Allman, Gregg - Move Me Lyrics

Move me
Love the way you move me, baby
Groove me
Love the way you groove me

Making love with you
Little things that you do
Make me feel so good inside

Oh oh do me
C'mon, c'mon, do me
Soothe me
Love the way you soothe me
I love I love I love I love I love I love
Love the way you do

Move me
Love the way you move me, baby
Groove me
Love the way you groove me

Making love with you
Little things that you do
Make me feel so good inside

I love, I love, I love the way you move me
Keep on, keep on doin' it
I love, I love, I love the way you move me
Keep on, keep on doin' it
I love, I love, I love the way you move me
Keep on, keep on, doin' it

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Allman, Gregg Move Me Comments
  1. Erercia Alves

    Lindo dueto!

  2. fyodor55

    Fuck the haters he loved his wife deeply you do things you don’t want to do

  3. Grage Snicklac

    Is that Russ Kunkle on drums?

  4. Richard Chamberlain


  5. justin gilliland

    Duane Allman is turning over in his fuckin grave. Pussy makes us do the weirdest shit.

  6. jesse nord


  7. Danny Lara

    Beautiful album

  8. Darren Watts

    Cher's always been beautiful on the outside. Very attractive woman. I wonder when she's moving out of the country like she said she would when Donald Trump won the Presidency?
    Along with Whoopi and many others. Maybe George Clooney, Madonna, Barbara Streisand, Ashley Judd, Lady GaGa, Miley Cyrus, Meyrl Streep, Robert De Niro, Rosie O'donnell, Etc.... Just wondering why they're still here.


    She lies just like with it. She's staying.

  9. Ian blankenship

    That was awful.

  10. Denise297_on the prophetic edge

    Epic. Cher and him sound great this song. You can feel how much they love singing this together. Sounded great

  11. Danny Lara

    I love this album

  12. David Michael

    This has been my favorite song of all time since I heard it in 1977

    David Michael

    @Carr Rexx fuck you moron

    justin gilliland

    David Michael please tell me that's a joke lol

    Ed White

    @David Michael i dont think i'd be calling anybody a moron if i were may be on the spectrum if this is your "Favorite song of all time'

  13. Last Days

    They were a great looking couple with their beautiful long hair. I was a little girl in the 1970s but I wished that I had a time machine and go back and be in my 20s. To go to the concerts and the Disco Funk,Rock,Jazz club years and listening to the fabulous music years in the 1970s.

  14. Pamela Alsop

    Look @ her make up! Wow!!!

  15. Jon Sieruga

    dramatic look at the camera at 1:24 !!!

  16. Jack Latham

    the chemistry between these 2 is undeniable. love greg, love cher. what a song

  17. Shelly Watson

    I love Gregg and the ABB! Duane is still my favorite guitar player and Gregg is one of my favorite singers. No disrespect, there are a few songs that Gregg sang with Cher that I think are good. This song isn't one of them. I also heard them sing this song together on a video when he was on tour in Japan. I can't listen to the whole thing, its just not good.

  18. Carol Griffith

    I do beleive this was during the drugged out dunk high stageof his career. Im so embarrassed for him. He was not like that for a long while after he sobered up and straightend up his life.

  19. Vic Tories

    When I see her I feel iconic

  20. Granny Loca

    this is the worse Gregg Allman music I have ever heard.

    justin gilliland

    Granny Loca Amen! Duane would be like, baby bro really?

  21. sam t

    the goddess!!

  22. Donald Barnat

    Cher could, and did, snap her fingers and have a slick band put together with only the best Hollywood studio and stage musicians. Gregg is so out of his element. Except that this is music and he's the giant on that stage. Cher is and was tremendously talented. Would have LOVED to have seen her in HIS element. I don't like this. But I do love it.

  23. Sahiry Gnobehi

    Wow.. The hate on Cher is ridiculous... Y'all know without her name mentioned. This man wouldn't be known. So say what you want. She's always been herself. Heck she's an icon. All y'all haters can't stand whom she is still. A grand legend.

