Almost, The - Amazing Because It Is Lyrics

I was so scared of everything you put in front of me
I've been arching every part of me
Just to see
Why you need me to be
The boy you need me to be

Amazing grace
How sweet the sound
That saves a wretch like me
I once was lost
And now I'm found
Was blind but now I see

I just wanna see

I'm the type of person who lets fear drive
I'm the type of guy who lets it drive
Cause I'm addicted, I'm needy,
I'm lost without you
I need you
I need you

Amazing grace
How sweet the sound
That saves a wretch like me
I once was lost
But now I'm found
Was blind but now I see

Amazing grace (amazing grace)
How sweet the sound (how sweet)
That saved a wretch like me (that saved a wretch like me)
I once was lost
But now I'm found (you know I'm found)
Was blind but now I see

Amazing grace (you're amazing)
How sweet the sound (you're amazing)
That saved a wretch like me
I once was lost (it feels so bad when you're lost but I know)
But now I'm found
Was blind but now I see

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Almost, The Amazing Because It Is Comments
  1. Dachary Sampson

    Frm 08 to 2020 im still here this song always make me cry

  2. jbillz Gaming

    Still here
    October 31st 2019

    Echo Tango

    jbillz Gaming Can hardly believe Aaron went from this to their latest single where he says “gddamn” so easily. One day he’ll be singin’ this again, i pray.

  3. Jan Vieira

    O Aaron deveria continuar no The Almost sem ter de sair do Underoath. As são um máximo com ele. Ele toca bem e compõe bem. Amo demais o trabalho desses caras (das duas bandas)!

  4. Jesse King

    2019 anybody ?!?!? THANK YOU FOR THIS!!!!

  5. Christina Sanchez

    My cousin posted this song on his FB before he passed, love to listen to it.... I miss him everyday.

  6. Brandon Oevering

    Still one of my all time favourite songs. Beautiful.

  7. Turkish Delight

    I hope aaron is truly happy now.

  8. Josué Avila

    What happened to aaron gilliespie?

  9. bmb

    He somehow made this more beautiful than when we sang this in church. This song is so compelling. I was addicting as soon as I heard him on 'Underoath-You're ever so inviting', also was the last video I remember watching on headbanger's ball. Miss y'all!

  10. LegacyFTW

    Keep it going

  11. Desiree Abell

    March 4th 2019!!!!! Still gives me goosebumps.

  12. Kayla Watson

    2019 bitches and underoath is back together! Saw them the concert before they split. Love him and underoaths music💜

  13. Jordan A

    I love the last note he hits

  14. teardropluvsparamore

    Aaron totally abandoned this song and religion 😞

  15. Emmaleigh Hoard

    I love this song so much. Years ago when I was at my most depressed and suicidal this was the only music that could touch me through all the numbness. Really happy to have found it here again as an "adult".

    Echo Tango

    Emmaleigh Hoard The Holy Spirit of the living God moves in this song.

  16. -jake- Misunderstood Emo


  17. Terrence

    Still a good song 11 years later.

  18. James Tyree

    I'm the type of person who lets fear drive. So true...

  19. Bianca Bee


  20. Amner Josue Membreño Iglesias

    Beautiful song💚

  21. GoldNava

    This is a masterpiece!

  22. DavieG2

    Who else is here in 2018? ... 1 year later 2019?

    Sean Hardwick


    Web Admin

    2019. The Lord is good.

    jbillz Gaming

    Of course, October 31st 2019

  23. Ashley Olson

    Still loving this song 10 years later

    Jennifer Poole

    Same! <3

  24. Lefty 1991

    Both bands are awesome, but I prefer Underoath.

  25. Erick Martínez

    Such a talented guy

  26. Junior jr

    BRASIL <<

  27. Jam Concha

    now listening. june 9 2017!

    Caty Skarhus

    Jam Concha same!!

  28. Ashlee Nicole

    I still love this song so much.

  29. Janessa Day

    Absolutely love this song.

