Almost, The - Souls On Ten Lyrics

Windows down, our moods on ten
We're here with our wondering
Is this all perfect for real?
Is perfection the way that we feel?
Postcards from the dollar bin
We're waiting for our luck to spin
I will change my mind
I won't let us lose

You and me
With the windows down
You and me out
And killing this town
You and me
With our souls on ten
It's just you and me again
Our luck is the way we feel
Our time is moving backward
Still you and me
With our souls on high
It's just you and me tonight

You've changed my mind
About who I've been
You've kept this heart
From wondering am I alive or dead?
Am I alive or dead?
My brain is moving differently
My young soul has figured out
Just what life needs to be
Just what life needs to be

There's no use in changing
For myself, I don't know why
But it took you, it took you
Now I know what this is all about
Now I know what this is all about
Now I know what this is all about

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Almost, The Souls On Ten Comments
  1. Starboy

    love this song

  2. gud gud


  3. Layla Figueroa

    i love this song <3

  4. GoldNava

    One of my favorites off the album!

    Rienzi Valencia


  5. bdizz bonnie

    ohh shit my nigga kn
    ows how to put it down haha

  6. somethingbeaster

    Nice :)

  7. Dalton Burns

    @SeanBearnandez dude thats the same situation im in thats cool

  8. ramond baten

    the one person has the soul on zero... xP

  9. emmel lopez

    1 dude doesn´t have a soul !!! I <3 GOD, THE ALMOST & my GIRLFRIEND!!! god bless all ya !!!

  10. gmagicitsgreat

    in love

  11. Lillian Marr

    @TheFxOwnage This song always makes me smile i love it <3

  12. Kevin Picou

    this song made my summer last year, it'll sure make mine even better again this year!!

  13. Whitney Rios

    It's weird how he made the transition from Underoath to The Almost lol

  14. Danes Ramayrat

    Favorite Band → The Almost :DD

  15. TheFxOwnage

    @Clarrrisssa Me too, the lyrics and music combined makes it such a nice song ^^

  16. Krystle113

    to @SeanBearnandez
    haha same here, this song and your comment give me hope for me and my boy :)

  17. ZombieMegaman

    One of there best songs EVER!

  18. iluvorangejuice13

    I love this SOO much!!!