Alpert, Herb - What A Wonderful World Lyrics

In the words of the great Louis Armstrong
An answer to young people saying
"What do you mean it's a wonderful world?
Well how 'bout all those wars all over the place?
You call that wonderful?
And how 'bout hunger and pollution?
That ain't so wonderful either.
It ain't the world that's so bad,
It's what we're doing to it.
What a wonderful world it would be,
If only we would give it a chance."

What a, what a wonderful world, yeah
What a, what a, what a wonderful world, yeah
What a, what a wonderful world, yeah
What a, what a, what a wonderful world, yeah

What a, what a wonderful world, yeah
What a, what a, what a wonderful world

(What a, what a wonderful world)
(What a, what a, what a wonderful world)

What a (What a), What a (What a) wonderful world, yeah
What a, what a, what a wonderful world, yeah
What a, what a wonderful world, yeah
What a, what a, what a wonderful world, yeah

What a, what a wonderful world, yeah
What a, what a, what a wonderful world

What a, what a wonderful world, yeah
What a, what a, what a wonderful world, yeah
What a, what a wonderful world, yeah
What a, what a, what a wonderful world, yeah

What a, what a wonderful world, yeah
What a, what a, what a wonderful world, yeah
What a, what a wonderful world, yeah
What a, what a, what a wonderful world, yeah

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Alpert, Herb What A Wonderful World Comments
  1. Robert Reynolds

    I go back to the mid-60s as a teenager and his music was all over the radio, Tijuana Taxi, for example, was the best

  2. missCostales

    Fantastico Herb

  3. Dorian Lecoq

    Prefer Claude François

  4. Werner Hamilton

    What a truly good person you are! It is rare to meet an individual whom you'd call good, and it is even more rare to find a well known person who is good. (That is in the sense of living and displaying kindness, advocating and encouraging love among all people, especially those who are in some way different from ourselves.)

    I have admired you since my childhood in the 60's. One day my 4th or 5th grade music teacher asked a few of us to bring our favorite albums to class. The white kids in our recently integrated southern US school were crazy about the Osmonds. The black kids were into the Jackson 5. I brought the Herb Alpert TJB album "Going Places" to class. Most of the kids thought I was a little weird (maybe I was...) and I endured some ridicule. But thankfully the teacher was sweet and encouraging.

    My mother had introduced me to your music and to this day practices the same egalitarianism you demonstrate. I thank her and you for helping me and others appreciate the humanity of all peoples.

  5. arthur ben ephraim

    Armstrong began as a youth in New Orleans-- a gang bangin' revolver toting' basket case-- until a benefactor took the time to show him agape love.  Too bad this video has a spinning ball globe earth having a pressurized atmosphere in direct contact with infinite vacuum space..........  Any seen a United Nations Flag cartography ?

  6. Naser Musa

    God is good all the time
    I was blessed to play on this humanitarian project with the legend Herb Alpert and some of the world's finest musicians.
    الرب صالح كل الوقت
    باركني الرب بالاشتراك بالعزف في هذا التسجيل الذي يعود ريعه لدعم اعمال انسانيه في العالم مع العازف المعروف هيرب البيرت ونخبه من افضل ميسيقيي العالم


    What a wonderful .. musician!

  8. TheMrNichtsnutz

    WHAT A WONDERFUL VIDEO Amazing music!

  9. Colourful 999 Real

    Wonderful Song
    Life is so beautiful with
    Beautiful music's

  10. Bill Smith

    What a wonderful statement - vote!

  11. Cathy Knight

    Your music is amazing!

  12. Robby Ivy

    Sir....I am so glad I found your channel! Been a fan forever! Thank you for this.We definitely need to be reminded that in the midst of so much turmoil, it's still a wonderful world. Much love to you, your beautiful wife and family!

  13. ImpunSigwa Kapisik


  14. Melody Davis

    Always and Forever Loved.

