Almost, The - Southern Weather Lyrics

If my faults are your song
Then I will not be content to sing along
If I'm the one that's making you so out of touch
Then why don't you just go ahead and...
Why don't you just go ahead and

Blame it on this southern weather
Blame it on anything
It's not like you to ask small favors
You can blame me for everything

If I'm the cause of all your sickness and pain
Then I'll bury my face in the all of dirty shame...
If this is just what's getting you so out of touch
Then why don't you just go ahead and...
Why don't you just go ahead and (go ahead and)

Blame it on this southern weather
Blame it on anything
It's not like you to ask small favors
You can blame me for everything

This is my last plan to
bury all of your charms
This is my final rush
to reach for you

Blame it on this southern weather
Blame it on anything
It's not like you to ask small favors
You can blame me for everything
(you can blame me for everything)

Blame it on this southern weather
Blame it on anything
It's not like you to ask small favors
You can blame me for everything
You can blame me, blame me
You can blame me, blame me

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Almost, The Southern Weather Comments
  1. KillMeLast - RoS - Rules of Survival

    I didn’t hear this song ever till this year, what a great finding!

  2. Luan Rodrigues

    SOUTHERN WEATHER é de longe o disco que mais ouvi na vida HAHAHAHAHA, sdds <3

  3. arif ismail

    Still hearing 2019

  4. joke joke

    Man, it has been so long, nostalgia stings

  5. Zuriel Montes

    Esta banda me hizo conocer a Cristo, fui escuchando sus canciones y cuando me di cuenta ya estaba con otro tipo de música que se canta para Dios ☺👍

  6. Juan Sarmiento

    whoa, still to this day can't figure out why this doesnt have more views, I loved The Almost back in the day.

  7. Netflix & Chills ASMR

    This video is blocked in the US.... lame.

  8. Jing Bartolome


  9. Andrés David

    2019 and still love this song 😌

  10. Paula Fernanda

    2019! ✋🌻

    Mateus Bossolan


    Jona Herrán

    @Mateus Bossolan here! Such an awesome song. Would like thath new releases have this style

    Caio Felipe

    The almost trás boas lembranças de um menino voltando da escola com o seu mp3 de pilha.

  11. Miguel Burbano

    You can blame me for everything

  12. Cassio Platão Razoábilidade

    wonderfoull... at 2006 listening theys

  13. Jose Vela

    Music to my soul!!!

  14. Vinycius Batistela

    2k18 and I love this music <3

  15. Bitto Karen

    I miss growing up... I miss JCTV

  16. Josh Parbery

    Is there a higher quality version of this video?
    this is my favourite music video of all time
    the energy and emotion that has gone into this video is just incredible.

  17. Fanuel

    1 st comment 2017? :)

  18. tátila romane

    uses drugs to drive me crazy

  19. tátila romane

    aaron is a christian or borgus

  20. tátila romane

    who u think and aaron gillespie famous?

  21. Alpollo-00-

    228k views lel..such a nice song and the video hha

  22. Hedrian Kuckert

    Aaron a nice singer!!

  23. theblot3

    Ima gonna comment just cause no comments for 2 years

  24. vexcillia

    no comments in like 2 years ima break the chain lolz


    let me give you some help

    KillMeLast - RoS - Rules of Survival

    good enough here we are giving a helping hand, right?

  25. edward four

    hey guy god kep you self

  26. edward four

    god be all

  27. Ruth Makharte

    i like

  28. edward four


  29. Guy Dude

    Not available in my country?? >:O Where the hell do I live? Narnia??


    i remember that time when my cousin married and after the party i ve come home and watched this clip. Now my cousin is dead as rock music like that.
    P.S. Sry for bad English

  30. MickyBradfordJ


  31. 50sorrowC

    Yeah the man said it beautifully..yet I fail to see how God takes care of people around the world..especially the ones dying in Gaza at the moment.

  32. Carlos Valle

    and that is probably why no one cares about you

  33. Miranda Egas

    Watching this makes me miss the old fuse. The one where once I got home from school my friend and I would just sit and watch music videos while doing our homework.

  34. Sophy Panda

    thank you ^^

  35. Bryan Elliot

    Although I do love the song , and the band , Aaron belongs with underoath , from the time underoath released the album their only chasing safety to the time when they released their last album with him, that is when the band made a name for itself. It was because of Aaron and spencer and how well they work together that underoath is where it is today. On a second note , although Daniel Davidson is a great drummer, aaron can't be replaced sorry dude

  36. F Internet

    R.I.P UnderØath

  37. Sophy Panda

    Someone knows what the man at the beginning and at the ends sings ? i tryed searching it up on google but i found nothing :o

  38. Shiloh Hubbard

    so gud

  39. andronikus glen

    No wonder the video ain't be aired, but i love this video and the song, they're just so awesome! i'm gonna share it so people can see there's nothing to be feared to spread the Words through everything you do, and NO NEED to shove it to other's throat. Let's do our part, spread the Word, and God will do the rest. Love all people, respect them, speak through your act of love, just like Aaron did. Blessings!

  40. Yoel Jonathan

    Took me three long years to finally understand this song. Clarity comes at the most random times.

