Almost, The - Hands Lyrics

With our hands up high, we're screamin'
Woah, woah oh
Woah, woah oh

I'm not afraid to make big mistakes.
I'm not afraid to fall flat on my face.
I need to get this looked at.
Need to get this looked at.
I need some time to think about what I've done.

One last thing before I go.
With our hands up high we're screamin'
Woah, woah oh
Woah, woah oh.
And with our feet we stomp a cadence for you.

It's all free and that's real.
It's all free, you said.
I need to accept.
I need to forget, I guess.
I'm glad I got this looked at.
Finally got this looked at.
I'm so glad you came for me.

Get this, get this right before we go.
With our hands up high we're screamin'
Woah, woah oh
Woah, woah oh.
And with our feet we stomp a cadence for you.
With our hands up high we're screamin'
Woah, woah oh
Woah, woah oh.
And with our feet we stomp a cadence for you.

I am the one who needs you.
I am the one who needs you.
I am the one who needs you.

With our hands up high we're screamin'
Woah, woah oh
Woah, woah oh.
And with our feet we stomp a cadence for you.
With our hands up high we're screamin'
Woah, woah oh
Woah, woah oh.
And with our feet we stomp a cadence for you.

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Almost, The Hands Comments
  1. Mr Sam

    This album came out a few months before i joined the military, listening back to this years later makes me miss my old self i know its deep within me i just dont know how to bring that old me back.

  2. Lost Woods Dweller

    I miss this Aaron

    Echo Tango

    Lost Woods Dweller Backslidden Aaron seems to be a pitiful shell of his former self in Christ.

    Lost Woods Dweller

    @Echo Tango Yeah, he just seems so bitter now. Church hurt I guess is what it's called.

    dominick Martino

    Exactly 🤘

  3. g운

    This song came out when I was five, but I still think it's a good song.

  4. Juliann McAtee


  5. Cree Sherrie

    This is song that got me into The Almost. It holds a special place in my heart.

  6. Daniel D. Claro

    Ese man no tiene voz

  7. Imperator RazZehir

    Man this i have been looking for years

  8. Evrizzle

    Oh my god I found it! This is a piece of my nostalgia. When I was younger I used to listen to a lot of christain rock like this song on the radio. After the station shut down I’m glad to have couldn’t this music again. Also newsboys, Switch foot, Toby Mac, skillet and etc

  9. Kevin Grindell

    The Grey And Green Jersey T Shirt 👚 And Black Pants 👖 A. K. A Justice Leggings That You Worn Before

  10. Kevin Grindell

    What is the lady’s name with the curly hair? 👩🏻‍🦱 Arie Brown 🎤

  11. Natalie Barahona

    I got chills on the opening; :0 Lordy.

  12. Kevin Grindell

    I will show u cray z

  13. Joseph Burney

    Sad to see Aaron say “I just made these records out of service” when they seem so authentic and powerful!

    Sara Ferguson

    What does that mean "out of service"?


    @Sara Ferguson He felt obligated to make these records out of service to God and Christian fans. At the point he made them, he was falling away from God and didn't have his full heart committed to God. You can see it now in the new Underoath and The Almost records that have come out in the last couple years. Despite none of them claim to be Christian anymore it is in their lyrics heavily still, like they can't fully walk away. They have been through hard times, and may come back to God when they realize it is not his fault.

  14. Paula Fernanda

    2019! ✋🌻

  15. 505

    T-poser from day one

  16. Conrack Sánchez

    I miss you a lot Brother!! Your songs helped me to raise my face in the toughest and hardest moments of my life, helped me build a new relationship with God, everything started from being a follower of Underoath then with Leeland, watch these videos gives me a little sadness , I know that you are a human being with difficult situations in your life, I do not know the reason why you decided to stay away from God but I know it will come again the day that you return home.

    Mark Joseph Tuplano

    In Jesus name

    Kreepy Poptart

    I listen to Leeland too and all my teen years listened to both artists. Just glad leeland is stilll Christian but it’s heartbreaking that Aaron isn’t. He was such an inspiration.

  17. Sonny Impact


  18. iarimma claro

    To names; called jhon and my submarine votes for "you can to be" more. Loves ya

  19. Solomon Gumball

    thumbnail Tposin' like a true alpha male for the Lord

  20. vanessa ethel

    So many memories 💕

  21. Evelyn Blancas

    I remember listening to this on JCTV.😂 memories.✨

  22. Jessica Suzanne

    Omg! I haven't heard this song in so long!

  23. Tamar Cruz López

    eres una sofia !!!

  24. Will Wood

    Is the guy who walks out of the lonely wheel at the beginning the guy from heroes?

  25. Adrian Rodriguez Yagual

    Que gran recuerdo de mi Adolescencia cuando lo escuche por primera vez tenia 13 o 14 años ya ahora ya tengo 25 años como pasa el tiempo😢❤

  26. Timothy J. Roberts

    GUys it's okay. The almost is awesome and Underoath has come back together as of late... get those concert tix!! Yes 2017!

