Alpha Rev - Alone With You Lyrics

Desperation is replaced
By the business of good intentions
Now the path I'm left to face
Is the length of time I'm treading water

I've been cracked enough to break
Bruised, reduced, enough to scatter
As I step into this place
The knife, the rose, the sparrow come together

Alone with you
Amidst all the weather
I'm alone with you
There is nothing better

On the brink of a fading heart
Another day I lead forgotten
Trying to keep up staying sharp
Lately feel the blind abandon

I'm alone with you
Amidst all the weather
I'm alone with you
For there is, for there is no other

For there is no other
There is no other
There is no other
There is no other

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Alpha Rev Alone With You Comments
  1. Jack Jordan

    2:43 i love this part :)

  2. Gerald West

    the knife =? a sharp rebuttal of someone's suggestion of love?
    the rose =? a singular beauty, the object of affection/attention, the blossoming love, itself?
    the sparrow =? the gossip of onlookers?, the mistruths of the apparent "love"?

    ...just some thoughts that I had from listening to the song(s).

    Would appreciate a "little" more insight into the lyrics... ;)

  3. Gerald West

    Why was my inquiry marked as SPAM!?

    I am interested in learning more about the artists lead, or intent in the lyrics of the song...

  4. Alpha Rev

    Yo thx for posting- this is Alex- Definitely the knife, the rose the sparrow. : ) three important symbols to us for this record.

  5. babybop728

    I agree with the lyrics you have, although I always thought he said "On the brink of fading hard". Ha ha.

  6. ddgrn1

    this a beautiful song

  7. Steve Ochi

    great song

  8. Steve Ochi

    great song

  9. MusicNerd

    This is the fourth or fifth time I have listened to this song in the last two days, and I still can't decide what those lyrics are.