  30. Mel B

    bring back so many memories

  31. Trevor Bercich

    yeah who cares about your beliefs its a great song ether way

  32. violet last

    Found it again, years later. <3


    me too!!! :3 ¡memories!

  33. Izaias Tavares

    haha amazing song

  34. Zeke Zenitram

    How sweet that sounds 👌🏼

  35. JiftySwaySwee

    One of the only christian bands I'll listen to

    Carson Carpenter

    im with you with that man

    Sam Renner

    Jacob Gnias lets hammer under oath bro

  36. Abimbola Oduwole

    you shoudl listen to the version on awakening's adonai album

  37. Sanet Anger

    Therefore there is no condemnation for those who are in Christ, for those who do not work according to the flesh but according to the spirit.

  38. Jessa James

    So sweet. So angelic. So honest. So raw. So real. So perfect. Brings me tears. 

    Zuriel Montes

    Me gusta mucho esta canción... saludos

  39. Jesscarlo Magboo

    I first heard this in 2009, and I play it in my phone every once and a while. Music today is great but I miss those days when rock music was popular.

  40. lolbbgfl

    so, how can i/we make this video available? it's got to be this version. i would listen to this song a few years ago and now i so badly want to hear it again.... .. . . halp

    B W

    It works for me..

  41. lolbbgfl

    awh, why is it unavailable?

  42. PerkulatorTime

    This song is so amazing and beautiful! I didn't even know they were a christian band until I heard this song!

  43. Andrew Lam

    tc 2014!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Michael Badolato

    I graduated in February of 2014, Southwest Florida. By the grace of God i haven't looked back since. Praying for you today man, walk strong in the power of His might!

  44. Jason Beavers exactly do you define "religion" then?  Because Christianity does have a "belief system".  It is a relationship, but it definitely fits the definition of religion too

  45. josh strunk

    God bless :) its as simple as that. No need for a battle of what's real or not... come on athiests.. be mature.

  46. Joe Villasenor

    Can someone please help me out
    I got a question, I'm 16 and I'm a musician and a singer..
    I would like to have a band like Aaron and sing songs like his.. But people tell me that it's wrong to sing some of his songs because they don't speak about God.. Is that true? Is it wrong ?
    I'm Christian and I love God and everything but I don't think that music is only for expressing love to God. I think music can be used to express life matters,love, etc..

    Graham Hansen

    Dude, you can sing what ever you want. Don't worry what other people think. It doesn't have to be all "christian". I'm a christian and I cover alot of secular songs.

    Gitz C

    life, love, emotions and even death (going to heaven). The belief is your God created all these things. Why not sing about anything and the everything?

    Greg Jones

    You say "people" in a very vague way.  Are you talking about strangers, or family?  As a musician, your family will be your greatest anchor, and you need to let go of worrying what they think about you.  No family is ever completely okay with their son becoming a musician right off the bat until he sees some success.

    If you're singing about something that other people want you to sing about, then you aren't a real musician.  Music is a direct expression of what YOU think and feel.  Some careers require peer reviewing and opinions of others, music is not one of them.  It's impossible for anyone to ever tell you that you're singing about the wrong thing.

    Jon Hilderbrand

    Three things:
    1) "Whatever you do, whether in word or in deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him."
    2) "Do not call anything unclean that God has made clean"
    3) "‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment. And the second is like it: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ All the Law and the Prophets hang on these two commandments.”
    Friend, if you can sing about love, the sea, a rock, or your pet turtle, all to the glory of God, please, for our sake and your own, DO IT! We need you. God gave you gifts and if you are a blood-bought believer, how could anything you sing not be wonderful? There are Christian carpenters, mechanics, lawyers, butchers, etc. Are there "Christian" houses or cabinets?  Alternators? Wills? Cuts of meat? No, of course not---but, yes, of course! 
    Sing your songs. Glorify God. He knows your heart.

    Vanice Icarus

    Just because a song doesn't blatantly say "God" doesn't mean it isn't about him. Really it's what about the heart is. But like others have said, every thing you sing doesn't have to be that way, just express yourself and do it for the glory in whatever you do. Don't worry about what some of these "people" may think . 