  27. pguitar94

    Yea it's a nice song. So inspiring. There's a lot of great Christian bands out there.

  28. Clebson Viana

    2:58 Cristo Redentor - Brazil <3

  29. Gwen Breidinger

    With these hands up high I made myself look like a weirdo bc I was dancing and yelling like crazy. And with these feet I broke the replay button

  30. Alvin Åkesson

    This is not half bad, but to be honest I liked it more when he was with Underøath.

  31. José Santana

    Recuerdo que esta canción la ponian de fondo cuando era pequeño en "la escuela dominical" que recuerdos :')

  32. SentientGhost

    Catchy song

  33. Gavin Bonar

    Aaron Gillespie \m/

  34. Isaiah Santilli

    is the guy on the drums in this video the screamer for wolves at the gate I can't remember is name but the drummer looks just like him

    Jose Valencia

    Drummer for underoath

    alienrace 666

    the drummer is Joe Musten...he was a screamer/drummer for post hardcore band Beloved (US) and screamer for hardcore band Advent.....seriously dude, use internet, it is not that hard :D

  35. Human3and4 Lopez

    who cried when it said "with this hands i saluted my son ONE LAST TIME "

  36. Vavo Barbosa

    Christ Redeemer on 02:57. But anyway, this song is amazing and the whole album either..!

  37. Aylenn H.H

    Pensé que era mujer xD :v

  38. Mike Nicholson

    With these hands I pastiche Van Halen's Right Now video.

  39. Nameless Ghoul

    these hands feel very grateful for every chances in this world

  40. Luan Rodrigues da Silva


  41. Fighterofdel

    same lead singer from underoath

    Turkish Delight

    no not at all... that would be Spencer

    Daniel Austin

    He would be the drummer from underoath

    C J

    Turkish Delight he does some of the singing but spencer does most though

  42. Connie Grace Guillen Vasquez

    Nice song :)

  43. Bruno Bottecchia

    que bixona!

    Jose Demski

    clb seu bosta


    I'm glad I got this looked at!

  45. Sam Bradf

    good times

  46. Real Dr. Venkman

    Just discovered this band exists. Must be because I don't watch MTV anymore.

    Michael Gonzalez

    MTV doesn't play good music anymore.. I doubt that is the reason for not hearing of them.. Lol

    Real Dr. Venkman

    Oh. I never said i liked this band, mate.

  47. Hansol

    Sounds different to the album version. I like the album version better ;3

  48. JayDiOh

    I am the one who NAAAAADES You!

  49. Paul DM

    Underoath > The Almost.

    I really can't stand this. He's too preachy now :(

    lildeej fbz

    Sounds like he's just following his heart.


    "We're here for only one reason and that reason is God. He'll be there for you too if you accept him."

    -Every Underoath concert

    Francisco Gomez

    have you heard "some will seek forgiveness others escape" ?

    jordan scott

    Don't be such a douche he can do what he wants

    Jabes Valdez

    With all due respect Paul... But I find that to be the best part about his music. Leading people into the light that is God and just spreading a message of hope in his or better said, their songs! Now, whether you fancy that or not, that's entirely up to you, but many if not most people admire Aaron not only for his drumming skills but because of the fact that he shares in his lyrics the love and hope that God has to offer.

  50. Kenny Loor

    THANKS THE ALMOST FOR IT, I love all your songs ♥

  51. Hunter Aryn

    He is just beautiful. BEAUTIFUL.

  52. devin white

    i like the "radio mix"

  53. Kelsey Elizabeth

    This is one of the greatest songs of my middle-high school years. c:

  54. Maria Peña

    I love this song so much!!!

  55. Brittany

    This video made me cry. So many feels.

    Ian Stanfield

    Brittany Acuna Same! I'm such a baby. 😅

  56. majlathda

    cool people:
    -Aaron Gillespie

    not cool people:
    -people that are not Aaron Gillespie

    Caley Capricorn

    other cool people:-Austin Carlile
    -Mitch Lucker
    -Mark Hoppus
    -Tom Delonge
    -Travis Barker
    -Vic Fuentes
    -Kellin Quinn
    -Michael Clifford
    -Kurt Cobain
    -Billie Joe Armstrong
    -John Cooper
    -Alex Gaskarth
    -Gerard Way
    -Ronnie Radke
    -Danny Worsnop
    -Matty Mullins

    aviel kaei

    +Caley Capricorn Heck yeah

    Dead memes and broken Dreams

    majlathda I'm edgy

  57. Craig Gillespie

    we share the same second name :D

  58. Mission Minded

    Hands... think of how much we do with them. They build up, they encourage or they destroy. Amazing how my hands can be used for so many things- good or bad. Today is Ash Wednesday which reminds me that one day these hands will turn back to ...dust. Useful for nothing! Today is also the start of Lent which is a 40 day path that leads to another pair of hands... His. The hands that would make everything right again from the wrong that my hands did. Wrongs I cannot fix. His hands pierced by mine. My hands stretched His out to the point of death. A death He knew was coming and would have to endure in my place. His are the only hands that make it all right again. Jesus I thank you for all you had to endure in my place! I look forward to the awesome celebration of Easter where we see you alive again with arms open wide... with love for me! Over the next 40 days look at your hands... reach them out on Easter to embrace all His hands have done for you.