    Granny Loca

    Sahiry Gnobehi dude I have no ideal why I didn't get your notification, however if you listen to the entirety of their respective careers, you see his creative success is beautiful.

    Granny Loca

    Sahiry Gnobehi dude think about it,these White boys(I'm including Duane Allman) were legitimate blues men.

    Sahiry Gnobehi

    Granny Loca .. Not denying their talent. Still the obvious is there. Whether you won't admit. Whenever he did an interview for his new album, she's always brought into the conversation. Why.. Cause she's Cher and it makes sense that some songs he had written could be linked to their past. Isn't what singer song writer do. Write from past and present love and life experiences.

    d. Walsh

    you sir are an idgit for that ignorant comment..
    greg was a rockblues superstar since 1970 and one of the biggest southern rock bands in the world,

    Marilyn Mack

    Gregg Allman in no way or shape or form needed Cher to be known.

    GLA had numerous musical talents, shown by his success & fan base following.

    He is a Legend & rightfully so.

  24. James Burgess

    great pair

    Set Phasers To Stun

    James Burgess yes, and the singers are good too.

  25. Stephen Bruce

    Genis ..............I remember him in the Movie "RUSH"...........Fuck,,,,,,Based on a true story,,,,,,,Man he played a good Bad Ass xo

  26. Stephen Bruce

    she could be Cherrakee ,,,,,,XO

    Jennifer Anne Gray RN, BSN Yarbrough

    Stephen Bruce she is not native at all...she wishes


    Her mother is part Cherokee

  27. Stephen Bruce

    Brilliant xo

  28. Julie J. Turrentine

    RIP Greg Allman

  29. mule5150

    gr8888888 tailz a waggin.......

  30. Le'Vin Moser

    I hated her for trying to turn Gregg into a disco f-€k

    Djosci Coêlho Jr.

    you should thank her that he's still alive

    C.J. Reed

    Djosci Coelho Why's that? She did nothing for him except perhaps get him into 1 of the 14 Rehab centers he went to. They never worked. In 95', I think that is the correct year, he hired a male nurse to come to his home, so he could get clean from every single vice he had, which were numerous. It was him, the nurse and God that pulled him away from ALL of his addictions, at his home, outside of Savanah, Ga. He spoke about this in several interviews and in his book.
    Gregg Allman was a good man, with a sweet kindhearted soul, who was extremely talented. He wasn't proud of some of the things that he did. He overcame a whole lot of the bad obstacles, that comes with having a R&R Band. No doubt in my mind, that he's in Heaven with his Heavenly Father, God,
    "In the place God made for him," just like he's made for each one of us, if we believe in him, and repent of our sins. I imagine that his "Soulshine" is gorgeously shining, thats beyond our understanding. Rest in Eternal Peace, Mr. Gregg Allman, your work on Earth is done. You will be missed. 😊🎹🎵🎶🎵🎷🎤🎸💿❣❣❣🕇🕯

    Djosci Coêlho Jr.

    well, at least she tried

    C.J. Reed

    @Djosci Coelho Maybe she did.

  31. M.McK

    This album was pilloried at the time although I suspect it was aimed at completely the wrong market and was probably judged by those whose opinions were shaped by the popular media of the day. The album cover and the pair's nom-de-plume wouldn't have helped in the slightest, but this is one of the strongest soul/R&B albums of the era. Really well played and really well sung, their relationship was at a state by this time where they could emote with a true resonance that really helps make this album genuinely more heartfelt and better delivered than most albums of it's ilk. And the band are peerless. A true classic. It's a crying shame that it never got another release and certainly that it never made it to CD.