  47. Homerun Steve

    My favorite song by them.

    When this came out, I was dating a chick I loved to death and not only was this sone my favorite during the best times, it was my favorite when I was at the pits and had to leave her.

    Man I feel old, that was 6 years ago!


    cool story bro

  48. Deadicati0n

    You may be the most unintelligent human being I have ever come across if you can not tell it's a man speaking of how he found God.

  49. killercomedytv

    You're retarded. Literally, i have never seen such a dumb comment.

  50. matty thoburn

    How is this christian? Its clearly a fucking love song. Infact, almost every "christian" bullshit song is a love song. Religitards. Ugh. Fuk awf

    Raymond Ramirez

    Are you stupid?

    María Teresa Madrid Cardona

    Dude, more than half of this was literally taken from one of the most famous Christian songs ever. Amazing Grace. Google it.

  51. Dr Gainz

    I'm not Christian at all but this is just beautiful. I'm looking at it to get over somebody close.

  52. Alexis Adams

    "I'm lost without you. I need you."

  53. YaMoonSun

    I can't believe how much christian music I used to listen to, lol~ Didn't even realize it at the time.

  54. br4ve

    Thanks, I'm a 24yo m and I'm actually flattered by your kind words. I've got my hang ups and vices like anyone else. I haven't quite found what I'm looking for but I have faith that things are unfolding as they must. Bless you and your family this is a welcome exchange from most youtube comments. Funny how easy it is to spit out hate upon one another and difficult it is to truly open up. The human condition has a fair way to go, remain steadfast and speak 'your' truth humbly but firmly.

  55. phoenixNdragon720

    I am Christian and you sir or ma'am are a very intelligent person. I have read your comments and i commend you of your mellow and peaceful attitude. Best of luck in life and i pray you find what you're looking for. That is unless you've found it already.

  56. Jessica Almaraz


  57. br4ve

    Sorry man I disagree, without an open dialogue how can we as people reach an understanding and appreciation of one another and our beliefs or disbelief's. Closing yourself into discussion only with like minded people limits the possibility for growth. That being said it does often devolve into name calling and unfair treatment from both sides. This is maybe a better route "trouble no one about their religion, respect their views and demand that they respect yours" - anyway whatevs, peace

  58. Becoming Marissa


  59. killercomedytv

    I think it's a bad idea to even talk about religion, unless you're surrounded by people with the same beliefs as you, in this case i would stay away from religious topics. It's a touchy topic.

  60. br4ve

    Sorry if I offended you though, I can be a bit abrasive in my language. peace brother.

  61. br4ve

    No God exists and we each have a personal relationship with him. The crux of my post was to suggest that regardless of whether you draw your concept of God from one book or another we're all in this together. It's arrogant to assume that your beliefs are the only correct ones or that you're more righteous then x, y or z. Perhaps your closed mindedness caused you to think that my post was negative in actuality I'm preaching love and acceptance. Keep running up that hill son but forget your dogma

  62. killercomedytv

    Preach, Keep your negative thoughts away from my beliefs. Because all this beauty "Just happened" right?

  63. killercomedytv


  64. iheartsjonas

    This song is amazing, just appreciate it, damn

  65. Thank You Based God

    You're an idiot.

  66. Glogan

    whezon anyone?;)

  67. Kenneth Thornton

    Insanely awesome track! Best part of it... Aaron did all his vocals in one take, due to him wanting it to sound more pure. Straight emotion like that into a song like this is my reason for existence. Luh Dis Shit!

  68. Russell Pittman

    I'm sure your intentions are good, but if you're claiming me ignorant and then proceed to make assumptions of me, I'd say that's ignorant. I do walk with God, I am no coward and do not hide behind God, I am not blind, I am not deaf, my heart is open but not to think that there is another way to the Father but through the Son.

  69. brutalvocalcovers

    That was a very ignorant thing to say. This is a Christian to another. You do not walk with God. You walk with yourself hiding behind the idea of God. Open your eyes, ears, and heart before you ever open your mouth to spread your ignorance. because that is half of how you influence others and 100% of how you think.

