Almost, The - Say This Sooner Lyrics

Woah Oh Oh!
Woah Oh Oh Oh!
I can't believe I didn't say this sooner
I'll just believe that I was all displaced
I'll get to speaking, let you know how I feel
I'll get to judging, make you see my appeal
(Oh Oh Oh Oh!)

No one will ever see things the way I do
No one will try
All my friends think that I'm gone
But I swear, I swear I'm not...
(I swear, I swear I'm not. I swear...)

This makes me feel that I'll never be quite normal
This makes me act like I'll never get out alive (alive)
I'll get to acting, make you all believe me
I'll get to faking, show you all how to grieve
(Oh Oh Oh!)

No one will ever see things the way I do
No one will try
All my friends think that I'm gone
But I swear, I swear I'm not
I swear I'm not

In and out is where it gets back to the place it does
Make me feel like I just wanna be...
Just like its touch...

No one will ever see things the way I do
No one will try
All your friends say that you're gone
But you swear, I swear I'm not

No one will ever see things the way I do
No one will try
All my friends think that I'm gone
But I swear, I swear I'm not
I swear I'm not

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Almost, The Say This Sooner Comments
  1. Heather love

    I'm have never been into gingers but ddammnn he's so hot. lol I love their style.

  2. joke joke

    It's been so long, nostalgia just stings

  3. Killjoy mcrmy

    He reminds me of Ronnie Winter (red jumpsuit apparatus)

  4. Juan Sarmiento

    3:08 Back when Aaron was SicMundus

  5. uncle sam

    so much energy, who's the drummer ?

  6. Fabio Ambrosi


  7. Killjoy mcrmy

    Can't believe I just found this song.

  8. Ralph Joseph

    One of my favorites bands with Thrice, Dogwood, Relient K and MxPx <3

  9. Noah Aiko

    Spent years trying to find this song and thinking I was crazy lol. Finally found my favorite song 😂😂

  10. Andrew Gomez

    Holy Fuck! I finally found it!!! Haven't heard this song since it came out. This is a hard song to find. And it only took...9 years. Thank God for Alternative/Emo/Screamo/Nostalgic Song List

  11. Homesizzle

    I remember when this song had it's debut on a T&N podcast, I was so hyped for the album. Still golden.

  12. Jeremy Kimble

    I remember warped 07 both almost and under oath we’re scheduled to play and Aaron apparently could only do one set and I’ve always been sour about that da but under oath was fucking dope that day

  13. Murray Blue

    I swear this song has been stuck in my head for years and never knew who the artists where. First tie hearing it was on what ever the channel Degrassi and South of Nowhere used to play!

  14. Paula Fernanda

    2019! ✋🌻

  15. Erin Michelle

    Dammit jim I'm doctor not an emo kid. DANG

  16. Trey Mack

    I'd hate to be that drummer since Aaron Gillespie is the front man 😅

  17. 610 en GIO

    Esta rola esta bien genial
    Pero en vivo se escucha muy mal

  18. Juan Calderón II

    2018 ¡Presente!

  19. Tom Sikes

    Who's here in 2018 ? 🙆🙆🙆

  20. Maylee Cao

    Aaron looks so sexy in the police uniform!

  21. Best song evahhh

  22. x unknown

    I used to be so in love with this song!!! ❤❤❤

  23. Anthony Waite

    over the years my taste in music has def evolved but i always find myself back here lol

  24. Champagne Mami

    Is this the guy from underoath

  25. Matthew Wilson

    Oh man my teenage self is back

  26. Jermaine Gutierrez

    takes me back to better days....

  27. M1keBreezy89

    From time to time I find a song outside of my type of music...and 9/10 it hits me me ideas, gives me hope, and the lyrics seriously speak to me and I connect deeply...I look into ALL of their music...past, present, and any future work.
    I was in high school when I heard this song...trying to find my way...and this calmed me and took me through.

  28. Andres Cruz

    Anybody else think that Aaron looks like Axls younger brother?

  29. Sierra Sancio

    this song and band is amazing

  30. David Guzman

    woe flash back!!!

  31. SentientGhost


  32. James Sullivan

    the pit on 98.9 the rock.

  33. Jackson The Epic

    Well, this ginger has soul

  34. James Sullivan

    I won tickets to uo 2 hours ago wtf??

    BasedHijo •

    James Sullivan how??

  35. James Sullivan

    haha straight that hair up crank this throw your skinnys And band shirt on bite a waffle once and off to sophomore year!

  36. Tassandra

    what year was this song???
    Hottest ginger EVEEEER!!!
    I feel so old not hearing this kind of music on the the radio anymore :'(

  37. Kirstin Isabel

    God. This is the first album I saved up to buy myself. I STILL have this CD somewhere.

  38. Kara Bartley

    This was 2007 for me. Never did get my friends back.

  39. AlwaysLookCool 729

    Tooth & Nail Records/Virgin Records

  40. Frankie Featherstone


  41. Slime Man

    yeah just about to go film in my grandpa's fucking barn

  42. whats good

    Fav song and I'm black

  43. Jay Grainger

    wow I've been listing to Aaron in these guys and Underoath my whole life, I'm 17 now and about to leave high school and it is still as good as it was when I was in elementary and middle school

    Mateo Jackson

    Jay Grainger SAME HERE DUDE!

