Allman, Gregg - My Only True Friend Lyrics

You and I both know this river will surely flow to an end
Keep me in your heart keep your soul on the mend

I hope you're haunted by the music of my soul
When I'm gone
Please don't fly away and find you a new love
I can't face living this life alone
I can't bear to think this might be the end
But you and I both know the road is my only true friend

Another night alone but I see you in my dreams sometimes
No matter where I go lord knows
You were always on my mind

I hope you're haunted by the music of my soul
When I'm gone
Please don't fly away and find you a new love
I just can't face living this life alone
I can't bear to think this might be the end
But you and I both know the road is my only true friend

Still on and on I run it feels like home is just around the bend
I got so much left to give
But I'm running out of time, my friend

I hope you're haunted by the music of my soul
When I'm gone
Please don't fly away and find you a new love
I just can't face living this life alone
I can't bear to think this might be the end
But you and I both know the road is my only true friend
You and I both know the road is my only true friend

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Allman, Gregg My Only True Friend Comments
  1. Steve Lankford

    Me Gregory definitely had a way of opening himself up for all his fans to see into his soul through his music. Never met Gregg even though I grew up close by, although i meet most of his final band. You guys were truly amazing together. I’ll always miss Gregg and the brotherhood that surrounded him. But the music lives on with us. Thanks Jay for your contributions to that music in those final years, it lives. God bless you and the whole band “ he finally had his horns”. ABB forever!

  2. Kenj, TheNeutral

    Told Google I loved her, she sent me this link

  3. John Grenchenko

    I need to get out of my Home Town with Jessica

  4. Enrique Aldanondo

    Tu y yo sabemos que ...
    Este río seguramente llegará a su fin
    Aguárdame en tu corazón
    Mantén tu alma arreglada.

    Espero que estés embrujado
    Por la música de mi alma
    Cuando me hayas ido
    Por favor no vueles
    Y encuentra un nuevo amor
    No puedo enfrentarme a vivir esta vida solo
    No puedo soportar pensar
    Que este podría ser el final
    Pero tú y yo sabemos que ...
    El camino es mi único y verdadero amigo.

    Otra noche a solas
    Pero te veo aveces en mis sueños
    No importa a dónde vaya, Dios lo sabe
    Siempre estarás en mi mente.

    Espero que estés embrujado
    Por la música de mi alma
    Cuando me hayas ido
    Por favor no vueles
    Y encuentra un nuevo amor
    No puedo enfrentarme a vivir esta vida solo
    No puedo soportar pensar
    Que este podría ser el final
    Pero tú y yo sabemos que ...
    El camino es mi único y verdadero amigo.

    [ * Instrumental * ].

    Sigo y sigo corriendo, parece que mi casa
    está a la vuelta de la esquina
    Me queda mucho por dar aún
    Pero se me acaba el tiempo, amigo mío.

    Espero que estés embrujado
    Por la música de mi alma
    Cuando me hayas ido
    Por favor no vueles
    Y encuentra un nuevo amor
    No puedo enfrentarme a vivir esta vida solo
    No puedo soportar pensar
    Que este podría ser el final
    Pero tú y yo sabemos que ...
    El camino es mi único y verdadero amigo.

    Tú y yo sabemos que el camino
    es mi único y verdadero amigo..

  5. Michael Zukerman

    God rest his massive soul.

  6. john scialfa

    mind blown...what a send off.

  7. James Ross

    Sounds great


    I too have so much to give, but am running out of time my friend


    Best album ever...from a man I call a friend ...I too after 40+ years in music biz, am on my way out....excited to see my Bro on the other side

  10. Clint Wensley

    I can see this is done with so much Love...Miss ya pal

  11. Pamela Knowles

    Brilliant artist, Singer/songwriter! So missed Gregg!🎶🎙🎸🎹🎼🍄🍑🕊

  12. 70snut Todd

    Wow this song is prophetic and powerful, beautiful composition. What a great talent that is passed on,

  13. Luiz Gabriel Cancian

    Miss you Gregg.

  14. Bill Hoerter

    More than just a soundtrack of a fascinating and wild life ... it touches so many of our generation on a level that is uniquely ours. Born of the Free Love days in the 60's and 70's, so many of us have these stories -- but so few knew how to tell them like Gregg. RIP brother.

  15. James Ferguson

    As an old truck driver, accept for the the words of God, these are the greatest words ever put to print and music.

