Allman, Gregg - These Days Lyrics

Well I've been out walking
I don't do that much talking these days
These days, these days I seem to think a lot
About the things I forgot to do, for you
And all the times I had a chance to

Well I've had a lover
I don't think I'll risk another these days
These days, these days I seem to be afraid
Live the life that I've made in song
But it's just that I have been losing, so long

These days I sit on the corner stone
Count the time in quarter tones of ten, my friend
And now I believe I want to see myself again

These days I sit on the corner stone
Count the time in quarter tones till ten, my friend
Please don't confront me with my failure
I'm aware of them

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Allman, Gregg These Days Comments
  1. Angela Dobbs

    Love Jesus Christ name Amen hallelujah ty ABBA!!!

  2. Seamus Jones

    💘 people. Ur a people too. ✌🍀

  3. Onna Keys

    Love.. saw them at Watkins Glen in NY w I was 16, now 63... forever memories

  4. West Winds

    Normally, I don't like Country/Western but this is a particularly nice rendition of this son with Greg.

  5. Karmen Jazbec

    you are a beautiful angel now gregg

  6. Karmen Jazbec

    yeah boys i am happy in love with bob dylan thank you for the song

  7. Karmen Jazbec

    one of these days you will miss me honey

  8. Jefferson Bautista

    im 32 years old now and im sure im happy to find this song

  9. Roger Walket

    The road goes on forever. RIP Brother

  10. Richard Baker


  11. Lisa Weaver

    The ego took down too many to early. For sure! Some great times held forever! New let a world mold a man. Stay inside yourself.


    RIP but sorry , Nico’s version is still the best version of this song.

  13. Daniel Stetson

    Now if I owned a Country station, this would be on the rotation -- Always!

  14. Chuck Ryan

    Freaking amazing that a 16 y/o Jackson Browne wrote these lyrics

  15. Joyce KIng

    Great music lives on forever.....

    Carl Walker

    I really hope so.

  16. drlepper72

    A piece of a lot of childhoods passed when he left us. The fact that we have the music to admire for all time is proof there is a benevolent god up in heaven.

    David Gaskin

    He's still a part of those childhoods. You listen to this song.. there he is.

  17. Roger Wilson

    Flattens me. Time and again.

  18. John Horky

    Miss our brothers voice & talents to make us all think in our younger daz & now...PERFECT !


    puts a bitch in a mood / talking bout Me /

  20. Guynelle Randle

    Thank you for sharing this. What a tremendous loss! 💔😢

  21. Torrie Bailes

    Best singer of my time

  22. J Fox

    I just finished reading his book for the 2nd time. I always end up in tears. He was such a warm,sweet man. so talented and humble. He is missed very much but it makes me feel better knowing he's with his entire family in heaven along with Barry Oakley, and Butch Trucks all making beautiful music.

  23. Karmen Jazbec

    yeah gregg

  24. Karmen Jazbec

    you afebeautiful angel now

  25. Karmen Jazbec

    kiss kiss

  26. Karmen Jazbec

    yeah greg i am in love with bob dylan nothing to talk it i true

  27. tom rider


  28. Raymond Faron

    A compilation of song moved by those whom suffer at the hands of unrighteousness...

  29. Vicky Wheeler

    Love Greg Allman! Thanks!

  30. icscsuma10 02

    I can't decide between Greg Allman
    Jackson Browne or glen Campbell
    They versions all make me bawl like a wee kiddie
    Go well Gregory

  31. Sherry Woodruff

    With deepest Gratitude for your music. I feel it in my Soul. Rest in Paradise.

