Christine Washington frrreeeèeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeedom

    Imperial Lupus

    Britannia chose ambition. She chose to spill her blood for glory. She chose Empire, to her detriment...

  92. theyellowcielo

    I miss England.

    Harvey Weinstein Ejaculated On Me

    You must be somewhere absolutely dreadful if you're capable of getting misty eyed over England 0_o

    Harvey Weinstein Ejaculated On Me

    Thanks for reinforcing my point.


    @StrokeMeYouInsolentHumanCuzIAmACat no problem pal


    @RobbiexLeeds XD

  93. Stephen Hodge

    Great album!!!

  94. Stephen Hodge


  95. Kevin Barry

    Very relaxing and melodic.