Alpha Rev - Black Sky Lyrics

It's dark
And I'm looking for a hand
To make something from the land
While the soul's ripe.

It's hard
To sow on rocky face
On steel and smokey shade
Is it good enough?

And the leaves die
And the grounding is none
And the black sky
Covers up the sun
I'll wait for the light to come.

It's dark
There nowhere left to go
Ten feet deep in snow
And the fires out.

It's time
That you came and rescued me
I've nowhere left to be
When the fires out.

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Alpha Rev Black Sky Comments
  1. OwlEyes

    the audio quality on this is atrocious

  2. angie valentine

    Stumbled upon this .. n i luv this song!!

  3. bcolak1

    Buried in these songs (if you listen real close) are the seeds of a beautiful revolution...

  4. mike

    Come to Ohio!