Alphabeat - Hole In My Heart Lyrics

You've made a hole in my heart [4x]

And they can say what they want,
but it doesn't mean a thing
and if they went inside me,
changed everything
this sure is nothing
that a dark look can't cure
its not a disease
no, that's for sure!

I was looking for a way to get close to you
but I got inside
I got inside
Nothing in the world could pull me back again
Now I'm inside
Now I'm inside

You turn me upside down
whenever you're around
you turn me upside dow-ow-own

You turn me upside down
whenever you're around
you turn me upside dow-ow-own

You've the hole in my heart [4x]

And the gap that you have made goes deep inside of me
It's all used to invade, girl, you got my garantee
what this is you do to me, it's nothing done before
don't want you to stop, no, that's for sure

I was looking for a way to get close to you, but I got inside
I got inside
nothing in the world can pull me back again
Now I'm inside, Now I'm inside

You turn me upside down
whenever you're around
you turn me upside dow-ow-own

You turn me upside down
whenever you're around
you turn me upside dow-ow-own

All I want to do is to do something with you [x10]

You turn me upside down
whenever you're around
you turn me upside dow-ow-own

You turn me upside down
whenever you're around
you turn me upside dow-ow-own

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Alphabeat Hole In My Heart Comments
  1. Derrick Dobson

    This brings back so many feelings of my life at the time this song came out.

  2. Grant OM

    Love it! Playlisted

  3. Onbekend Onbekend

    This song is so good. Feels like the 90s. Love the tune sound everything.

  4. N N

    2019 / April 🥰✌

  5. Ohitsroodie

    Why isn’t this song/album no longer on US Spotify?

  6. Kevin Henry


  7. G.M. D

    2010 I saw these guys support Lady Gaga in the O2 and they preformed this for the first timd

  8. Leonardo Perez

    They are back!! 😁🤘🏻

  9. philosophicalphil

    1.08 is where the song really gets moving

  10. Silver Man

    Feminism summed up lmao still a classic

  11. Kayden Reece

    When 8 years later u catch yourself singing this in the shower and !!!!! Idk why my brain randomly remembered this but thanks!

  12. The Great Donato

    This is Gospel

  13. Diana Ortega

    Recuerdos ♡

  14. Susanne Knudsen

    This is so good, wauw, and I know his Parents;-)


    oh cool Susanne!!


    hilsener til dig hehehe

  15. Here's Hot Rod

    So much better then half naked women shaking their butt.

  16. Carlos Perello

    This is sooooo 90s!!!!!!!!! HAHAHA

  17. Julie Moslund

    who is watching this in 2017


    ME, Little Like Hunter ;)))

  18. Lucky Xiong

    Damn revisting this song after awhile, and... has it really been 7 years?!

  19. Susanne Knudsen

    I love this and I know Anders' Mother and Father, tihi;-)

  20. r3g3n3sis

    denmark means perfection.

  21. Wildzippy

    Still sounds fresh, they were so under-rated in the UK!

    Ty Mac

    Wildzippy yeah here in Canada they never even we're heard of. Thank God for internet.

  22. Nikola Nebulus

    I remember listening to this Alphabeat album a long time ago when it came out. My ex-girlfriend downloaded it for me and i would listen to it a lot in my car (Chevy Equinox '05) on the way to working smoking out haha. Just listening to this song brings back this forgotten memory. So much in my life has changed since then but when i listen to this song Hole in my Heart i'm taken right back to that time and it's just so weird how one song could do that. I think all of life is like this, something happens and then way later down the line youre reminded of this memory. We go full circle always.


    It makes you feel nostalgic.

  23. NabooTheEnigma

    weird science 2.0

  24. NabooTheEnigma

    only because he was the left in the background in most of there songs.

  25. NabooTheEnigma

    am glad to see the male of the group getting props as the main singer.

  26. Nads P

    How is this not legit from the 90's? This is the most 90's thing I've seen in my entire life and I lived through the entire decade!?!? Shout out to that subversive feminist ending! Slay, Girl!

  27. Susanne Knudsen

    I know his Parents very well;-) I'm that old:-D

  28. Vigilante Grayson

    Dude...she totally just killed that guy...bruh...

  29. SxXDeadMau5XxS

    *evil glare* *smile* *presses buttons* booom!!!

  30. floydcat555

    this tune rocks!!  xx

  31. _Rainbow_

    Sounds like something from the 90's #awesome

    Dark Wolf

    +Caley121292 Ikr, I wish there were more songs like this.

    Mitchell Burney II

    +Neto Lukoz they were ahead of the times with this album. There are so many 90s reminiscent house tracks now!

    P S

    its not from the 90s its from 2008

  32. mark furioso

    r'; stlp\\\\its kinna good cathy 
    stop  carhy  non k  idk it sticks

  33. mark furioso

    american injn ya head  i say i do like is mouf   trak>common though i d

  34. Ηλιόπουλος Γιώργος

    how i fuckin love this song...

  35. TicoMachi

    She totally just murdered that guy.

  36. Faan Boerseun

    Clever video to a great tune

  37. Just Jessie Woozworld

    I remember i was so in love with this song x))

    Georgina Jorge

    Me too!


    Just Jessie Woozworld

  38. add19455

    this song is soooo 90's!!!! love it

  39. Jojo Augustus

    I can't believe she's killing him at the end ... :'( such a handsome man does not deserve that.. 

    Mr Bridge

    +Jojo Augustus Bad girls.. ;) They like to do that..

  40. nicolas villemain

    This song is REALLY REALLY good !! 