  15. Takehiko Kokubo

    Who is going to complain about this wonderful song?


    querido Herb ... no me canso de escuchar tu SPANISH FLEA desde hace casi 50 años. Esa cancion me hizo mas inteligente

  17. Josh Gellis

    *'Rotation', 'Rise'! AWESOME DISCO SONGS BY HERB ALPERT!!!!!*

  18. Cq Christos

    Thank you for keeping the amazing legacy of Satchmo alive with this incredible rendition of one of his greatest songs. I hope someday we'll have an International Jazz Hall of Fame in New Orleans so that his legacy will be remembered along with all of the other Jazz greats whose legacy should be honored as well.

  19. pierina laura herrera maldonado

    You are my love...always...your Music is from the end of the world...thank you so much....

  20. Jane Tande

    Love it! Beautiful.......

  21. Glenn Taikon

    Wow Herb Alpert, very nice.

  22. Nigol T.

    Go back to your roots!!! Get that small group of hot musicians and do it live in the studio like you used to. :)

  23. chad connolly


  24. Guadalupe Aguilar

    i like it very much.......

  25. Kim Niday

    LOVE THIS!!! Thank you for your positive energy!

  26. dora rodriguez

    Lovet Herb

  27. Steve Flad

    Oh Herb such a great song! As always another song of yours I will follow and love. wish my dad was still living he would just love this as he had all your albums and songs and now I have them! Continue the great work Herb and I know in heaven my dad and mom can hear this song!


    My dad had every Herb Alpert album and some of Louie Armstrong's; they were part of the soundtrack of my childhood. Dad passed in 2004, but I am so grateful he introduced me to Herb Alpert. He would be so tickled and amazed that Herb is still playing and releasing new work. Phenomenal!

  28. Maria Nicolosi

    Claudio Bergamaschi sempre presente dall'Italia ( 22 - 02 - 1959 ).

  29. Robert Gold

    Thank you Herb for being a positive influence in my life. We love you so much!

  30. Kelvin Gill

    Love it..beautiful.

  31. Hangman Hancco quispe

    es PEDRO EUSTACHEEEEEEEEE, que emocion verlo aqui compartiendo tan bella cancion, es mi ídolo

  32. Christian Gastañaduy

    Como no emocionarse al ver un nuevo video de mi 1er idolo musical,escucho al maestro Herb Alpert desde q tenia 7 años y ahora cn 42 años me sigue fascinando su musica. Solo puedo decir muchas gracias Mr Alpert por tanta hermosa música y alegrar mis dias desde mi niñez.

  33. Smile Side of Life

    love. Thank you.

  34. Juan Manuel Barreto Talledo

    Su música es demasiado noble para este mundo.

  35. puppetlady1

    I was at a meeting the other night and one of the members of the board were not present and they said, he was not there because of Herb Albert and a few of us in the audience smiled because we know exactly who you are and thank you for all of your inspirations to date including this beautiful video for the Louis Armstrong Foundation. You may find my take on this wonderful world "48th annual earth day" on my channel. Happy listening and let the music play on.


    Vraiment magnifique!!! Merci infinement.

  37. Christopher Tsiliacos

    Herb's music has been entertaining us for over two generations. May his music continue to inspire and entertain us for generations to come. 😊 🎼 ♫ 🎺

  38. Kenny Watkins

    Thank you herb

  39. Elaine Reid

    No way to express my gratitude to you and Lani for sharing your gifts/talents, and your hearts with us for over 50 years!! I still listen to your CDs every day!!! It's always "Aranjuez" that gets me out of my rocking chair - LOL!!

  40. Ernesto Ghinaglia

    So beautiful, so meaningful, so Herb Alpert.

  41. Freedom for Musicians

  42. Freedom for Musicians

    Thank you Herb, you continue to inspire me even after 40 years of trumpet playing. What a wonderful man.

  43. Álvaro Andrés Peralta Parra

    Dance mode activated.

  44. michael hermiston

    great to hear you still playing music..spreading the love... thought you might do a cover of this tune of mine.."how much love on a pale blue dot"

  45. Kathleen DiGregorio

    Wonderful ~ thank you Herb for posting this video ~ it really lifted my heart up