  70. br4ve

    What an absolutely ridiculous assumption. I am a peaceful person, to the extent that I wont kill a spider or insect. I am not an atheist, I'm an 'agnostic' who believes in higher forms of power but hold that we cannot claim to know the nature of god or godesses, they are intangible. The Christian faith creates an illusory story, recites customs and provides you with images and rhetoric to dictate your way of life. It certainly isn't the ONE truth, respect to you though.

  71. Russell Pittman

    Here is the difference between you (atheist) and me (Christian) obviously hold much hate disdain for me as I hold only hope and love for all, including you...

    "But I say to you that everyone who is angry with his brother will be liable to judgment; whoever insults his brother will be liable to the council; and whoever says, ‘You fool!’ will be liable to the hell of fire." MATTHEW 5:22

  72. br4ve

    what? you're a fucking moron

  73. br4ve

    atheiest. christian. there is no difference, it's all just bullshit, these dogmatic belief systems that seek to divide us hold no knowledge over the experience of being human. like it or not we exist day to day carrying out the motions and functions of our chemical compounds. Move forward with diligence indeed and love your fellow man but do not assume the privileged of judging another or assuming that you have found the answers. you haven't. you have a long way to go, and jesus or alah

  74. ツDani


  75. Metalhead Gamer

    You're so human! I'm glad, hope in the future there'll have some more like you.

  76. Beth Andras

    powerful song

  77. Luke Engelbrecht

    Check out my drum cover of this on my channel :)

    Running River

    Sick cover

  78. Justin Butcho

    Very hipster song

  79. Jonathon Reinhart

    The difference between the atheists and religious nuts was so clearly portrayed by your post. Do you see any atheists here telling you that you're foolish because you *do* believe in a god? No - you see them saying how they enjoy this song, even though it has religious backgrounds. And on the other side, we have you preaching how foolish others are because they don't believe in your nonsense. Typical.

  80. Josh Covell

    hell yeah

  81. Wesley W

    **when I say "but our atheist friends" I am implying that I love ya'll too. I was just making a distinction.

  82. Wesley W

    I love all of you guys, but our atheist friends--aside from the musical aspect of this really like this song because it is hopeful...and this hope is found in a Saviour who can (and for some of you already has) take away the penalty and remembrance of the crap in your past and give you an amazing and bright future. Despite your wandering, and denying--His Name is Jesus.

  83. Kayla Greiss

    i feel like just because a band is supposed to be "christian" or something doesn't mean that atheist myself can't like it. music is about how you interpret it.

  84. Aaround Vazquez

    Although I'm an atheist, I love this song.

  85. Victoria Corvalán

    Hermosa canción

  86. GrimmReaper465

    Im an Athiest yet this song is my number one played song on itunes, ps3, xbox 360, and my phone

  87. Katherine German

    this song, in 7th grade. was the theme song of the scariest thing that happened to me. it brought me comfort and it has a powerful meaning..dang. God is good...

  88. Celeborn


  89. ashley okonma

    For some reason I just can't stop repeating 2:24 †

  90. Peter Mejia

    @gohesh fuck off dude that's not cool

  91. ZeeN VII


  92. John Stamos

    Just in 2011, 32% of all recorded donations to official charity organizations were given by religious organizations. There are negatives and positives that can be brought up, but "done nothing...other than cause pain and suffering" is a bit of a stretch when you really look at the contributions.

    That being said, I'm not sure what your view of religion or Christianity looks like, but there is an almighty being whose not "made up" and who loves you. Living for yourself is a waste of time.

  93. zany46045

    @kreeper887 Hey there, troll:))

  94. jaybird forealz

    I feel God moving thru me and i thank him for His amazing grace!!!

  95. Ryoji Yamaki

    This song is beyond amazing.
    99% of people are here to listen to the great music so its happy to see less dispute over religion here. Everyone can interpret this song as they want. It doesnt matter what religion you are in.
    This song itself is the "amazing grace" for me. great job aaron:)

  96. PsychicTire

    um, just no.