Allman, Gregg - One More Try Lyrics

Well I'm going to California
Tomorrow or today
I'm going there just to warn ya
That you are still alone baby
I'm that same old way
Same old way

And I have my wheels a rollin'
The clouds go drifting by
There just ain't no way of knowing
But I'm still going
Got to give it just one more try
One more try

Yes I'm going to California
Cause that's where the treasure lies
Oh baby if it don't work out this time
You are bound to see me
The next time I come drifting by
Ohh drifting and drifting
Give me one more, yeah give me one more
Give me one more, give me one
One more try, yeah yeah
Aww give me one more, one more, one more
One more try

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Allman, Gregg One More Try Comments
  1. Pamela Knowles

    Brilliant... Beautiful blue's soulful Voice... Haunting..🎼🎹🎸🎶🍄🍄

  2. Kathy Meyer

    Best song I just love this