Alpert, Herb - Making Love In The Rain Lyrics

Making love in the rain
I can't believe the
Joy it brings me
Making love all alone
I hear the rain on my window

It's just a little thing
But it means so much to me
Our bodies together while
The rain plays a melody

Every raindrop
Makes think of you
(Wishing you
Were close to me)
There is nothing
That I'd rather do than

Making love in the rain
I can't believe the
Joy it brings me
Making love all alone
I hear the rain on my window

When it's stormy outside
It's warm in my heart
With you in my arms

And when you're away from me
I wish it would rain
Cause it's always the same

Every raindrop
Makes think of you
(Wishing you
Were close to me)
There is nothing
That I'd rather do than

Making love in the rain
I can't believe the
Joy it brings me
(I can't believe)
When we're done, all alone
I hear the rain on my window
(On my window)

Making love in the rain
I can't believe the
Joy it brings me
(Making love)

Making love all alone
I hear the rain on my window
(On my window)
(I hear the raindrops flow)

Every raindrop
Makes think of you
(Wishing you were
Close to me)
There is nothing
That I'd rather do than

Making love in the rain
I can't believe the
Joy it brings me
(Making love)

When we're here all alone
I hear the rain on my window
(On my window, I hear it)

Making love in the rain
I can't believe the
Joy it brings me

All alone, I hear the rain
My love, here comes the rain
My love, here comes the rain
My love, here comes the rain
My love, here comes the rain

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Alpert, Herb Making Love In The Rain Comments
  1. Clifford Martin

    I heard this song and the beat took me 🔥!

  2. RIGGS

    Only time will tell who dies, these are the days of our lives

  3. Kala Yara

    I born in the same year that this song was realize and, omg I love it!

  4. Joseph Hernandez

    Glorious Styles.P version too

  5. O'neal Auguste

    People who listen to this don't know that they also love this track because it sounds like one of Roger Troutman beats..Computer Love..

  6. Zac Schnepp

    Some of my 5 children were conceived by this song

  7. Marley Skyy

    Babymaker ... Yasssssssss

  8. QTee

    I'm sure that if i had ever made love to him he could definitely tell the difference in my touch vs anyone else's in all his life... this i know as deeply as the brand the moment would leave on my soul

  9. Brian Carpenter

    This a timeless classic that I still share with people

  10. Sergio Rivera

    Herp Alpert
    "Making Love In The Rain"
    #35, 1987.

  11. JUICYRED 70

    Simply beautiful babies➕➕🅰🅰🅰➕➕
    I feel so sad

  12. MrKinglee23

    As crazy as my comment may seem styles p brought me to this classic. I knew it was a old school gem but his freestyle called ghost P brought me here and I'm thankful for how rap and classic jams bring me to a peace and joy 🙏

    DION Simeon

    He bodied this beat.... Salute. #TheGhost

  13. Claire Ajibola

    Luv this song ❤️💙❤️

  14. lhmmhl1

    These are the days of our lives...

  15. ronald alexander

    Still rocking in 2019 🔥🔥🔥

  16. Pseudo-ku

    waterfront dining - little things

  17. PH Ugly Duckling

    Ummmm...question~~did the Ohio rap group/Eazy E proteges Bone Thugs & Harmony sample this song 🤔🤔🤔🎶🎵🎼 ???

  18. PH Ugly Duckling

    every raindrop
    makes me think of you
    (wishing you were close to me)
    there is nothing that i'd rather do than....

  19. QTee

    I used to play this song all of the time...




    But last night, i thought about you...


    I thought about making love to you...


    And all it did was make me cry....

  20. The Melancholic Tigah

    Bone Thugs N Harmony sampled this Masterpiece.

  21. YYCkike

    Some parts sound similar to It Might Be You by Stephen Bishop

  22. Big Becky


  23. Q-Storm76

    Over 5K made sweet love in the rain..... and caught colds in the process.

