Allman, Gregg - It's Not My Cross To Bear Lyrics

I have not come, yeah, to testify
About our bad, bad misfortune and I ain't here a wondering why
But I'll live on and I'll be strong
'Cause it just ain't my cross to bear

I sat down and wrote you a long letter, it was just the other day
Said, sure as the sunrise, baby, tomorrow I'll be up and on my way
But I'll live on and I'll be strong
'Cause it just ain't my cross to bear

But in the end, baby, long towards the end of your road
Don't reach out for me, babe, 'cause I'm not gonna carry your load
But I'll live on and I'll be strong
'Cause it just ain't my cross to bear

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Allman, Gregg It's Not My Cross To Bear Comments
  1. Donna Richardson

    DAMN good song! I remember many a late night cranking this up, and singing at the top of my lungs. Minus the! This song has helped me walk away from some of the most toxic situations I got into. Thank you for the strength!

  2. deltaman444

    I will , live on , baby

  3. Donna Richardson

    When this album came out, I was floored with this song. I was going through hard times and this very song rattled me to the soul. Loved Gregg since I could remember. Even got mad at Cher for hurting him. And I was a child then! Gregg has something that hits the soul, this does'nt happen with other performers for me, but that man would send a shiver down my spine like nobody can! He is definitely missed here, and cant wait til that day comes when I can see all these beautiful people again singing in Heaven. He had so much to give in his music. Just sharing the love.

  4. Avtar S

    Beautiful music sorry I never got to see you. Like a fine wine gets better with age and is appreciated more when you no longer have it.

  5. Jackie Smith

    This song is proof of God

    Jackie Smith

    determination, faith, percistance,

  6. MaryEllen Pittouncios

    RIP, you were great!

  7. spacedoginnebraska

    I got a bunch of free cassettes from Columbia House back in the day. This was one of them. Played the hell out of it. One of the best songs ever.

  8. MRbjr8

    Try to be strong y'all - RIP brother Gregory

  9. J. Short

    This my favorite version. Great phrasing and I love that slow tempo.

  10. MikeyD

    Gregg, as well as all the Allman Brothers, will always live on in my heart !!!!

  11. mumicimo

    blues angel, hang in there and hope it gets better

  12. Joseph Felice