  59. johnnyjumper26

    It was a pleasure to meet Aaron so long ago. I love the fact that he's Christian and touching hearts. GOD IS GOOD!!!

    Kreepy Poptart

    Sadly he’s no longer a Christian. It was heartbreaking honestly. He was such an inspiration to me when I was younger.

    Kyrie Clutch GOATving

    @Kreepy Poptart he is stilla Christian
    He might just be experiencing heavy trials handed to him by God

    Kreepy Poptart

    No he said he gave up Christianity

    Echo Tango

    Kreepy Poptart Where is this evidence you speak of?

    Kreepy Poptart

    There’s a video of him talking about it on YouTube plus I’ve read about it somewhere.

  60. johnnyjumper26

    It was a pleasure to meet Aaron so long ago. I love the fact that he's Christian and touching hearts. GOD IS GOOD!!!

  61. Cuddly Panda

    This is a great song!

  62. Nora Aqqad

    Great band, i just found em and love their old stuff :)

  63. Erika Lobati

    Ummm.... There's not that much cleavage unless your straight up searching for it.

  64. 7PlayingWithFire7

    Aw damn, Aaron... This is why you left Underoath, and let it die? :c Oh well.. Happy for you either way!

    Kelsea Hopkins

    lol ironic because I was just listening to underoath XD

  65. 19A7xdrumslayerA7x86

    God is love: without love, you are nothing<3

  66. majlathda

    awesome Aaron hair-shaking at 0:50

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  68. gabriela méndez


  69. David Figueroa

    Is it normal if I cry everytime I see this video?

  70. What I've Been Playing Lately

    where can I buy this version? its just slightly different than the one I have, but I've looked everywhere and cant find it. Also why dont they come to Rock the Universe in florida? Aaron I want to see you :P

  71. nick jones

    Aaron's hair is bomb, right? watch his underoath vids

  72. Kurt Stander

    Such a beautiful video showing the resilience of this who don't let pride get in the way of faith in God.

  73. Robertoed Manning

    There's actually no proof that he exists; but, there's also no proof that he does not exists.

  74. Isaac Barrett

    Scientist have found more evidence proving that "our God" is real, than most of the S**** they come up with

  75. devin white

    wheres the clapping and the piano?? and it does extra stops after the verse, im confised

  76. devin white

    underoath plays forst act too

  77. Maddie Mosh

    The lead singer TOTALLY rocks out with his hair. Haha.

  78. Nic Fank

    Proof that First Act guitars can sound great. Blew my mind.

  79. Nic Fank

    according to what evidence?

  80. Denise Menezes

    ooh ooh ♫

  81. Christian Saldias

    Que buena canción desde chile mi like !! (y)

  82. OmegaWOLF45

    Great band!

  83. teppolundgren

    I suppose this is what U2 would sound like if they were American...

  84. Anna Shelton

    *God loves you. The one and only God.

  85. brandee876

    because they don't want to be like every other band :)

  86. Caleb G

    why can't he? Its all about the feel and not what you are using

  87. Jay Ramzy

    I like this

  88. Ships and Eyes

    Great song but the vid would be better if I understood why he's playing the acoustic as if its an electric?

  89. Matheus Dias

    Saiu do underoath para montar isso? Fala serio '-' cade aquele Aaron? O queremos de volta

  90. Ricardo José Oggioni

    saiu do underoath pra fazer isso!!!

  91. logan bettey

    god loves u

  92. zigmars ozolins

    demn, this is good! (rock)

  93. mrm64

    Never asked if you wanted it either ;)

  94. Hashtag Channel Name

    you can have it, no ones stopping you

  95. mrm64


  96. Nicholas Reguin

    Only he could rock out with an acoustic guitar. LOL

  97. Kryptoniankousin

    It was God-inspired in all things. Also, God did speak directly to many of the writers so it was more of a one-on-one thing. The Old Testament not only records history but also is a testament to how Jesus fulfilled all the prophesies.

  98. Kryptoniankousin

    Yes, God is He. Second, there's no such thing as a good. We are all sinners (or bad people). God is the only one who is good at all times. Anyone can believe that God exists but you must believe IN God and what His son Jesus Christ did for us. Also, it isn't about fairness but justice. Jesus receiving the punishment for our sin was justice being served. And when we accept the gift of eternal life we accept the fact that Jesus has served our sentence for us.