Almost, The - Chokehold Lyrics

This is what it's like to be me
Looking for a flashlight in a blank sea
Nothing but time on my hands
Nothing but blood on the sand

I come alive in the darkness
I come alive when I'm honest
I come alive when I can't see what is in front of me
I come alive in a chokehold
I'm like a child when there's no hope
I'm on a bastard island
Fatherless and desperate for dry land

This is time and space the in-between
Dreaming of an out and to be seen
Nothing but fear in my hands
Nothing but doubt in my brain

I come alive in the darkness
I come alive when I'm honest
I come alive when I can't see what is in front of me
I come alive in a chokehold
I'm like a child when there's no hope
I'm on a bastard island
Fatherless and desperate for dry land

Come on use your heart and be grateful
Your father gave his heart for you to be hateful
He was the bastard man that put you on this goddamn island

I come alive in the darkness
I come alive when I'm honest
I come alive when I can't see what is in front of me
I come alive in a chokehold
I'm like a child when there's no hope
I'm on a bastard island
Fatherless and desperate for dry land

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Almost, The Chokehold Comments
  1. Smokeyknight 125

    I’ve met Aaron and he’s an awesome and pretty cool guy

  2. _LeoNidaSs_

    epic music :33333

  3. abigail abraira

    Love the song, but weird video

  4. Ty Yoshi

    Love this new album

  5. Sara Ferguson

    What does very icy think this song is about??

  6. Dallas Mignano

    World's Best Grandpa

  7. CIint Beastwood

    Anyone else do a double take thinking the title said cuckhold? 😂

  8. Maxwell Mooney

    Also - this new record is easily the best music The Almost has ever put out. Very tasteful all around. Great grooves.

  9. Maxwell Mooney

    Anyone have an idea of what sort of amp / distortion is on that first guitar part. It sounds so... separated and loose. I would never use it for myself but it sounds great in this song. Just curious how he got that kind of loose saturation.

  10. Renegade Music

    My father disowned me when I turned 18. We haven't spoke or seen each other in 10 years.
    This song resonates with my soul.

    On the other hand, this could be about God as well. Double meaning. :)

  11. Samuel Dorsey

    I really want to enjoy this but I'm still pissed off about the last Underoath album

  12. Almost Done

    Creepy rabbit, killer song!

  13. Mark Aguglia

    I thank you so much for this Aaron, your music speaks to me like no other...

  14. Ezequiel Guilherme

    Feliz por ver novas músicas de vocês 🇧🇷

  15. Emerson rocha de jesus

    So personal...his lifestory.


    jeepers creepers

  17. Jack Mincey

    Actually enjoy this more than the new Underoath album


    Same man :)


    That's cuz new underoath is shit.

  18. Johnathan Granados

    Came from your ad on YouTube, definitely had me interested enough to look you guys up! Great song!

  19. Titaani Lintu

    this only gets better everytime i listen to this! deserves huge time more views!

  20. Daniel Everett

    Cool song until the cussing. C'mon Aaron, surely you can see where people who aren't happy with the direction of this (and Underoath) are coming from given you released a couple of solo worship albums. Having said that, Spencer is absolutely right to feel hurt over "Christians" condemning him rather than trying to help with or understand his addiction issues, and I wish you and Spencer all the best in your journeys.

  21. Marco Kless

    Letterkenny on dailymotion brought me here

  22. Vincent Kip

    Ah, this is awesome! Never expected to see new Almost music. I wonder if it's a solo project now, or if he's back with the old band?

    Zac Hagerty

    solo project

  23. Miguel Noyola

    Love it!

  24. JonHatesStarWars

    Lots of "Christian" bands falling away these last few years:. MxPx, Underoath, As I Lay Dying, The Almost, Gideon, Norma's almost as if the scriptures predicted this type of thing would begin to happen at an alarming rate.

    Jason Easterling

    I know that's right they need god

  25. NerdSaitama

    The Almost is back? OMFG

  26. DAN13LBR G4M3R

    Isso é ser mito, levam 5 anos para fzr um cd novo, mais quando fazem, dão aula... 👏👏👏

  27. Thiago Oliveira

    The Almost em 2019? Esse é meu momento! <3

  28. akiara Katsuro

    thanks to kellin i found this

  29. Steve Anderson

    Welcome back guys ❤️

  30. joshua williams

    Pretty lackluster just like the new under oath album. At least I have the old stuff.

