Almost, The - Dirty And Left Out (Mctague-lectro Version) Lyrics

Hello, I swear I won't be too long
Hello, I promise I'll be real strong
Wait up, I just wanna tell you
Hold up, why are you still here?

I've been dirtier than you wanna know
I've left earlier than you'll ever know

Why do you wanna be all listening to me
Why do you spread your arms and tell me I'm free
Why do you wanna be in my life
In my life

I've been dirtier than you wanna know
I've left earlier than you'll ever know

It's always something that I find
When you get lost
This always makes one big fight
When you get lost

Jesus, Jesus
There's something about your name
There's something about your name

I've been dirtier than you wanna know
I've left earlier than you'll ever know

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Almost, The Dirty And Left Out (Mctague-lectro Version) Comments
  1. Kristin Zeringue

    Dude, I love the other version, but when this one played on my pandora.. I had to come check it out again. This tune in the background adds some eeriness to it .. It's so cool.. :D

  2. Luan Rodrigues da Silva

    chega a arrepiar,meu Deus *o*

  3. Emily Rodriguez

    3:07-3:33 <3

  4. Amanda Augustine

    Shut up, this version is awesome

  5. jeffreyAbonilla

    the one from southern weather album is awesomer but this one is cool :)

  6. Jonas King

    It's sooooooo emotionally EPIC!!! Like everything Aaron does! :)

  7. elias cruz sumano

    estubiera mas chido sin la bateria.. no le queda.. pero geneal la rola olle no la podrias hacer sin bateria y pasarme el link :)!

  8. evidentlyardent

    it sounds like a sound track for ET - but It sounds cool - just shows that Aaron's open to different sorts of music

  9. ramond baten

    shows that tim mctague and aaron are still indeed tight as friends and musicians

  10. Kumo Yamakoshi

    I love this. <3

  11. Chris P Nugget

    @HunterLikesSoda you do realize this version was made by the guitarist in Underoath?....

  12. shortysarecool22

    ruined. . . .

  13. skillzoverdoze

    At first, compared to the original, I didnt like this version at all. Now for some reason, I cant stop hitting the replay button!

  14. dm__


  15. Hunter Vail

    It's beyond me how anyone could even put this in the same league as the other version. The other version gives me goosebumps. This gave me...nothing.

  16. Valentina Belen

    i want the download link!!! :(

  17. Spencer Morris

    i want to play this on piano sooooo bad....

  18. ashley e

    oooh - i like the bg music in this version

  19. iamfrankles

    instead of synth i would have played piano
    would have been cuter

  20. Tianna Martin

    Wow. Amazingly touching. I listened to this in the middle of landscaping class, and I had to fight tears!

  21. edwin sanchez

    both versions are just amazing

  22. iamfrankles

    i got chills

  23. TEOloguemos

    it is like a move version..!!
    itss fine... but i prefer the first version..!!!
    but no wrong.!

  24. Sean Pomory

    neither could i. its too awesome for that. hahah

  25. DAZ

    I got what u meant about that effect at beginning, but i can't imagine this song playing on an ice cream truck driving at street, can u?

  26. n1cowboybebopfan1985

    i like both versions

  27. Dr Salmon

    kinda ruined one of the best songs on their original album... same with "Amazing Because It Is"

  28. Winter Mist

    asdfghjkl i love ittt xD