    Brandon Dowell

    I was 16 when I started listening to these guys... 31 now.. enjoy your twenties, man. You blink twice and it's over.

  44. cdr861532

    I bought a white belt just because Aaron had one and i thought it kicked ass.

  45. Jessica O

    O_O Am I the only one who *shipped Aaron with Hayley Williams* and wanted babies made of pure fire?

    Kaylee Sanders

    I did too lmao

    AlwaysLookCool 729

    Jessica O He tour with them

    María Teresa Madrid Cardona

    No but it makes sense and I'm gonna start shipping them too lol

    The Great Delusion Band

    If only her fire wasn't from a box lol

    SuprA 44

    Where you thinking of shipping them too? How much you think it'll cost?

  46. TraMahtic Gaming

    This band is one of my favorites of all time. this album "Southern Weather" was their best in my opinion. the lead singer (Aaron Gillespie) is also the dummer/clean vocalist for Underoath and Underoath literally saved my life. they changed my life with their music. I admire their music so much. got me through some really hard times and is the reason I'm the lead singer of my own band now.

    AlwaysLookCool 729

    TraMahtic Gaming Well God Bless you my friend. That is awesome :)

  47. jamarcos void

    been on a nostalgia kick and looking through the comments i see others have as well. i miss middle school

  48. Upt Guapo

    I remember MTV used to play this song early in the morning when I would get ready for school.. IMF (International Music Feed) would play this too

    Upt Guapo

    @DUSTY THOMPSON I dont think anyone knows what IMF is lol. IMF got me started with listening to alt rock, rock, punk rock, etc and I mostly listen to rap.

    That one wizard from lotr

    +Upt Guapo yeah it seems that way..maybe they gave up because there weren't many viewers. :\

    That one wizard from lotr

    +DUSTY THOMPSON remember when they had a designated time for other countries..that was pretty cool actually


    I remember hearing this on IMF...i also discovered Escape the Fate from IMF. I knew The Almost from Aaron being in underoath tho.

    jack daniels

    Oh man i feel you, i remember waking up early listening to this before i left in the morning back in high school lol

  49. Stephii Loveless

    loved this song in high school all my mix Cds had this song on it.

    Carl Bezold

    High School for you, 8th grade for me LOL. Plain White T's, Red Jumpsuit Apparatus, and Boy's like girls among others and many more

    Mateo Jackson

    Carl Bezold this was 2nd and third grade for me 😂


    jesus christ man lol you're young as hell ;-;

  50. Nathaniel J. Capenos

    ah yes.

  51. DBZ Kings

    I get that he's seeing the perspective of other people, but I don't get the end where he doesn't have a reflection. What could that mean?


    He doesn't see anything in himself, and since it's about other people's perspectives, it's inferring that nobody sees anything in him too.

    Raka Mukherjee

    Well in movie perspective I always thought he like died or something for like three seconds and came back to life

    idk man I was young

  52. bubrub23


    Quentin Ross


    Murray Blue

    Same here! lol I never I could never figure out the bands name!

  53. NikkiMeow

    2016 and still listening to this. God I miss being s teeneger. 😭😭😭😭


    NikkiMeow me too!!! I can't stand being an Adult 😫


    Good times good times

    Dolly DeHart

    NikkiMeow dang hmu on MySpace we can chill and act like teenagers 😉



  54. zakkri0tzombie

    man love these guys still

  55. victor ayala

    I remember seeing this on elite 8 on mtv2

  56. Alexis Moreno

    This reminds me of supernatural... lol

  57. Jeremy Torres

    Holy high school memories batman

    Xena Kat

    +Jeremy Torres i know right????? i was bored and randomly thought of underoath and from there here xD i havent listented to them since highschool!!!!!! whoa

  58. Kayla Michelle Pickens

    Am I the only one who loves Aaron because of Underoath?


    +Kayla Michelle Pickens yes

    AlwaysLookCool 729

    Kayla Michelle Pickens I do too

    steven cruz

    Kayla Michelle Pickens lol

    Francisco Gomez

    Underoath is my favorite band. So no.

  59. Jacqueline Ryden

    Adored this song, still do!

  60. Anastasia Nuckles-Kendall

    Filmed in my hometown, :D

  61. Ada Blakely

    Mayday parade, sleeping with sirens, and them ❤️

  62. foosheezoo

    Holy shit! I remember I had a big crush on Aaron ❤️ OMG

    Xena Kat

    +foosheezoo the biggest crush xD <3

  63. S F

    I miss 9th grade :/

    AlwaysLookCool 729

    David Lorne I was 10th grade when I heard of The Almost

  64. JRLE

    I miss being 17!

    Hi, I'm Lure

    I'm 17 nowadays and jamming to this song lmao

  65. IR1SH R4PTOR

    Try in the hearts we Awake and it previals


    +IR1SH R4PTOR If you're going to suggest a band try getting the name right. It's In Hearts Wake. And those two bands are completely different genres.

