Almost, The - Monster, Monster Lyrics

Sick of drinking poison
Sick of worrying
Sick of telling lies
You're just sick of listening
What a bastard child
I have made myself
What a stab
What a missing truth
I hope I can get home to you
What's the use in going it alone?
What's the use in going this alone?
It's you and me
Let's get out of this place
It's you and me
Let's get out of this place

I'm sick of this monster monster
You've gotta get here
You've gotta get here
I'm sick of this monster monster
You've gotta get here
You've gotta get here
We've go to get out, get out
Before things get weird
Before it gets weird
We've got to get out, get out
Before it gets weirder

I have made an exit
I have made a home
Among the throne
And I have given in
I have given in
I have lost respect for me
Can this get any worse?
Can this get any worse?

Before it gets weirder

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Almost, The Monster, Monster Comments
  1. jaylynn bugs


  2. Maylee Cao

    Aaron makes one hot and sexy vampire!

  3. Raul Moreno

    The Almost!!!

  4. mir qul

    Saw this band at acquire the fire they are amazing they are really awesome guys the guy like ran around the whole auditorium he was really cool to really great band and I would love to see them again

  5. Mr.marvel

    ok ill say it he was so much better in underoath.

  6. BackSeatBrothers

    But his American...

  7. BackSeatBrothers

    Deutronomy 31-6: "Be strong and courageous. Do not be afraid or terrified because of them, for the Lord your God goes with you; he will never leave you nor forsake you.”

  8. Daniel Gonzalez

    let me add Matty Mullins to that list...

  9. Julio Cesar Poe Kent

    this is what awesome looks like"""" Moster and Moster

  10. Gabrieli Freddi Mauerberg

    And leeland mooring?

  11. Mark Williams

    This rox

  12. SaintsofLA

    so everyone should sell out to the mainstream purely for popularity instead of doing what we want and what makes us happy? good way to live dumb ass

  13. baekbao

    Aaaaaand my friend, Mai :) She's awesome :D

  14. The Fire Works

    pls check out my cover of "Hand Grenade".... I love The Almost....

  15. BishKakesProductions

    He's hotter with short hair :3

  16. Sly Wolf

    Would you rather listen to Lil Wayne? How did YOU even get on this video? Did you just randomly end up here without knowing about the band? Shut up and enjoy the music and stop trying to ruin other people's happiness, jackass. I feel bad for people like you. God bless.

  17. Ajeje Brazov

    no but maybe this means that they're not that good

  18. Imoshen

    which doesn't mean that it is bad

  19. Ajeje Brazov

    This is nothing compared to Underoath.. in fact his success with the almost is equal to ZERO

  20. AlexWest17

    alan ashby does too

  21. mrbinky21

    If you're not just making this up... I am so jealous! I wish I could meet him just once. I look up to him as a drummer, musician, and christian. He's an awesome guy!

  22. austin shaw

    Southern weather 145 percent better than this album

  23. profxmeowingtons1

    I think Aaron does The Almost better than Underoath.. But he was awesome in both.

  24. Rhett Randolph

    My beautiful cousin kaley Rivera, was in this music video! She worked with Aaron around 2 times! Really really cool dude. Go check out my awesome cuz Kaley Rivera! She is also a some what famous Christian singer:)

  25. Pewskeepski Rendezvous

    Saw them at Rock the Lakes! Very awesome!!

  26. VictoriaY9

    Aaron.... *drools* no man.. more like *pukes rainbows*

  27. Dave Hassel

    I guessed, but actually I didn't wanna know xD I would have done some research otherwise x)

  28. annalisa zanella

    Aaron Gillespie is the lead singer of The Almost...

  29. Dave Hassel

    I don't know who he is and I'm not gonna do any research! Take that xD

    jordan scott

    Dave Hassel no one cares

  30. GavinFockensbass

    @Graydondrummer What the hell is that supposed to mean?

