Alphabeat - Vacation Lyrics

Every day, every night
I wonder when I'm liking by your side
Oh how nice, it would be
To have a little holiday
Destination I don't care
We can go anywhere
Take me anywhere
Good times are right ahead
Reach out and touch in
Baby touch it

Vacation, oh oh
I wanna go, I wanna go go go
Vacation, oh oh
I wanna go, I wanna go go go

Why do you, look so grave
I've got just the cure for it
Pack your bags, we got to go
Baby there's no doubt about it
Leave your troubles way behind
We're gonna have a good time
Have a good time
By now I think you know
Sad faces are a no go
It's a no-go

Vacation, oh oh
I wanna go, I wanna go go go
Vacation, oh oh
I wanna go, I wanna go go go

Every woman, every man
Put your feet in the sand
Every girl, and every boy
You're about to enjoy
Every woman, every man
Put your feet in the sand
And have yourself some vacation
Every woman, every man
Put your feet in the sand
Every girl, and every boy
You're about to enjoy
Every woman, every man
Put your feet in the sand
And have yourself some vacation

Vacation, oh oh
I wanna go, I wanna go go go
Vacation, oh oh
I wanna go, I wanna go go go

Every woman, every man
Every girl, and every boy
Every woman, every man
Just have yourself some vacation

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Alphabeat Vacation Comments
  1. Karly Hardisty

    Plz upload ur indie records to YouTube!!!!!!!!!! :P

  2. Kevin Henry


  3. ScottBoivie

    Gotta love any band with 3 members named Anders.

  4. Iomar Fagundes

    Alphabeat is back 😍😍😍

  5. Real meal


  6. Luan Aguiar

    Miss u a lot, guys. 💔😭🇧🇷

  7. megan haverly

    <3 still amazing

  8. Mack Sarnie

    Why do they not release any new music?

  9. cylon74


  10. Andrew Daniels

    Insipid and syrupy!
    I like Aqua and I find this too bubblegum

  11. dreamstreetgirl17

    What a happy sonnnggg. I love it!

  12. Rod Molina

    Need this on spotify

  13. Celina Trædholm

    Jeg har dansen

  14. Maya Isaksen

    de er dansker 😄👍

  15. 赤塚紘徳


  16. Birsen Basar

    this music makes me really happy to listen to :D

  17. PinkLegue

    Why do they use vacation instead of holiday


    Theres a difference.

  18. Boomforce

    G2 Esports Anthem.


    +Boomforce Fucking slackers.

    Jacobo Meneses

    Not this season lol

  19. Said Shamkhali

    PogChamp Reddit Army PogChamp

  20. Drew Banks


    Sri Charan

    Hahaha! I love Reddit!

  21. Caroline Christensen

    I say this in Danish Jeg Elsker Jer Og Jeg Er Stolt Af At Være Dansker ❤️

  22. Madara Smalkā

    Please make some more music!!!

  23. Jorge Recio

    ufff I love it !!!

  24. Ivy Ivo

    Always support you guys! Make more music! :)

  25. Nick Cox

    Love the song but the video does my head in. Why does the picture have to change every couple of seconds?

  26. Alessandro R. C.

    I wanna go-go-go to Denmark :)


    Lol im from Denmark 😂

    - iiKittxnii -

    Supersnus07 same

  27. yenk82

    why haven't they represent Denmark to Eurovision Song Contest? They are marvelous and they could win!!

    Caroline Christensen

    You are right. We can vote this year on denmark help me plz lets vote for denmark plz

    Caroline Christensen

    Oh sorry you mean Them oh sorry but still vote for Denamrk this year plz

  28. Starelva99

    Alphabeat is always my favorite europop band!!!!thanks for you all SHAKE MUSIC!!#THESPELL

  29. J C

    @Sebastian jørgensen. I think it's a Danelectro Silvertone, it may also be a vintage guitar.

  30. __________

    Fyre, du har brug for at blive frelst fra helvede.
    Vi er alle syndere fortjener helvede, men vi kan blive frelst gennem tro på Jesus.
    Tror, at Jesus Kristus er syndfri søn af Gud (både Gud og menneske)
    der døde på korset for vore synder, (de dårlige ting, vi gør) blev begravet og igen opstod.
    Han giver evigt liv og tilgivelse af synder gennem tro på ham alene.
    Jesus Kristus er den eneste vej til himlen.

    Joshua Gideon

    please translating in English, please...

    Nordic Hope

    You wanted the translation so here you go:

    "Guys, you need to be saved from hell.
    We are all sinners deserve hell, but we can be saved through faith in Jesus.
    Believe that Jesus Christ is a sinless son of God (both God and man)
    Those who died on the cross for our sins, (the bad things we do) were buried and again emerged.
    He gives eternal life and forgiveness of sins through faith in Him alone.
    Jesus Christ is the only way to heaven."

  31. Philip Strafford

    I think it's a bit of a rehash of 'Fascination' ...I think the record company might have said 'we need a summer hit' ? It's ok...not their best though. 

  32. Sebastian jørgensen

    What guitar model is the guitarist using?

  33. reu PRO

    god sang jeg ved i er danskere, men god sang

  34. Katharina Spangsberg

    They are from Denmark like me !

