Allman, Gregg - Melissa Lyrics

Crossroads, seem to come and go, yeah
The gypsy flies from coast to coast
Knowing many, loving none
Bearing sorrow, having fun
But, back home he'll always run
To sweet Melissa

Freight train, each car looks the same, all the same
No one knows the gypsy's name
And no one hears his lonely sighs
There are no blankets where he lies
In deepest dreams the gypsy flies
With sweet Melissa

Again, the mornings come
Again, he's on the run
A sunbeam's shinin' through his hair
Fear not to have a care
Pick up your gear, gypsy roll on
Roll on

Crossroads, will you ever let him go?
Lord, Lord, Lord
Or will you hide the dead man's ghost?
Or will he lie, beneath the clay?
Or will his spirit float away?
But, I know he won't stay
Without Melissa
Yes, I know he won't stay, yeah
Without Melissa

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Allman, Gregg Melissa Comments
  1. Mark Devrieze

    Love this song. Looked for the album for five years after moving once. Found it the day I purchased one for $17 so now I have two!

  2. Lori Janicke

    Gregg made a difference on this earth. I will miss him always.

    Dyana Lanham

    Lori Janicke He really was the best of the best 💜💜🎶🎵🎼

  3. Patricia Day

    I was there

  4. David O'Malley

    I always come back to this video....just too beautiful....Gregg...Dickey...Warren...doesn’t get any better.......

  5. abguy4

    As I'm watching the view count has hit 7,320, 661. I'm pretty sure the 661 is me alone. Was there ever a more beautiful song......

  6. Nick Odonnell

    What a song

  7. Joe Malinchalk

    We Boomers were good for something, some of the best God Damn music ever.

  8. slamtimeson

    god damn dickie and warren... and dereck just becomes dickie lol, amazing band

  9. Robert Saxer

    amd dicky your still the best

  10. Robert Saxer


  11. Alec Bates

    Honestly this reminds me of my dad. He really likes the Altman brothers, ever since he was a teenager.
    Time goes by so fast. There’s only so much time. Cherish your father, mother, wife, children, only have so much time and the biggest impact we all can make is on our closest people.
    Don’t forget that.
    God bless.

  12. Jeffrey Delallo

    At 4:35 Warren&Dickey amazing!

  13. Darryll Spalding

    Hey Dezwart (Yawarra Kurri Kurri) Cheers mate!!!!


    Beautifull,i have watched this vid 100 times

  15. Rob Harris

    Those two Jack`s on the wooden axe`s.. pretty sweet!!!

  16. Tim Surrency

    Pure music!!

  17. Audrey Dakin

    Great musicians and music stand the test of time. What a fantastic song, great vocals and absolutely amazing guitar. My 28 year son is listening to this now. Enough said.

  18. FightsatJim’splace

    God I miss them all

  19. Brian Joyce

    Always revered this song but never better rendition with incredible feeling expressed. Cheers guys!

  20. oyvay3000

    To those 1.4k who gave a thumbs down… May I suggest "muskrat love" and a can of spam.

  21. Brian Meyers

    I just learned this song , makes you feel great playing it. Anybody else play this ?

  22. Betty Grable

    Lets not forget Warren Haynes!!! He is very Magical

  23. Ladybug

    Dickey Betts you’re the best!❤️

  24. Randall P. McMurphy

    Saw them in '81 in Santa Barbara and saw Gregg in St. Paul in '92. Damn, Gregg had a great voice! RIP.😔

    Whisperin Pints

    It's spelled Randle. Just saying.

  25. Steve

    Trump 2020!
    Democrats want our guns


    Can't vote for these crazy Dems

    Whisperin Pints

    They "feel" like they want our guns. They have no idea of the grief they will bring upon themselves if they try to take them.

  26. Gillies Clan

    Who's on bass here?

  27. Sean Walker

    I never get tired of this

  28. Todd Williams

    Dickie!!! You are awesome!!!!!

  29. Gary McHugh


  30. Eli SaintJohn

    How can ANYBODY click the thumbs down button on this video?! Did they really listen to the music first? I love that unison solo at the end between Dickie and Warren. The Allmans will always be in my top 5 rock/blues bands of all time.

  31. Music Man DJD

    Isn't this great!!!

