Alphaville - Because Of You Lyrics

Oh, i want to know i want to go
through that situation again, i'd like to catch
that something in your eyes it thrilled me once again
that gentle touch i can't describe
it's like a reflection of the moon on the water
don't let it go, because of you the earth stood still
just do it again

burn, burn away, sacred letters, ragged backdrops
i don't care, the certainty of death,
the boring rituals of life they seem so far
i don't care for my life, i just live for your love
that is because of what you do,just do it again
because of you the earth stood still
just do it again

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Alphaville Because Of You Comments
  1. celia donostia


  2. SyrDoN

    One of the most epic songs of all time. And so simple. So powerful.

  3. Photography _Music

    The German Freddie Mercury 😦


    This could be the best James bond theme ever. (hint to James bond producers}

  4. __ witch __

    That is going to be on Alphaville new CD, Thunder Baby. :-)

  5. Rosemary Magela

    eu amo está música que voz linda

  6. Monika MG

    Essa música é lindíssima, indica que Marian não se limita a um estilo somente, e tudo fica maravilhoso em sua voz que eu amo!...


    Davvero Bella! sogno AV!

  8. cantamidiva

    Another Great Song!