  32. Alma Texier

    It’s my mantra

  33. Micah Gourley

    Beautiful tribute :') 👍👍 Great reflection on what matters most in the trek of life. Personally, I think of Micah 6:8 which, in summary, poses the question of what God wants from us, and it's that we " justice [doing what is right], desire mercy..." (that we not "confront [them] with [their] failures" but see people with redemptive eyes, if necessary, only calling out those blind spots they can't realize they have in order to better them), and "...walk humbly WITH God." -for He is the perfect manifestation of humility, though many may misrepresent Him. 🙏👍

    "He has told you, O man, what is good;
    And what does the Lord require of you
    Except to be just, and to love [and to diligently practice] kindness (compassion),
    And to walk humbly with your God [setting aside any overblown sense of importance or self-righteousness]?" Micah 6:8 Amplified Bible (AMP)

  34. Elaine

    10/22/2019- and still listening. Someone said, don't you listen to new music? NO

  35. Torrie Bailes

    He was my all time favorite player and performer

  36. Flying Up

    Miss Gregg Allman and the whole Band. Life and music was so go in Those Days.

    tom rider

    I' m with you on that one great times and memories..

  37. D M

    FLY HIGH with the other angels and thank you for gracing mother earth for a time

  38. James Priest

    Greg had an amazing friend in Jackson, we should all be so lucky. Look at the life, he took life by both horns and rode his full 8. Rip brother

  39. katie standish

    Will never forget the Allman Brothers Band play the Suns to as well don't think anyone could ever do better but boys give it a try all my love life and for your father's and I'll be a fan for you

  40. Teresa Ciupryk

    Carried a lot of sadness in his heart for his brother. Drew

  41. cynthia Massey


  42. John Horky

    Was hell of ah great ride & gift over the years to listen & grow with Allman's good stuff !

  43. Martha Phyllis

    I watched him grow from a boy to a man. Such a fine gentleman. You will be missed, thank you for all the memories.

  44. cavscout62

    Greg you are sorely missed.😎

  45. Helen Johns

    😔😢😭😇🙏. This man influenced my life so much. Had older brothers to lead me to the classics that stand the test of time. Even tho they were brand new. Best band ever. Love and respect

  46. Madeleine

    Have to thank Jackson Browne, a fellow military brat for writing this song when he was 16. That said, I don't think his version can best Greggs.

  47. nobody, the

    He didn't write it but he still owns it.

  48. Kesley Cottrell

    God l miss The Allman Brothers Band concerts. Doesn't seem like summer. RIP Gregg. Thanks for the awesome music.

  49. col-t-walters

    The last line is..... PLEASE DONT CONFRONT ME WITH MY FAILURES, IAM AWARE OF THEM...… in other words don't tell me were I am going... "rong"... I know the problem tell me the SOLUTION and stand by me, that is a true friend not just a complainer... LOVE LIFE LOVE PEOPLE

  50. col-t-walters

    Jackson Brown may have wrote this song and at the time would have had no idea he wrote it for Greg to sing, but its "Greg's song" he makes us believe the heart break, the reality and the emotion of our own life. THANK YOU JACKSON THANK YOU GREG.

  51. mark price

    I think Laid Back was the best music collectively Gregg put out. Great writing, great backing band--everything just clicked.

  52. Charlie Sochko

    For me.... there will never be another voice that Comforts my soul the way Gregg Allman did !!

  53. Carol Taylor

    Jackson Browne wrote this when he was 17 years old. How is this even possible!? Such great insights from someone so young is beyond remarkable.

  54. Conner Autry

    RIP Gregg. We miss you

  55. Cheryl Nave

    what a gift he was to the world

  56. Cheryl Loftis

    I just remembered Gregg and my first daughter had the same birthday!
    Sad it was the same date as John Lennon's murder! =(

  57. Susan Russo

    Class !!

  58. Renee Michelle

    Sammy, I'm ready

  59. dingleydb

    just got home from a visit to the big house, very SPIRITUAL and AWESOME

    tom rider


  60. chris becker

    What a beautiful song. Thank you Gregg for the music you played together with the Allman Brothers Band for more than 4 decades.

  61. H Eric Bagley

    I have a friend who can't really be labled as just a groupie she's a gourmet cook and mother hen who floated between Greg and Bob weir she never said too much about Bob but Gregory she would rhapsodize for hour's on end cause he was just a special guy all the old blues guy's loved Greg and treasured his gift he was the real deal peace my brothers back to the start

    tom rider


  62. Appalachian American

    I can't say anything any different than anybody else about the music & the man it was just a time man

  63. dingleydb

    leon russell and greg allman... classics

  64. Seamus Jones

    Steel guitar gets to the heart don't it? 💘

  65. pckpat

    Great video and an excellent version of Jackson Browne's classic. Have loved the Allman Bros.Band since the first time I heard them.