  32. wayne moores

    Jesus Dickie could hit the sweet spot during his solos.

  33. Robert Laviana

    Anyone know the guitar model Gregg is performing with here?

  34. edward stevens

    We had a great country

  35. TheI82much

    I think this song is top 10 all time. What do you all think the words (lyrics) should be interpreted as? Death of course for me. cross roads and death. Not big lyrics guy but this song needs defining . The Who has footage from late 70's that has been remastered to look like it was filmed yesterday. This would be my choice of a performance to capture in time!

  36. Bob Estrada

    The guitars never fail to amaze me.

  37. Bob Estrada

    So glad for these guys!


    Nobody noticed a young Warren Haynes?

  39. Russell Brown

    Sheesh! Dickie, Warren and Gregg? Doesn’t get much better than that. Greggs vocals will never be equaled and Dickie and Warren? Awesome

  40. Kyra Burlum

    I named my daughter Melissa.



  42. Tom Mowers

    Best rendition of this song ever ! Rest in peace my friend...see you on the other side.

  43. Gilbert Hernandez

    One of my favourite songs ever...

  44. Howard K

    ah, a cool breeze, some spring water, a pond full of fish and the Allman Bros. that would make my day

  45. Chap Daddy

    So effortless .... SMH on so-called “music” today.

  46. Brian

    When music was real... fantastic!

  47. Terry Wright

    I read Melissa Wright's comment and had to know, are you my cousin, one of three M,s Marsha Melliss,and Michelle from Sarnia Ontario. If so I'M your cousin Terry from Vancouver, formerly from Toronto. MY email is [email protected] If I'm right, please drop me a line. I've lost everyone since Mom and Dad left us .

  48. Terry Wright

    I READ THE COMMENT BY Melliss Wright.So true, could you be my cousin? One of the 3 m,s? Marsha, Melissa and Michelle. If so I'm your cousin Terry in Vancouver

  49. George X

    My now-deceased first cousin, who was wealthy, squandered a lot of money financing the Allman Brothers and travelling and partying with them, back in the Seventies.

  50. sidney hampster

    So happy I lived the 70's. Laguna Beach, CA 1973, what a time it was. Girls, ganja body surfing and music like this. Still kickin' in the free world.

  51. Frank Zito

    Dickie Betts is one of the greatest guitar players of all time...

  52. Jim

    So excellent!!

  53. Rose Blake

    Dickie’s playing on here is just simply beautiful. Always loved his swagger !!!!!

  54. John Hussey

    Doesn’t get much better!

  55. rpags226

    if your lucky ill meet someone y love

  56. Mark Wallis

    Gregg reveals an unmistakable sadness....a loss never forgotten. His brother Duane.......

  57. jim page

    I'd like to say this is why I named my daughter Melissa, bht my wife named her. I always played this and all of the Allman brothers songd when she was a baby

  58. deborah lariscy

    Gregg wrote it, said it took him a while. Imagine the times the ABB members sat on the stoop and played acoustic for fun. This is a lot like that.

  59. Robert Robert

    there is just no better.

  60. Ralph Ventura

    Wow. A perfect rendition of perfectly beautiful song.

  61. Patricia O'Hara

    doesn't get better. That's some beautiful guitar work.

  62. Thomas Caldwell

    1400 dumb ass people stick ur rap crap up ur ass this is real

  63. Chris

    Mskes me cry. Makes me happy. Seen Dickie Betts live, just show [email protected] a bar in Denver I was at, & tore it up! Brought the house down! So good these guys. RIP GREG.

  64. jean lafeet

    The greatest southern rock band, the Tucker boys are next. I am glad I got to see both. Long live southern rock.

  65. The Mystic Ruler

    I love this song.

  66. 88 Heckenlively

    Man, the feel of the 70s 💙

  67. Robert Johnson

    but back home he'll always run to Sweet Melissa

  68. Robert Johnson

    Used to sing this to my daughter Melissa when she was 3 years old she would just smile and go to sleep

    Chris Gillmor

    I sang my 3 kids to sleep with 60s/70s stuff like this, Now I do the same thing with granddaughter.


    Old Country rockers don't die, they just go out of tune...

  70. John Strausbaugh


  71. Melissa Bristol

    So cool to hear a song using my name !!!

