Alpha Rev - Sing Loud Lyrics

Open wide I'm ready for the battle
Our fight, this burning bed
See the bones that bullets have shattered
And I feel every drop of blood you've bled

Lay down these promises broken
Take me into your hurricane
While violent clouds roll over
I'll hold your hand till the colors fade
I'll be here till your dying day

Sing loud from the roof tops
Come dance on the rivers edge
Carry me over mountains to the end of love
Close the gates to the city
Hear the drums on the hillside
Carry me over mountains to the end of love

Standing in a field of voices
Find shelter from the blame
Even if you think it's all over
I'll be here till the colors fade
I'll be here till your dying day

Sing loud from the rooftops
Come dance on the rivers edge
Carry me over mountains to the end of love
Close the gate to the city
Hear the drums on the hillside
Carry me over mountains to the end of love

OOoooh OOoohh OOooohhh [x4]

Put down the knife you're weilding
Let high stone walls fall away
With gentle time will be an ending
And I'll be here till the colors fade
And I'll be here till your dying day

Sing loud from the rooftops
Come dance on the rivers edge
Carry me over mountains to the end of love
Close the gate to the city
Hear the drums on the hillside
Carry me over mountains to the end of love

Sing loud, burn it down, call the river as we fall apart

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Alpha Rev Sing Loud Comments
  1. Caitlin Sampson

    I've loved this song for awhile. Was curious though .. are they a Christian band?

    Hernán Snow

    Caitlin Sampson I don't think they are.

  2. Bella Donna

    I love this!

  3. Jake J.

    Why is this band not more well known? This is amazing.

  4. David Neely


  5. Asdf Asdf

    heard this in Ihop

  6. Gabriella Feathers

    I love Indie ♡

  7. Codiak Johnson

    this song reminds me of the walking dead

  8. Karen Copley

    This is one of the BEST groups!!!  I can't believe they are not on every radio station!!  Help spread the word!!!  Just saw them in concert they were GREAT!  Also really enjoyed Jarrod and the Mill!  Help keep our music alive-support these small groups!

  9. Grace Swanson

    The goosebumps

  10. Pandoras policebox

    I've had a lot of problems with my friends and sense of self along with my love life. This song is so calming and the message makes everything seem small. I needed this.

  11. Liz Ward

    Love this. I've had hard times with love, but that door has been opened again by someone amazing in my life now-this song make me think about the newness of it all again and really how amazing it can be...

  12. Sgentlemanjack

    only 175k?? WTF?

     Chimpanzee riding on a Segway probably has 30 million+ by now....    
    Dam it people...

  13. Jeremy Snell

    What a beautiful & moving song! Even when the one you've loved the most, strips you of love... There's still an invitation to life...

  14. plarfnarf

    keep that blood blue 

  15. Michelle Witherspoon

    I met Cacey! I got to preform with him! <3 <3 *STARSTRUCK*

  16. jpkc86

    On for.. lol. My comment wins! The point remains! Awesome work!

  17. jpkc86

    I love the style you used in this vid, really awesome job on for an awesome song.

  18. ouija bored

    Tell my mom to play this at my funeral..

  19. Anthony Gasperino

    on repeat


    Anthony Gasperino Would be nice if YouTube had that feature. There is a playlist repeat but I don't think there is a specific repeat. Am I wrong here? Would be nice to be wrong

  20. Jocelyn Ang

    thanks to sound hounds, i discover this wonderful song and this amazing group. love their music.

  21. bubblesBH

    Same! I heard it and I was like, who is this!? Its amazing! *SHAZZAM* Do you have any song suggestions for me?

  22. Terri Mason

    As the caregiver to my Dad, and also to my Mom earlier before her passing. I'll hold your hand until the colors fade...

  23. Kacee Brown

    Actually, Casey McPherson is the only constant member of Alpha Rev . . . and if some of the people who play WITH him do other things, that's different. They are NOT a Christian band, but Casey himself is very spiritual . . . that can be very different.

  24. Kacee Brown

    if you hadn't said that, I would have *groan*

  25. Carol Kruse

    Thinkin' I'm gonna use it for mine!!!! Not soon I hope.

  26. Carol Kruse

    I would love to hear this at our church. They usually have a song that ties in with the weekly message.

  27. block dude

    A few of the dudes who play in this group actually play church gigs, so it's not too surprising

  28. Sgentlemanjack

    They are fighting & have betrayed each other but
    he wants to stay together to the very end..


    Sgentlemanjack Got someone like that. Not the healthiest realationship by a long shot. But something works

  29. Kelly Funk

    This song is amazing because people can see it how ever they want to

  30. Death Dew

    When in doubt....Sing loud.

  31. Bobbie Morrison-Koralishn

    I Dedicate This song in Loving Memory To My Brother Roscoe Morrison
    Who passed away July 12, 2013 at the age of 47

  32. Sgentlemanjack

    it's about loving someone forever.

  33. April Manter

    Yes, I feel the same way. A REALLY good one

  34. heather anne

    This song is my safe haven

  35. Rachel Brown

    sound kinda like My Heaven Song by Phil Wickham

  36. Miranda Barrios

    Absolutely beautiful. Everything; the lyrics, his voice, the guitar. It's all sooo great!

  37. erika k

    Pretty sure I just fell in love with this song!!

  38. senatortombstone

    Did not think of that, but I see what you mean. It is a lovely song.

  39. MrTrickoman

    Jesus only loves you to get in your pants.

  40. TheDolphin815

    Yes, it says you have good taste.

  41. TheDolphin815

    Really? Must EVERYTHING be about religion on YouTube these days? Can't we just enjoy the pretty song without bringing Jesus into it?