  32. Hello Stranger

    he is beautiful love you Gregory

  33. John X. Moseley

    On occasion I get my organ out and my wife sings just like this

    Gretchen Jurek

    cher kids

    Set Phasers To Stun

    What you do in the privacy of your own home is your business.

    sammy scotch

    @Set Phasers To Stun yes please dont feel the need to share


    whatever the circumstances, she was IN LOVE with him while singing this. cheers to the good times.

    Stephen Bruce

    I had know Idea about this song wow .....Learn something every night after a beer or two XO RIP , 69 isn't as old as it used to be , Cheers

  35. Angel Howie


  36. NYC girl

    They were a great looking couple. Anyone alive in the 70s must remember how popular their relationship was. On the cover of every tabloid and magazine.

    NYC girl

    +Martyn H That is very cool. I saw the Allman Brothers at the Fillmore a few times. My 2 girls are named Melissa & Jessica. Those were great days for music. I miss seeing concerts for $3 with 2-3 top acts.

    cynthia caldwell

    and we said,gregg allman and cher?!?

    cynthia caldwell

    i have one daughter,and i named her melissa,it was that or jessica, glad i picked melissa,and so is she

    NYC girl

    Love those names. My kids are triplets, if the other was a girl the name Layla

  37. bob of zimbabwe

    cher cant sing worth af sounds like a dude

  38. stlrockn

    Greg Allman as a Vegas lounge act. Don't you know he just cringes if ever he sees one of these old videos.


    stlrockn the allman brothers were quality


    Absolutely. They are legend now and their music will out live us all. I am just thankful that I grew up in this era that I got to see them several times.

    Susan Giammarino

    it was the best work him & her ever did; he abused his life..age didn't! who's still alive? dumvass!

    Susan Giammarino

    Mary Helen Tully - yea right that's why he kept begging her for another chance! grow up!

  39. Dropzone

    Cher ,can sing? Obviously some here don't realize , so can Gregg Allman.

    Carr Rexx

    Gregg has only be a singer his whole adult life. What the hell u talking about

    Ed White

    in his book, Greg said the reason they broke up was because she "just couldnt SING" !!!

  40. Dropzone

    Not sure about others not enjoying this tune. But this Ranger was moving back then. It was a cool unmistakable voice he had and has .Actually both of them . Thumb up man dug it

  41. sam t


    Elizabeth Taylor

    fly High Allman's... your the best Southern.. hospitality love you💓& your Music.. live on angels

    Dominic Tirl

    damn right, id wear that outfit to get at that mermaid tail

  42. Jane Doe

    Really nice duet. Allman's voice is unmistakeable.  If I saw this in 77 I surely don't remember it. Thanks for posting!

  43. Jade Cary

    Love this song, but they had no chemistry. shame.

    Mary Shannon

    Oh I believe they definitely had chemistry, maybe not w music, but believe they loved each other, LA, & drugs split em, at least she still says so ! She at least stayed intouch, while other Xs didnt !

  44. Julia S

    Gregg, you shoulda stayed in Georgia or at least in the South man, where people like R&R and the blues What the hell are you doin in Hollyweird playing disco ? You musta been really out of it to sell out like that . . Glad you came to your senses.

  45. Bill Alan

    I love it and have cd


    He was always stoned, somebody had to kep I tty up beat! She was very lucky that Elijah came out normal!

    Pamela Alsop

    Susan GIAMMARINO GIAMMARINO drugs weren't that awful back then...many creative people used drugs & their music still shines & so do many of them!!!♬♫

  47. Dale Gilchrist

    Disco Greg??? PUKE.....

    Dominic Tirl

    if some mermaid tail was on the platter Id wear it, for whatever

    Nikolay Zolotaryov

    this is funk

  48. jamarsu

    Notice how all you see is Cher.  Gregg is such a talent.   He was out of it.

  49. Troy Tempest

    gregg looks like a fish out of water...get back to the blues, bro.

    jamie wesson

    gregg was always a soul singer your comment is strange

  50. cnedwick

    Gregg can make any tune sound legit. He is a force of nature even when he's only half trying

  51. Judith Langston

    PS Just wanted to say that I think Cher is a much better actor than singer.  She just doesn't seem to let her vocal chords relax.