  31. Alexis-es

    Por fin!! Esperaba tanto un tema nuevo. Pensé que no volvían :')

    Manson Marilyn

    Oh, casi te preguntamos amiko :)

  32. gellowfamer

    After reading Aaron’s AltPress interview, I like the symbolism of this strange rabbit man and the rabbit on the album cover. Hope this guy is like the “mascot” in other music videos.


    I stopped following his stuff and underoath for a while no so I'm behind on all the history and info.
    But what interview and what happened?

  33. Jason Easterling

    Aaron I love you so much please ask God to for give of your sin please Aaron

  34. Rob Scrannage

    Brand new vibes

  35. Pav Pav

    glad, they're back!

  36. Tony Mont

    From your first album until now, I still love your music!

  37. Mik D

    Aaron is a genius. One of the greatest song writers of our generation.

    Mellow Minnow

    I 100% agree

  38. Brandon Ruth

    This is so fucking good. Feels great to have a new Almost record.

  39. StephenFrederickMark

    This gives me AC/DC “Hell’s Bells” vibes

  40. Jason Easterling

    So sad it is crazy

    Mellow Minnow

    Exactly what I'm thinking. One of the most heart-wrenching songs I've ever heard.

  41. Jason Easterling

    You are a Christian again

  42. Lynnette

    Love the music, but have to say that if life doesn't always go your way, you can't just shut God out, or else you'll be filled with regret.

  43. Just An Observer

    Can anyone not sing about covert satanism anymore?

    Madison George

    What?!?! So because he doesn't believe in corporate christianity he's into satan? People like you are why people turn away from god

  44. Adam McAllister

    Awesome A-aron! Excited!

  45. Sam Doo

    Well this is pretty good. Some of their best stuff!

  46. jaylynn bugs


  47. Cory Pickett

    This song is extremely mediocre


    I disagree

  48. Andrés David

    I’ve been waithing this for years

  49. Darren Lesinski

    I miss Beloved.

  50. The Noise

    brb going camping and listening to this on repeat while we stare at the stars

  51. Rhavel Falconi

    They' re Back <3

  52. keast18

    Not a fan of the chorus

    Matt H

    keast18 Why not? Just curious.


    @Matt H Just a little too contemporary for me. I like when he changes his notes on the last one tho

  53. AnewDewDew

    It's cool to similarities between this newer sound and what Underoath is making now. Absolutely loving it.

  54. Joey Bingham

    Those verses hit fucking hard. Gillespie is a master.

  55. Devin Kirsch

    I gotta say it saddens me to hear lips that used to sing praises to God use his name in vain. First underoath now the almost. Sad.

    Devin Kirsch

    If I came across that you need to believe the way I do I apologize. Most Christians do live in a box and they are narrow minded in thinking that people need to bow to them and respect their beliefs and if you don’t your opinion doesn’t matter and you’re less of a person for not believing. I am not that type of Christian and I do apologize if I came across that way. I’m open and willing to discuss anything you’d want to talk about or question you might have about my opinion.

    Jason Easterling

    I know that's right

    Juliann McAtee

    It disappoints me too. I want to listen to Aaron's music because he used to be my favorite musician (now it's Jon Foreman and Tyler Joseph) but I cannot listen/sing along to lyrics like this. That's why I don't listen to the new Underoath album either. I don't want to hear lyrics like that.. I want to jam out and sing along but I'm not going to repeat that. It's not okay for me.

    Devin Kirsch

    Exactly. It’s a bummer. The Almost and Underoath used to be my favorites.

    Jason Easterling

    Yea me to

  56. Josh Stewart Music

    Gd really??????

    Josh Stewart Music

    What do you mean?

    Juliann McAtee

    I'm disappointed as well. I can't sing along to that or want to listen to that.

  57. Issy Addams

    Yes!!! Love you Aaron, please come back to NYC.

