Almost, The - I'm Down Lyrics

I had a dream I was giving up
I had a hole in my side
A shallow grave would be just enough
To bury me and my pride

I'm down, but I'm not out I'm down
Don't count me out

I feel so desperate to waste this day
I ain't got nothing to lose, no
I feel like giving it all away
Cause I got nothing to prove

Don't even know who I am no more
Can't recognize my own face
I'd burn it all and just walk away
For a moment of grace

I'm down, but I'm not out I'm down
Don't count me out

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Almost, The I'm Down Comments
  1. Rob Packard

    Vitor OG 👊

  2. Juliann McAtee

    Aaron's just beautiful 😍

  3. Adam Cicciarelli

    Who else forgot all abt this band ?

  4. Nick McGrew

    What happened to this band?

  5. Tyro Cyr

    The Legend Vitor Belfort

  6. Tiago do Nascimento

    Vitor Belfort 0:52 Brazil

  7. Francis Palladino

    when the sun sleeps-Aron!! wake up!!

  8. Ex-Al 93

    So we went from underaoth to this bubblegum shit?

  9. 34567andUpToTheEnd

    Should've had mud-wrestling sloots in th video instead of the mma dudes

  10. Mary Futterer

    i love you Aaron Gillespies

  11. Samu Baez

    no me gusta

  12. Niamh Grimes

    WHOOOO Vitor Belfort

  13. Jota Dü

    Belfort loses even in videoclip

  14. Cody Green

    Vitor Belfort tho

  15. Ariana Burrell

    *fleet anthem* amen

  16. Griffith

    holy crap they went hipster

  17. van life

    love this band

  18. Corey Manjarrez

    insane to think he was in a band like underoath

  19. Curt Snow

    Love this song! The album is great too. Personally, I was never an Underoath fan. Just not my style of music. But I do like The Almost!

  20. luiz henrique Alves de Souza

    Vitor Belfort BRASIL !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. Elber Gazo

    Underoath it's better

    Jason MacFarlane

    +Elber Gazo Underoath is different ;) but i agree, I enjoy the Underoath material better.

  22. Welton Souza

    Vitor Belfort! Brazil

    Jota Dü

    belfort apanha até no clip... putz

  23. Данияр Кусаинов

    The Best Vitor Belfort

    Jota Dü

    Belfort loses even in video clip

  24. James Tedeschi


  25. romina aguirre

    porque son tan increíbles .!

  26. Juan Ramos

    What the hell is this? Nothing near southern weather, or monster. Plus he looks so weird with the hipster haircut haha, fade him good fam.

  27. Ferenc Samarus

    I like the almost i want to listen new songs:(

  28. Swedish Mussolini

    this is really catchy
    that's a good thing

  29. boxes9

    This is really bad imvho

  30. Melvin González

    Lots of times better Than Sleepwave in my opinion.

  31. Dudu Moraes

    Parceria ótima entre The Almost e Victor Belfort. Dois cristãos que tem revelado a Cristo as pessoas dentro do lugar onde Deus os colocou. The Almost é a melhor banda. do mundo

    Daniel Sobral

    @Dudu Moraes top mesmo!

  32. Autumn Joy

    Lol, I expected this to be complete shit from reading the comments, but I actually like it. The Almost ISNT Underoath, if Aaron wanted to be in a band that sounded just like UO he probably never would've left. I don't think they should be compared.


    Omg hi! What are the chances??? Haha

    Autumn Joy

    Ayeeeee, homie! Lmao



  33. Meel Belgeri

    :) ♥ 

  34. Aaron Elias

    I cant believe this guy was in such a heavy band as Underoath


    @***** lol what

    jeremy finn

    underoath was an "emo" band, lolol

    Kirstin Isabel

    The Almost and Underoath are both actually Christian rock. Only reason I got away with listening to Underoath at 13 lol.

  35. Erin

    I don't know if Vitor Belfort will be able to defeat Chris Weidman now that Belfort is off of TRT.

  36. Heart of Lion


  37. Johan Bos

    Alternative or not, they still know what they're doing!

  38. Adriano Kennedy

    Belfoort o/

  39. tella

    아론 제발 돌아오셈
    please Aaron come back Please

  40. will beard

    i miss underoath

  41. Eden Biore

    aoron change

  42. Terminal B

    BRAZIL <3

  43. Adam L

    I was definitely shocked to see Vitor Belfort in this video, but regardless I loved the way it was filmed, such a cool music video. It went very well with the song. I also thought about The Almost's Southern Weather album the other day and thought I would listen to it after a while and I stumbled upon this :)

  44. ericjpena1986


  45. devin white

    aaron shoulda recorded the drums. its like they got a new drummer. i wanna see a tour!

  46. Robert De La Rosa

    Did they break up or no cause I can't find tour dates :c

    Benjamin Anderson

    They didn't break up. Aaron is currently drumming for Paramore. He's been drumming for them for awhile now. Until Paramore gets a new drummer they will probably just stay on hiatus, or just tour when paramore isn't touring.

  47. Desmønd Mårtin

    This isn't the Aaron we loved.

    Desmønd Mårtin

    Spencer can.

    Mark Canales

    @Desmond Martin Okay, imagine it's the year 1997, you're 14 years old and you get called to a band that makes metal music, you make that kind of music all the way until 2010, you're going to want to try something new with music, that's what Aaron felt like doing, and Spencer was in Underoath for only 10 years, so he wasn't making music as long a Aaron, and the new music Spencer is making really isn't as hardcore is it was back in Underoath, but it's still really good though.