  72. bobby griz

    Dickie has the softest solo intros before you realize it he's tearin it up lol amazing picker🎸

  73. 23theseeker

    Just sheer class great, great musician's great song great guitar playing especially Dickie Betts , Greg we miss you brother and of course Duane Allman , Berry Oakley and Butch Trucks LEGENDS OF MUSIC THE ALLMAN BROTHERS.

  74. Paul Daciuk

    RIP Duane,Gregg,Berry&Butch.🇬🇧


    Just hooked up with a new girl named Melissa. Cajun queen from Pass Christian, La. Wish me luck!! Got to see the brothers in Columbia, S.C. 7 months before hitting boot camp at Pariss Island. What a bon voyage that year was.

  76. arbol_de tei

    I like this version most, I was named after the song. I grew up so far away from America, but this kind soul music was so present to me as a child, then I lost it for many years, now so thankful to have found it here again. It's also very touching and nostalgic like my character is. I feel connected to the feeling to always be on a run until I found my love abroad and having a long-distance relationship ever since. I can understand this with no way too far and people not understanding it.

  77. BeachPeach2010

    And still F'in phenomenal

  78. Edmund DiCapua

    The Allman Brothers .... One of the brightest stars for the ages .... Shine On And On...... Thank You

  79. Russell Garr

    I like how Gregg and Betts shook hands at the end.

  80. Melissa Wright

    My name is Melissa. I've loved this song for many moons, I love southern rock.

    Carlene Ridgway

    I named my daughter from this song!!

  81. Lyle Pauley

    Jesus, keep my beautiful brothers...

  82. ACP

    No talk, just listen.

  83. Today's Topic

    Allman Brothers was the first concert I ever went to. My Dad took me when I was 11 and I was hooked that's where my love of music began. Remember it like yesterday.

  84. Laurie Bezilla

    Three of the best right therre!!!!

  85. Elaine

    I just love our music....Allman Brothers, and Gregg AWE......such sweet sounds........

  86. Bill Riggins

    Gregg kept the band together despite personal issues. He caught a lot of flack in the 70s for a drug plea. But he was the real deal.

  87. Michael Scarn

    Wow goosebumps well any way a few questions for u allman bros fans.Do u guys know what year this was filmed in .I would guess 79-84. Duane has passed on .The guitarist next to d.betts is dangerous Dan Tolan.I remember seeing him in Great Southern.One sees guitar interplay reminiscent of Great Southern between dickey and Dan in this cut.I saw GS in 78 thus my guess of date this video.Plus Greg is all most fat.I guess court mandated tx.Besides Duane dying75?I believe the band was severely impacted by a major coke bust in the later 70s.For a period of time ,as convicted felons on probation they couldn't even be to gather for cards much less a band and became.Greg Allman,Sea Level and the mighty Great Southern. IF U HAVE MORE INFO ABOUT ALLMAN BROS line ups let me know.I couldn't even see the guitarist at the far side of this video.This band proved cocaine is dangerous.some their endings I've heard on bootleg live tapes and live albums went on longer than most popular songs..Just kidding these guys had talent played 3hr shows and wrote the songs they wanted to strictly not commercial with today's laws and lawyer's this band couldn't exist.

  88. Şükrü Buğra Akkemik

    No other band in music history has guitarists like The Allman Brothers Band.

  89. Carl Bradley

    I cry almost every time I watch this. GENIUS.

  90. Deb K

    This is my favorite song. Love and miss you Gregg Allman. Rock in Peace Boys.

  91. Barbara Duggan

    Gregg Allman only made his fame after his brother died ..

  92. Jack Shaw

    One of the greatest bands... There will never be another ....

  93. Bradley Salter

    When was this performance?

    tom rider

    1992 Dennis miller show..

  94. Sandy Muddy


  95. Lucie Jacques

    Masterpiece! Gregg Allman one of the great voices!

  96. Maria Merriman

    Absolutely exquisite❤️

  97. Ruth Mohr

    This is my absolute favorite version of Melissa! Gregg, you are truly missed...

  98. Yellow Submarine312

    This song was played at my dad’s funeral last week. My mom’s name is Melissa. Beautiful song❤️

    tom rider

    sorry for your loss at this special time of the year..