Almost, The - No I Don't Lyrics

I'm looking for some stable ground
Some kinda place to lay it down
And settle for a while
I'm sick of looking for a star
I won't show anyone my scars
Can you help me out?
I wanna see a change in me

When it's time for another round
I get in then I bow out
I'm kinda freaky that way
I used to stand as tall as I could
I used to be better than good
I guess I've made my bed
I wanna see a change in me

No, I don't listen when they tell me
They think I won't
Come back around
Find my way out
It's none of their business
It's none of their business

I've got another song in me
Because of you, I'm changing
I'm learning how to wait
Ugly as I could've been
Down and out and all broken
You never made me wait
You saw me
You didn't see my shame

I'm free because you said so
And I'm learning to grow
Because you held my hand
I'm free because you said
Go, keep walking

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Almost, The No I Don't Comments
  1. Supa 4ys

    Watching Cornerstone on tv lead to great bands like Oh Sleeper, The Almost, Underoath, etc

  2. Josue Alvarez

    Amo está canción

  3. Qsenn FromYT

    The teddy bear is Jesus. When the girl was little, the bear was everything, it was her Lord, it was her life. She slept with it, she played with it constantly. Then when she brought it to school (the world), the other kids mocked it and laughed, and she left it behind. When she grew up she found out how wrong she was to let those kids seperate her from her most prized possession, and she found him again. (Actually, he found her again.)

    Steven Cortez

    That's beautiful

    Guitardude 360


  4. rele venti

    It’s none of their bearsness

  5. NewMoonfan1300

    Both the girls in this video were so ugly and stupid i dont get why anyone would pick them out of everyone they could have chosen to represent this video....

  6. steve j

    great song !

  7. Guus Renan

    Nostalgy, I remember hearing this five years ago ... Hawthorne Heights, Saosin, The Almost,...

  8. Dany Vargas

    love this song. <3

  9. LudoFM

    this song is none of your business

  10. Asher woodman

    Miss these days.

  11. jgwentworth34

    aaron is a legend 

  12. lucy presley

    verry good

  13. Walter Maxia

    Love this song!! "No Bears Allowed" lol

  14. icthus40

    Aaron Gillespie is religious dude, i mean you can take his music however you want, that is the beauty of music, but to him it is about God.

  15. Jonathon Mayes

    Man I am in absolutely no way religious, but I really love this band.

  16. Will Dowdy

    What would you say it represents?

  17. Josh Lewis

    How does that statement make her an idiot?

  18. clab077

    does the bear represent Jesus or something?

    Andrew Studebaker

    clab077 yeah, the song is about turning your back on the world and facing your beliefs.

  19. Anthony Nawarocki

    Praise Jesus!!!

  20. Queenannsrvnge9

    damn.... i just found a new favorite band

  21. Preston Tucker

    If anyone wants to be blown away, the drummer for this band was in a band called Advent. Check them out! They're the heaviest Christian hardcore I've ever heard. Like a tougher Norma Jean.

    Also, The Almost is dope.

  22. Ed Fisher

    Aww that's kinda sweet

  23. mrm64

    I have no idea, but you're always welcome to come back if you want to :)

  24. Shana Polister

    ed if you dont want to listen to the almost go some were else on the internet and NEVER come back and please don't call us crazy iv had a pretty dramatic year and god was the only one I could turn to (exept my cousin Natalie.) and if you want to know what happened my 36 year old cousin died just as we though t she was better from her tumor in her brain my mom had to help clean up and I hadn't seen her in 5 months before th at and I had a urge to go down there that week

  25. Ed Fisher

    How did I end up in some crazy Christian corner of youtube :(

  26. alexzracer

    You did drugs? Then you're parents divorced? Is that what you said?

  27. alexzracer

    You did drugs? What? May you make sense of this? I was drug threw during my parents divoirce.

  28. left-wingers-are-terrorists

    Because an invisible, sadistic, and homicidal sky man who lives in a castle on clouds made the world after a week. That makes a lot of sense. [sarcasm]

  29. left-wingers-are-terrorists

    You're an idiot.

  30. Abigale Ward

    Non-believers ?
    Think about this, Please . After Jesus died on that cross, And That following Sunday when his body wasn't in that tomb, It was over. Nobody took him out. It was all historically recorded. And then, even after He died, People continued to die for the name of god. They saw it. Why would they die if its a lie ? Give it a chance, Gods love is the most amazing feeling I've ever felt. You won't regret it. I promise.

  31. Billy Taylor


  32. Tanner Feazell

    You all are idiots. These petty youtube arguments gets nothing done. I am a Christian and fully follow Christ. Being a "good" person doesn't matter. If its not for the purpose of honoring God then it's completely invalid. Using scripture to prove that God exists doesn't work towards non-followers, but showing them the world around is evidence enough. You can't look at the world and not be completely amazed. And thinking that the world was formed by chance is a slap in the face to God.

  33. Korbin Drake

    Using scripture as proof has almost the same effect as using quotes from spider man comics to provide evidence of spider mans existence

  34. deep dea

    If atheists are so logical, why do they believe that an unintelligent puddle of mud gave birth to an intelligent race?

  35. Luster

    you just don't get it, PERIOD people who believe in God are better because of it, they aint some sad sack of shit, they live happy lives, don't try to change them as they can admit their mistakes, and become better for it. So if you don't see how thats the meaning of God, is to act better, help others act better. God can simply signify Acting better. so to you sir i pray you believe, as your an ass

  36. Joshua Epperson

    This guy and Travis Clark could be related

  37. Jesse Woodby

    In Genesis, God gave MAN (us, people) the power to RULE the world and have dominion over it. God is the CREATOR, but WE are the RULERS. So, instead of blaiming God for what goes on the Earth, we should blaim ourselves for not all coming together to make a difference. Instead, we want to disagree with eachother (just as your doing right now). And yes, scripture does say that God is no respector of persons, but the reason why we worship Him is for sacrificing his only son Jesus for us.