    @Mark Canales
    paramores new sound sounds like sellout bull shit. I don't mean this in the cliche, way either. I mean it in a musical sense as an artist myself and a guitarist i find what they do to have digressed. Linkin park evolved into a more mature lyrical and musicianmanship but now their latest album has no art. Or at least iit's really hard to find it or experience it. Paramore had a good song in the new album ain't it fun, the drums were good singing good with the rhythm etc nice pop funk rock song :) anways this almost lacks the soul aaron had its basicaly over produced.

    Marco Antônio

    Yeah, but this alternative song is awesome...

  48. The Kadju

    hahahahaha,so yeah i was listening to underoath and someone mentioned that this guy has another band and when i saw his bald head i kinda freaked out :D 

  49. O Ordinario

    Vitor Belfort

  50. Stacey Lynn


  51. Sthefy Gore

    No dejó de extrañar a underoathy u.u

  52. Beatriz

    Cezar Mutante and Vitor Belfort! nice

  53. leondem

    Wtf is happened to aaron's hair!!

  54. Sybato

    I really only liked about the first minute of the song, since it had a disco-y vibe to it, it seemed cool to hear them exploring a new sound

  55. Desmønd Mårtin

    Sigh, sad day. 

  56. Collapsing Faith

    Is that Vitor Belfort?

    Jota Dü

    Belfort loses even in video clip

    Luiz Araújo


  57. imredp

    Just wanted to see Belforts performance :)

  58. Lucas Vieira Nunes de Sousa

    dat feiticeira.

  59. Marcin Każdy Każdecki

    Go back to Underoath.



  60. Bister Bones

    i dont like this one man

  61. Amanda M

    I had some doubts for this, but DAMNNN. It's soooo good. :3

  62. Nicholas Reguin

    Winner by TKO!!!!! Lol

  63. Harold Blackville G


  64. Lucas Veloso

    Propaganda da Sky? LOL

  65. Hansol

    I love The Almost, but I sometimes can't help but wonder what it would be like if Aaron was still in Underoath and if they still existed.

    Paul Nicassio

    lol hansol, weird noticing your comment on a random video
    keep burnin shit 

    Michael Gonzalez

    well.. they are back together.. so no need to wonder.


    Seriously. I flew to America for their reunion tour lol. Was amazing.

    Jacob Moorman

    Hansol good news, the got back together!

    Matthew-Krystin Mannucci

    Well now you have your answer and they're terrible now.

  66. awakeningrlz

    Wow I like everything, the music and the choose of Vitor Belfort.

  67. kendra knapp

    i love this band so much!!!!!!
    nice song too

  68. Augusto Vincensi

    Vitor Belfort!

  69. ballonshape -

    Awesome song, really catchy

  70. Kryptoniankousin

    The other fighter is wearing a Whosoevers' shirt. That's awesome.

  71. oskr Akosta

    vitor belfort!! awesome

  72. MMAWalama

    War Belfort!! Next Middleweight Champion

  73. MinutemanMedic

    people are saying this is too country but it's the only song on the CD that really sounds like this...

  74. Elijah B

    The other fighter's name is Cezar "Mutante".

    Both him and Vitor are Brazilian and both super talented!

  75. Grant Miller

    Woww...little disappointed with The Almost. They had a way better sound on their first album

  76. michael collie

    vitor belfort!

  77. Etc Gavin

    like the song. not crazy about the way it had been produced. definitely not the way i would have done it anyway. but i guess the band had there preferences in it as well as the producer. overall good song :)

  78. Taylor Miller

    @MynameIz Master betty
    Aw crap :( Thanks for pointing that out.
    I must have been rushing lol.
    I always double check to see if I'm spelling everything right.

  79. Kirby

    Youtube's main page down but I can still watch this... ??

  80. Michell Daoud

    Viitor Belfort ladies and gentleman!

  81. Nicole Neronha

    Are you kidding me? This is AWESOME!!!!

  82. Ashley Eskes

    Aaron come back to metal we miss you.

  83. wd g

    Sell out? Do you even understand what that means at all? The Almost are going in THEIR direction and country musically is CERTAINLY not overproduced or considered to be a 'sell out' genre.

    Accept that bands change from album to album according to the artist(s) direction - this direction encompasses anything and everything going on in their lives.

  84. Matheus Dias

    Saiu do underoath pra fazer isso dai? .-.

  85. Megan Albers

    I seriously love this song! Sooooooooo gooooooooood!!!!!

  86. Benjamin .Tampa

    when did he almost turn into nickelback?

  87. Paulo Henrique

    3:15 The Whosoevers (:

  88. igodly

    You spelled Underoath wrong.

  89. Danny Hollow

    Viva vitor

  90. Davi Terra

    Belfor e Mutante!!! Show!!!

  91. Dante Produçoes

    I talking from Brazil / Eu estou falando do Brasil

  92. sempa fi

    top stuff

  93. supplementsandmorereviews

    awesome vitor is the man!!

  94. Aaron Fahr

    Hey thats vitor belfort gettin fucked up lol he needs to just stop now especially with that trt stuff but besides that good song

  95. Taylor Miller

    Aw, I miss his long hair, almost as much as I miss him in Underoth...oh well, he's still hot, and the Almost is great :)