Alpha Rev - Get Out Lyrics

Drink till your hopes gone
Get a fucking job
Carve out your own path
Till they get to hard

Get Out

Before it gets to late
Get Out

Before you cave
Get Out

Sunlight hits my face
Through the little holes
Fluorescent daylight
Headaches from the cold
Cant escape the phone

Get Out

Before it gets to late
Get out

When your soul is stirring
Eyes are open
Everything will change
If you wait
for the sound

And get out

You get out

Before it gets to late
Get out

Before you cave
Before you stay

Get out

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Alpha Rev Get Out Comments
  1. Kayla Finn

    how in the world are there only 17 likes for this?

  2. karla noble

    the story of my life lol

  3. TheXTVproductions

    this is a father's song to a 32 year old son who doesn't work at all.

  4. x0Lilian0x

    Love his voice.