  66. MrFartnsniff

    first off- it is highly subjective as to what a person would consider "swearing". in that phrase, it is being used the same as the word "promise", which the bible does not condemn. here's some bible verses you should probably read before you denounce another person's beliefs whom you dont even know:
    Romans 3:23
    Proverbs 28:13
    1 John 1: 7-9
    Luke 6: 37-42

  67. kellie taylor

    No one acknowledges this is a christian song

    Justin Ford

    @kellie taylor I did. Don't care for religion.

    Jessie Hefner

    @kellie taylor anybody that knows anything about aaron gillespie does..



  68. Danyerr

    based on a true story

    Lorenzo Hernandez

    @Danyerr ha

  69. Stacy P

    He looks like a male Ke$ha.

  70. Batman 148372

    this a old 1 but a good 1

  71. Inawva. *

    The song of the Anti-Pharisee.

  72. MrSodaBelly

    why do i feel like hes inspired by adam lazzra from TBS

    Jonathan Trevino

    +MrSodaBelly Because everyone was back then.

  73. demonsandlords

    It's been such a long time since I heard this song almost forgot what it was called

    Quentin Ross

    demonsandlords I did. For multiple years but this music video with no music just certain parts were stuck in my mind. I just found this song tonight February 2019 and I’ve been actively searching with just redhead that clicks remote and changes scenario is for over 2 maybe 3 years. I can die now. This is it.

  74. ellielolll

    I remember when this song was on fuse lol

    Amelia Singleton

    ellielolll me too, bought their album loved it played it every single day


    thaistomp rap and hip hop happened

    Kayla Otter

    omg same


    @nancyf824 exactly it's something like absurd like dunno ,i not sync at all i think

  75. MrDivalover1

    Aaron still with the almost. The almost put out new album last yr in 2013. it was good album in 2013. This was good song seven years ago. Still good song!

  76. josh hamilton

    did u know that the singer guy plays all the instruments himself and sings on this hole cd  

    Ryan Zeller

    +josh hamilton DUURRRR!!

  77. Jonathan Clarke

    This band could have really went somewhere if the kept up with it

  78. Marie

    I know Aaron, he's in Paramore now! I did not know he was in the Almost!! I remember this song from when I was 12!! I'm 20 now btw.

    Keoni Soares

    Yeah Aaron's great.Definitely the best drummer to replace Zac Farro:)


    He's the touring drummer for paramore.

    Zero Nouveau

    +Adam Robinson He was also gigging with miley cyrus for a bit

    AlwaysLookCool 729

    Jose Carpenter Really?

    Ben Carper

    no shit?

  79. Razi

    can someone tell me what this band's relation to underoath is?


    He is also the drummer in Paramore now.

    AlwaysLookCool 729

    Razi He is the Drummer from Underoath

  80. schissel4able

    Underoath is better on their last show they partied like crazy their always going to be number one

  81. Marissa Russell

    i got to see them live for free at church lolz

  82. Lost In The Real World

    1:57 is the best part because of his face like omg

  83. Lost In The Real World

    Hes beautiful

  84. Lost In The Real World

    My friends think I am gone...but I swear, I swear im not

  85. Joe Villasenor

    Can someone please help me out
    I got a question, I'm 16 and I'm a musician and a singer..
    I would like to have a band like Aaron and sing songs like his.. But people tell me that it's wrong to sing some of his songs because they don't speak about God.. Is that true? Is it wrong ?
    I'm Christian and I love God and everything but I don't think that music is only for expressing love to God. I think music can be used to express life matters,love, etc..


    @Jimmy Carozza Writing about that stuffs fine, there's plenty of music out there talking about ALL of those things, and guess what....they're some of the biggest hits in history. Stay ignorant, friend. 


    Sing about what you want. I don't believe in god so I don't see why it'd matter. 

    Jimmy Carozza

    obv you don't because as you said you don't believe in god... lol

    Bryan L. Baez

    Worship isn't defined by a genre. It's your whole life. The heart of the music matters, not the sound. Play it for God and it won't matter. People will always judge you. Just roll with the punches.

    AlwaysLookCool 729

    Joe Villasenor They are a Christian band my friend. Trust me, I had the same discussion years ago

  86. welcomehome777

    true....but aaron was too real for them LOL

  87. Nonya Beezwax

    2:27 Cash rules everything around me.

  88. Taylor Ray

    And then someone like you has to say something. LOL

  89. Ethan White

    You very obviously do not know what "old" underoath is. lol

  90. Austin McCollum

    Underoath's songs still sound better

  91. Nicole Ungaro

    all the nostalgia.


    Everything looks better in 240p

  93. Octopium

    I'm not even gay but damn aaron you were hot

  94. Octopium

    Such a great song

  95. Robert Wells

    I love this shit

  96. M H

    Writing On The Walls.

  97. MurceyKiller

    You know that's the drummer of underoath right? aaron gillespie or whatever, going back from a 6 year old memory.