  41. Joel McVeagh

    Tell Abba that

  42. QA The Wizard

    as one of the few

  43. DJDannyIntro

    I can never listen to this track once !

  44. Emil Rais

    "This hole is nothing, that a doctor can cure"

  45. Wolfsblut7

    it's may be better this way :)

  46. yelleryams

    albert einstein

  47. haligang

    han mente at hvis de var fra USA ville de være meget populære

  48. Agnethe Lundgaard

    They are Danish?

  49. Loxa

    I thought the song was cheesy but holy fuck, after watching the video i'm covered in Stilton

  50. Kelvin Klink

    ver criative 'n great acting

  51. voiceofreason2008

    I agree, this song is great and a lot of Alphabeat has done is really great but alas society bends to norms dictated by few

  52. pikach8220

    wow cant believe its been 3 years since this came out ^_^ hope to see more of Alphabeat

  53. Mary May

    what is his name?

  54. Ruby Nassir

    I love this song. It is beautifu

  55. Leafington Leafster

    they are huge. :) i grew up with their music.and most of the people i know did too. isn't that being huge? To be in peoples memories for years?

  56. r3g3n3sis

    Danemark is the best

  57. Jasper W

    Alphabeat is Danish...

  58. SSSerpensss

    haha, I think the same:) they indeed look so similar!

  59. Allrx Gaming

    Remember this song, listened on radio in 2009 ! :3

  60. Eduardo. Macedo

    I don't know if was just me, but i think she's twin sister of Snow White in "Once upon a Time" tv series
    . =P

  61. Gregory Florencio

    love it here in los angeles!!

  62. heartandsoulful

    The person just can't take that he's a great singer...

  63. emil thomsen

    In case you didn't find it yet, and sorry for a super late answer, you just search "hole in my heart" on itunes, then it should be there, the album it self is called The Spell, but this song is also in that album :) If you still can't find it, just go download it with torrents.

  64. iLove3052

    I know I'm sorry, I'm from Copenhagen to so.. I meant to respond to another comment, :)

  65. Harry Collin

    No, they're from Denmark... I saw them live in Copenhagen and they said. :)

  66. iLove3052

    Well, they are all from GB... I guess that he meant more like the other "smaller" european countries?

  67. Zuzanitaaa


  68. jenspeter136

    danskere styre

  69. Selene Black

    You can't say whos gay just seeing him... Just saying

  70. Rune Brændgaard

    this is shit, their debut album were way better than this 90's dance copy job

  71. Aras Hunt

    no no he had a girlfriend when they started out, so he's one of them who's straight. 2 of the other guys are gay though


    Aras Hunt who? Is it Troels the drummer? I really hope he is!

  72. ronaldpk2000

    Proud to be European!

  73. Brian Boese

    Fucking After Effects at it's finest.

  74. JohnnyZenith

    Totally agree. Frustrates me that bands like this are misunderstood. Mind you they are pretty big here but they deserve more in the UK market too. What frustrates me is that people mistake the poppy sound and general positivity (less in the second album which is a cool departure) for cliched and corny. It is anything but. Everything has it's place and these are talented artists, a very professional outfit.

  75. N'asjé Porter

    omg this song is supertastickal!

  76. Eddy The Dyna-Goose

    I Really Like Dis Song!

  77. Kanye West

    Greetings from 2025

  78. fakebadasian

    oh lol, English Translation is: Seriously .. on every Danish music video, people write about how proud they are to be Danish .. So it is wildly embarrassing! D8>. right?

  79. fey

    They're Danish men..;))

  80. VibeLovesDVF

    Herre stolt over at være dansk.

  81. Murilo Dias

    In love with the band ! A big hello from Brazil o/

  82. Ronald Brunson

    @kenninty the Beatles would disagree with that statement.

  83. Montse Sanchez

    back to the the 90s beat, welcome back to our lives

  84. AllieCat666

    I'm diggin' this music video!

    I was looking for a sort-of love song for this girl. I am going to share this on my facebook.

    I'm an American, btw

  85. Dweef Otholomule

    European dudes say Everyfing, cracks my shit up. Not my kind of music but the beat and music video is tight. I agree with the top comment about if they were in the US they might be bigger. The US ain't all it's cracked up to be though...suicide rates in advanced countries are higher than they are in places like Africa.

  86. echonovember2

    @kenninty I don't find that to be entirely true. The ratio probably leans toward US groups, but there are tons of groups from Europe I listen to.

  87. fkitskim -

    Anders SG is such a cutie.
    If that's all Danish guys for you, I'll be moving there ;)

  88. Sue Mig

    Like the way he can't control his arm! ahahah <3

  89. 7878Roland

    @vaso13igoum Ehm, Alphabeat is actually from Danmark.

  90. Martín Corti

    proud to be argentinian!!
    what the fuck am i doing here? lol

  91. discouniverse

    if this tune had been released in 1975 they would be great

  92. Lance Boone

    I'm American and have bought 2 of thier albums, they are really GREAT!!!!

  93. cyborgJed

    not proud to be American -_-

  94. Jasmine .M

    Jerk elskar dei?! xD

  95. Lauren Curcher

    heard this song so many times not even knowing it was alphabeat! omg love it! totally different to their old stuff but good! :)

  96. kenninty

    It really annoys me that if Alphabeat were American they'd probably be HUGE, it's so annoying the way anything from the US is instantly transported across the pond but the same can not be said on the other side.

  97. Joe Cisneros

    Wow. She seemed to be pretty happy about exploding his heart.

  98. ABagofOpinions he died at the end? D:)

  99. ThisIsDjYigytugd

    @lightningbolt543 lol, wht does that have to do with anything?

  100. nesholo1986