  58. Dacian Miron

    Does anyone have a new pair of underwear i can borrow? This song puts out more than my EX

  59. elunico13lu

    Last chorus ! Awesome energy. Great track

  60. nismogirlzx

    I am here for this! Yes! 🙌

  61. Music Enthusiast

    This is so damn good

  62. Timothy J. Roberts

    Shutting out all uncontrolled light and waiting until the darkness to throw a ritual. It's all so symbolic, it's a well-made song/video. Definitely being missional with the message. He's making sure we understand it. -- I'm still going over lyrics again and again. I know Aaron may not be a strong believer in the Christian faith he once held. But I'd love to get a huge rundown of where he was to where he is know and the thinking and actions (life circumstances) that led him there. Much love to him regardless of belief... Wishing him and the almost all the best and can't wait f or this album!!

    Also that vocoder (or whatever else is on vocals) effect in the bridge reminds me of the verses* in The Japanese House's song "Face Like Thunder" I like it a lot.

    Just An Observer

    What is there to unpack? He gave up God for satan. Very clear.

    Madison George

    He talks about it on a recent episode of badchristian podcast

    Cait Bee

    @Just An Observer I think your clarity is clouded. He didn't give God up for Satan.

  63. Timothy J. Roberts

    "Why are you wearing that stupid bunny suit?"

    trent klein

    why are you wearing that stupid man suit?

  64. TimboSlice

    I honestly forgot I was subscribed lol pleasant surprise

  65. Melquisedec Stócl

    Tour... 🙏

  66. Aaron Egerman

    Really great song, psyched that Aaron is still capable of writing good music after that huge Underoath let down recently. Only complaint is something sounds a little ting-y in the drum mix somewhere, I think maybe the hi-hat? Not sure exactly what it was but my ear picked up on it from the beginning and it was definitely a little distracting.

  67. Andrew Saludez

    I'm on an island desperate for dry land 🤔 Someone help me understand that.

    Just An Observer

    It's about not wanting to be baptized.

    Andrew Saludez

    Jonathan thornton idk

    Andrew Saludez

    Just An Observer 🤨

    fernando soto

    @Andrew Saludez mmmm i dont know rick

    Sara Ferguson

    @Just An Observer huh? What do you mean?

  68. Stefan N

    can't wait for a new album :) hope there will be some faster tracks on it like southern weather or july


    OMG. voy a llorar despues de años que lanzan un SINGLE. saludos desde 🇵🇪 🇵🇪


    Un comentario en español jajaja genial n.n

    Jona Herrán


    Lucas Hermosilla

    Vieron lo que escribio en spotify es increible

  70. LeandroLeonardiMTM

    Glad to get new music but I wonder how harsh life has been to get such lyrics!


    Unfortunately that’s exactly the case. He needs to draw closer to God more than ever.

    Cait Bee

    @TylerSweatshirt why?


    Cait Bee he’s let the heartbreaking circumstances in life get the best of them, and instead of searching for healing in Christ he turns to song writing. His lyrics are in tune with the difficult moments he’s faced. All in chronological order. Only God can heal.

    Sara Ferguson

    @Cait Bee what happened with underoath?

    KillMeLast - RoS - Rules of Survival

    TylerSweatshirt what happened, if you care to share and have enough spare time to tell, of course.

  71. Zachary Dennis

    Honestly one of my favorite songs The Almost has put out, so stoked for the new record

  72. A B

    Better than anything Underoath did on Erase Me

    A B

    @metalmessy135 the albums awful, and the worst one in Underoath's discography.

    David S

    @metalmessy135 Pffft. Please. It's easily the worst.

    Jonathan Sullivan

    I agree. It's the worst. Define The Great Line on the other album. No one needs to point that that's that's my opinion, because it obviously is.


    Alex B I agree.

  73. Roy Navi

    get back the pop punk vibes!!

  74. Authorn

    I jumped the first time that thing came on screen

  75. alexander

    Is the the almost still a Christian band?

    David S

    Not in the Biblical sense, no. If they do claim to be, it's some nebulous relativistic definition that allows for them to interpret everything through their own lens of opinion. This is evil (in the Biblical sense).

    Just An Observer

    Absolutely not.

  76. Chris Mac

    Glad to see the lesser known brother of Frank the Bunny is finally getting some of the spotlight.

  77. Mikey Lawson

    Sick video! A lot of time definitely went into this, and I love that it still sounds like the almost. Much love from Oklahoma! -

  78. Pedro rodriguez acuña

    alguien en español :3 que gran cancion


    X2 jaja

  79. Manuel Barrientos

    First Underoath, then As I Lay Dying and now The Almost! 2008 is back!!!