  16. Greg Gaffney

    Still haunted by the music of your soul now that you’re gone. Thanks for the gift, Rest In Peace.

  17. Logan Smith

    RIP brother Gregg, you've helped me in more ways than you can ever know through the music and this one did NOT disappoint! Fly high freebird 🦅

  18. Scott Moore

    Didn't to write Allmans after his name, some I smoked!

  19. Scott Moore

    Brother Gregg it's was a hell of 36 years, RIP so many gone who loved Allmans! Forever in our hearts Gregory L. Allmans! Play all night!!!

  20. Scott Moore

    Should have been my only friend!

  21. Jovo Kljajic


  22. Jovo Kljajic

    my god and inspirition rip true legend goki i kljova odani fanovi do kraja

  23. L Colletti

    I don't think this is the end... we just go over the bridge to another dimension. He isn't alone.

  24. Jeff Simpkins

    that's deep for a phone number.

  25. Raymond Ross

    Word Gregg, Word Peace Out

  26. Surgicaltoolbox RN Health Beauty

    Sweet Babe pic!

  27. 井上靖弘7


  28. Karsten Fuglsang

    Made me cry

  29. 1952FMS

    Sometime misery is a compelling force. He suffered his sins but left his music as his compensation for imo Gregg was the bluest white man to ever draw a breath. RIP OLD friend.

  30. Doug Matson

    Greg was great, He was neighbor in Savannah, No one know How much he and DaWayne will be missed

  31. Pink Sophia rose Pinky

    Gregg helped me with losing my brother, i dont know what else to say.

  32. James Crittenden

    I was blessed to see Gregg perform many many times with the Allman Brothers and his solo tour in 1974 at the Fox Theatre in Atlanta...being a southern musician myself I identified with the passion...emotion and soul pounding lyrics he sang from his heart...that will be forever embedded in my heart and soul ...Rest in peace Brother Gregg you are loved and missed forever


    Just simply a great song.

  34. donna berns

    AMAZING MAN . . . . . . !

  35. Ricky Allen

    I'm amazed every time I hear this song

  36. Michael Trovato

    This song is perfection , in a career of many awesome songs this might be his best ever ..

  37. Robert Watkins

    Wow youll be missed

  38. Glen Loban

    He sure turned his life around....

  39. Jk Stax

    Ride in Peace

  40. Rich Tomchuk

    This music haunts my soul.

  41. Michael Trovato

    This song is perfection - on a great album it stands above the rest .. the lyrics music and performance are all as good as it gets .. I don’t have enough good things to say about this track..

  42. Black2th

    Just heard an interview with the photographer Neal Preston. This album cover was a painting of an old picture.....painted in Greg's OWN BLOOD. Doesn't get any more Rock n' Roll than that, my friends! R.I.P.

  43. Constance Neal

    Pierce me lovely man

  44. Alex Viveros

    Hermoso! Gracias Gregg

  45. Russ Cobleigh

    got to meet him once and I will always treasure that memory .....

  46. lafemmeparallel

    This song gives me chills ❤ RIP Gregg

  47. paulrod97

    ...I can't stop listening to this beautiful song...from the depths of our souls...

  48. thehenryal

    This song is so much from everyone.... really from us all. Great.

  49. RX Buzzsaw

    music for the heart and soul

  50. monahawk

    His name meaning: Gregg or Gregory = Watch, To Watch. LeNoir = The Night, The Dark.
    The Watcher of The Night All Man. Miss him so much and no one can ever fill his shoes.

  51. Huijin Yan

    Can't hold my tears. May you be in peace in Heaven

  52. Randy Waldrop

    Such a lovey good bye song...its,hard to say whatchis,life and music meant to me ....

  53. Richard Harrison

    Just one more moment I have to wake up without you Gregg

  54. Richard Harrison

    With the greatest respect to ABB, Gregg and Michael and Devon we at Angie's Band will always be inspired and grateful for your love of life and the artistry of southern blues. Rest well brother.

  55. Phil Henningsen

    I've listened to this over and over and the tears, just can't hold them back. How lucky were we all to have this voice forever, thank you Brother Gregg for leaving this us an amazing memory. RIP

  56. Angela Jackson

    Love my copy of this CD love it I play it over and over . He was a legend that will never be forgotten.

