Almost, The - Ghost Lyrics

I'm so lost that I'm afraid
I've asked for help once again
I've got to get out
But you say the lies inside won't change
You say that I'll still be the same
So what, either way

Hey, you're so wrong, I'm so far gone,
I've left you behind
I can't hear, you almost forgot you
Hear me now
You can judge the ghost inside

I can only do what I can,
I'm still stuck here, half a man
But there is hope
That I won't be the same, you'll see
Listen to me

I'm about to crack and give in
I'm about to break, give it all away

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Almost, The Ghost Comments
  1. Caroliny S

    uma das minhas músicas preferidas ❤

    Moto160vloguer Men

    Caroliny S minha tbm ❤️

  2. TOP10 Productions (Official)

    This song is awesome. My favorite from this band.

  3. Yarany Cortez

    noo estan disponibles para mi país :( 

  4. Kevin Simmons

    What's with the lyrics to this song?  I can't find anything consistent online

  5. Coleman Lacy

    Great song.  Nice to see this band experiment with Southern rock.  Hope they continue to do so in the future!

  6. Alex Hamilton

    Anyone who is critical of this album should seriously reconsider their existence. This whole album was recorded LIVE in the space of 5 days. That is absolutely incredible, and something that is just not done in this day and age!! This record is a testament to musical ability, God-given talent and how bands should work as a TEAM. Absolutely amazed at the quality and impact these songs have on me.

  7. Dale Hebert

    Boy oh boy this album sucks huh? Should not of went in this detection of music Aron ... Cause it sucks.


    Dale Hebert this nigga tripping' hard!!

  8. Erick Calil


  9. Josiah Anderson

    probably so....however we get what he was saying.

  10. DoubleCheckTheSpelling

    Aaron's outdone himself with his vocals on this record. So pleased.


    Great band!

  12. MegaWildChicken

    Don't know why but this song gave me extreme nostalgia

  13. Michael Sandahl

    I just looked up the song im down. Thanks for commenting the song!

  14. Naughty Cub

    I Love Influencies Of Southern Rock In The Almost i love This Band

  15. Joel Tavares

    For me the album is resumed to the first 4 songs !

  16. trez32

    the album is insane.

  17. jnskate45

    God this is so good

  18. txoxmxg

    Shit yeah! It's about time Gillespie.

  19. Eli Kirk

    Drummer side projects are usually awesome.

  20. Rikki Wade

    this song is awesome!

  21. Tom LaBonte

    1 more week!!!

  22. brandynnleigh

    this is super great, same with "I'm Down". i'm going to jump the gun and say potentially one of the best The Almost albums to be released.

  23. teardropluvsparamore

    Love this

  24. Brandon Greco

    Similar to Envy On The Coast

  25. Joseph Soto

    If this is an acurate representation of the album them im really exited for it!!!! It is bound to be better than Family Force 5's III

  26. Eliana Bargas

    Muyyy Bueno!!!!

    Very Good!!

  27. pushpin1er

    He shouldn't have quit his day job! This is awful !!

  28. Alex Brunelle

    I just saw them saturday, The album comes out June 11th. My birthday!

  29. Sofia Lozano

    i love the new sound!

  30. toothandnail

    June 11th for sure!

  31. Trevor Laursen

    they keep changing the release date I heard this albulm will released in june

  32. Justin Lawrence

    Freaking some Jesus Rock n Roll here!!! Love to see how much God has changed Aaron's life and music over

  33. Calibur43

    Hahahaha, so true.

  34. thejfreak93

    And..... now it's a June release date. I'm beginning to feel like it's Half Life 3 the album.

  35. BWJava21

    So....did you listen past the first 30 seconds?

  36. Calibur43

    I know they said the mastering is all finished though, April 9th was only about a week away, their label picked the worst time to alter everything. It was delayed yesterday, such a bummer again.

  37. Isaac Lampner

    What does he have against The Ghost Inside? They're a great band.

  38. Isaac Lampner

    There's still a few months work of work to be done on an album once the actual recording is finished then it has to be pressed and on top of that their label is making some changes. Chill.

  39. Anne Versalles

    I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  40. Calibur43

    Well.....while I still have a top comment visible, the album got delayed until June. Now it's just funny.

  41. Dan A

    yep, in the fact that he is a drummer turned front man, but also on a deeper level too, he like dave grohl, keeps churning out awesome music and one of a kind!

  42. ThoseWhoStayUofM

    Yeah... I'm ready for more Aaron. I wish he was still doing the post-hardcore thing but I'll take what I can get. He's a magician.

  43. Jeremy Michael

    You have to account for mixing and mastering ever song (some times it takes a while for picky bands or labels), distribution to stores everywhere, and frankly just building up hype. They had a reason to release when they did, just be patient.

  44. tgi ira

    ment black keys

  45. Jonathan thornton

    Im stoked for this album!!! long over due!

  46. Jonathan thornton

    this isn't even mainstream? lol someone doesn't know music

  47. Brandon L

    He is the Dave Grohl of Christian music.