    Mike Hurley

    Hahaha so right

    ale robledo

    And now ! The devil wears prada new album !

    Jackson The Epic

    My chemical romance now !!!

    jake ladders

    As I lay dying ain’t the same since murder for hire pants went to jail

  80. Dennis Hamrick

    The Almost and Bayside both having new albums in October. Both not announcing til almost release date is the best thing ever. I am so glad we don't have to wait very long for the album. Been a fan of Aaron and his various projects since the early 00's. I met Aaron when The Almost played in Vegas many years ago, great guy and top 3 concerts I have ever been to.

    Nick Fitchpatrick

    Dennis Hamrick I just hope it gets the hype it deserves and doesn’t fly under the radar. So stoked!

  81. Emerito cotto

    ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ meh

    Alex Vanderspek

    Emerito cotto talking about yourself?

    Emerito cotto

    Alex Vanderspek 🤣🤷🏻‍♂️🤦🏻‍♂️

    David S

    @Alex Vanderspek No, taking about this straight trash. First Underoath, now The Almost. Can't wait to read how "evolved" they've become since becoming like the world.

    Alex Vanderspek

    David S k

  82. Федор Шелипов

    Been waiting for this since FIOB, not disappointed

  83. UnderYourCloset

    YESSSS <3

  84. Jon Keenan

    I've missed this music sooo much. Love this!

  85. Cristina Lorezca

    That thing looks creepy af

    Mellow Minnow

    Yes it is! But it is definitely artistic and I love it!

    Titaani Lintu

    Haunting, love it

    Texas Spartan099

    My wife says it looks like a demonic rabbit. Especially when it's dancing at the end.

    Cristina Lorezca

    Texas Spartan099 it reminds me of the rabbit in the movie “Donnie Darko”

    Texas Spartan099

    @Cristina Lorezca never seen it

  86. Wellinthon Mundim

    This was a pleasant surprise!!! Loved it so much

  87. Jona Herrán

    No christian music, no party

  88. Jona Herrán

    Here since Southern Wearher project <3

    Juan Maccarone

    Here since 26-6-11

    Jona Herrán

    @Juan Maccarone you've died in Madrid, ex classic

    A B

    @Juan Maccarone I'm really trying to figure out what this date really is. 😂 Is it June 26th 2011? Is it November 26th 2006?

    Jona Herrán

    @A B If you search on google "9/12 Madrid" you'll find a date more tragical than any other

  89. Blackwolf Imaging

    This is SO good!

  90. tenaciousjoe24

    Its 2007 all over again

  91. Judah Bigelow

    As someone who has been listening to your work since "They're Only Chasing Safety" I really enjoyed this. Keep making art Aaron, there are many of us traveling similar paths.


    Hell yes.

  92. Rodrigo Pereira

    What a beautiful surprise!

  93. Mateo Ottie

    So is the almost still christian?

    Christopher Adam

    i feel like i hear a G****mn at 3:16. pretty sure Aaron isn't a "Christian" anymore but still believes in a god.

    Joseph Corrao

    No Aaron is still very much a Christian. He still does his solo worship music too

    David Navarrete

    “They went out from us, but they were not of us; for if they had been of us, they would no doubt have continued with us: but they went out, that they might be made manifest that they were not all of us.”
    ‭‭1 John‬ ‭2:19‬ ‭

    David S

    @David Navarrete This.

    Just An Observer

    These lyrics are clearly stating that he hates God and has decided to serve another master.

  94. Caio Felipe

    My discografia UØ

  95. JonsThreeCents

    How does a band go from "I'm Down" to ... this?

    What a glorious disappointment.

    Alex Vanderspek

    JonsThreeCents yeah you are

    Dan Le Roux

    A lot can change over 10 years.

    Just An Observer

    Love not the world. But he does.


    @Dan Le Roux -- now that's something we can definitely agree on

  96. Gabriel Mp

    Yes!!!! 🖤

  97. Daniel Seale

    This is great, have been listening to The Almost since Southern Weather was released. I get some Thrice vibes from this

    Joey Bingham

    Daniel Seale I only get almost vibes

    Jason Easterling

    That was awesome I have seen him in concert awesome


    easily one of my favourite albums to date