  66. dingleydb

    i always hated jackson browne, but the A bros nailed it

  67. adventuresinbelieving

    Superb rendition of a great lyric

  68. RT drummer

    awesome after all these years...

  69. Daniel Fuccella

    A great cover of a great song and a fine tribute to Gregg. Thanks, Mitzi!

  70. Lewellyn Crunkmeyer

    Jackson Brown and Gregg Allman are both American music treasures.

    Cece E

    Both so under rated...

  71. Eldred Joyner

    He was the best! Thank you MItzi

  72. paul Jobe

    Thank you for putting this video together, J .Brown, G.Cambell did great on this tune,but G Allman makes you feel it! I listen to this tune every chance I get....RIP Mr, Greeg

    Allman :)

  73. Ed Green

    Greg you doubted that the band would make it.
    Rip . you are so missed!

  74. The Only Mr. Anderson

    Classic version ! Joins Jackson Browne and Nico as ALL TIME HITS

  75. John Goodwin

    I can't listen/watch These Days enough. You can see the pure joy in Gregg's face, making music.

    Susan Moreland

    It's my go to song...every eve at dusk....

  76. Cheryl Loftis

    My oldest daughter was born on Dec 8th 1984!

  77. joel gardiner

    you always knew what you were going to get with the gregg

  78. Knight Paint & Body

    one of a kind gone to a lighter shade of blues

  79. chris becker

    What a beautiful song. Gregg we realy miss you. Your music is just amazing. R.I.P. my good old friend

  80. Karlia Duncan


  81. Carol Quick

    Roll Tide🌻

  82. Jan Ingram

    Well I've been out walking
    I don't do that much talking these days
    These days
    These days I seem to think a lot
    About the things that I forgot to do
    For you
    And all the times I had the chance to
    Well I had a lover
    I don't think I'll risk another these days
    These days
    These days I seem to be afraid
    To live the life that I have made in song
    But it's just that I have been losing
    For so long
    These days I sit on cornerstones
    Count the time in quarter tones 'till ten
    My friend
    And now I believe I've come
    To see myself again
    These days I sit on cornerstones 
    Count the time in quarter tones 'till ten
    My friend
    Please don't confront me with my failure
    I'm aware of it

  83. joe guest

    He made this song his ... ♥️

  84. Greg Johnson

    Very aware Mr Allman....70s. I grew up in..em..... thanks Greg... you got me my name..... momma loved you and for myself you bring memory of lost

  85. Roberto Lava

    zeke gave me the gift of gregg allman what a friend

  86. Robert Cavalier

    Greg Allman brought us some mellow & rockin' entertainment.  Bless this man & his band!  * Cav *

  87. Randall Polk

    Jackson Browne wrote this song

  88. Randall Polk

    Just lost my sister too....too much in too short a time

  89. Tracy Porter

    Love this song and video. Thank you

  90. David Cervin

    Dear Greg !!!

  91. Lisa Weaver

    Greg was a good man if s steered to the right direction in a good woman he could have had.

    Jennifer Anne Gray RN, BSN Yarbrough

    I wish it would have been me

  92. Fran Andrews

    I was fortunate enough to see him in Concert a couple of years ago. He left us too soon. One of my favorites.

    Tracy Porter

    I lived in Nashville and got to meet with and hang out with him. One of the best nights ever, he walked in this bar that was popular for it's live music and he came in, played and hung out. Pretty awesome.

  93. bob johnson

    Absolutely love this guy too bad he's gone

  94. Diane Beckerman

    Still hurt that you are gone. Missing you

  95. dan murphy

    .........Ride on Midnight Rider......We Love you !!

  96. Carol Bell

    Gregg was such a beautiful soul. One of my favorite songs by him.