  35. Monica Mylov

    good song bad movie

  36. Nicklas Pedersen

    i wonna go i wonna go go go

  37. Pitiens Sam

    They should really have a soundcloud account

  38. lis

    the person who posted that was from the band, they weren't talking about the band!

  39. Kevin Kiilerich

    Don't you think he means that he loves Alphabeat.. And that he is from Japan himself?

  40. Nicklas Pedersen

    From denmark -_-

  41. suus bla

    I love her twiggy eyes

  42. emi yama

    I love "Alphabeat "
    from Japan >___<

  43. Louis Auger Audegond

    Mon dieu que j'aime ce groupe !

  44. Minecraft guy Rocks

    Great! Whats funny, is someone on a minecraft server said "Listen to this! They rock!" And I agree

  45. Maja Sandfeld


  46. Tanja Thomsen

    er de danseker?

  47. Stinne Matilde Weilborg

    Tror alle skal se dem til sommer. De er alle steder, hele tiden

  48. Dicte Degn

    Jeg skal se dem til sommer!

  49. JydenStudsgaard

    det gør spejder også!

  50. extrememaster

    Efter hvad jeg ser på din kanal sytes jeg det er bedre at bruge sin tid på det en minecraft og league of legends :/

  51. Frederik paulli rønsbøl

    you are not normal if you do not get it from the song

  52. Lukas Duvander

    League of Legends giver venner, men spejder kan man da heller ikke bruge til noget i sin fremtid?

  53. Uhmuhh

    Ja, fordi League of legends gir dig venskaber, og en masse egenskaber du kan bruge i hverdagen.

  54. Lukas Duvander

    HAHA! Spejder er den mest faggede sport i verden. Og hva så hvis jeg spiller League of Legends? jeg er i det mindste ikke spejder som jer.

  55. Casper Østergaard

    Jeg håber, det er for sjov det: "No life lejr 2012*", Hr. League of Legends.
    Du er til grin.

  56. Katharina Spangsberg

    love this song

  57. Lukas Duvander

    No life lejr 2012*

  58. Lukas Duvander

    No life lejr 2012*

  59. thezombiecake1


  60. Kaare Hattel

    "Inflation oh oh ohhh, I want a loan, I want a loan loan loan" :p

  61. Franka Kanbier

    i've seen them last wednesday. it was the third time i went to an alphabeat concert. they are so good live and such good performers!

  62. Isabel Arroyo

    This song makes me Happy, I wanna dance!

  63. Nichlas Sørensen

    hey den sang er mega fed

  64. TheMsEleanor

    Forgot they existed BAD MOVE

  65. Cade Buchanan

    <3 LOVE <3 !!!!!!!!!

  66. Rodrigo T

    Creo que esto me define desde el miércGAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAY!

  67. Stephanie C

    Also, could Anders be any cuter with his maracas?

  68. Stephanie C

    Beat the winter blues with Alphabeat!

  69. Canal do Rey

    They are so cool and he looks so handsome always. <3

  70. extrememaster

    True :/

  71. Dave L,

    It`s Beating!

  72. Tobias Olsen

    alph er lort

  73. henrik aruo

    O_o da'fug what is ogly

  74. Ken Beimer

    Try Eurovision 2013. :)

  75. TheYoshimitsu1126

    Vigtig sang!!! :D

  76. LittleGreenPea

    well the girl is absolutely note ugly... i can see that. but tje thing is thet gave her a totaly wrong haircut that doesn't suit her :( shaaame...

  77. Monica Hoang

    You are ugly

  78. em90919293


  79. HarmonyOfElements

    Mange har vel købt Cd'en ;) Eller ser på en anden video end denne ;)

  80. Maiken Aggesen

    Jeg synes det er sådan en sang alle kender, alligevel har den kun omkring 350.000?:D

  81. Bas Defauwes

    Why do they make this when schools have Just started again?

  82. Jeppe Hansen

    Jeg elsker dem

  83. andrea jensen

    i bare så gode og jeg så jeg i Næstved til grønkoncert

  84. ILikeGhosts

    OMG! Where have I been these past 4 months??
    I Love this song!!

  85. Nurul Jannah


  86. Desirable Peaches

    Classy group. Denmarks finest.

  87. ineu ayu

    Retro :D

  88. StephenLawdx

    hmmmm nope, don't like this.. their other stuff was good without being so cheesy! :/

  89. Daniel Valencia

    greetings from Colombia, I love this band!

  90. roseschocolate1991

    love the Retro vibe they have with their music :D

  91. Starelva99

    我來自台灣(come from Asia,Taiwan)
    我真的愛死你們了!!!(really luv all you guys!!!)
    期待新專輯辣(can't wait for NEW ALBUM)!!!

  92. eng berg

    Er du sikker på, at du ikke hedder Frederik? :b

  93. shibeboi


  94. Marie Watson

    Go away from the page!

  95. Maria

    0:36 "Destinasjon I don't care, we can go anywhere".
    I think you would re-evaluate that when your stuck on a mountain in Norway...

  96. Skillerder Chiller


  97. Olole

    Love this song! Greetings from the US!

    Gu' er det røv, det er Trunte nede fra hi-fi klubben!!