  57. Angela Jackson

    They took 2 vials of his blood before his death and made that picture of him . Wonder who has the original copy might be his wife . Thought it was cool for him to have done that love this song RIP Gregg your music 🎶 will live on you’ll never be forgotten

  58. Jeff Binion

    I've been a fan of these brothers since longer than I care to remember. Wore out a couple of LP's of Live at the Fillmore. Thought they couldn't be better. Boy was I wrong. They've written some of the best music ever recorded and what a masterpiece this is. In true ABB style. Greg was right .. he had so much left to give, but he ran out of time. So grateful he completed this before passing. RIP brother .. you've earned it.

  59. Ryan Hall

    The first time I heard this song, I was a blubbering mess. Such a beautiful song from a beautiful man who knew he didn't have much time left. And even more emotional because my father was a musician, and was friends with Bill Connell from the ABB. My late Dad was a fellow organist and saw Gregg as a hero. When Gregg left, I felt like I lost a little of my Dad along with him.

  60. jaxflfreebird

    Gregg was running out of time but he didn't really have that much more to offer musically, unless singing his old songs counts. I can't find him singing a collection of songs all that inspiration. Low Country Blues was more inspirational than this album, but My Only True Friend is easily the best song, and just about the only one that Gregg can share a copy write on. Is it all his song, I doubt it.

  61. jaxflfreebird

    So Gregg wants Shannon not to find another love or does he not want his fans to find another musical love. People say, DUDE, it's just a SONG. I love how if you like and compliment the lyrics you are a great fan but if you question the meaning you are being offensive. I mean, Old Before My Time is quite bitter, self indulgent and unapologetic. But then that is just one take on those lyrics. Once again though, like the lyrics or be tied to the whipping post of the Allman Fan who consider him nothing less than a God. I too think Gregg is a God of sorts, just a bit of an unwholesome God.

  62. Vickie Lynn McKnight

    Oh my Gregory, I've lost my favortive friend. My husbands passing too. Lord thank you for music to heal my broken heart.

  63. Seamus Jones

    road karma is an art...a gift. thanks to all who inspired me to go for it. and taught me genuine concern for strangers. the lunars like me. perfect just the way we are...never try to suggest to a street person they aren't. they know what beauty is. if its somebody you love, let them go, don't try to control them..may as well put em down. I was in Tehachapi this week, huge hawk, horses in golden wind blown field, and some outlaws nearly ran me off the road in a 67 white chev pickup, lemon n white pitbull, glad I went unarmed. left my scatter and game Petey at home. lucky for these two young hombres. watch out some old men will oblige you tough. I am one if I'm on the Jameys. ha

  64. grin and bear it -

    Reality time this year man, losing my grandparents and my dad. leaving is the easy part. Leaving a loving message. a mark for the good. That's not easy for all of us to do. often I said Gregg and Duane where heavy after Duane, Gregg music was deep. This is proof of what I was saying. His Mark is on me maybe I can leave something for mine don't know.

  65. Randy Waldrop

    Welcome to Rock Star Heaven with your brother...Duane....but its,so hard to see you gone...

  66. Alan David

    a true one and only talent, always the best southern rocker

  67. cheryl nave

    every allman hard core fan listen to this,watch and read 12 times and see if your bipolar ass cannot scream and cry for what was once and will never be again..thank u gregg everyone..imaginine heaven with duane-berry-butch-alan woody-ronnie-jimmie-glen-walter-on and on

  68. cheryl nave

    so mf haunted im gonna jump off butler br

  69. Blues Rain


  70. brenda L golden

    Will I see you in my dreams...sometimes🍄 🎻🎹🎶🎵🎼📰🍄❤

  71. monahawk

    Ordered the CD about a week ago and can't wait to hold it in my hands and listen...probably over and over again.

    Trucker Kev The Paid Tourist

    monahawk bought it at Wally World


    Thanks Kev, my copy of the CD is here now and filling me with more mixed emotions than I thought were possible for one person. I covered his tunes for 30 years doing club gigs...the fans would absolutely demand Rambling Man, Midnight Rider and others. I think Gregg was a true musical genius and a very lonely soul - in the end he carried every one of them. Bless his heart. he was a sublime human being and music man.

    Trucker Kev The Paid Tourist

    monahawk Awesome..I always loved Willin from late great Lowell George no matter who covers it..Jackson, Linda Rondstat, country stars..Although my raise of glass to Don Was who produced and finished this whole thing with pure class I know we were gonna lose Gregg wish he could of been around maybe to play these songs once or twice live..But he got his goodbye to all his way and he always wanted some horns in a band and Don made that happen too..


