Alphabeat - DJ Lyrics

I need something I can dance to
On and on
Spin my world like a record now
On and on
Give me something I can dance to
Something I can count on
On and on
Spin my world like a record now
On and on
I need something I can dance to

And every night I pray
You'd let me
Can you hear me now DJ
You're gone tomorrow but
Just let the music play
Just let me
Just let the music play
Let the music play

I could be dancing
I could be dancing all night
If you would play
I would be dancing
I would be doing all right
If you would play

I need something I can turn to
Now and then
Take me out
Out and out
On and on
I need something I can turn to
Something I can count in
Day and night
On and on
Like a record now
Out and out
I need something I can dance to

And every night I pray
You'd let me
Can you hear me now DJ
You're gone tomorrow but
Just let the music play
Just let me
Just let the music play
Let the music play

I could be dancing
I could be dancing all night
If you would play
I would be dancing
I would be doing all right
If you would play

If you would play
If you would play

I could be dancing
I could be dancing all night
If you would play
I would be dancing
I would be doing all right (all right)
If you would, you would, you would, you would play

I would be dancing
I would be doing all right (all right)
If you would play

Just let the music play
Let the music play
Just let the music play
All night
All right
Just let the music play
Let the music play
All night
Let the music play
All night
Just let the music play
Let the music play
All right
Just let the music play

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Alphabeat DJ Comments
  1. Its Bethy

    Am I the only one still listening in December 2019?🤔

    Kaloyan Ivanov

    Its not only you :)

  2. Tom Williamson

    This is honestly my fave song

  3. Goku D. Ryuzaki

    I Just Found Something I could Dance To

  4. Julio Hernandez

    such an underrated band , im gonna share shadows everywhere

  5. とまと。Apex Legends生配信


  6. Ohitsroodie

    2019 and still loving this song

  7. Kevin Henry

    sheer geniusness & infectious! brilliant.

  8. L R

    Me encanta esta canción, no puedo creer que este por cumplir 10 años.

  9. William Rueda

    Esta canción es perfecta para iniciar el día

  10. okso

    Still a good song after all these years

  11. Chris Crabtree

    My all time favorite. Always puts me in a good mood :)

  12. javier torres

    super dj

  13. faustod

    2010 what a great year

  14. Mack Sarnie

    The intro singing is like the spell lol

  15. Nigel Watson

    What a great tune!!!

  16. Filipe Melo


  17. luna mini pod cast

    I like this one but I love the remix abit more

  18. P S

    they need to come back


    This is what i consider to be perfect pop!

  20. Lucky Xiong

    8 years later, and I come back. Still a great song!

  21. Серова Лера

    How is the song called?

  22. dildhakker

    I love Alphabeat :D

  23. Kevin Henry

    THEY ROCK... and i'm american! they are the fiercest pop band to come around in the past couple of decades! WoNKyLiCiouS!

  24. Flyingferrets5

    These costumes are On Point! :)

  25. ✿Selena✿

    Ooooooh ooooh o o ohhh

  26. Ehm Ee Dee

    This song gives me nostalgia. I know it's too pop-y, but GOSH DANGIT I CAN'T STOP.

  27. Jason Shannon

    Like here if you like both versions.

  28. Mr. Noonlight

    Why can't songs like this be played in radios?

    The Shinsh

    It's not really new enough.

    Or you're looking at the wrong station.

  29. Sky Winds

    Mlp got me here

  30. LaDeeDa Cook

    How cute are they?

  31. spyroXcynder1000

    play at 1.25, sounds like the speed it should've been played at

  32. Shadow Spector

    I am glad Madeon remastered this song with a remix.

  33. stan loona

    The girl looks like a boy :) LOLZ😋😋😋😋

  34. Huang Long

    This only peaked at #116 in the UK - a real shame as this song is so damn catchy!

    Ding Dong

    Too bad because this is one of their best songs


    That's why the charts don't interest me.