  24. Kissie Alexander


  25. rodbattle37

    Just 207,501 views what this song is a jam and a hell of a love making song or baby making song.. this should be over 5 million in 2019

  26. Tevonn Mitchell

    The sensuality just pours out the speakers!!! Damnnnn

  27. iam lawless

    Love n basketball brought me here😂

  28. Deva Carpenter

    Herb Alpert, Lisa Keith and Janet DamitaJo Jackson...Magic ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️✨✨✨

  29. Deva Carpenter

    Herb Alpert, Lisa Keith and Janet DamitaJo Jackson...Magic ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️✨✨✨

  30. Codeine Dean Smith

    Hey you little dumb shit Millennials....
    This is what you call music.
    Perfectly orchestrated music layered and mastered by real music producers!
    Real women actually singing without any auto tuned help!
    A real guy playing the saxophone!
    Study and repeat if you can?!?!?

  31. iam Bunndl3s

    Doughboy Scootch bought me here from his song “In deep thought”

  32. Shawn Shorter

    Quiet Storm Classic

  33. xodus101


  34. Gregg Mitchell

    A great track - has echoes of Human League's "Human," their hit single released in 1986 a year earlier, also written & produced by Jam & Lewis... Lisa Keith should have been a bigger star, but her solo debut album was delayed too long to make an impact. Sad, really.

  35. Stout Bordeaux

    My joint, what a trio of talent!

  36. Bezimienny Nameless

    tak Cię będę brał Agniecha !

  37. Kaneshia Gadsden

    My Jam!! ❤ 2019

  38. Thee Aaron Smith

    Perfect for actually smashing while it's raining out 😎

  39. L T A


  40. Carling L.

    Just because it's storming outside right now

  41. Cedric Ogletree

    Classic Quiet Storm Track . I love it

  42. Stella Ercolani

    Soo romantic. Love the cool raindrops on skin.

  43. Dominique Whitaker

    2019 yes, still listen to my relaxs music 💖💖 this my music when it really rain candles, smokes, drinks oh mine 🤐🤐

  44. William Douglas


  45. Gerald Mingo

    351 people never made love in the rain 😜

  46. Jbbouvardia

    Herb Albert will be at the Triple Door in Seattle on March 7, 2019. The Facebook post got me looking up Herb Albert songs. Gosh, I miss songs like this one. So relaxing even if you're not making love.

  47. Marcell Johnson

    If only Aaliyah gotta chance to cover this song

  48. bin

    clairo brought me ;)

  49. Ronald Elston


  50. Caleb Ortiz

    Legendary🔥🔥🔥👌👌👌💯💯💯. Romantic vibrations at their finest💋💋💋. Shout out to Lil B (Song-Ghetto Dreams) and Styles P (Song-Ghost P) for sampling this song.


    👍 Great!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Tamika Turner

    80s baby and I love this song...

  53. The God

    A girl took my v off of this song

  54. Dawn Navarro

    I love this song tho was a little girl I would listen to this kind of music with my uncles n I enjoy it today just like I did bck then

  55. You Call That a Knife?

    Man, I know that a lot of people hate rap music, but, I wish those same people understood just how much other great music I've been introduced to as a result of the sampling used in many rap songs. One of my favorite activities, since I was young, is looking up the samples used in my favorite hip hop music, and then seeking out those original songs.

  56. Anita Williams-Nolden

    Jered Sanders-Fresher brought me here. Loved this song back in the late 80s.

  57. Shawn Arnold

    Funny how the background vocals (janet) and Production (Jam, Lewis and Herb) are bigger than Lisa's vocals.. People still thinks this is Janet's song.. lol

  58. Christian Shaw

    Dis wavey

  59. GoddessKia7

    This is my midnight jaaaaaaaam! 🙌🏾🔥🔥🔥🔥

  60. frostysnow w

    Real Music 😃🎧🎤🎶🎵💕💕💕💕

  61. John Moore

    This song has smoke on it. Playa song

  62. Eric Ward

    Classic, how could you not love this joint....this that candle burning, sitting on the couch with your woman/man music just cuddling....and loving being in love 💘💯

  63. Yolanda McGill

    Still listening in 2018

  64. Michael Lewis

    The Best Slow Jam.

  65. coquijean

    ...ahhh'?...(308 Dislikes?)...they are either teenagers that are "into" Brittany Spears or Facebook Zombies...Ohhh! and didnt have the PRIVILEGE of LIVING the BEST DECADE OF MUSIC (other genres are included behind the 80', 😀, Of course!!!...... please)
    *PRINCE (to name ah'few: TIME, CLOUD, Breakfast can wait...I could go on, with His "ROYAL HIGHNESS") 💜💜💜
    *Empire of the Sun
    *Towa Tei
    *ZERO 7...anyway, I'm getting off ona' tangent about the IDIOTS that "thumbs down", lol...hava good day and

  66. Senixyz

    First time hearing it. I like it!

