Allman, Gregg - Love Me Lyrics

Treat me like a fool
Treat me mean and cruel
But love me
Take my aching heart
Tear it all apart, but love me
If you ever go, darling, I'll be oh so lonely
I'll be sad and blue, crying over you, dear only

I would beg and steal, honey, just to feel
I want your heart, yeah, beatin' close to mine
If you ever go, darling, I'll be oh so lonely
I'll be sad and blue, crying over you, dear only

I would beg and steal, honey, just to feel
I want your heart, yeah, beatin' close to mine
Treat me like a fool
Treat me mean and cruel
But love me
Beggin' on my knees, all I ask is please, please love me

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Allman, Gregg Love Me Comments
  1. Christie Miller

    She has the coolest unique voice. I was mesmerized by her back in the day.

  2. Gayle Ash

    Gregg had to school Cher. It didn't take. Cher will, forever, be a disco queen.

  3. Nick j

    I never cared for Cher and the music she sang. Never understood the hype most her fans were mentally ill trans men. When Chasity cut her body to become a man lol Cher disowned her for years, it was Sonny that supported her until he died.

  4. Tuatha DeDanann

    at this point in their "relationship", she's already interrupted/messed up so many of his "deals"; breaking vials, dumping down sewers, et al; what the fuc* did she think she was getting into with "No Angel"?

  5. Mazzie504

    Best duet ever, Till today I don't think they can be beat ,R,I,P, Gregg you are truely missed

  6. wendy pearson

    Wow, two genuine talents and genuine ppl!!

  7. Monsieur Renard

    Their voices don't match at all. The song is also very generic and plain pop/r&b.

    Sure Allman loved her, but that's not my business. Though the music they put out as a duo was horrible. And as a musiclover, that is my business.

  8. justin gilliland

    God Greg Allman could sing!

  9. Woody81

    Cher really has a terrible voice

  10. Jenneta Widner

    I love this song of Greg allman and cher ❤❤❤❤

  11. Billy St Clair

    Love Greg. But,Cher can't sing at all. Terrible voice.

  12. Sydney F Smith

    Powerful and emotional duet from two brilliant people. Pure talent and true stars.

  13. L D

    In this show I am not feeling the love between them two, it feels estranged

    Baba Yaga

    Feels like a couple who broke, still has tenderness, but so much anger, regular love isn't possible... yet, music love still is. I have a lot of friends with music for a living, such situations are very common...

  14. kenneth mccarron

    Fantastic song. Gregg allman is amazing

  15. starflash08

    what a voice from a baby faced greg, full of live and experience

  16. Marilyn Mack

    Cher voice is so irritating sounds like she has a vibrator on her vocal cords!

    GLA yum all the way around!!

  17. Lisa Anniston

    Very heartfelt and bluesy song by Gregg and Cher. Love it. They smolder in a good way.

  18. kav6 66

    Great vocals

  19. Kitten Lyric

    wow...thank you...this was amazing

  20. Brenda Watchorn

    I truly loved Cher and greggallman together, Loved thier duets, they looked like the perfect couple. I hope they will be together again one day. I think they truly were solemates, and true love never fails, so I hope when they meet again, thier love will unite forever as one xoxoxoxoxoxoxoect

  21. Jim Moore

    That gave me the chills! Pretty damn good in my books. RIP Greg Allman.

  22. Mardi Cole

    This is just about the time Cher dumped him and he came back to Daytona Beach to hide out for a while.

  23. myeyesinside out

    dam greg was fine as hell .. white boy

  24. Adrianne Rivera

    Look at her lips, besides the nose! Wow lots of surgery!


    Cher is lacking her luster and her eyes reveal their pain.I hurt for her.

  26. Earnie Doye

    Why do people have to be so nasty... they are (and one was) only people, you know.... with problems like everyone else....

  27. Pamela Johnson

    Really interesting duet. Very nice.
    And Cher's voice is fabulous.

    Larry Warnock

    Do you really think so? To me, her voice resembles the sound a dump trucks tires make when they're stuck in the mud.

    justin gilliland

    Greg took this one home!

  28. Larry Warnock

    Cher has a dull, dreary voice but Greg Allman knocked it out of the park.

  29. Brenda Rockwell

    Great Video~**

  30. By Myself

    Loving This A Nice Slow Blues Rest in ☮️ Gregg🖤💙

  31. AZCobraman

    When asked about being married to Cher, Gregg said, "Well she was married to me."  :o)

    What a talentless, marble-mouthed nutbag she is.

    Leu Mamk

    Cher talentless??!! What a moron!!


    Leu Mamk compared to Greg yeah she is

    justin gilliland

    The two are not even close when it comes to talent. Greg was the man!