  48. Ryan Sinclair

    Aaron Gillispie is one of the best new things in Christian Rock.

  49. RelientKfan

    Yeah, and i've looked on The Almost website and Amazon and there is nowhere where i can pre-order it!!!

  50. heyheymymy62

    oh yeah.

  51. Blank Filler

    It's a penis looking Femur actually...

  52. Leeb1611

    Kid's got an unreal voice..

  53. Renato Negrelly


  54. edwin sanchez

    damn you... watch your words !!!

  55. tgi ira

    mainstream called, it still sucks

  56. Fernan Martinez

    Great song!!

  57. Takeo Inslayth

    This song to me sounds a bit like the later stuff DC Talk put out C:
    Do Liek

  58. DirtyDirtyNick

    i'm sure if they literally called, they would say just about anything but that.

  59. mike schillig

    i can see the percussion as zeppelin and the choruses and verses as a black keys song but it's so diverse and good. glad i stumbled upon this this morning

  60. pandaproductions

    I hear more led zeppelin than black keys, you guys are nuts. bring on the faster tracks, aaron!

  61. Eugene Karoll

    Hey guys! Go to my profile and watch my drum cover of this song!

  62. spikechiquet

    This reminds me of a mix of The Black Keys and Foo Fighters. Very good track!

  63. Pyres ∆t Varanasi

    Can't Wait for the Album.

  64. Austin Howell

    Soo...that right side of the bone is looking excited...

  65. Shelly Ginters

    Been trying to find out who sings this song for weeks! Finally a radio station said who it was. LOVE IT!!!!


    I wonder if the whole albums gonna have this The Black Keys-ish sound to it or just this song?

  67. RJ Cruz

    you shouldnt have to listen to a song a few times to force yourself to like it. if you dont like it the first time or even second time you probably dont like it. any song can grow on you after you listen to it for a while but that doesnt mean you like it.

  68. RJ Cruz

    yes thats exactly what that means kirby haha idk why youd say get over myself? i didnt know i was talking about myself in such a great manner for you to say that, im almost offended..

  69. gonzalo rojas

    ja! es genial!

  70. Micah Mylon Loewen

    It's been too long...

  71. Artist Effect

    Yeah, I thought the same... My Hero came to mind haha

  72. Artist Effect

    LOVE this song. Heard the album (for an interview) and its amazing... my favorite from them yet. get ready for April 9th!!

  73. Jake North

    This kind of has a Taking Back Sunday feel to it. Interested to hear the album.

  74. Pyres ∆t Varanasi

    It's all good. listen to Underoath, listen to The Almost if you want, times change, roll with the hurricane." - Aaron Gillespie

  75. Pyres ∆t Varanasi

    Both Underoath & The Almost are epic bands :D. Remember what Aaron said "If You Love Underoath keep listening to Underoath"

  76. Taras Savchuk

    Sounds cool. If the whole record will be like this it would be amazing.

  77. Andrew Jensen

    14 people don't believe in Ghosts

  78. blindjustice

    I really liked the rythym of that song good job guys!!

  79. Calibur43

    April 9th'on guys the album was done with recording in July.

  80. cakirby

    This will have to be a song you have to listen to a few times before it really connects. The first time I heard it, I didn't like it, but just like any Radiohead song, I kept listening and it got better and better every time. I'm excited to see what the rest of the album sounds like.

  81. cakirby

    This might be reminiscent of some Black Keys, but absolutely not the same attitude.

  82. cakirby

    Being the bearer of bad new is saying you don't like something? Get over yourself, dude.

  83. pod4477

    Very true, I just find it funny when I look at it. I know it's supposed to be a connecting joint, but it just makes me laugh.

  84. pod4477

    The chorus gave chills. I think they could have chosen a better right side to the bone on the album cover...looks like something else haha. Sick song!

  85. Jake Trevino

    i meeeeean....

  86. RJ Cruz

    i hate being the bearer of bad news too

  87. MandMBass

    Joe did record on this album

  88. iTrickRaz

    Love it! So we've had Monster, now Ghost, what's next.. Zombie?

  89. Marcus Burkhardt

    Dude I don't know what you mean about the second time. This was AWESOME the first time! =)

  90. baseballer47

    I LOVE the Almost and UnderOath, but this is terrible :/
    NO KINDS of gains..

  91. Jonas!

    Thank you Aaron ! Now come in Belgium ;)

  92. Michael Tucker

    Underoath was great and still puts out pretty dang good music. Same with The Almost and Aaron as a singular musician.

  93. matix0587

    Seems he is bringing back rock n roll. With good melodies and lyrics. Cause you know nowadays there arent much of that.

  94. FlyleafTheAlmost, Meny Translations

    tenías razón, la escuche una vez más y me encanto por completo!!

  95. gonzalo rojas

    i told you!haha...

  96. Tim Driver

    It kinda has an older sound to it, like how people are comparing it to a switchfoot song. I could see this song coming out around the orginal switchfoot era. It's really cool!