  67. Drislady

    This song is just amazing!! It's so soothing!!

  68. MrAntiSellOut

    Too bad 269 people can't see that this is one of the most best 80's slow jams of all time

  69. Christopher Lewis

    This is one of the most beautiful songs ever. Real. Timeless. When music was from the heart.

  70. Danny Owens

    I don't care what anyone says...

    This is Bone Thugz

    Anita Williams-Nolden

    The sample they use is Tender Love by the Force MD's

  71. Mr Maxxx

    Herb Albert,janet jackson,lisa Keith , with Jimmy jam and Terry Lewis colab on a quiet Storm classic,still sounds good and Lisa Keith could blow,janet was smooth on the hook

  72. StikMusic

    FatJoe and FrenchMontana did remake also

  73. Rachel Williams

    My Love becomes the rain

  74. Joya Saxena

    Janet Jackson’s voice is so soft that I want to fart rainbows every time I hear her. Her voice is so tender singing and talking. For some reason I feel like she’d be a comforting person to be around just because she seems like a smol bean in person and not onstage. Onstage, she’s a beast but when she does interviews and talks to people, she’s such a sweetheart. Her voice gives me that vibe cuz it’s so silky and like a teddy bear.

  75. Sergio Garcia

    me encanta esta cancion es una de mis favoritas. hasta el fin de los tiempos con esta cancion.

  76. Tekno

    Queen Latifah - just another day.

  77. Andrew Freeman

    Run it back to 1930-1949 try that era.

  78. Tan

    Remember hearing this on the radio at night on the Quiet Storm

  79. Keith Dixon

    Miss Jackson and Mr. A&M Hurb A.

  80. stacy wiley


  81. JamondGH

    Charles Hamilton sampled this

  82. Jacob Patterson

    I hear the rain on my windowwwww

  83. Stanley White

    Sampled by Bone and Kane and able #hydroponix

  84. Channaice Riddick

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  85. ConsumerWarrior

    Excellent teamwork between Herb Alpert, Janet Jackson and Lisa Keith.

  86. ChinaDoll25空

    Yesss baby💃🏻...Omg thank you for the dedication😍

  87. Stacey V.

    💓⛈️🌧️☔ Wishing you where next to me...🎶🎺

  88. Talking Back

    Tears running down my cheeks... Painful memories.....

    musicnerd 72

    Santos Garcia wow dude... I was just thinking the same..


    Same here brother


    Make me want to cry 😢 with u baby cause we will never get this kind of beautiful music 🎶 ever again u know that. Have a rainy ☔ night an I pray it's special baby. It's raining hard in Florida now ☔ so this song on repeat boo. ➕➕🅰🅰🅰➕➕

  89. Bobby Hurd

    How could this song NOT and I mean NOT have a music video????


    Bobby Hurd this song didn't need one, the melodies music and sound effects provided it.

    Ebony Phillips

    It definitely should’ve had a beautiful couple meeting up in the rain or something.

  90. Alphonso

    Stalley brought me here with the bass

  91. Taeblu

    One of my favorites and one the greatest songs. Jimmy Jam and Terry Lewis are extraordinary. 💖💖💖💖

  92. Cassandra Mcgee

    how can you not like this song?

  93. QTee

    So now everytime i hear this song you will always cross my mind 💕

  94. Shawn Shorter

    Passionate love makin tune

  95. Parris Evans

    Wendy Lisa from prince and Janet sick on so many levels

    Jamie Webster

    Parris Evans This is Lisa Keith,not Lisa and Wendy
    Just to let you know

  96. Shadd Scipio

    Diz my joint right there. Real music! Slow n smooth!

  97. Stewart Gerald

    Some people don’t realize that music is a time machine. I’m immediately transported back to the spring of 87 which was one of my memorable years in college. Awesome song and times.

    Daniel Marshall

    yes not though of that, your right. Thank you.

    Egyptian Regal

    I'm taken back to that same year.(summer)

  98. Stephfon Mack

    This beat go so hard

    Ashley Lyman

    Stephfon Mack I highly agree 🙌🏽

    Ronald Elston


  99. Tina T

    So many things I wish to tell her.