    I've been in awe of Don Was since I first heard him. I wish I would have learned bass from him or his tunes cause he is a pristine and tasty player. Producing for Gregg was a fantastic gift and I'm sure Gregg had a real genuine gratitude for that. I still can't believe he's gone...what is the world without Gregg Allman in it? I guess we'll find out...

  72. Mary Cohen

    Song reminds me of my dad who passed 2 years in march. He was an over the road truck driver & always would tell me and my brother how he loved the road♥️ rip daddy 3/18/16

    Trucker Kev The Paid Tourist

    Mary Cohen Just got it and ready to roll some miles for many yrs to come 27.5 yrs out here

  73. GraachAhim

    Too bad he didn't have the chance to render this wonderful mellow tune live, in front of an audience. Then again, the mere existence of such a honest song is a gift to all of us who love his immortal music.

  74. VonBluesman

    Thank you Gregg, some of the best moments in my life were shared with Allman Brothers Band music playing in the background. RIP

  75. David Bruce

    This is an incredible gift to Gregg's fans. A true brother from the great South. We lost an amazing musician when Gregg left us. RIP brother Gregg.

  76. jaxflfreebird

    The photo for the album was a portrait painted in BLOOD, real BLOOD. Gregg's blood plus the blood of some of his family, his kids. I saw this on the ABB website. How is that for creepy??? Then too I have been re-watching all of the TV show Supernatural on Netflix. I own all of the seasons except maybe the last season. It's a great show and I should be able to see a portrait painted in the artist's blood, and his children's blood as no big deal. Surely the various religions Christianity and Islam and so on will find this as some sort of IDOLATRY or WITCHCRAFT, something very UNNATURAL. I can't quote any bible verses. I'll just say it's creepy and perhaps extremely bohemian and a middle finger to religions around the world. It's as Gregg said to the end, "I LIVE THE LIFE I LOVE, and I LOVE THE LIFE I LIVE" a PAGAN spirit to the end. Or what would you call Gregg, a FREE spirit? No, it's not necessary to be religious but a portrait painted in your own blood you KNOW that is going to FREAK out most any RELIGIOUS teacher. You KNOW they have a PROBLEM with that. Anyway, I never bought into Gregg's SAINTHOOD or his being ABOVE IT ALL just because he was given some GIFTS, his looks, his VOICE, his musical SKILLS. Gregg lived a life that I could only dream of and I never wanted to be the dark personality that Gregg was. Yes, he had a lot of light in him too but also a lot of darkness or brooding. Those people who don't see the Darker personality of Gregg Allman, well I shake my head and I know the power of Gregg and other singers and artists like him. Anyway, Gregg you are now dead. Is there an afterlife? Is there a heaven, a hell, damnation, any reward for being a good person? Gregg are you now a spirit? Will you INSPIRE other musicians? Are you now with Duane, Berry, Butch, Lamar, Woody, and that guy from the Gregg Allman Band who committed suicide? Anyway Gregg, you brought us all a lot of great music. We DO MISS you man. The world has lost a great talent. I wish you had done a lot more solo work and I wish the ABB had quit at least five years earlier, at their 40th anniversary. You could have created so much more as a solo artist but you couldn't let go of the band. Really, I understand, and you had so much pressure from the FANS to keep the band alive. It's just a real SHAME you couldn't express yourself more as a solo artist. It's clear you went through the motions with the ABB for YEARS just to keep the band alive. I wish you had had more time, life and vitality to develop your own music outside of the Allman Brothers Band. Rest in Peace Gregg.

  77. Google+ suck my cock

    Now if you excuse me I gotta go cry

  78. Matthew Lebish

    R.I.P. To a true blues/rock legend, I guess it was your brother calling you home...

  79. Ridgemont NL Moves

    This is clearly Grammy worthy. RIP bro


    Damn it. Beautiful song. And I look forward to hearing it whenever I may well.

  81. Antonio Varona

    the women that this song was written for. must be really haunted by the lyrics and music of my only true friend. Antonio Varona.

  82. Aaron Freeman

    I don't have the word's, just amazing. He will be missed.