  42. The Impossible Girl

    I love this song sooooo... much! I've listened to it so much this week, I'm surprised it's not memorized.

  43. Death Dew

    this song rules why 6 thumbs suck!!!!!!!!!!!!

  44. Claire Tourigny

    @xcel888 yes yes very good cheese.

  45. xcel888

    I discovered this song while working at AMC. This is some good cheese. I shall explore more

  46. Paige Miller

    These guys opened for Ben Rector and now im obsessed! Such a beautiful voice and so nice!!

  47. Jim Bohn

    Hmmmm , i concure!!

  48. Jim Bohn

    This by the way is Windy Hope Bohn, on Jim Bohns computer account :)

  49. Jim Bohn

    My first thought was praise and worship sounding too :) Its so uplifting!! love love it!!!

  50. Mike Watts

    Truly down to earth as fuck... Helped these guys with their equipment at the Airport before a gig this weekend. The vibe from them just made me wanna seek them out

  51. Mike Watts

    Damn I really wished I got to see you guys in concert. Def catching you guys next time you come in Charleston

  52. A Mirror Less World

    Amazing band, very inspirational

  53. Laura Proshek

    Alpha Rev is such an amazing band. Casey is so down to earth, and really overall a nice guy. I saw them at the House of Blues yesterday and even though they were only he opening act, they were so phenomenal. I got to meet him, and it was an amazing experience.

  54. Karyna Martinez


  55. MrUnladenswallow

    i heard their song "new morning" when i accidentally walked into a womens bathroom, the song was so good that i continued to use the facilities until a little girl started screaming to her mother about a man in the toilet. I waited for the song to finish ....then i left

  56. Justin Smith

    Saw them do this one at Waterloo Records today. It was badass

  57. Punkkid_Fitness

    To me it sounds like two people who are breaking up, but they'll always be there for eachother and love eachother, but they're moving on for the best. Maybe that's just me, but that's what I hear :)

  58. Brad Daemons

    Can't get enough, great song.

  59. DrRisk01

    thumbs up for youtube advertisment

  60. Enoch Ching

    whoa, take it down a notch. No one's trying to start a religious anything. Just a simple observation that this could make a good worship song since it sounds like one. Take it easy and enjoy the good music :)

  61. icespade1

    Just have to through a few jesus' in there and something about praising him or letting his love enter him and BAM. Praise and worship song all day that every church group will feel obligated to start covering.

  62. Gabby Younan

    This song was a youtube commercial ad. Its AMAZING!!!!!

  63. Keith H

    I heard this on Comcasts Alt. Music station and loved it!

  64. talentoso Henriquez

    gran canción solo falta que lleguen a chile

  65. embe thatsme

    I'll be here till your dying day

  66. Daniel Larson

    so uplifting. nice way to start a sunday1

  67. jarret dunnam

    man this song really changed me. i just wanna thank you guys for being special. bless u. peace out

  68. fernando perdomo

    Who did this video?

  69. Kaelyn Alyssa Hill

    Love this song!

  70. Liz Ward

    2:59 best part :)

  71. Liz Ward

    this makes me feel all happy inside :)

  72. NicoleNickle1

    Exactly what I thought when I heard it on the radio!!

  73. sclaudin

    You guys are about to become huge. I feel like your already big but you are going to be huge.

  74. Aubree Hoffman

    Yup! :)

  75. ccbelle55

    Can I like this like a million times???:D

  76. Robert Brennan

    Love it!

  77. Connnor Mac

    this son sucks

  78. AkYank77

    Great song, thanks for sharing

  79. ndkelly1991

    It's been a LONG time since i've heard a song as moving and powerful as this

  80. AlwaysCozy

    This song is great. It's very inpsirational and makes me feel good =) =)

  81. Arakeanar

    YES! I listen to it like one :)

  82. T.K. Archibald

    I bet this song will help push them to become more well known. It's pretty dang good.

  83. Maggie Berry

    Love love love this sing

  84. Enoch Ching

    anyone else feels like this is only a hair's lyric away from a praise and worship song? like a reallly really good one?

  85. cp22gear

    shazam'd this at work today. awesome song. hope it catches it big. will definitely look you guys up.

  86. Rosiee_

    <3 genius

  87. mgpisces

    this is beautiful <3

  88. andrew norwood

    Alpha always beautiful, amazing. Very proud of you guys and how far you've come. Now the world gets to see how awesome you all are. =)

  89. Sara Melin

    This reminds me of Pocahontas. I don't know why. <3

  90. Kaleb Hobson-Garcia

    Dang, this is amazing xD I cried a little. I wish I had heard of you earlier or I would have been a huge fangirl by now.

  91. xKandiKatZombies

    I want this to be my wedding song. <3 It`s so beautiful. It kind of brings me to a Native American scene. This song is so natural. I really love it. (:

  92. Paulo Nikson

    They're not christian!

  93. Abner James

    i'm pretty sure they're not explicitly christian, but a lot of their music has to do with spirituality...kind of like U2 if that helps?

  94. obiwantchocolate

    Is Alpha Rev a Christian band? I didn't read anything explicitly as such in their Wikipedia biography, lol, but, every song I hear from them sounds like it is about striving for God, or is at least religiously/spiritually motivated to a large extent.

  95. Alexandre Barrette

    addicted to this song -_-

  96. Cecily Jane

    @AubreeLuvzU omg! Me too! We should figure out the keys together!!!

  97. Alexandre Barrette

    WOW! New album is going to kick some ***

  98. Aubree Lee

    Im so obsessed....this song makes me want to "Sing Loud from the Rooftops" , and everything thing else it says in the chorus. Truly beautiful...thank you :)

  99. ileavey

    Is this a Jesus jam?