    That's just...criminal....

  35. Carl Barratt

    love this

  36. Hikusar Aoeu

    [SFM] The Gateway has more views than the original song.

    pedalino 05

    Hikusar Aoeu LOL

    Blue Mirror

    Eyup jaja

  37. Machtyn

    I love the vocals! You two have great voices.

  38. Eric J

    I still like the madeon mix better!

  39. EggsandMayo

    the knocks? im trippin

  40. Snugly Fluff

    History shows you cant make a good old song better
    OMG Stine you were ALL angel!
    too late too much
    Stine I heart you!!!!

  41. ninad gautam

    this sounds sooooo slow after listening to madeon's remix.

    Frank Springby

    and its just better, its suppose to be chill :)



  42. Derpy Whooves

    most of the people in the comment section are bronies

  43. Ian Collins

    Love this better than the remix! Considering they're sound nearly exactly the same...

  44. Rarity Mlp

    hopping on that sfm bought me here trai

  45. GBM FairView

    this is alright but i prefer the madcon remix myself

    Alexandra Mintz

    +GBM FairView
    Yea must faster and a better beat

    GBM FairView


    GBM FairView

    @Alexandra Mintz Eeyup


    +GBM FairView True story bro =3

    Freddy's Fire REMIX

    GBM FairView Yeah,

  46. Applejack 2.O

    i came here from mlp too


    Jonas has serious sex appeal and this tunes timeless!

  48. The glorious Weegee emperor

    AM I the only one who came here for MLP animation?


    mlp is fine but fucking the community is so cancerous it makes me wanna slit my wrists


    noup, not the only one :D

    Arrixetty Rosie

    The glorious Weegee emperor ME TOOOO!!

    Here's Hot Rod

    The glorious Weegee emperor

  49. Head to the new channel: Alan Crytex

    Awesome Madeon remix brought me to here! :')

    Paz Belén

    It is really amazing indeed 😍

  50. Urasitti

    This feels like either 80s or 90s.

  51. miap

    Oh gosh what happened to this band?! They are AMAZING! So glad I went to one of their live gigs when I had the chance!


    +miap Disbanded. Stine is doing well for herself with her solo career. Search "Stine Bramsen" if you wanna give it a listen. :-)

  52. Im wearing tights that I borrowed from your mum.

    All the guys in the band are called Anders.haha

  53. Phaosis Gaming

    Does anyone know why they stopped making songs?? I mean all songs of them are great

    Cristiano Torres

    They're back together now with a new song and more to come.


    They went for solo careers and took a break with Alphabeat. Now they are back!

    Mette Eske-Lund

    They started again and sang shadows at Danish X Factor 2019

  54. Joel Jr Rudinas

    This is music!

  55. 김민건

    Am I the only one who iikes the original song than the madeon remix?

    Ametrine Moon

    @김민건 I love the original.

    Patrick Sarmiento

    @김민건 Madeon's remix is good too.


    I love the original

    Ben F

    김민건 I prefer original


    Nope you're not alone, the original is more catchy :D

  56. Andrew Foltz

    Not gonna lie, if they came to America, they'd be huge. To be honest, I can't even listen to the crap produced here. There's a reason I listen to foreign music over stuff coming out of the U.S., it's so much better! They have so much talent it's a shame they're not bigger. 

  57. Virgi González

    Oh, MY YOUTH! *biggest sigh*

  58. EUSSR olygarchic Kommissar

    bwahahaha Americans make me laugh. No Anders is not gay, he has a gf. They think he is gay, because he doesent dress like a thug and doesent sing about how big his cock is and how many bitches he fuck and btw revolutionary OMG this is a music video and not a porn vid :-D. GET OUT. Even if he was gay so friggiiiiiiin what? sexual orientation means zero in judging a person....this song is amazing. Now go back and listen to your crappy staright dick head songs...LMAO

    Miriam Schioetz

    @Kenshiroit They are from Denmark.