  83. David Tackett

    Wow his last to me was his best

  84. Todd Jetter

    Wow... Just listened and watched this for the first time! With all the great comments on the power, meaning and emotion of the music... well, I'm just blown away too... I also noticed how the production of the video itself was so moving, and an outright pleasure to behold. So many other music video's today are just 'Same-o Same-o', and all the "quick-cutting" looks like a product of an editing-room - "Let's just get this done" attitude - and then that work often becomes unwatchable (to me at least) for it's aura of mindlessness. ANYWAY; I'm saying for this video, I believe the cadence of the image editing here perfectly complimented - but did not even hint of distracting from - the music itself. (So rare!) Ohhh, and the imagery! I thought it was brilliant to start with lush Nature scenes, then towards the end bring in scenes from the studio sessions -- with the camera movements done in subtle sweet cadence with the time of the music... I mean WOW! Ohh, and the way the lyrics were superimposed so artfully... Mmmmmm

  85. christine kirkland

    Gregg Allman is the best !!!!!!!!!!!!!

  86. Phil Crowley

    This is so emotional. Knowing he was dying, Gregg left us with an incredibly emotional and final gift. Thanks to Gregg and all who contributed to this album.

  87. Falconguitars GB

    He knew..what a beautiful song he wrote for his fans and friends. We surely won't fly away and find a new love because nobody can replace him. RIP brother.

    Irisheyzgrl24 Murphy

    Falconguitars GB ..So beautiful & so very true. I can't hardly listen to this. I get such a knot in my throat. He is loved forever & ever !!

    Falconguitars GB

    Irisheyzgrl24 Murphy
    Me too..but I can't help listening to it.

    Ian blankenship

    We will be haunted forever by the music of his soul.

  88. janet zaker

    what this beautiful man had to face
    bless you our friend
    Gregg Allman
    peace to you
    your songs will live on
    thank you for many years. x

  89. Irisheyzgrl24 Murphy

    This is the first I've listen to this song. God, its typical Greg Allman . Soulful , bit bluesy and so so good. I still get a lump in my throat thinkin about him bein gone..Miss you Greg.

  90. TheJackflash85

    G/A - greatness to the end ~

  91. Mary Hanley

    Heard this for the first time yesterday.  Bittersweet.

  92. Kyle H

    Who are these 'dislike'rs need a soul adjustment!


    KH, I like to think that the people who enter a dislike here are simply too broken hearted to deal with the fact that he has left is better than thinking they were all just deaf mean butt heads....


    Can't adjust what they don't have in the first place.

  93. SJ SMITH

    The man had so much soul!

  94. Angi Kennedy

    The photos look like they are from his home in Richmond Hill, Ga.

    Gigi Moore

    Was thinking the same thing. Definitely coastal GA with that moss!

    Ian blankenship

    I was just thinking what a beautiful place to die. The low country is so incredibly beautiful and inspirational.

  95. Susan T

    This past year has been a year of constant sorrow ... Losing my mother, young cousin, then friends and Kind Hearted Butchie, Beloved Chris Cornell, Chester Pennington and like my Sweet Mother who adored Gregg and Dickey both 🍄🍑- her passing also after a valiant battle with Liver Cancer- it is surreal Gregg has left us - one of my greatest joys was a visit to " Gregg's care and pain free planet in Atlanta, Macon, Birmingham, Athens, Savannah, Chattanooga, Pleasure Island..) I was dancing and bringing him gifts for post show meetings with Chank Middleton making sure I got to see him❤️Just to see him again and thank him profusely for carrying on for us despite his own inconvenience I was so comforted and inspired and I told him Everytime You are this tribe's leader - I am going to treasure this album although it will be the only one with his Thanks Susan Autograph Damn I miss him terribly

    Sherri Gilson

    Susan T Yes!

  96. borges23


  97. Toni Francis

    His voice melts me. This song is so real and raw. He knew he was dying. This last album is his gift to all of us.

    Harlow Nicoll

    Toni Francis I agree. It could be his master piece.

    Will Rice

    monahawk the poignancy is definitely there, luckily so was the musicianship and that voice.

    Judy Hood

    My heart hurts for I grew up with so many of these awesome one of a kind musician that are taking and have taking their journey and at my age I know that I'm not far behind. To some you may not understand but we grew up with Janis Joplin , Beatles , Jimmy Hendricks , Rolling Stones , and of course my favorite Gregg Allman as well as Duane Allman which I named my son after... But there was so many with awesome vocals and instrument back in the late 1960's to late 1990s that was awesome but Gregg was my favorite . He as my friend.

    john scialfa

    agree toni

  98. Bill Pogue

    Love this. God Speed Greg. RIP

  99. rubycat13

    I hope you are haunted by the music of my soul when I'm gone........forever haunted, Gregg.