  31. Kevent Ryuk

    ooo man aaron you are the best singer that i have never heard in my life, but you need a little of screamo. sorry man. you are the best but underoath and you were awesome.. need a little of screamo voices in your new band.

  32. Ruth-Anne Green

    ♥ Sweet song. Makes so much sense! :D

  33. Drew Stephens

    Hipster drummer :D

  34. Obed Alzate


  35. Ruth-Anne Green

    Love this song bcuz every once in a while we can b a monster and not look at it that way. Monster, Monster reminds me of the times when I was a kid how I always used to be scared there wuz a monster coming out of my closet, but on the inside we are all little monsters. Good job guys. :D

  36. Graydon Taylor

    go back to drumming

  37. black333lightning

    hahaha i love the way we dances and sings like he's drunk but really hes not, geuss we can call it the Aaron dance lol

  38. Vanessa Eth

    THE ALMOST ♥♥♥♥

  39. tunnel rats!

    Aaron better get his butt back in Underoath xD!

  40. Rebekah ramsdell

    where the hairs Shorter...awsome

  41. nojocarter

    SO EXCITED! he is coming out to HAVASU! WHOOP! WHOOP! MARCH 12th! YEAH! get your tickets now! contact information at wwwcchavasucom!

  42. Cassidy Johnson

    Come To Calgary!

  43. Jacob Coody

    I like it!

  44. Mariana Guillen

    I love it♥

  45. Tyler and Kailey

    @1girlrevalution It means no matter how much he trys to kill the monster side of him it keeps coming back.

  46. sgps

    @earexplodingmusic me too dude.

  47. earexplodingmusic

    NOOO i love his luscious red locks of lovelyness!!

  48. sgps

    @earexplodingmusic he has cut his hair though, this was probably filmed a while ago. his hair is pretty short now

  49. earexplodingmusic

    i almost died... thought aaron cut his hair in the beginning.. then bam even longer then before. such an amazing band =D

  50. beans.

    actually pretty amazing video

    the longer intro confuses me :D

  51. Airreall Kinder

    i love it. i wasn't suspecting that i would, but i actually do.
    its catchy and the video is different (:

  52. William Choi

    @jettyke get over it

  53. Robert Belanger

    this video is a monster monster! Sick! luved it!

  54. Michela Miketosk Marcucci

    i love this vid.

  55. Brandon A

    RIP: Aaron's mane.

  56. Dan Varela

    thank you GOD for these awesome band!!!

  57. Ivan Drobych

    aaron i love you you are best !!!!!!!!! =)

  58. Matthew Vliet

    aaron was this filmed in valley forge PA?

  59. Gordon Fraley

    @free2radke777 it is gone. Look at his pic on facebook and the new videos of him on youtube, he cut it short.

  60. Seth Stradling

    So excited to hear this song

  61. ShiPshapeD00d

    Rad video is Rad :)

  62. Cristy Stan

    my sis said that Aaron with the hat on looks like Leonardo Di Caprio lol :))

  63. Lynnette

    Love it!:D

  64. annalisa zanella

    aaron looks so good in this video.

  65. fdosaenz

    @thealmostmusic AWESOME!!! Plzzz come to Chile!

  66. Constantine Powa

    wooow I can't believe a music video for monster monster :D u should do one for souls on ten,hand grenade and dirty and left out !

  67. KenethLuna

    fuckin' yeah!

  68. Kelly Mealing

    @free2radke777 Ummm he did cut it of though. Its short now

  69. Grimm.Llamas

    I had the slightest moment of 'Omg, I realli hope Aarons hair isn't gone!' but then they showed him normal and I was like... 'Okay, I can breathe again..' :)

  70. Ad Lib

    this video is so full of WIN

  71. ALeyton

    great vid!!! hey guys is it true you're coming to south america next year? cause i read some stuff, but i don't wanna get my hopes up in case its not happening...

  72. AJBenoughsaid

    weird o3o

  73. Shea Leone


  74. Jess McInnes

    Man this blew my mind. you guys are amazing