  52. Judith Langston

    Well, it's obvious where the talent is coming from.  Cher, sit down.  Let Gregg shine.

  53. allthatjazzspaz95

    Cher can SING


    Well i must be deaf then because to me she has a weird vibrato on her voice and sounds out of tune.Just shows you how technical wizardry can enhance a poor,and tuneless ,singing voice,the voice that you hear on CDs.

    Leu Mamk

    +djangorheinhardt She's not out of tune. Her voice is just more stronger so that's why it sounds more louder.

    Set Phasers To Stun

    djangorheinhardt she's sold more records than your sorry ass fucktard

    My Channel

    Set Phasers To Stun Yes! Haha


    Cher herself says she doesn't think she's the greatest singer and to some degree, I agree. But if you listen closely and to enough of her recordings, there's some real soul there and some solid power and technique that she obtained through years of working in the music industry, not only as a solo artist and with Sonny and Cher but also as a background singer for the Righteous Brothers, the Ronnettes and many more... so you can't knock her. She's a rock and roll icon regardless of her unconventional voice.

  54. allthatjazzspaz95

    Great song! Cher's voice is just awesome.

  55. Ramiro Reyna

    I Love This Performance. 3

  56. Roseanne Salyer

    She can act okay. This is not singing. As much as I love Gregory, this is horrible.

  57. NYChristophe



    this is disco,really....and it sucks....probably seemed like a good idea at the time-

  59. Raven

    This was really hot and a hit when this cd was released.... amazing sound.

  60. kandy langford

    Insanely mismatched couple... Each in his/her own right cannot be bested. Their music together is fascinating in that you can't take your eyes off them. Like watching a really bad train wreck. Whatever you do - NEVER watch Cher's "I'm No Angel" video. How/Why did she ever think she could pull it off? Love Cher, but she should maybe stick w/"Half Breed"...God help us all if she ever tries to cover "Midnight Rider"...

  61. Carlos Gotval

    Woow AMAZING..!! Love this performance..!! Love Cher...!!!

  62. BeatleLoverification

    Anyone who think Cher sucks is an idiot!!

    Julia S

    She did, and still does. Her attempt at being another Yoko fell flat, thank God. Gregg simply had a momentary loss of who he was and where he belonged. He was in lust, she was in love but the Song of the South brought him back to his senses. Gee-sus don't you know he wants to crawl under a rock when he sees this crap ?

    Cheryl Slayton

    @Julia S p

    justin gilliland

    She does. Bad!

    David Michael

    @justin gilliland are you closeted - i think you're on your way out

  63. Sean Grimes

    Nice track!

  64. Susan Szabo

    great song Chers one of the best

  65. ronymexico49

    that sucked

  66. Raine Rader

    Wow, seeing her like this-she looks just like my Mami did--kids used to tease me like crazy in school--your Mom looks like Cher! (I grew up in one of those whitebread (no offense) suburbs where people like my Mom were like exotic birds--

  67. Cassidy Jordan

    This looks like she just got botox or something..

  68. Dorothy Bishop

    Cher's diet back then: one raisin. one french fry. done.

    Deplor AbleDixie

    worse than that...she could eat anything and did, but still stayed skinny :(

  69. Cassidy Jordan

    Ever realized how deep chers voice is I'm this video? I think I kinda like it. I THINK I KINDA LOVE IT!!

  70. Cassidy Jordan

    I love their voices together. Never found Gregg allman attractive tho. :P always loved Cher 3

  71. Kezaezy Hansen

    The awkward spawn of pop and blues?

  72. Carla Rajca

    Never heard this one. Greg can sing,

  73. Paul Haywood

    classic whistle test.not seen this clips in years

  74. grant king

    Groovy Funkmeisters. Cool !