Allman, Gregg - Slip Away Lyrics

What would I give, just for a few moments
What would I give, just to have you near
Tell me you will try, to slip away somehow
Oh, I need you darlin', I want to see you right now

Can you slip away, slip away, slip away, hey hey hey
Oh, I need you so

Now I know it's wrong, the things I ask you to do
But please believe me darlin', I don't mean to hurt you
But could you just slip away, without him knowin' you're gone
Then we could meet somewhere, somewhere where we're both not known

Can you slip away, slip away, slip away, hey hey hey
Oh, I need you so

Love, oh love, how sweet it is
The way you make me feel sometime
Darling, how sweet it is

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Allman, Gregg Slip Away Comments
  1. Andrew Flood

    cool song !!

  2. doons403

    We had America and a lifestyle that ruled Earth back then but I guess we let it Slip Away?

  3. Mazzie504

    Gregg's voice was at it's best 💖

  4. Susan Moreland


  5. sammy scotch

    G Allman seemed to have a tough life. Addictions, hep c, alcohol, liver transplant. It all takes a toll

  6. Karen T

    I have always loved this CC song. Done by the unmatched Gregg Allman..... I'll be listening to it forever.❤️💔

  7. Larrt Rawls

    He must be CC's love child the way he sings this . RIP ! Wash D C

  8. steven wirth

    to think he thought he didn't have a good voice , if this is bad I would love to hear his good any day … This is a great cd covers a great number of years of his solo career , you might say the essential Gregg Allman collection ….

  9. William Jones

    Gregg Allman Always won't forget

  10. chig

    love it!

  11. Marilee Denr

    I had a great life ...

    Karen T

    I hope you still do hon!

  12. Marilee Denr

    Knew him before famous playing down south

  13. Denise Smith

    the great Gregg Allman...doing this song proud...pure bliss

    Kimberly Thomas

    He was so beautiful

  14. Debbie H

    Gregg...RIP....I bet you were so happy to see Duane again...+♡+

    William Culbreath

    Debbie H
    I did his shows in 2014 and 2015 haul his audio Equipment for him from shows the shows

  15. Luciana Gathje

    what a voice...🌺

  16. Michael Harmon

    Great song. I remember Clarence Carter making this.

  17. BLondie Jones

    Found myself back here today,,,, to listen one more time and so sad for the lose of such a great musician. Gregg Allman you will be missed...

  18. John Whitehead

    RIP, Gregg!

  19. richard banks

    R I P :'(

  20. dlc1119

    damndamndamn RIP Gregg

  21. Eric Vera

    RIP Gregg. :,(

  22. MultiJeje12345

    I had Google search for the story quest menu in KHUX and got dis

  23. TheSeoulsista

    ... Gregg does do my favorite version though..


    .... brothers knows a good song... lends his sweet voice and funky karma to this rendition...I always know, he knows, wtf he's talking about... read his bio... its scandalous...😇

  24. Mr Horsepower

    Clarence Carter did a great job on this song in 1968...Gregg Allman sings it with the same soul as Clarence Carter...Both are brilliant

  25. Carol Griffith

    I've heard this done by Clarence Carter and liked it. I Love this version! GREGG does a super job!

  26. john

    how sweet it is gregg the man

    Kimberly Thomas

    He was awesome. One of the greatest ever!!!

  27. RX Buzzsaw

    that's a bad white boy

  28. Rose Scott

    Sorry Clarence Carter, you lost this one. he is putting it down!!!!

    Rick Bray

    Love Gregg and he does a great job on this but.....Clarence didn't lose anything Dude.....

    Michelle Boutwell-Goodman

    Rick Bray Clarence is THE man

    sammy scotch

    Allman does it well but Clarence has it. Once heard by Clarence never forgotten. With Allman its another nice song

  29. Rose Scott

    I agree with you blondie

  30. Rose Scott

    God this guy is great!!!!

    Gina Wiley

    Me too! Juliette bound

    John Riehm

    Great up listen in to you and yours thank you for helping me find words to let someone no how I felt peace Gregg be at peace

  31. Tim Lyon

    How about is laid back album that's pretty good

  32. BLondie Jones

    Since I heard him sing this song, I don't want to hear anyone else sing it... Love it..


    Funny thing BLondie, I JUST listened to this on my phone card and then opened you tube to your message. Swear. And you're right.

    Denise Smith

    this should be Gregg's song for sure....agreed

    Marilee Denr

    BLondie Jones me either

    Judy Hood

    Oh my heart be still ❤️🍄🍑so so good !!!!!

  33. Constance Y

    Great voice...I love this song. Thanks for posting.

  34. Katelyn Keane

    I love his music he is a awesome singer I wish I could see him in concert

  35. RetroJenny

    Fantastic cover by Gregg!