  38. Anthony Levity

    Your.................retarded and not funny.

  39. Kincudi

    my friend is in this music video hahah

  40. scott olsen

    Hipster status

  41. RelientKfan

    you have a sick mind

  42. Andrew Elliott

    OMG this is my high school I graduated from. South Point Right?!?!?!?!

  43. djaiseman

    Pedo bear

  44. Luiso Rubí

    Cállate pendejo.

  45. Daniel De Miranda

    Pedo Bear no , hey is teddy bear

  46. Kryptoniankousin

    It's through the people that go out to other countries that God is helping them. It's selfishness that causes the poor, the hungry, and all the crime in the world. Not the a belief in God.
    And yes, it is comforting knowing God is looking out for me. I've done a lot of selfish idiotic stuff to hurt myself and others. But it's through that personal relationship with Jesus that I can grow, heal, and help others. It's the only way to move forward and move beyond what we are; prideful humans.

  47. Terrance David

    You need to read up on Christianity and the purpose

  48. Marlon Moreno Payes

    they are in the process now, their next album comes next year around march i think.. Aaron said it, and it has a really cool name :)

  49. Doodlos

    is that... Pedo bear?

  50. Jp111

    when are the almost writing another album??

  51. Levi Black

    @PrinceofGOTHAM94 your immature

  52. PrinceofGOTHAM94

    lmao so she slept with jesus?[

  53. dudeya

    The teddy bear was a toy. I guess is the deep interpretation of the meaning of the video in general.

  54. tim

    1 month to late

  55. Joseph Hinojosa

    as blasphemous as that is, It's freaking hilarious!

  56. Kelly Morgan

    Wow! I never caught onto that.. Thank you so much. Now that I have a totally new perception of the video, I'm gonna watch it again.

  57. Ricardo Pascua

    it so sad to think that we can leave Jesus Christ, and still he can accept us for everything we've done wrong. Jesus Christ i love you

  58. Esli jan

    great song! guys

  59. Ok Stance

    long live pedobear!

  60. Meerschaumpijp

    why is this kind of jezus music always so repetitive ..

  61. bekaroni _

    the bear is kinda creeeeepppy 0.0

  62. Michelle

    I love this band (': This song is so great, such a great message.

  63. Ash Kuss

    i love how the tune starts off acoustic then goes into the full band, so cool ^_^

  64. wblasphemy

    soul asylum????

  65. Brandon Stewart

    This is an amazing message.

  66. Andy Rew Simsoon

    I want the bear

  67. Seth Dent

    Why would they not include her? She is pretty hot. haha

  68. Unapologist

    You're* ...

  69. Dillon Giesler

    the drummer looks like mike hranica from tdwp

    Maylee Cao

    I’ve always noticed that they both have the same nose

  70. faraone

    shoo godofredo

  71. Sty2j

    Pedooo Beaarr XD

  72. Rodolfo Cisneros Acosta

    Origins of Pedo Bear

  73. Martin Björnberg

    pedo bear :D

  74. Jesse Woodby

    I once turned my back on God when I was a kid because I was bitter about the things I was drug threw during my parents divoirce. I didn't return to God until I was 19.. I guess I have my teddy bear back :)

    sneakyMCR Howlter

    Jesse Woodby Good for you. Always stick with God.

  75. Abigail Dolan

    your all wrong! this is the sad story of Pedo bear....

  76. Terrance David

    Must.Not.Cry... :(

  77. Marissa Evans

    @RocknForJesus Maybe God is waiting for you to introduce them to Him :)

  78. piratetalk123

    Cuuuute... :) It's a little sad how people give up on what they believe in. What's more sad is the way others can crush one another just to gain the respect of each other.

  79. Devon Gilbert

    awesome song. glad i got to be in the music video!

  80. manifestingL

    That awkward moment when you realize that the representation of jesus in this video is PEDO BEAR

  81. iKoorstad

    Pedo bear

  82. GavinFockensbass

    @DatGuypro The teddy bear is meant to be Jesus. She is made fun of for it, as we are for our faith. When the bear is gone she is depressed and lonely. When she get it back she is happy like she was when she first had it. The song is about not careing or listening to what people say or think about your faith.

  83. Clark ElDorado

    What is this song about? Yes, I am a Christian but I don't really know the message in this song or what it is about. Can someone tell me?

  84. JozexD25

    @BTAYLORTAPOUT hahah, cool :D


    this video was shot at my high school!!!!!!!!!

  86. Martin Ricardo Olea Vite

    PEDOBEAR ._.

  87. GavinFockensbass

    I actually felt like chokeing the life out of the lil' pukes that were laughing at her.

  88. Mitch Bridges

    When I saw the bear I thought I'd somehow clicked onto the vid for "Savior- Rise Against"

  89. GoldNava

    thumbs up! :)

  90. Robby DeLuca


  91. Matt Stanley

    Underoath turned to shit go back aaron

  92. Emiliano Zapata

    my reaction

  93. Kathryn Fornier

    The song is beautiful but I prefer to not watch the video while listening to it. For obvious reasons. One being, oh I dunno, THAT CREEPING LOOKING BEAR.

  94. Joe Taylor