  41. Desert Cactus

    thats good news

  42. spacedogxlaika

    Southern Weather was released in 2007, and the earliest upload of this video that I could find was in 2008. The Tea Party Patriots didn't officially form until 2009, so I think we're fine. (v w v)

  43. Josiah Anderson

    Jesus loves you dude :)

  44. x o

    The drumming(guitar, and vocals) in this recording/entire album was all played by Aaron

  45. Desert Cactus

    I didn't know Underoathers were Tea Party patriots!!?!?

  46. Henkjan Steringa

    Man this drummer is alot better then their new drummer.. maybe it's the type of album, this album has so much more energy then their last.

  47. What I've Been Playing Lately

    you got to love those coke green drums :)

  48. ChandlerrRocks

    This video need more attention, it has such a great message. The band needs more recognition. and so does God.

  49. RADiR3L4ND

    That definitely made me tear up

  50. Krys

    "Because god has his hand on everything,to where he'll will take of the problems, thats not for you to worry about."

  51. powmia343

    aaaaahhhhhhh... home :)

  52. LandoC811

    Anyone else notice the size of the drummers floor tom?? HUMONGOUS

  53. sam willems

    @Dewie19 He's playing a Fender Jaguar

  54. Reagan Dewell

    anyone know what kind of guitar aarons playing at 2:29?

  55. Pommy

    @Cassepticon lol they did.... they were at the youth alive concert 2011... it was amazing

  56. 4kaitlynmd

    Because god has his hand on everything,

  57. FlyleafTheAlmost, Meny Translations

    muy zhida song

  58. T.J Staunton

    @Cassepticon I saw the live at Youth Alive. They were awesome. =)

  59. Omen ofwar

    @bleedwell4u there you go brother i have friends that are Christan and they dont shove God down my throat or why i have the views i have and i have friends that are not religious (yes atheism is a religion) and they dont question me as to why i am a type of Christan if you shove something down someones throat it does not create faithful followers it does however create resentment and it pisses me off when "Christians" try to do that if you do that you might as well go back to Westboro

  60. Mari_Madder

    I love piglet

  61. John- A-tron

    yaaay Aaron you roc

  62. Karla Marrero

    In June 24 its my birthday !!! 8-l

  63. Thomas Seyer U.

    coool xDDD

  64. Ozzckar Velazco

    oooo very clod

  65. Jordyn Lenkey

    @Luih4 Aha your an idiot

  66. Dear Leonard

    2:46 is my fAV part of the video

  67. arianzii

    aaron makes me proud to be a ranga

  68. Ray Manuel Rosello

    Aaron is one those guys who really inspires me as a music lover and as a good Christian believer ....

  69. EarwigEarl

    Get the fuck out of my culture.

  70. mister got it

    @itsnotme777 The statement is supposed to be ironic. Thanks for not being dumb l:

  71. jl82082

    The Only Good Song Aaron Made Since Leaving Underoath Its Sad

  72. Bofa Deez

    @james20722 Take your negative comments elsewhere

  73. dumbasstoasteater

    @FATTayamee wow you really have no life so you start fights on youtube and diss the people for how they look and not how talented they are as musicians wow thats pretty low you need to grow up

  74. Morgan Binford

    @FATTayamee your ugly! now fuck off!

  75. Takeshi So

    My favorite part.

  76. Takeshi So

    I liked this cut of the video. It has more detail shots in the band performance.

  77. chance newell

    Why is Aaron playing guitar in some scenes but not others? Lol. Stupid question

  78. lashey221

    Ahh, the lovely lovely south. lmfao

  79. Mike

    people have probably asked this before, and i really cant tell, but what kind of guitar does Aaron use in this video?

  80. cocanumber2

    This just completed me.
    I love him and his music so much.

  81. Josiah Truax

    "Thank God I'm not a believer." The irony in this statement is incredible. :D

  82. Little Plant

    Well, the answer to that question would be based strictly on personal preferences. Personally I like The Almost more, I like Underoath its just that I like their old music before they got Spencer.

  83. Kelly Mealing

    that was a bad ass video.

  84. KoalaKhaos

    there's this thing called
    freedom of speech, if that person wants to speak their mind, let them..don't get butt-hurt just 'cause they don't agree with you

  85. KoalaKhaos

    it reminds me of adam lazzara

  86. Tianna Martin

    This is a greeeaaaat song.. and band. Gotta love Aaron :)

  87. Brian Skywalker

    nice song =)

  88. fadence

    @skyfirerawr Pretty sure he can't play drums & guitar at the same time ;]

  89. Cody Furin

    I smile every time I hear that:)

  90. FeistyPenguin

    I love his voice :)

  91. Bofa Deez

    "We need to have another Boston Tea Party."

  92. Shadow Stephenson

    Hey, what does the second guy say, it's like 'people need to wake up....' i can't understand the rest.

    Rozi Rezanac

    Shadow Stephenson people need to wake up,we need to havr another boston tea party

  93. cwwa432

    i love the way he hold the mic lol but it bothers me that hes not on drums

  94. Anthony Santiago

    hahaha coming from you that must mean alot. cause your some bigshot and def. not some douche who judges others music cause its not your own preference. fuck off and stop watching bands you dont like. makes you seem like a 3rd grader.

  95. Bofa Deez

    "Because god has his hand on everything to where he'll take care of the problems, that's not for you to worry about." :) Well said sir!

  96. epicent

    they fuckin suck