  32. Pip Reynolds

    Wonderful, mahing us miss Greg all the more! Keep it coming Cher! xoxo

  33. Sabrina Doctor

    Cher ❤️Greg Allman “ True Love “❤️

  34. Susie Pittman

    Greg is just terrible. He always has been.

    Kitten Lyric

    you know can't even spell his name right

  35. 88 Napolitano

    Fuck yea,Elvis likes it too!

  36. k kraken

    Unreal brilliant

  37. Mazzie504

    You can see the love they shared ,THEY had it going ON, love both of them

  38. Billie Walters

    wouldn't it be great to go back and relive the good old days


    Billie Walters that would be Awesome if WE turn back time

  39. Kim Kay

    People say we're they were never suited for each other. The whole different music genre thing. Bullshit. Obviously with this duet they grooved and made a killer sound that cooled & blended their sound & styles. I wouldn't be surprised if their recordings make more money now that's Gregg has passed, not so much because he's gone but because where can we get this in today's music? The two of them were awesome!!! It's a shame that she had to be so attached to Hollywood, and Gregg so attached to his opiates & alcohol. In my worthless opinion they were soulful mates. RIP Gregg Allman

    Max Marshall

    Very Very True.🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

    Cat Lom

    In his biography he really didn’t talk much about Cher. Mentioned a few times “ she was a nice girl”

    Deplor AbleDixie

    @Cat Lom Did he mention anyone being the love of his life or did that just not happen for him?

  40. lost94133

    if cher wasn't in this it would be great

    C Hoc

    lost94133 if you weren't born it would be great

  41. Abdelkarim Paulus

    Oh my goodness, it is so SUPER GOOD!

  42. westafoolaway urbantheking

    Cher stoned?

  43. Sweet Thang

    Seems some competition going on. Cher always trying to over sing Gregg. Gregg said in his bio he thought Cher was a lousy singer.


    He did.I think this video kind of proves that out. . Just listen to her on the line, "I would beg and steal".......(wow)!

    Cindy Mead

    And he was spot on. She always has been a terrible singer.

    Tina Jeppesen

    Chers an amazing fucking singer really

  44. trisha8884u

    She just couldn't handle a true Ga. Blues Man!

  45. Max Marshall


  46. James Burgess

    this is how a great duet should be done raw powerful amazing

  47. Anthony Kelly

    Great duet may he RIP

  48. Jovi Sarkisian

    R.I.P Greg.

  49. DoingIT Local

    RIP Gregg :(

  50. About Creativity

    Very good.

  51. Tammy Sigmon

    Gregg was so BEAUTIFUL! Still is!

    sufyan mirza

    Tammy Sigmon oh do I have news for you

    Kitten Lyric


  52. Lesa Port

    Love This...

  53. JacoMoRocco

    The 4 people who gave this thumbs down are no doubt unloved aholes!!!!

    Tammy Sigmon

    +Tagg63 you'll never get me to hate Gregg. Idiot, do you think I don't know that. If I had to live with Cher's family or be around them, i'd overdose.


    You people talk about a couple of stars like you spent a few weeks on a camping trip with them. Get real people. Put down the tabolid and focus on the people in your midst.

    Libby Wyzykowski

    JacoMoRocco Cher singing I’m no angel and fire

    Karen M.

    he never stopped hurting....just trying to fill the void.

    Tamara Foxen

    Pretty sure it was 👎 to Cher. Fowl.

  54. NYChristophe

    raw, natural so unlike what we hear today,, this is what music/singing should be like,, singing with feeling n heart,, but so different-yet so good/great, yet sound both sooooo good together must be the love they had for each other,,

    The truth Mc

    NYChristophe soon truth

  55. Jeri Rasulo

    this video seems to capture a moment in time, open and beautiful, 70's style.  i see the soul of cher as a loved woman. he too, seems genuine with love.  it was a fine, true performance without all the performing. raw+real+lovely. ah...sweet bird of youth.....


    I'm with you Jeri, but the open and genuine love you see has a name: opiates. Both of them. However, Gregg is a fucking legend.


    @theitgurublog I don't buy that.....They truly loved each other, and if you read Gregory's book and hear Cher talk now, they are both still, very fond of each other.   

    Jeri Rasulo

    LOL.....ya maybe. Ya never know I guess. LOL.  They both look kinda shiny and bright. Youth maybe. And she said the best sex she ever had was -- him. Ah like a lot of relationships, up, down and sideways. Plus the fame thing can't be easy.

    Tina Jeppesen

    Best sex she ever had that sayin a lot cuz she had gene Simmons tongue that he's sooo proud of lolz but I'd screw sexy n all ways Gregg Allman any day over Gene

    Chris moonflower

    I would love to have heard Gregg doing this solo.

  56. Dinah Scat

    Could have been such a good thing, drugs suck.

  57. Becky Corn

    For the love I lost but has never left ,foolifi

    Katy Phillips

    Becky Corn

  58. judy yama