    EUSSR olygarchic Kommissar

    @Miriam Schioetz
    for real? and whats make you think I didnt know?

    Miriam Schioetz

    @Kenshiroit Nothing, nothing, it wasn't meant as like 'do you know that' it wasn't meant bad!

    Cardboard Sliver

    +matt walker just like European people like to stereotype Americans.

  59. Emilia Pedersen

    there from denmark 
    go denmark !!! 

  60. Nick Cox

    Love this song. Love the video :)

  61. VibescapeTV

    Oh shit Wonky-Pop is great... :O

  62. nomadsnapper

    I can't make up my mind if i wanna bone the chick..
    Is that good?

    John Sawicki

    Why wouldent you want to bone her man? She's fucking gorgeous

  63. Tripzone

    Makes me alil proud to be danish :)

  64. juntirox

    madeon plz hahaha

  65. Brittany Simmons

    Alphabeat continue making good music

  66. Colin Steven Adams

    Why have I never heard this before - this is amazing! I love Anders he is so beaut. 

  67. EsperMagic

    It's so 80s I fucking love it

  68. Fjollini dansa


  69. 中務大輔豊久


  70. RPone

    Love this

  71. Prince FDarkness

    Whats this kind of music called ? Can anyone recommend me similar songs ?


    Dance-pop, house (something like that) :p

    Fru Foo


  72. Aaron Dragg

    Can't believe this still doesn't have a million views. 


    now it does :)

  73. Frederick X.

    Madeon's remix just techs it up a bit. The two sound almost the same :o

    Aaron Dragg

    I feel they're quite different. I hate to admit I like Madeon's remix better, as much as I like the original.

    Eryk Kurzawa

    @Aaron Dragg I agree, I think the song sounds better since Madeon made the beat faster. 

  74. XP - Qırmızı Yanğın Ilan


  75. XP - Qırmızı Yanğın Ilan

    Buy N' Large Celebrating 2830th Anniversary 179 - 3009

  76. Alex Peters

    No, it's not the Madeon remix. This one is very similar to the album copy but still different enough that I think it might be another mix.

    (Thanks though!)

  77. Wamauro Dentes [boka loka]

    Madeon remix. Period.

  78. Andy Quach

    The Madeon remix?

  79. Alex Peters

    This mix is different to the one on the album. Any details on what this mix is called and where I might be able to find it?

  80. Pablo Portilla Royaceli

    I like it that much too!. I'm from México and here there are no so famous... except from the song "boyfriend" which sounds on the radio.

  81. JAB3000Productions

    They needed something to dance to, madeon gave them exactly that.

    Paz Belén

    Hahahahhaha yas

  82. Ohm

    The song is good, but I think there's a reason why Madeon's remix is more searched than the original:D

  83. African Dream

    shazam brought me here

  84. tmtm325

    Disagree! Found out about this song by Madeon and I like the original better! Both versions are awesome though!

  85. Alexander Johansson

    Why can't I download the single mix from iTunes Sweden? :-(

  86. CK CK

    oh thats awesome :)

  87. Евгений Андже

    Моя любимая группа. Моя любимая песня. Прекрасное видео. (My favorite band. My favorite song. Beautiful video.)

  88. Polydor

    Big claim there Ian but glad you like it that much!

  89. Ian Michael

    the best song i ever heard.

  90. A T O M E N T

    their dancing is so bad its good

  91. Andreas Haas

    Great song...:)

  92. OakWolfsbane353

    Dude, they're married. (Or engaged.)

  93. LEO

    MADEON :)

  94. XxCowSaucexX


  95. alchemicinterest

    I'd never heard this version before! I love it so much haha! Better than the album version maybe :)

  96. joshua gonzalez

    reminds me of the 80 or 90s Lol

  97. joshua gonzalez

    madeon remix is better

  98. txh00kem

    Madeon made this track so much better.